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20th November 2011, 06:02 AM
Hi all,

I thought I would share my experiences that I had which started happening earlyer this year.
All comments welcome as I'm still trying to understand them also.
I'm glad I found this forum there sure are many great experiences shared here which helps us all better understand the mysteries.

I thought I would start this new thread here rather than post multipal threads so a couple experiences have been posted before however the others are new.

Now this last year 2010-2011 Lately I found myself drawn to reading about changes that seem to be happening on a global scale these days wondering what the truth holds..and also for some reason had warm feelings in my hands and then feet and sometime later after few OBE's chills/ vibrations from my back to the back of my head not sure what this meant so I felt compelled to explore further which lead me to this place and experiment with OBE.

My first experience happen at night as I lay I started toclear my mind and concentrate on my breathing like meditation, as I fell deeperin slumber I suddenly felt myself being pulled away from my body at what seemedat a high speed..However all was still dark to me.

When the traveling stopped I could see nothing but yet hearbirds singing away happily as if in natures garden it all seemed very peaceful,however this was new to me so I was afraid and told myself I wanted to leavesince I was un sure of what this place was, before I knew it I was back andwoke straight up.

End June / early July 2011 My next one that happened days ago, which I felt ready to try again after coming back from offshore work to back home in Oz & try to get to that state as before. So again I tried the same method howeverthis time felt I understood more and feel that having fear could cause problemssuch as doubt, which I believe you should never doubt yourself, you can returnwhenever you wish to, to remember you are in control of your soul.

So as before I lay at night practicing the same method asbefore as I start to fall deeper in sleep it happens again.

This time however I'm being pulled straight up out of mybody and can see it all happen before me, traveling at a high speed I'm pulledstraight out of my house all the way up to the clouds and suddenly the pullspeed lessons as I question it..I decide to go further and for a lack of abetter word will it to be, the speed increases exponentially which I can seethe whole earth bellow me becoming smaller in size, before I know it Iím inspace and continue to be pulled passing planets and a red star or sun.

Then I find myself on a different planet?/plane which ishard to describe..Like a large freeway where the road is a bright white lightand there are other people however not their physical form but out lines soulsperhaps?

All had certain different colors and we are all traveling /being pulled along this bright white freeway and as I look up towards the endof this white freeway there was a very large structure that seemed like apalace at the end.

Looking behind me I stopped to feel one these outlines? Thatwas hard to see but just a white out line as being curious as I am and as Ifelt this thing it seemed not human in shape? It kept moving along the whitefreeway as we all were.
I must mention that being there at this place I felt safeand strangely it felt normal..

I next turn to my right and see a brown grey with dots outlinesoul? in a shape of a human man, who seemed happy wherever he was going as ifknowing that which I do not..

I ask him where are you going? he reply's heís getting castdown, cast down to where I'm not sure maybe back to earth?

Then I ask him what color am I? he replies blue however whenI look at my arms I seem the same color as him..?
I then ask where am I going? he replies your heading to that
Large blue section in the palace looking structure.
It is as that point I felt maybe I should return as wasnítsure If I was meant to be there or not and still have more to learn, so beforeI knew it I was back in my body and could see around my room but only moveslightly as I still have that connection connected which I had to shake off acouple times then was back completely

Next dream in towards end of in July 2011 I fall asleep thenawake in space near the earth it looked like..
So I proceed to travel around space then come across a lightblue planet with a orange/ red sun
And there is a triangle shape type dark green ship attackingsomething. At this stage I realize that Iím
Larger than I thought it seems Iím perhaps a entity oftype..as I reach out and try to pick up that space ship with my hands whichgives me the idea Iím very large in size then I get told not to interfere bysomething bigger than me perhaps? Then it gets weird from then on and lookedlike giants just looking over observing this attacking ship as if over a playground but no interfering.

Next strange dream towards end of July 2011 I feel my bodyis asleep but mind is aware/awake as I can only move maybe 10% of my body andtry to talk but speech is slurred.. I see black shadow sharp outlines on thebedroom ceiling then see a bright white light shine down on the other side ofthe bedroom ceiling then I decide to awake myself effort I finally awake andsit up and then see the shadows & bright light disappear.

My next experience I float out of my body and feel apresence in my room, I proceed to ask what it isNo answer.. and finally it whispersin my ear itís a demon I however donít feel afraid or really know what to thinkif its real or just a spirit mucking around. I then moves around me howeversince my bedroom is dark all I can see is dark fur and as it moves around myface my face feels really warm. I ask it what it wants yet no reply. I awakeshortly after with my face feeling hot.

Next experience I awake in another location like an oldEurope setting in a city, in an apartment overlooking a street with lampposts..it is night time however and I float out of my window down to the streetand explore. I notice a brown large bird and a small dog also standing by myapartment outside waiting. As soon as I pat them they are happy and follow mearound, soon later I see a lady with dark hair with a white wooly jumper onstanding near a light post. I walk over to her and she says, where have youbeen I been waiting for you. She is very tall vs my size maybe foot or 2 tallerhowever Iím not sure If I am a adult size or a child.. she looks asian withblack hair, she then picks me up in her arms and we move at great speed all isa blur and in her arms I get a warm, safe peaceful feeling like you never wantto leave.
She whispers in my ear you and the others are gods teeth..Idonít know what that meansÖ
I then ask her if she is an angle she I think she says yesbut itís hard to hear..I then say how do I know..then suddenly everything stopswe stop moving at great speed and she looks at me with a puzzled look..and sayswhat have you been doing?? I say well I had a experience the other night where
I felt a bad spirit perhapsin my room who said he was a demon so I canít be too sure who you areÖshe thepauses and then says ah well that is becauseÖÖ.then I feel a pulling and startto move at great speed back to my body and wake up.

Aug 2011
My next experience I suddenly find myself in space overlookinga blue planet which has lights bellow and structures however not sure if itsearth or not.
I commence moving around space..itís an odd feeling as Imove very easily and yet I feel like Iím very large in size. I pass a few gastype clouds and few planets..then come across a dark green triangle shape spaceship attacking a light blue planet with a orange star. Strangely It all seemsmuch smaller than I am.. I reach my hand out to this ship which it would seemis perhaps the size of my hand as I get closer I hear a voice that says donítinterfere..I then stop trying to pick the space ship up. I notice there areother beings like me watching the events unfold..from then on everythingbecomes a blur and I wake up.
Sept 2011

My next experience was I see myself out of my body and tryto move through my bedroom window but cannotÖ I see my wife sleeping alsohowever my door is open even though It was closes.. and I move out my door andlook around. I see my front door open and its day light out the front door andsee my wife and dogs there.. yet in my bedroom my wife is sleeping and is nighttime.. I look at my back door and see my dogs there..and it is night time.. Itísas if I was seeing present/ past and future? I wake shortly after.

Days later my next experience I awake and see myself out ofbody again I canít move through my bedroom window/wall so move out of mybedroom door. Everything is hazy..I feel my head and notice I have a breathingapparatus on so I remove it..and notice Iím under waterÖmy whole house is underwater..I have trouble breathing so put the breathing apparatus back on.. Iawake shortly.

Oct 2011

My next experience I have a odd dream Iím hiding with a girlI never seen before we are hiding under some desks or tables..hiding from large/ tall odd sharp triangular faced humanoid shaped aliens..I then think this isa dream they canít harm me..one grabs me and I oddly feel pain then awake suddenly.

My next experience I thought I would try visualizing a greydoor with a silver handle and manifest it in a dream to see what would happenif I walk through it. So I lay in bed and proceed to visualize a grey door witha silver handle. Then later on Iím in adream state flying around some barren forest area and think to myself ok..thisis a dream however where is my door I visualized? I keep flying around lookingfor this door then suddenly I find my door which looks the same as the one Ivisualized. I open the door and find white stone steps descending down howeverthe space is getting narrower as I descend further down..so I will to becomesmall enough to fit through the small gaps as I descend further however thesteps end up leading to a dead end.

My next experience few days later once I get out of my bodyI thought I would try to experiment by traveling by pure thought. I think of myfriends house 20 minutes away..nothing happens. I then think of my parentshouse which is 5 minutes away and suddenly Iím there laying on the groundlooking at the ceiling in their lounge room. As I try to move around andexplore I suddenly lose concentration and awake back in my bedroom.

My next experience couple days later I manage to transportto my parents house again once out of my body by pure thought, This time I movearound a bit more and in the TV room I notice that their new couches are notthere..but their old ones..which were replaced maybe about 8 years ago. I laterawake back in my bedroom.

My next experience couple days later I decide I would liketo try going to the moon.
However I donít see myself going out of my body this timeperhaps just a dream, suddenly I awake at a petrol station seemingly waitingfor someone before we try and go to the moon..odd I thought I donít recall whoI was waiting for. I then notice a ute passing by and people in the back one ofthe girls looks at me I feel a odd experience wanting to know who she was so Ifly after them, however the ute is traveling too fast..I then concentrate andstart to move faster and catch up to the ute but canít control my speed andsuddenly I vanish and transported to another day and place..I look around anditís a pub somewhere and I see the same girl there from the ute..I thought thisis a little odd so I decide to get out of there and wake up shortly after.

My next experience week or so I just went to see my granddad who is not doing well.. in hospital. Then couple days later I go to see him again with the family as it lookslike things are getting worse all the family is there supporting him whichseems to help him be more at peace I think, I do however get a glimpse of himlooking at me with a scared look in his eye..not sure what that meant as didnítnotice that scared look with the other family. Days later he passed away andfew days after that we attended his funeral. After reading journey of souls anddestiny of souls books weeks before he passed away I felt I had a betterunderstanding and he would be at peace and not felt as much sorrow as normallyI would in the past, however I would still miss him and wonder what he would bedoing now or next. That very night as I lay in my bed wondering about him I wasstill awake however getting sleepier I felt the greatest pull I have everhad..a pull you feel when you move out of your body..it was so strong I scaredthe heck out of me and that night I felt scared to fall asleepÖ Later thatnight I had a dream about him
I was fighting people tooth and nail to find my grand dad..Odddream but at the end of my dream Iím suddenly in his house and I see him theresmiling saying everything is ok..
The next day I was having another dream I donít rememberwhat but at the end suddenly my grand ma who passed away some time ago is thereand tells me also things are ok with him.

Nov 2011

My next experience I move out of my body and can finallymove outside of my house!
I see pockets of red beams of lights in the sky I proceed toinvestigate this..as I approach one of these areas of red light I suddenly getsmall odd looking creatures size of a rat latch onto me..it sure doesínt feelright yet not painful so I fight back, then a larger one comes at me the sizeof a knee height dog with horns, I fight him off also. I then am puzzled whatísgoing on are these bad spirits or just a dream? I then think of a powerfulenergy shield surrounding my body and it manifests around me and thesecreatures now canít seem to touch me.. I explore around and find a ground ofpeople who reckon are OBE but hiding from these creatures.. I try to convincethem to think of a energy shield around them which worked for me however theydonít feel they can manifest one. They also donít seem to watch to give theirnames..things get strange from then on like becoming a weird dream running fromthese things.

My next experience few days later I see myself move out ofmy body however this time instead of moving up out of my laying down body Isimply drift out in the same laying down position.. to the corner of mybedroom. This time say I want to go to space in my mind, and I start movingdown through the earth and suddenly Iím in space..still pretty dark though Ithen say in my mind I wish to go to the palace place I went to in my secondOBE, I start moving faster through space was 3 planets that are close to eachother a light blue and 2 brown planets in a L formation then soon after I loseconcentration and wake up.

My next experience few days later I come out of my body thensay in my mind I want to go to the moon, I start to move and Iím in spacenow..I however am in the wrong position as I can see the light of the moonbehind me as I feel Iím being pulled towards it, as I try to turn around to geta better glimpse of the moon I suddenly lose concentration and awake.


20th November 2011, 06:03 AM
Nov 15
My next experience I lay once again in my bed and relaxed cleared my mind and feel my vibration rise. I awake however my body is asleep and I’m not completelyout of my body I’m still laying down in my bed with my upper body able to moveonly, I suddenly hear a loud crashing noise in my room..I look around and seenothing then suddenly hear loud stomping footsteps coming closer and closer tome I start to get concerned but decide to wait it through as see what it is..thensuddenly its some white furry creature jumps on my bed on my laps..?? Only thesize of a rat then I grab at it and suddenly awake and have my hand grabbingonto my leg.


22nd November 2011, 01:37 AM
Greetings Zethor
Wow, that's quite a LOT of OBEs.
Obviously you Do have an ability to get out of body but apparently control is still somewhat of a problem at times.

I am curious if you have been able to deliberately return to any planet or other astral location during a later OBE?
Can you simply concentrate on a familiar location and then teleport there??
I ask because I too have been to several very exotic and unusual astral locations but have Never been able to deliberately return to any of those places and so am still seeking for the secret of conscious and deliberate astral travel.


22nd November 2011, 02:05 AM
Hi Greytraveller,

The way it worked for me for OBE's I lay on my back always and legs slightly apart and hands either by my sides on together on my chest then breath in and out slowly and listen to my breathing and feel my body.

After reading about teleportion in OBE's rather than try to fly to a location which takes longer and at times I lose concentration and awake I thought I would try to teleport. Did'nt seem to work at first so then I tried a technique where you would visualize
a item like a door. Mine was grey door with a silver round handle and I keept thinking of this while laying in my bed, then once in the dream state I found my door and walked through it.

After praticing that once in OBE again I said in my mind I want to teleport to my friends house which I also stated his name.
Nothing happend however, so I tried somewhere closer and more personal my parents house which worked however did'nt last long the first time but the second time lasted longer and the teleport period was instant.

Thats all I have teleported to so far haven't tried a 3rd time yet. I'm guessing with teleportion that you need to practice close area's first then try further distances.
I been trying to goto the moon or that palace place I went to but by using the same method once in OBE I demand in my mind to go somewhere stating the discription and visualize it then something pulls me there however I lose concentration midway and wake up.

I'm not familar if either I need concentration technqiues or if I need energy technqiues to gain more time in the astral?? and what these are.

All I know is when I was at my most peaceful with all that was when I went on the longest vogue and best experience. Which seems to be the key for me but hard to always be a peace with all.

Can I ask what where the places you went to Grey? and how did you get there was it something pulling you there and where you at you most peaceful?


22nd November 2011, 03:30 PM
Hiya Zethor.
I just wanted to comment- cool experiences, some remind me of some of my own; it seems you were converting RTZ projections into astral projections (by manifesting doors, etc.)
As to the question of staying in an environment longer, even though all techniques are helpful (concentration techs and e. work) I believe that just having the experiences, recalling them and analyzing them are the best tool to get more control and enjoyment.

26th November 2011, 05:48 AM
other update on 25-11-11 night time.

I had a non lucid dream which was myself and a women present I seemed to know in my grand dads house however not the real one from this plane. There I was discussing my OBE with a older man sitting in a chair and he said be careful who you tell they might take out your eye with a slight smirk don't remember much after that point but I seemed to know him in the dream somehow.

Another updated experience on 26-11-11 04:00-04:35.

It has been about almost 2 weeks since I have a been able to either OBE or simply can't remember them
for some reason..which may of been due to being distracted emotionally and not at peace.

A back round on my thoughts prior to this next experience, the last few nights I been in thought prior to bed wondering the hole meaning my soul, all souls and my purpose this time, earth's and its peoples purpose...and also allot of thought of a small section of Michael newton's 2nd book Destiny of souls which 3/4 of the way through the book which tells a story about a client Michael put under hypnosis.

The story told of this person's soul who likes to explore different worlds on its time off so to speak.
One such world happened to be of a alien species insect like in form with no joints as humans have.
This very race has long vanished form the surface of their home world which was said that they were once a great civilization who traveled the stars so to speak exploring other planets. It was said this very race where wise yet foolish somehow, as they where their own undoing which ended up getting assimilated...! and now their planet is now a vast barren world of once a great empire. What a strange read I thought..who or what assimilated them I been pondering..if they were indeed a great civilization with technology able to travel the stars who was this powerful race out there in space somewhere that assimilated them?

Anyways these were my thoughts the last few days and the last couple even more thought had gone into them which I wanted answers I thought why can't my guide / higher self just let me have my knowledge not keep it from me if this is truly my wish.

However last night feeling more at peace today at a early morning I was in a non lucid dream where I was passing though some check point which had very large sized chocolate covered log cakes..odd but there it is so anyways I had a bite and threw some of the flakes jokingly at a women I seemed to know who was also passing this check point with me in what looked like under ground structure.

I don't remember what happened after that point where we ended up going.
Suddenly I was out of the dream and totally aware..I was in a place dark to the eyes and only see a few flashes of energy / electricity among the blackness void, I thought how did I get here did I not remember or simply was summoned here.

I was wondering where I said to myself I want answers..I felt a presence I asked it do you have answers it said to me in a clam male voice it does but does not have every answer. I thought wow! I could not see it but could feel it and it felt peaceful and caring and knowledgeable. I said can I ask you questions and its reply was I'
m kept very busy however shall we make a appointment say at 4 o-clock? I replied sounds good. I however started asking a few question which it answered but I don't recall many of them during the 35minutes it all lasted. I asked its name which it told me was named Da-mell.

I thought who was this Da-mell willing to answer my questions? my guide? my higher self perhaps ?
As I kept talking to him the hole 35 minutes I found myself walking around in a outside looking storage yard while talking to Da-mell..there were people there in the yard all looking at me and I felt like I shouldn't asking these questions? the people where all looking at what I was doing..I still couldn't see
Da-mell only hear him in my mind..to talk to him however was very difficult!! as it was as if I had almost a full mouth of food trying to talk to him which he sometimes didn't quite understand me.

I asked questions like what my thoughts had been these few days however most answers I don't remember as I was this time completely aware my time was running out and trying to stay fully aware as I could see a fuzziness engery in this black void for much of the discussion with Da-mell till I at last couldn't hold it anymore and woke straight up fully aware and non drowsy looked at the clock and 35 minutes had passed..I sure hope he does come back at 4 o-clock like he stated..

sometimes I doubt all these OBE/astral/soul experiences..it just seems so out of this world type of thinking / experience that I still doubt it but the experiences feel real so there must be some truth with all these experiences we all share...


28th November 2011, 08:48 PM
Update: 28-11-11 approx 4am ish.

Again after another day down of work in the middle of nowhere but ocean I try and fall asleep..my mind is still wondering about the
other nights experience what it all meant..was it real? I normal notice separation feelings in OBE..that time I didn't and yet I normally have astral site not just all darkness..who was this being talking to me? there was doubt it was just a dream but yet the feeling was like a very vivid OBE just no images just a voice.
As I fall asleep I was having a dream about some class room..then suddenly I was feeling body vibrations the suddenly I'm back in that place I went to last time..all dark no visual site..however for what I can't see I make up for in sound I hear voices all talking at once very hard to make out as it seems as if there are 100's of people talking at one??! odd I thought..last time at this place of no visual site I only heard one voice who called himself Da-mell or De-mell was how it sounded at the time.

I later heard one voice among these multiple but which sounded like it was Da-mell's voice however soon after the 100's of voices took over..then after what seemed like a few minutes I could finally see which ended up being earth from a distance with a green holed wire fence mesh/grid looking thing wrapped around the earth..I then woke up suddenly.

Very confusing what this all means.


4th December 2011, 09:52 AM
Hello again,

Another update: 4-12-12, Time: From 4:35am to 5:05am approx

As I laid in bed concentrated on energy building from foot to brow. I felt vibrations, warmth, and up lift of my body..opended my eyes too soon and I started to un float..so closed them again and raised energy throughout my body started to feel up lift but keept them close this time..felt like I was traveling somewhere fast. Then before I know It I'm at another place looked like some
surgery or doctors place.. I don't remember what they said but I walked out the door did'nt like it there.. outside it was a whole city..older city at night like something in the 1900's perhaps not sure.

A man noticed me and started talking to me but he keept walking so I finaly caught up to him,he wore a brown type cloth jacket and pants with top hat and ginger hair/ beard. He then started drinking..which was annnoying as I had to ask him to repeat questions..as I could feel myself going to wake soon...he then told me his name when asked, sounded like mercadies or
ma-cadies I said from where he said from vision hotel...and said " you know I helped astro travelers before master it.

Then he suddenly snapped out of getting drunk and lead me down some ally and said we need to go they found you
but I'll protect you from them. I pushed him behind me and said stand behind me I can handel them.

Suddenly things were getting darker and they looked like humanoid in shape but perhaps 3 of them. Hidden in the shadows coming closer yet not close enough for me to see them but their out lines only. For some reason I felt a feeling that they were in dark robes & bald. I then almost felt a fear come over me..I almosted phased out of the obe I could feel the pull to escape and things got sligthly blurry.

NO! I said to myself I will not fear anything nothing can harm an immortal soul! I phased back in time, conentrated on my body energy and visualized a shield around me which become green. They then started throwing what seemed like red orbs at me but it did little effect but slight bumps. I ran and charged them with my green shield on.. I then started to feel I was phasing out.. things around me started speeding up before me then before I knew it I was back..

Had the most concentrated body energy feeling when I woke and had to pinch myself to make sure I was realy awake.
Never seen any of these characters before perhaps it was a test or past life or something else.



5th December 2011, 04:59 PM
Update: 6-12-11 approx 04:40 -05:ish.

As I lay down prior to sleep I close my eyes and again concentrate in raising my body's energy and also movement through the body. I find tonight to have less energy through out than normal however I keep trying, I'm having more trouble than normal to "float/ phase out" so to speak which I almost attain a couple times however not enough for travel so I mainly conentrate on the brow area.

My body at this stage feels light & I start to see symbol's yet unknown to me and a web all around with a tunnel leading out, I then open my eyes and notice I'm still in the Astral still as I start to see images taking form on my celing I decide to zoom in then I feel I might be re-mote viewing perhaps as I seem to jump into that animation/ movie that is taking place yet not in body I feel I'm a simple spectator, I see what seems to be a cartoon TV show and zoom into it. I wake shortly after.


7th December 2011, 06:35 PM
Update: 7-12-11 Approx 04:30am ish first part. Second part approx 09:00ish to 09:20ish or so
The second part is a little personal however I don't mind sharing I feel we all learn something from each other.

I'm now laying in bed just finished my shift for work..still away from home for work..home soon though! :)

I started trying a few of the NEW techniques after CFTraveler's post guided info regarding these thanks :)
The body feels warm and energy seems to be flowing..yet no feeling of separation after awhile of trying..I dose off not to shortly after trying for awhile.

During this time I seem to see glimpses of walking through a diner / cafť with a friend and making eye contact with a Woman in her 30's approx with blond long hair and dark brown eye's who's seated and talking to a friend. My gaze meets with her gaze at the same time, we both feel there's something strange there as if we met before but on more deeper level than that yet
know not what.
The strange thing was it wasn't a casual gaze it was a sudden fast forced turn straight into each others eye's type of gaze.

Another glimpse I was on some sky scraper building over looking a city, however not sure which but I do recall the top floor over looking the city was in a half circle shape & the windows on the floor bellow was also circular shaped also. I then was sitting at a table with a Man who was discussing something with me regarding something secretive and to be carefully of the others, I don't remember all the details.

I shortly after woke up and checked the clock it is now around 09:30ish still too early to get up since my shift starts at 12:00.
I try to go back to sleep, however I meditate a little while to see if perhaps I can try again for a OBE with success.

Not too far after I awake so to speak however I'm inside a unfamiliar car. I try and open the doors without success alas they are locked. Hmm I think to myself wondering whats going on..I then however find I can wind down the windows but only half way.
I then decide there must be a reason why I'm suddenly in a car rather than in the Astral somewhere. I then proceed to check my surroundings which seems to be in a carpak at night near the coast at a beach somewhere.

I then see a blue hatch back car roll into the car park and park shortly after in front of me, it has only one person in the car with is the driver who is the Women with the blond long hair from part one of this experience in the above post
I saw in the diner/cafť.

She gets out of the car and heads away in the distance to where I'm uncertain off which is the last I see of her. I then have an idea to find out more details I search the car and notice receipts..SCORE! I think to myself I can find out who's name is on the receipts and in turn find out who owns this car which may give me more clues perhaps.

I was in for a surprise. As I start pulling out receipts I start reading the store they are from which seemed to be a tool store so I'm assuming this car is owned by a Man. As I scroll down the bottom almost see a name then it starts to become blurry..oddly enough, strange I thought...
I look away from the receipt and my vision clears up..ahh thats better I think to myself then I try again..again the receipt goes blurry..I keep looking at it however this time peer at it longer, suddenly the receipt turns all white with no writing! completely all writing erased!

I then proceed to try another and another and the same thing happens and on the last try I almost feel as If I was going to phase out of this experience If I keep persisting to find a name on the receipt. I feel at that point in time something or someone doesn't want me to know who's car it is at this point in time so I let it be. The car I'm in starts to drive off shortly after driving along the coast there is no other cars around it seems like a nice clam night with the road we are traveling on stretches far in the distance, going high up and then down sharply with bends around.

I then arrive at a section of land a small farm in size with trees all around I don't recall however how I left the car.
As I explore this new place I peer though the sliding glass door on the side of the house which appears to be a living room,
with a TV on one side of the wall and a long couch in front along the other wall. There also appears to be someone sleeping on this couch with a large think dooner blanket on top of them which is blue and white in colour. I decide not to wake them up and walk around the other side of the house.

As I start to walk around I hear a noise which sounds like someone chopping wood with a axe, Hmm I thought and as I turn the corner of the house to see who this could be? I see my Dad! I feel a little shocked he's in this experience as I hadn't been thinking of my family or even during meditation / prior to trying a OBE but had other thoughts such as questions seeking answers.

However my dad is younger than he is now maybe 15-20 years younger, and also looks like he hasn't shaved for a week.
I notice at this time it must be early morning here and my dad is also wearing a black beanie for warmth and breathing out cold air which you can see the haze as he exhales.

He then See's me in the distance and Say's " where have you been? as if I had been a child playing around somewhere on the farm out of site. As he starts to walk closer to me then has a puzzled look in his eyes as he looks at me..it seems as if I'm older than I should be as if I'm a double or this is an earlier time or parallel world.
My mum comes out shortly after which must of be the person sleeping on the couch. They both look at me and wonder why I'm older looking.. I then feel myself coming out of the experience as if phasing back to my body so to speak.

Note: This happened three times through out the dream I felt I was getting pulled back and could see my room again but managed to will myself back two times and the last time I came fully back however said to myself to please go back to finish it and somehow maybe someone answered my call or perhaps I simply willed myself back not sure which.

So anyways as before my parents were puzzled why I was older than I should be. We all started walking around the block talking and once stopped my dad started to chop up more fire would as we normally we during winter, while my mum and I started talking. I told her my theory's why I was older than I should be and not perhaps her real son in this time/ place.
She wasn't sure what to believe but I could still feel she had a connection to me as I did to her.

I then remember the NEW technique I was reading about few hours ago prior to sleep and also how members of this forum tried meditation during OBE's.

So I started trying and suddenly I felt more energy than ever before, I then told my mum I'll prove what I said and I told her to watch closely at me my while I concentrated my energy which caused a green pulsing shield to surround me and green sparks through out my limps / hands etc once this energy was flowing through me I could do super human feats such as leap and fly etc.
After she saw the energy and super human feats she soon came to the realization I was who I said I was, at that point I noticed a small tear had formed in her eye she was trying to hold them back. I also saw my dad look over a little shocked but also seemed to understand somehow.

She gave me a big hug and I hugged her back it was a great real feeling of warmth and love, I didn't want to leave but know it was coming to a end soon.

Note: I think this was one of the times I talked about above where I started to feel being pulled back just prior the hug where I showed her who I was and she came to stand closer to me with a tears forming in her eyes.. however managed to come back as I felt I needed to finish the experience before leaving.

I felt I needed to talk about her about her parents..however she didn't quite catch on so I told her where I'm from they...both passed away. We hugged for awhile and I comforted her both teary eyed, I soon began to feel a pull that this time I really did have to leave and knew I did have to leave somehow this time even though I wanted to stay longer. Prior to leaving we said our good byes then shortly after awoke.



9th December 2011, 09:24 PM
Update: 9-12-11 about 4-5 am ish

Not really a decent OBE experience this time to report however I thought since I seem
to be keeping this journal here more updated that my personal one I might as well add this also.

Tonight as far as I can recall I was in the dream world. I tried to have an OBE which I almost did however as I felt myself float up I came back down again..disapointing indeed I think having too many work related thoughts didn't help.
However I did see a glimpse of strange dark shapes / dark tunnel during that time & once back I was suddenly in the dream world.

Inside the dream world I was training to move items with my mind, which after training seemed to come very easily, there seemed to be someone teaching me however I don't recall who or what they looked like. After this dream I dreamed being with my folks and sister & making drawing books for my nephew, my sister seemed stayed at her home since she was sick then my dad came annoyed and wondered why I didn't check up on her since she was sick, not much else I remember after this.



19th December 2011, 09:08 AM

I was wondering if anyone perhaps might have some idea's regarding a previous OBE I posted which had my mum and dad in the OBE.

Been over a week since and I'm having trouble understanding the purpose of this OBE experience...I have had various dreams since then mainly to do with my folks, sis, her kids...normally don't dream about them. When I checked in with my dad I was told he went to the doctor's for a eye check up which he normally is stubborn about getting check ups.

This time they found his blood pressure was 190 and told him your about to have a heart attack!! damn lucky so they gave him some blood pressure tablets. I really hope that is just a coincidence, I told them about the dream they had no clue about it either...Seems since then OBE's have stopped just various family dreams...can't just be a coincidence can it...?



20th December 2011, 02:27 AM
19-12-11 05:30 Tuesday

Tonight I'm about half way through Robert's book Astral dynamics and thus far really enjoying it,
also wondering about OBE's as its been over a week now since have either had none or simply
can't remember them.

Perhaps making me try harder which seems to be the case..I have allot within 1-2 weeks every 2nd day on average then they stop for awhile or if my mood changes for the worse they simply just don't happen/ remember either way.

One thing I noticed is there seems to be certain songs which I find help with energy work if you will.
What I found was truly hearing the beats and voice of the singer sends wild energy spikes sometimes at the spine to the back of the head, but lately mainly just starts at the lower neck up through the whole head area and also down my arms to my hands and seems to last perhaps 30 seconds.

This I find is a way more potent energy feeling then normal energy work I would normally do.
Guess its like a concentrated shiver feeling but seems to make you more awake/alert for a lack of a better
understanding how to explain it.

Moving along so I practiced this for about a hour almost before bed, which to be honest normally this spike of energy feeling used to simply be erratic when playing certain songs that trigger this, but now it not only seems more potent but yet last's longer therefore more control trying to push this energy around the various body parts. I did notice which was odd that when in this state looking in one area seemed to make even the edges of a wall warp in and out..perhaps it was simply my imagination.

As I lay down prior to sleep I this time decide to have my legs in a ^ bent position while on my back as going by Robert's book trying not to become too comfortable in order have the mind stay awake and body asleep for a successful OBE which seemed to really work well.

Not before long I started doing energy work yet concentrated on my hands mostly which laid on my thigh's. I found soon as I started to get into a near OBE state my hands heat would become way more potent and in term seem to effect my legs with slight pain which I thought must be in the Astral state as would never happen in the normal world.

As I started to "tune out so to speak" my hands did become more potent in warmth.
Now for the interesting part, I started to hear static noises almost like a radio not tune in but softly.
Then suddenly I heard a voice saying "Hey (my name)"

I thought what the hell?? never have I heard anyone calling my name before and certainly not while mostly awake..I could still roll around and see though with more effort than normal and my speech was not as quick to reply as normal so perhaps partial OBE state.

To say the least this really did freak me out since I wasn't in a full OBE state, I did call out saying
"yeah what do you want" as at the time I wasn't sure if it was someone from work coming in the room to wake me up (since I'm on a Vessel for work at the moment)

Normally I don't feel afraid in the OBE state since its not real life state to speak, well at least from the real life most people are used to living. So for this to happen when I as about 80% -90% awake sure felt pretty freaky and suddenly your mind jumps to conclusion "such as something is trying to abduct me!"

I then found myself later on flying around not flying too well though, I believe I was in a simple lucid dream though the place I ended up was a mans house which I somehow feel so familiar about almost like a teacher's house feeling I was getting I soon realized I had been here before yet forgotten about it in the past experiences.



20th December 2011, 04:07 AM
We used to have a thread entitled "Things that go bump in your head" where people shared similar incidents like yours of noises or voices or other stuff. Regrettably it went away on the last forum prune, but you would have liked it.

20th December 2011, 09:48 AM
Zethor, I was thinking the other day how I miss all those crazy things that used to occur when I used to work actively towards OBEs. Then last night I got tricked by the radio sounds again.

20th December 2011, 10:48 AM
Hi Beekeeper,

I guess I pursue OBE's as much as I can I guess I find it for now is the only way to find some truth out
there what it all may mean.

Not used to odd things happening unless in full OBE mode so to speak, which is why it freaked me out a bit.
I guess though the more you push forward in these matters I'm guessing there might be a point of no return is the feeling I get the more I try and seek answers as I guess we all are..maybe one day in the future it may be considered truth these things that happen to all of us.

At the present it seems no one really knows for certain, we have snippets of good info and knowledge from various people but in the end it seems we all go on our journey hoping, seeking, needing the truth with little guidance what we are doing, right or wrong, where are we going, can it all be real.. so many questions.

Sometimes it seems all to crazy but..the more I read various articles whether about quantum theory,
Kryon, Bruce's books, Michael newton journey of souls books etc..there always seems to be common
aspects too common to just be a..coincidence.

Beekeeper do you still push forward for OBE's? how did you find these odd things happening..



6th January 2012, 03:50 PM
Just a quick update

Yesterday the 5th of Jan 2012

I just found out the man i was working with prior
to coming home passed away real shame nice guy.
We also used talk about obe matters even though didn't know
him well felt as if u did.

Anyhow what was odd is the night he passed away
i was still offshore and was the very same night i had that voice
wake me up calling my name out which freaked me out a little since not used
To hearing voices while mostly awake nor had i had any history of any such
Conditions just was a standard john doe. This voice called my name out all happened as per
Last log entry on 19-12-11 maybe coincidence...



9th January 2012, 12:41 PM
Update log 8-01-12. 00:00 - +/- Min's span fairly small OBE.

First OBE in awhile, well at least that I can remember too many distraction sure don't help. However this was a brief OBE
and not in the real time zone as I went around my house this time for a change.

Decided to try for a OBE tonight as the mind seemed cleared and less distracted which seemed like a good sign. Proceeded to sit up in bed in a not so comfortable position to assist in a reduced full asleep mode while concentrating on focusing energy thought my hands feet and brow.

Hear a crack noise and continued to phase out and felt myself fall out the side this time perhaps because normally OBE in lay down mode perhaps.
Tried to go through the ceiling, no luck however I was able to go through the window. As I did this I decided to walk around the house which would be a first for me. I proceeded to walk to the front of the house and noticed that I wasn't in the real time zone.

This house was a massive 3 story house my real one is simply single and totally different in all ways, it had white wooden decorations around the windows, as I went up a story it seemed every story was joined like a jetty wharf is joined to shop walk ways some under the main roof other area's all open yet still joined via wooden walk ways.

There I saw a cheese cellar and also another section had a large bakery & pizza room, there was also a large open fire place burning quietly in the back round yet peaceful however no one was in site to be seen.
Within a few minutes I fully awake with no real recollection of returning to my body.



12th January 2012, 04:36 AM
Hi Zethor
Listen man I think that you are doing really well. You seem to be able to go out of body on a regular basis and that is more than most people can do. Some of your OBEs may seem mundane but eventually you will be able to go where you want to and that will greatly improve the quality of your out of body adventures.
So keep up the good work because you are getting better at it.


22nd March 2012, 01:46 AM
Hi Grey,

Been awhile since I was last here bit late on the reply but thanks for the inspiring words though :)
I,m still trying and seeking further answers just at times work/life gets in the way.


22nd March 2012, 02:04 AM
Been awhile since last here due to work and normal life matters. Looking to update the journal a bit at a time with few more experiences. On another note just finished Robert Monroe's book journeys out of the body, great book answers some questions and also on the next book of his far journeys which so far is also a good read :)

17-01-12 approx midnight

Vibrations / warmth came, floated out, went through the bathroom door and suddenly was at some town I'm not
familiar with..there was a man who wanted to appoint me a mayor of the town with some tests.. as if they knew me however perhaps not the real now me?
I thought it as odd however I went with the flow and explored around some..the man also had a symbol of the company I work for on his shirt.

4-2-12 approx midnight

Warmth/vibrations, came out, went through the bedroom mirror this time, ended up in some lady's room..
seemed like perhaps in the Western times date similar clothing styles..she seemed sad at the time as if leading a hard life.
I got the impression / feeling she was in some sexual profession..I felt disappointed once it ended feeling maybe there was a reason I went there maybe to help somehow? was she trapped in memories of the past? not sure.

22nd March 2012, 02:23 AM
12-2-12 approx midnight

Don't recall vibrations / warmth.. though suddenly was in some dark place with giant 30+ foot tall
hairy humanoid shape creatures approx 3 of walking in circles which seemed odd almost like a robot, there were a group of people trying to escape them without getting trampled on.

I visualized a green force field around me and suddenly it came to be, I stepped in the way of these creatures and they seemed un able to harm/ squash me which in turn freed the group of people. Suddenly I was transported to some room with the group
and we all mingled a bit things went rather strange some what sexual not sure why.

There was also a memory that night maybe a dream and not OBE were I was in some class at a younger age we were all moving objects with the mind.

1st April 2012, 04:18 AM
13-2-12 approx 00:00

Popped out was in my bedroom felt pulto wardsds my bathroom door, suddenly was at my parents house, saw my folks sleeping inside and my wife..

Pushed self through their front door to go outside front of the house, had slight resistance pushing through.
Looked slightly different outside vs their RTZ house front, very similar however with large white glowing fern type plants grass glowing, green ligbeautifultyful. Decided to charge up my energy and felt a great stream come in, with this I could move / fly much easier.

In the distance I sawunfamiliaramillar hight heigh creatures to wardstowards me, they started tangrilyangryly at me..didn't feel right however rather than try and create a force shield around me as in the past I thought I would try and send out emotion energy such as compassion, love, and see what would happen.

They then became puzzled, their mouths open In awe of this strange feeling coming over them, I then proceeded to beam
this love energy to the rest, this seemed to change their stance to friendly creatures loving almost like a puppy dog.
I soon felt the pull, started flying and then woke up.

1st April 2012, 04:25 AM
29-2-12 approx 00:00 (not home offshore work)

Felt vibrations popped out & went through the ceiling bedroom & ended up in some suburb with many houses on a house roof
still at night though. Trouble flying so flapped arms like a bird this seems to help me in the astral to fly, flu down and saw some people talking outside a building looked like a school? I asked the lady where I was she replied a place that started with a C or S..don't recall the whole name. Woke up shortly.

1st April 2012, 04:37 AM
7-3-12 approx 00:00 (not home offshore work)

Prior to sleep thought of wanting to see a friend that died last year.
Vibrations came, felt hands on my shoulders pick me up, then suddenly we started to move, was hard to see everything seemed dark as we moved besides a Greyrey clouds above us.

I wanted to see where I was and pushed the hands on my shoulders of me. I began to fall and reach the surface of some place, there where a large group of bcolorolour creatures with no hair, large heads and bodies almost like an ogre in looks however no ears I don't think.. They were all standing watching something, I poked one to see what it was and as it turned around the others grabbed me, it feeled rubbery.

It did'nt seem to speak to me, though I couldn't seem to get away, still hard to see in the darkness, somehow it all was turning sexual for some reason, seemed some where female? They all seemed surprised at this sexual energy it seems..? and where all distracted seeing if they could use it, things got weird the female turned human after..odd. Shortly after I woke up.