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25th April 2006, 08:29 AM
Hello Everybody

I do have a couple of important question which I would like to ask for a friend which has some very odd experiences and I guess it would really mean a lot to her if you could help me gain some insight.
I go on and describe a little what she experiences:

If she meditates (concentrates on the breath) she very quickly feels like very far away. In this state she strongly feels the presence of something other and that something is trying to touch her, she said she feels this very precise like somebody is standing behind her and touching her and then she starts to feel that something wants to get out of her breast! She has to start crying without any apparent reason.. This thing in her breast tries to get “out” and her Body tries to let it go and she just passively observes this tug of war. During this she feels like she is gone suffocate. She also tried to contact that thing and not to be afraid but then feelings become even more oppressive and she feels like she can’t breath anymore. After that experience her body was trembling strongly for over 10 minutes. This seems to happen every time she tries to meditate.

-She also feels the presence of dead People in some places and she has to leave cause she can’t endure it.

-She has also a lot of foreseeing dreams.

She doesn’t know anything about this experiences and has the following questions:

-What is happening with her?

-Can these Perceptions harm her?

-How can she protect herself from that?

-Can these other beings harm her?

-And what kind of things tries to escape from her?

-Were can she learn more about these things?

Help would be appreciated!

Thanks everybody! Tom

25th April 2006, 09:57 AM
Ugh, none of that sounds good...

In all honesty, you and your friend know yourselves better than we do. We can't tell you what is happening without more information.

What we CAN do is offer suggestions and see what consequences arise...that would provide stronger indicators of what is going on.

Robert Self Defense tutorials are located here: http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials/?BoardID=10

The Mega Salt bath in particular would definitely remove anything that is in her chest, if it is indeed a neg in her chest region.

I'd also burn incense or essential oils like lavendar, sage, rosemary, or peppermint. Maybe even rub some of the oil on her feet.

Another I would ask is, does your friend pray for protection before she begins? I am not saying you have to belong to any specific organized religion,...you don't have to belong to any group to ask for help.

There is a prayer thread on this forum that contains a light exorcism prayer that you could try. Another thing you could try, and this goes to the praying for protection part...have your friend pray for protection as she begins and after she does have her ask that all negative powers over her mind, heart, soul, body, and psychic ability be removed, and see what happens. If something is drastically wrong, you'll see something happen.

One more thing, if this is neg attack, she may be "dissuaded" from trying anything, and you'll hear all kinds of persuasive arguments as to why she shouldn't try. You may have to try to help her have the energy to do any of this stuff, her own cheerleader so to speak. So pray for your own protection before you try to help.

26th April 2006, 11:31 AM
thanks! a let her know and see what she thinks