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29th November 2011, 04:06 AM
Hi all,

Magus from Norway entering the forum. Im new to AP, but have practiced LD on and off for several years. Had my first LD when i was a teen back in the 90s after i heard it was possible to look at your hands in your dream if you wondered if you were dreaming. Since then ive tried sporadically to master LD on will. Ive felt since that first time that this is something i want to go deep into, but for several reasons ive been pulled in other directions. Since my early teens, when i was about 12 ive been interested in spirituality. I had many experiences of altered states, most of them drug induced. One came after many sleepless nights. I was laying in my bed, trying to sleep. My mind was racing with thoughts and i was really tired. I decided to block out every thought before they got a hold in my mind. Saying block everytime they arised. This was my first experience with meditation. Afte some time the thoughts stopped arising and i was amazed that it was possible to have an empty quiet mind. At that time i didnt know anything of buddhism or meditation. The experiences came spontaneous. After being in the void for some minutes, i had the sensation of falling backwards through my body. I fell and fell. At one point i became unconscious. Upon awakening i found myself on all fours on my matress, pounding it with my fist with all my strength! I pondered the experience for a long time. So the drugs gave me some good experiences and some really bad. I knew of no one to talk with about these matters and was on a downward spiral. I do NOT advice anyone to try or use drugs to achieve altered states. Rather i see it as a dead end. While it has been a part of my path, i had messages from the other side early on that i should learn to alter my pnsiousness without the drugs. Since i had no clue of how to do this, i continued down the path and it lead to addiction and despair. So i hope my story can inspire people not to take the so called short cut, but learn everything from scratch with a clean mind. If the admins find this post to drug oriented, please let me know and i can edit. I hope on the other hand that my story will inspire others not to use any form of min altering substances to induce altered states. On with the story.

7 years ago i quit drugs all together and could start to focus on spirituality with a clean mind. Ive always been drawn to shamanism. In those first years i practiced a lot of shamanic journeying. I was hoping to have OBEs when listening to the drum, so i expected something that didnt happen. I was so used to the full on drug experience of altered state and separain from real time zone, that i thought nothing happend. I spent six months before i relized that the trance state was really light, like a daydream. When i realized that, i started journeying. I started to look up others who were into the same thing and commited to the shamnic path. Started a three year education with a sami shaman of Norway. During this period i learned a lot of healing and grew a lot. I also started to go into LD at some point, but for some reaon i found the effort not worth the results. Had very sporadic LD and they were all short. Realized that if i work on my consciousness, the LDs would come more easy, if not sporadic. At this point i had read nothing about LD. Only heard about reality checks.

Two and a half years into my education with the Norwegian shaman, i connected with an apprentice of an Amazonian shaman. This was a dream of mine coming true. Ive always wanted to learn from an authentic master with from an unbroken lineage of healers. I had decided to go along if i ever met a true master who could teach me. This led me to a three year apprenticeship. During this period i grew a lot. Also in ways i didnt expect. I saw how the plants made certain peoples egos a lot bigger and more arrogant, people i saw didnt work on themselves, but was in it for the power and knowledge. In this period i stayed in isolation in the jungle, I was learning directly from plants trough meditation and dreams, eating only very little and a special diet. This made me very sensitive and focused. My dreams started to become vivid and soon i was LDing every night. I could have up to 9 LDs per night at max in those two months. Learned a lot and it changed my life. After unexpected circumstances, i had to leave the center earlier than expected.

Ive now aborted my apprenticeship. Ive known about OBEs for some time, but in this last week ive been drawn into the AP world. Started from scratch with my dreams again about a month ago, but now i feel that AP is where i want to have my attention. Its like ive matured a lot recently and ready to do what it takes to fulfill the quest for AP. Its what ive been looking for since my teens. But, i dont think ive been ready. Have had a lot of fears which ive chipped away to the bet of my ability. Some is still there, but ive now got the tools to meet it. So yeah, hope i havent bored you with my presentation. Looking forward to share my journey with all of you.


29th November 2011, 07:12 AM
This is a very interesting introduction, Magus. It appears you have a lot to share and I'm keen to read your future posts. In regards to drugs, I feel your approach is fine because you do not advocate their use. We all know they can induce altered states but we also know they can become addictive and health-destroying. I believe that disrespecting the physical body is not a smart way to attain spiritual knowledge when positive ways are possible. :D

29th November 2011, 08:48 AM
Indeed! That is my experience as well. I feel ive needed many years to clean what the drugs have inflicted upon my energy system. Now, finally, i feel im ready for the adventure and the journey ahead and im really looking forward to be apart of this community:)

29th November 2011, 02:50 PM
Welcome to the forums, Magus. You sure have led an interesting life! I hope you enjoy the forums.

30th November 2011, 03:58 AM
Greetings Magus and welcome.
I look forward to reading your posts in the forums here.


Neil Templar
3rd December 2011, 12:20 AM
Welcome Magus. I can totally relate to your story. Looking forward to reading your posts...:)