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Aunt Clair
26th June 2005, 03:54 AM
1. The Unaware Human
We are born with 7 chakras . In the past females tended to incarnate with 3 open ;the crown, the third eye ,and the mouth . Thus we have the familiar adages " women's intuition " and the "that woman has a big mouth ".We exagerate as a society that women are nags and that they gossip . Although personally ,lol, I would argue .In the past , males tended to be incarnated with 2 chakras open the orange stomach and the red root or genitalia chakras . This does not surprise any of you yet does it ? We therefore have the terms the best way to a man's heart is thru his stomach and the infamous " his head is in his pants " But times they are a changing. There is a blurring of the gender differences and that may be a very good thing to promote peace love and light within the universe .

Just as there have been industrial , agricultural and information revolutions, I contend that we live on the eve of a spiritual revolution .There have always been spiritual evolutions to move society one step more out of the cave man brutality, to remove the base nature of man , to soften the ego, and make us more loving and noble . These steps forward raise the chakras of the newly incarnate and that of the planet itself . So today it is not unusual for a human to come into the body aware with all 7 chakras lit up in the first layer irregardless of gender . 2012 is just the next programmed shift forward in spiritually as a planet .
The Human Energy Body at birth has these components :
Silver Cord which is a tether of the etheric (or astral )body to the physical
Seven Chakras which may not all be fully activated or imbibed with light yet.
http://www.sahajayoga.org/ChakrasAndSubtleBody/Three Primary Tan Tien Storage centres
Male Throne Red Earth over the Red and Orange Chakra area
Dan Tien Yellow Sun over the Yellow and Green Chakra area
Female Crown Platinum Blue Moon over Blue Indigo and Violet Chakras
http://www.universal-tao.com/article/three_minds.htmlPhysical Body Etheric Emotional Mental Body =4D We are limited to the Astral Plane or lower .At this stage we all dream.Most of us begin to establish a faith life ,perhaps prayers or religion as well .We are gently taken at night by guides and angels on hand held astral journeys
Twin Pillars in each body :
Male severity, discipline , strength ,father, white ,God , RHP
Female compassion,mercy, tolerance,love,mother,black,left,Goddess LHP

The Merkabah is our divine light spirit vehicle which is used solely as a bubble of protection at this point of development
The unaware human is not aware of any part of their human energy body and may not even recall their dreamstate.

To progress ,we need to learn; to change; to grow .We light up chakras with choices and actions of love and light and laughter.We dream ,pray and begin to observe and wonder .When we recall dreams and projections and form our own prayers, hopes ,and aspirations, we leave this unaware state .

Traumatic events can always cause the human to jolt forward in awareness . Strong emotions such as anger , sorrow and fear can obscure abilities and make them difficult to develop .

Aunt Clair
26th June 2005, 03:57 AM
2. The Emergent Human Energy Body now has these components : Silver Cord development allows astral projection on effort and free rides by guides will soon become a thing of the past .It is time to learn to lift out on our own .Seven Chakras are fully engaged now .
The first flame of the kundalini ascends .It is pale yellow , the first of the primary tri fold flame and represents male aspects of the godhead .It is the sun , the son and Yahweh .It is electric and fire hermetically . The first flame is about what already exists, creation,life and the "Golden Breath of God ".This pale yellow light imbibes six subtle body layers now.
Each layer of light we become nested in allows us to move to a higher plane . Here is a common representation of the names of these subtle bodies;
Physical , Ethereal , Emotional , Mental , Astral , Monadic/ Buddhic/Christ Body=5D
Our travel is limited to the Monadic Plane or lower at this stage but this is the plane of angels and world teachers.So this is a fantastic step forward . Here are the ones that can reach us at low levels of ability and continue to lead us from that point of introduction ie

White Eagle a teacher of spirit journeys who helps us with healing ,totemic wisdom and guides us to begin journeys on the Monadic Plane .
and Quan Yen (Kwan Yin,KuanYin, QuanYin )the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion who teaches us to have peace and serenity and to reach out with love more in times of our own emotional pain.
These spirit teachers open us to clairaudience , increased clairvoyance and projection with recall . They will appear to the student in circle meditation now and will also invite us to the realms to journey with them.

Dreams are more often recalled and begin to be in colour and perhaps lucid .Most of us have moved thru ignostic or atheist stages to reject the faith of our parents and family but have begun to establish a faith life again of our own perspective and perhaps prayers or religion as well .We recall at least one journey outside the body now .We have seen spirt at least once perhaps with help of angels as a baby step ie at a funeral .We begin to see angels but are not sure if we did yet as they appear as flashes of light and orbs now .

The Merkabah is our divine light spirit vehicle.It is a monchromatic vehicle (all white , yellow or blue ) ready to take off when we figure out how but at this stage we aren't aware it even exists usually .

The emergent aware human is aware of esp and intuition and deja vu and perhaps cultivates an interest in the supernatural now .To progress we need to learn, to change, to grow :We continue to light up chakras with choices and actions of love and light and laughter.We must learn universal tolerance , compassion and mercy .We must reject hatred and prejudice and begin to control our feelings ie tempers or anger at situations .We continue to dream pray , now we read spiritual works perhaps traditional ones or new age ones it doesn't matter which .We begin to question and to try to reach out to perhaps recall dreams in a journal or write a prayer diary .

We begin to try to project on our own and we begin to take repsonsibility for our actions and to help others in service .We leave this emergent state by learning abilities such as projection , beginning psychic , beginning clairvoyance or beginning healing , or interpretation of dreams especially prophetic ones . We must develop universal compassion and tolerance to some degree to get to the next stage . Our choices of love and light open us to the second flame of kundalini .

Traumatic events can always cause the human to jolt forward in awareness . Strong emotions such as anger , sorrow and fear can obscure abilities and make them difficult to develop .

Aunt Clair
26th June 2005, 03:59 AM
3. The Ascending Human Energy Body now has these components :
A Twin Silver Cord descends thru the antakarana allows projection of consciousness upon effort .

Seven Chakras are lit in the second golden layer of light thru 6 subtle bodies as we begin this stage .Soon these become imbibed with the third layer of platinum blue light thru 7 suble bodies .

The Second flame of kundalini descends .It is platinum blue the second of the primary tri fold flame and represents the female Aspect-of Godhead what Could Be-Conception-Magic .It is the blue moon the daughter and Shekinah and water .It is the Right Brain and the shift to where we are going to the platinum blue layer of the subtle bodes infuse the chakras .

Physical ,Ethereal,Emotional,Mental,Astral,Monadic/Christ/ Buddhic Body =6D travel limited to Mahatma Atmic Plane .This is the plane of Buddha and Jesus and the Goddesses and Godhead of all religions . This is where we meet archangels and the pantheons and discover the male and female aspect of Godhead .

We can now have our 1st Initiation in Spirit at the King's Chamber in the Spiritual Great Pyramid of Egypt
Dreams are more often recalled and begin to be more prophetic.Most of us have learned to tolerate the truth of other religions and we recall controlled projections using the merkaba and within a vortex .We have seen and heard spirt perhaps with the help of our main guide and guardian angel as a baby step .We begin to see archangels , world teachers and loving incarnated godhead like Jesus and Buddha

Twin Pillars with the antakarana developing within them

The merkabah our divine light vehicle is now tri coloured usually red yellow and blue .We figure out how to project our consciousness into other dimensions and to sit with control calm and recollection within its protection to explore the realms of spiritual dimensions .
White light still used in healing and protection but the golden dome of protection is developing .The ascending human is aware of sacrifice and effort to succeed .

To progress we need to learn to change to grow :
We continue to light up chakras with choices and actions of love and light and laughter .We must develop clairsentience , clairvoyance , clairaudience . We become mediums and healers .We begin to speak with our guides and learn from spirit teachers in meditation and projections and we begin to project on our own with control .We recall our dreamtime projections more to teaching and learning realms .We leave this ascending state by learning abilities such as claiiraudience and projection to realms to learn and by sitting in meditation with streaming images .
Traumatic events can always cause the human to jolt forward in awareness . Strong emotions such as anger , sorrow and fear can obscure abilities and make them difficult to develop .

Aunt Clair
26th June 2005, 04:01 AM
4. The Avatar Human Energy Body now has these components :
The avatar means to bring the message back down . Now it is time to begin teaching your peers and sharing with others your spiritual experience . Buddha says we are a student and a teacher to all we meet on our path .

A Twin Silver Cord thru the antakarana allows more clarity in channeling higher self .Alpha and Omega apertures are fully open now above and below the spinal column.They are an os that can open and close to allow light to infuse the subtle bodies or to take in energy for healing projection meditation .The Left Side Funnel filled with silver energy prana then the Right Side Funnel is filled .There are also openings on either side of the head which form channels of energy to enter through our crowns . These are about a hands length up and over .
Seven Chakras are lit in the fourth pink layer of light thru the 8 subtle bodies ;physical,etheric ,emotional ,mental ,astral,monadic/christ/buddhic,
causal/logoic =7D travel limited to Logoic Plane .This is the plane of the monad the connection with higher self .We build the antakarana back to the monad .This is also the plane of the 2nd Initiation in Spirit. Alice Bailey Dr. Stone called this the 6th meditation taken at the Golden Chamber of Melchiezedek meeting Melchiezedek , Metatron , Michael , Gabriel , Uriel and Raphael .We may take a mentor in spirit .The First Word of Power is LOVE .
Dreams are more often recalled and begin to be more about guided travels and self projections and we recall controlled projections using the merkaba and within a vortex .We have seen and heard and spoken with mahatma and archangels with the help of our main guide and guardian angel as a baby step .We begin to see archangels , world teachers and loving incarnated godhead like Jesus and Buddha

Twin Pillars with the antakarana developing within them

The Merkabah our divine light spirit vehicle is now a quad coloured double tetrahedron of red ,yellow ,blue and soon green colours in too .We project our consciousness into other dimensions and to sit with control calm and recollection within its protection to explore the realms of spiritual dimensions .White light and golden light can now be used in healing and protection And we can invoke the platinum net of protection on our merkabah.

The avatar human needs to learn to change to grow :
to use energy and to see the energy body and the aura of others esp in circle .We may begin to work in group dynamics in closed circle .We continue to light up chakras with choices and actions of love and light and laughter .We may choose to develop channeling , to become mystics and
to begin to speak with Mahatma and archangels. We are capable of learning from spirit teachers in meditation and projections .

We can project on our own in a merkabah to higher realms and we recall our dreamtime projections more to teaching and learning realms
We leave this "Beginning to Work with the Avatars "state by learning abilities such as projection of consciousness to realms to learn and by sitting in meditation . We are capable of multiple streaming images now.

Ask and the teacher shall be revealed . Knock and the door shall be opened unto you .

Aunt Clair
26th June 2005, 04:06 AM
5. The Shamballah Human Energy Body now has these components :

The first limb becomes Hermetically coloured up and can be viewed clairvoyantly as Salmon Red , earth , death , destruction , male and electric , moist and warm energy .It is the right or on occasion may be on the dominant left leg . Only rarely will left dominant people will have their hermetic body reversed . The second limb is Hermetically coloured as Chartreuse Green , air, life creation, what could be , female and magnetic , dry and cool energy on the left leg .To learn more about Hermetic elemental colouring read ;Hermetics by France Bardon
http://mountainman.is-ageek.net/Sorlac/ ... metics.pdf (http://mountainman.is-ageek.net/Sorlac/Books/Magick/hermetics.pdf)
... Ty Sorlac :D
We have the full Tri fold flame braided thru the antakarana now allowing full projection of consciousness . This is the yellow sun , the blue moon and the pink earth . We are now able to project through the ring pass not of Earth to the higher realms of consciousness.
Alpha and Omega apertures
Left and Right Side Crown Funnels
Seven Chakras are lit in the fifth chartreuse green layer of light thru the 9 subtle bodies
The third pink flame of kundalini ascends .It is the third of the primary tri fold flame and represents the son aspect- of Godhead .It is earth and fire and the avatar .It is love .

Physical,Ethereal,Emotional,Mental,Astral,Monadic/Buddhic/Christ,Causal /Logiic , I AM/Ketheric =8D travel limited to upper realm of Logoic Plane or lower . This is the plane of Shamballah and the God and Goddess of planetary logos Yahweh and Shekinah .We go to the Ashram of Serapis Bey at the spiritual Temple of Luxor and into Shamballah Heart of God.
The 3rd Initiation in Spirit possible .Alice Bailey Dr. Stone called this the 7th meditation taken at Shamballah .We meet Yahweh and Shekinah ,Serapis Bey , Horus et al .
We have a Rainbow Net and a Rainbow Merkabah
Third Word of Power WISDOM
Twin Pillars with the antakarana within them
White Golden Platinum light still used for healing and protection

Dreams becoming more real see and talk to other live and spirit characters in dream .more lucidity .Our Merkabah is now a multi-coloured double tetrahedron .It is becoming more stellar .We bilocate consciousness into other dimensions and sit with control and recollection within its protection to explore the realms of spiritual dimensions in meditation or trance multi streaming images and sounds give off messages in group dynamics ,talking meditations.
The Shamballah human is aware of continuing developing clairient abilities and seeks to practice to attain higher skills and to seek higher dimensions and to integrate the lesson of love and light into the physical life removing more and more of the ego and negativity controlling more of thought and actions ,To progress we need to learn to change to grow :
we continue to light up chakras with choices and actions of love and light and laughter .

We can channel and bi locate now .
We can become mystics .
We speak to and learn from the spirit teachers in the realms
We can project on our own or in a group and we recall our projections and construct journals .
We leave this Shamballah state by learning abilities such as group merkaba travel and by sitting in meditation with multiple streaming images alone and by teaching /sharing material forming a train of classes of Ascension .We are a student and a teacher to all we meet on the path
All is Well.

Aunt Clair
26th June 2005, 04:14 AM
6. The Solar Human Energy Body now has these components :

The right arm clairvoyantly becomes hermetically orange fire volcano amber stars .It is what should be unmade and can be pushed away or undone . It is male and electric , hot ,light and bright energy.The left arm hermetically becomes indigo blue water and heavens .It is what can be manifested and brought into and forward. It is female and magnetic ,cold , heavy and dark energy . The right leg is Salmon Red it is earth death destruction what is or has been male and electric , moist and warm .The left leg is chartreuse green air life creation what could be female and magnetic , dry and cool .
Tri fold flame braided thru the antakarana
alpha and omega apertures
Left & Right Side Funnels

Seven Chakras are lit in the sixth orange layer of light thru the 10 subtle bodies
and in the seventh sapphire blue layer of light thru the 10 suble bodies

4th Spiral descends thru Ascension Channel

Physical, Ethereal, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Buddhic/Christ Causal, IAM Solar =9D travel Solar Plane
This is the plane of Shamballah and the God and Goddess of planetary logos Yahweh and Shekinah .We are not confined to the Chamber of Melchiezedek or the Mansion of Shamballah or the Akashic Library . We may now go throughout this realm to explore.As the sun above the valley . As an eagle we can fly now surveying where we will choose to go . What temples and buildings we will explore and what teachers ashrams we will enter humbly . We go to the Ashram of Serapis Bey at the spiritual Temple of Luxor and into Shamballah Heart of God
and into Shamballah Womb of Goddess.

(4th & 5th Initiations in Spirit) 8th and 9th initiations as described by Alice Bailey and Dr. Joshua David Stone.We meet Solar Angel , We go to the Blue Lodge of what is called " Sirius " but is only on a trajectory far from here .We understand the illusion of time and space , we form our own ashram on a ray that is our group ray Diamond Net , Diamond Merkaba.The 4th Word is POWER.. The 5th word ,JUSTICE

Dreams are more real, we see and talk to other live and spirit characters in dreams .more lucidity.We begin to call each other to project together to travel into each others dreamstates

4th Pillar of Activity & Fixed Design Down head thru Spine

Our Merkabah is double tetrahedron multi coloured and becoming more stellar .We bilocate consciousness into other dimensions and sit with control and recollection within its protection to explore the realms of spiritual dimensions in meditation or trance multi streaming images and sounds give off messages in group dynamics talking meditations.

White Golden Platinum light still used for healing and protection and diamond net of protection .The Solar human is aware of life outside this planet continues to integrate the lesson of love and light into the physical life removing more and more of the ego and negativity controlling more of thought and actions .

To progress we need to learn to change to grow :
We continue to light up chakras with choices and actions of love and light and laughter .We become alchemists , we are mystics ,we speak and learn from the spirit teachers in the realms and in their ashrams and we project on our own or in a group and we recall our projections and construct journals
We leave this Solar state by manifesting our own ashram and sitting in meditation with multiple streaming images alone or in groups at will
and teaching sharing material .We are a student and a teacher to all we meet on the path

Ask and the Teacher is Revealed. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you .

Aunt Clair
26th June 2005, 04:16 AM
7. The Galactic Human Energy Body now has these components :
The body has undergone some major transmutations of alchemy now .A kundalini snake head is on the right side of head as rose male and electric .A kundalini snake head manifests on the left of head as aqua female and magnetic .The right arm clairvoyantly is orange fire volcano amber stars .it is what should be unmade and can be pushed away or undone male and electric , hot ,light and bright energy .The left arm hermetically is sapphire blue water and heavens.Iit is what can be manifested and brought into and forward female and magnetic ,cold , heavy and dark energy .The right leg is salmon red.It is earth death destruction what is or has been male and electric , moist and warm energy . The left leg is chartreuse green air life creation what could be female and magnetic , dry and cool energy .
Tri fold flame braided thru the antakarana
alpha and omega apertures
Left Side Funnel Right Side Funnel crowned by kundalini snakes
Seven Chakras are lit in the 9th red violet layer of light and in the 8th aqua blue layer of light
4th Spiral Strand ascends thru Ascension Column

Physical,Ethereal,Emotional, Mental, Astral, Buddhic/ Christ. Causal, IAM ,Solar ,Galactic =11 D Galactic Plane
This is the plane where we explore the ashrams of other planets of sentient beings not in our galaxy . We are able to connect now to the temple of worlds above the Shamballah realm . We are able to meet with spirit teachers now from other galaxies .
In the 10th initiation, we meet the Lord of Sirius ,Allametica. We go again to the Blue Lodge of what is called " Sirius " but is only found on a trajectory far from here upon that star path somewhere .We understand the illusion of time and space , we continue to manifest our own ashram on our ray of devotion 6th Word TRUTH . We meet the Great mother of the "Sirius ". We meet spirit "Arcturians".

Dreams are more real, we see and talk to other live and spirit characters in dreams .more lucidity we call each other to project together to travel into each others dreamstates we can send energy with the mind to touch each other ie to pull toes from astral to awaken a compadre

5th Pillar

Our Merkabah is a multi coloured double tetrahedron and it is becoming more stellar we bilocate consciousness into other dimensions and send our subtle body form to move therein and sit with control and recollection within its protection to explore the realms of spiritual dimensions in meditation or trance multi streaming images and sounds .We can give off messages in group dynamics during talking meditations
White Golden Platinum Rainbow and Diamond light used for healing and protection . The Galactic human is aware of ashrams of sentient beings outside this planet ie what is called " arcturians" and continues to integrate the lesson of love and light into the physical life removing more and more of the ego and dispelling negativity controlling more of thought and actions

To progress we need to learn to change to grow :
we continue to light up chakras with choices and actions of love and light and laughter we are alchemitsts and mystics we are working on the hermetic path and the kabballah at this point we speak and learn from the spirit teachers in the realms and in their ashrams and we project on our own or in a group to any realm within the Galactic Constraints and we recall our projections and construct journals .We leave this Galactic state by traveling to the ashrams outside our planetary logos and sitting in meditation with multiple streaming images alone or in groups at will
and teaching ,sharing material ,we continue to complete our ashram.

"We are both a student and a teacher to all we meet on the path .
Ask and Teacher is Revealed . Knock and the door shall be opened unto you . "

Aunt Clair
26th June 2005, 04:19 AM
8. The Universal Human Energy Body now has these components :

a kundalini snake tail emerges from the non dominant side of alpha aperture it is crimson the opposite and negative of the dominant aqua head

a kundalini snake tail emerges from the dominant side of alpha aperture it is teal the opposite and negative of the non dominant rose violet head

a kundalini snake head is on the dominant side of head as violet red
male and electric SPACE

a kundalini snake head is on the non dominant side of head as aqua blue
female and magnetic TIME

right arm clairvoyantly is orange fire volcano amber stars
it is what should be unmade and can be pushed away or undone
male and electric , hot ,light and bright energy
the left arm hermetically is sapphire blue water and heavens
it is what can be manifested and brought into and forward
female and magnetic ,cold , heavy and dark energy
right leg is salmon red it is earth death destruction what is or has been
male and electric , moist and warm energy
left leg is chartreuse green air life creation what could be
female and magnetic , dry and cool energy

Tri fold flame braided thru the antakarana
alpha and omega apertures
Left & Right Side Funnels crowned by kundalini snakes
Seven Chakras are lit in the 10th teal layer of light
and in the 11th crimson layer of light
5th Strand descends thru Ascension Column

Physical Ethereal Emotional Mental Astral Buddhic Christ Causal IAM Solar Galactic universal =11 D Universal Plane
In the 11th initiation we must channel the meditations ourselves but they are not unique to us they share commonality
we meet Lunar Angel , the snake initiations are nearly complete the energy body nearly perfected .The body finds it is too heavy to pass through the window on the edge of the universe and begins to become more light and less physical to make the next step . We explore
at this level higher realms above the temple of worlds . We explore now the temples of compassion and wisdom .
7th word DEATH
Dreams are more real, we see and talk to other live and spirit characters in dreams .more lucidity

we call each other to project together to travel into each others dreamstates

we can send energy with the mind to touch each other ie to pull toes from astral to awaken a compadre

5th Pillar ascends up thru right hip

Merkabah is double tetrahedron multi coloured and becoming more stellar
we bilocate consciousness into other dimensions and send our subtle body form to move therein and sit with control and recollection within its protection to explore the realms of spiritual dimensions in meditation or trance multi streaming images and sounds

we can give off messages in group dynamics during talking meditations

White Golden Platinum Rainbow and Diamond light used for healing and protection

The universal human is aware of the window on the edge of the universe but cannot get there yet continues to integrate the lesson of love and light into the physical life removing more and more of the ego
and dispelling negativity controlling more of thought and actions

To progress we need to learn to change to grow :
we continue to light up chakras with choices and actions of love and light and laughter

we are alchemitsts and mystics we are working on the hermetic path and the kabballah at this point

we speak and learn from the spirit teachers in the realms and in their ashrams

and we project on our own or in a group to any realm within the Universal Constraints and we recall our projections and construct journals .We leave this Universal state by raising our consciousness and lightening our body . It is time to begin our Great Work so we can escape the Universe realms of consciousness . We sit in meditation with multiple streaming images alone or in groups at will

"We are both a student and a teacher to all we meet on the path
Ask and Teacher is Revealed. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you ."

Aunt Clair
26th June 2005, 04:27 AM
9. The Snake morphs to the Dove Human Energy Body now and has these components :

A kundalini snake tail emerges from the right side of the alpha aperture.It is crimson the opposite and negative of the dominant aqua snake head .A kundalini snake tail emerges from the left dominant side of alpha aperture it is teal the opposite and negative of the left rose snake head .Now the kundalini snake heads becomes a red dragon on the male electric Eternity side . On the left side the dragon head becomes green as on the female and magnetic Infinity side .
right arm clairvoyantly is orange fire volcano amber stars
it is what should be unmade and can be pushed away or undone
male and electric , hot ,light and bright
left arm hermetically is indigo blue water and heavens
it is what can be manifested and brought into and forward
female and magnetic ,cold , heavy and dark
right leg is salmon red it is earth death destruction what is or has been
male and electric , moist and warm
left leg is chartreuse green air life creation what could be
female and magnetic , dry and cool

Tri fold flame braided thru the antakarana
alpha and omega apertures
Left & Right Side Funnels are crowned by kundalini dragon heads

Seven Chakras are lit thru multiple sequential layers to cpmplete the 48th layer of light around the body ,the next of which we percieved as plum & lavender ,blackish purple & white , green & yellow , jewel toned layers begin ruby gold amethyst emerald sapphire gray teal blue-gray , pale green , purplish pink ,pinky orange , blue & gold, gray , white , rust , yellow , green , purple the colours were not as distinct now coming ever faster in this quickening stage

12 Strands ascend and descend to complete the Ascension Column

Physical Ethereal Emotional Mental Astral Buddhic/ Christ Causal IAM Solar Galactic Universal =12 D Universal Plane
This is our limit for a long time now . In the 12th thru 28th initiation we must channel the meditations ourselves but they are not unique to us they share commonality , the dove initiations occur next . The energy bodies pillars are completed .Visions of Keys of Enoch and Scrolls appear .

Dreams are more real, we see and talk to other live and spirit characters in dreams .more lucidity .We call each other to project together to travel into each others dreamstates.We can send energy with the mind to touch each other ie to pull toes from astral to awaken a compadre.

7th to 12th Pillars arrive to forms 2 rotating hexagonal prisms in opposite directions widdershins and deosil

Our Merkabah morphs into double tetrahedrons shifting internally in an awakened mechanishm clockwise & counterclockwisemore colouring occurs and becoming more stellar still . We bilocate consciousness into other dimensions and send our subtle body form to move therein
and sit with control and recollection within its protection to explore the realms of spiritual dimensions in meditation or trance multi streaming images and sounds.We can give off messages in group dynamics during talking meditations.White Golden Platinum Rainbow and Diamond light used for healing and protection .

The universal human is aware of the window on the edge of the universe but cannot get there yet . We continue to integrate the lessons of love and light into the physical life removing more and more of the ego and dispelling negativity controlling more of thought and actions .

To progress we need to learn to change to grow :
We continue to light up chakras with choices and actions of love and light and laughter .We are alchemitsts and mystics we are working on the hermetic path and the kabballah at this point .We speak and learn from the spirit teachers in the realms and in their ashrams.We must learn to open the vortex ourselves and to travel at will through the dimensions 1 to 11 and we project on our own or in a group to any realm within the Universal Constraints.We recall our projections and construct journals

we leave this Snake state and by beginning the path of the Shaman the Dove Initiations when they are completed the real alchemy begins to transmute the soul from lead to gold .We sit in meditation with multiple
streaming images alone or in groups at will ,teaching and sharing material

We open the simple 3 layer vortex with the help of angels and guides
We are a student and a teacher to all we meet on the path
The Path of Service is to be chosen.

Aunt Clair
26th June 2005, 04:31 AM
10 . The Sphinx Human Energy Body goes on .It is the journey not the destination that is the goal .A journey filled with service and love light and laughter is the path .
We meet the Great Mother in spirit .

For a long time we developed different methods of manifesting more sophisticated vortices as we concurrently completed the Path of the Magician and Began the Path of the Alchemist :We completed the Lesser and Great Works of the Emerald Tablet .
We completed the the Majestic Work and La Victoire Triomphe .Now the the path continues into the emerald and amethyst awakening to the alchemy of ruby and emerald .

The body morphed thru increasingly more sophisticated sphinx images and continues to do so for example .,the sphinx of the golden alchemy is constellations as star maps to glimpse sentient beings thru these known trajectories.It is the body of Taurus as a white bull ,the tail of cobra as on the chimera which is serpens held by Ophicus,a lion head over a eclipsed sun's corona on the face which is Leo ,wings of lagashian eagle as Aquila and the lyre , the front legs of the goat of Capricorn ,
and the hind legs are the great bear Ursa Major .

The kundalini finally ignites the fourth flame after many more lessons and suddenly starts to change rapidly .The fourth flame is Pale Mint Green . It is the princess avatar , the daughter .

We learn pranic breathing and cobra breaths and raise the nadis slowly
manifesting the Uraeus Effect and the Urn of Garuda the mulitple Cobra hood and skirt of Vishnu
We develop the throne of God in our male tan tien and the crown of the Goddess in our female tan tien .Then we must connect them in the dan tien and manifest energy of gold or silver the throne becomes a cathedral of golden spires as the crown drops to form a chandelier of golden spires .

The five coloured chitra is braided thru sushumna
the colours are silver akasha and pale yellow , platinum blue, pale green and salmon pink .Fine snakes protrude thru the eyes and ears and a large silver cobra like the trunk of Ganeesha erupts from the mouth and nose area .

The 10 sepiroth become another door and two more spheres are formed
so that the human energy body has 12 spheres to manifest energy and to form a vortex .

alpha and omega apertures
The left and right funnels manifest lions from the dragons

Seven Chakras continue to build up the light quotient of the human energy body in multiple layers

12 Strands ascend and descend to complete the Ascension Column

We begin to split and resplit the subtle bodies with help of the angels and teachers in spirit .They patiently help us to try to go past tri location of consciousness .We enter the 12th dimension finally as we go thru the window on the edge of the universe .

In my own alchemy cirle we had had over 224 initiations at 3 times a week to come to this stage . Initially an initiation would occur once a month then weekly then nightly .We must channel the meditations ourselves but they are not unique to us they share commonality ,the energy bodies pillars surprise us by forming a 13th and 14th one with a long gap between growth

Dreams become initiations in themselves and we work in our spiritual colleges as teachers and in our ray classes as students , we learn to see and hear better to heal better we need a lot of work still .It is good that this is fun because looking back we progress in abilities not as fast as we would hope .

We can send energy with the mind to exorcise and heal and tantric sex with our partner can begin .

14 Pillars form 2 rotating prisms in opposite directions widdershins and deosil .

The Merkabah morphs into double tetrahedrons which shift internally in an awakened mechanishm clockwise & counterclockwise.More colouring occurs and becoming more stellar and becomes ringed .The merkaba becomes an integral part of us.We are it .We change it by will from solar to lunar to leave the window on the edge of the universe and travel to the ashram of what is called "Alpha Centauri" .We learn that these star maps are but trajectory paths.
We manifest an all magnetic merkabah to ease through the window on the edge of the universe . We manifest it back to all solar too at will .
We try to trilocate consciousness into other dimensions and send our subtle body forms to move therein.We sit with control and recollection within its protection to explore the realms of spiritual dimensions in meditation or trance multi streaming images and sounds .We can give off messages in group dynamics during talking meditations

Golden Light used for healing and protection .The Golden human is aware of the window on the edge of the universe and moves through it
and continues to integrate the lesson of love and light into the physical life removing more and more of the ego and dispelling negativity controlling more of thought and actions .

To progress we need to learn to change to grow :
we continue to light up chakras with choices and actions of love and light and laughter

We form a vortex on our own and travel to the 12th dimension and we recall our projections and construct journals .We transmute the soul from lead to gold .We sit in meditation with multiple streaming images alone or in groups at will .

We can open the 7 sphere vortex alone
We are a student and a teacher to all we meet on the path
The Path of Service is chosen
The wheel spirals onward and upward although we have had to glimpse the lower planes for soul rescue too .We have to perfect the tri location of consciousness and we aren't doing so well with that yet.We manifested a spiritual college which we continue to teach in dreamstate but do not recall all of this only some .We have visited another older spiritual college too .We have each aligned with a coloured ray and work on this ray as an neophyte while continuing to study as a group on a common indigo ray
and so it goes ....Life is Good

26th June 2005, 06:04 PM
Go figure, even though I'm a male the easiest chakras to develop were throat/eye/crown, and while my brain is statistically a "both-sider", I notice it's slightly easier to use my right side. Also, all of my friends excluding one are female. I am not gay, but I know I sure have always felt like a exception in life LOL.

Aunt Clair
26th June 2005, 11:33 PM
Theoretical Time Chart
White .Day 14374BC -8196 BC (8196) Pre Sentient
Black...Night 6178 BC -2082 BC (4096) Pre Historical
Rose ...........2082 BC-26 BC (2048) Ancient
Red................26 BC -998 (1024 ) Biblical to Dark Ages
Orange..............998-1500 (512 )Middle Ages
Yellow.............1500-1756 (256 ) Renaissance
Green..............1756-1884 (128 ) Agricultural Revolution
Blue................ 1884-1948 ( 64 year span) Industrial Revolution
Indigo............ .1948 -1980 (1948 , 1964, 1972 )(32) Information Revolution
Purple ........... .1980-1996 (83 akashic 85 gold 87 purple 89 sapphire 91 ethereal green 93 topaz ) Dragons (16 year range)
Lavender..........1996-2004 (95 uv orange gold citron 97 ruby 99 rose 01 ebony 03 ivory) ( 8 year range )
White..............2004-2008 (05 Crystal 07 ??)(4 years)
Silver ..............2008-2010 (2 years)
Black ...............2010-2011 ( 1 year )
Golden Heart ............2012 the other side of the mirror (centre 0)
Black ...........+ 1 .......2013
Silver............ +2 .......2015
White ...........+4 .......2019
Lavender....... +8 .......2027
Purple......... +16 ......2043
Indigo.......... +32...... 2075
Blue ............+ 64 ......2139
Green...... + 128 .......2267
Yellow...... +256....... 2523
Orange ......+512...... 3035
Red ....... +1024 ......4059
Rose....... +2048 ......6107
Black....... +4096 .......etc
White....... +8198
Silver...... +16396
Gold...... +32792
Crystal ......etcetera

27th June 2005, 02:29 AM
I'm wondering if early activation of kundalini would interfere with this process of developing the bodies? Thanks

27th June 2005, 03:20 AM
Yeah, it would. That's only if you haven't developed your energy body though. You want it fully developed before you awaken kundalini so that it can handle the energy that will be generated. Otherwise it can cause many problems.

Aunt Clair
27th June 2005, 09:34 AM
11. Indigos who worked became a golden sphinx . Others born to Golden Intuitive Alchemy also join to become purple dragons in the temple on the Core . The final works of each stage is silver and then gold , or crystal , or purple . http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1641

The blue dragon head appears after the completion of the Emerald Tablet heralding the beginning of the Dragon Initiations .Now the aspirant can learn to manifest kundalini from prana at will with controlled breath employing an intuitive combination of Qi Chong and Yoga Bandhas. This is not a kundalini flame event but is a method to manifest the superior kundalini energy as opposed to psi from the prana around us . The kundalini drawn into the body will manifest itself upon the head of the aspirant clairvoyantly .

The hermetic colouring of the human energy body was entirely golden as a sphinx and no longer coloured differently on each limb . Many young people under the age of 23 years old were born golden intuitives . They were able to manifest the silver Akasha and the golden Amoris through their Intuitive Alchemy to complete the Emerald Tablet in this lifetime . They learn to project beyond the window on the Edge of the Universe by manifesting a fully magnetic merkabah , intuitively .

They began to project with limited recall to dreamstate lessons and move rapidly in spiritual development by recalling intuitively some of their past life wisdom for transmutation .

27th June 2005, 11:11 AM
Aunt Clair,

What level of development does the level of my chakra "illumination" correlate to in this thread, from the reading you did for me last month? Or is that irrelevant to the contents of this thread? You said that my chakras were filled past with light past the 47th layer?

It's interesting I am like Hegemony, I have a very powerful right brain but not so much in the left brain. Also my crown and brow are much more influential on my life than my root and naval chakras.

In your experience, when the chakras are filled with light are they filled equally, or can it be so that one chakra is filled with more layers than another? Is this the same for each of the subtle bodies too?

It seems it would be easier to get good results with energy work having already filled the higher subtle bodies with light in prior life experiences. If this is so, do you think it would be safe to pursue raising the kundalini? I have considered making it my goal to facilitate the raising of kundalini by strictly following the 5 areas of development that violetsky mentioned in another recent thread here, it looks like a brilliant guide to me.


Aunt Clair
27th June 2005, 12:09 PM
deleted by author answer posted privately

Donald McGlinn
27th June 2005, 03:07 PM
Hi Aunt Clair,

Is it possible please to reduce the size of your posts?

A massive post like you just did is overwhelming to the average user and perhaps even intimidating for some.

I enjoy your informative posts, but I was hoping that perhaps you could be more concise rather than encyclopaedic.

Just a thought, not a demand.


29th June 2005, 09:24 PM
Given that we are talking about a Love/Hate polarity, how does the refinement of channeling abilities improve our own spiritual development?

Aunt Clair
29th June 2005, 10:14 PM
I will try to break it down more in smaller increments .

2nd July 2005, 09:35 PM
Regarding channeling, there is a concern about the fact that transmutation under kundaletic fire can cause the Persona to be loosened from the vessel.

3rd July 2005, 10:04 PM
Well Aunt Clair, I am glad to see a positive image of the snake for a change.

Your description reminds me of the Indian god (Nagarjuna?) that has the 7 hooded cobras above the seated figure. I knew it meant wisdom and spiritual development of some sort.

The snake also symbolizes the third eye, death/rebirth and victory over death. The Pharoah had it on his crown.

I am so tired of hearing that snakes are evil (i.e. the old Christian teachings). In my heart I know there are good reptilian examples in our galaxy (or wherever). The dragon (which is usually also dragged into the serpent category) as a symbol usually represents wisdom too and is usually pictured with a crystal or wizard. I do not feel this is accidental.

Ah, but serpents and dragons and alien reptilians are an entirely different category from this topic (stubs toe in dirt a little..). I digress, but had fun writing this! Nice meeting you. :D

3rd July 2005, 10:40 PM
Does the energy body look a certain way on people diagnosed with ADD? For example, and overactive crown chakra etc.

Aunt Clair
4th July 2005, 11:52 PM
Does the energy body look a certain way on people diagnosed with ADD? For example, and overactive crown chakra etc.

interesting question
not that i have noticed yet
i adopted a girl who has ADD she can project with control esp to RTZ very well but she does have a lot of trouble staying awake during meditation
she nods off zzzzzzzzzz
another projector i knew that had ADD was also female
had trouble dedicating to class
here then not then came back again
but i have not seen that their energy bodies looked differently
its a thought
would have to find a fair few of them and compare to see

8th July 2005, 09:45 PM
Your energy follows your thought. Show me where is the ADD person's focus, and I will tell you where is their energy.

But we are talking about harnessing another energy, one greater than we can generate in our natural, born state. Where does your mind go when kundaletic energy enters? Is the consciousness your own, or does a new one come in?

Aunt Clair
18th July 2005, 08:14 AM
In November of 2005 the Golden Intuitives along with working Indigos who had already completed the Emerald Tablet and became hermetically Purple Dragons.
The body is born with two main hermetic channels .The right side is warm red male electric hermetically . The left side is cold blue female magnetic hermetically. The term circuit denotes a pathway for this energy which is pumped from the primary channels of red electric and blue magnetic . They are obviously not really electric . These Hermetic terms describe the different natures of the fluids on the right and left side of the body . More at this link to works by Franz Bardon . http://mountainman.is-a-geek.net/Sorlac ... metics.pdf (http://mountainman.is-a-geek.net/Sorlac/Books/Magick/hermetics.pdf)
TY Sorlac :)

To become purple the golden intuitives and the awakened indigos perform an Alchemical Marriage so that the red flows with the blue and the blue flows with the red . This manifests the purple fluid in the entire body . An Alchemical Marriage is a discipline completed through meditative trance , energy flow , breath control and development of flow through the primary channels of the energy body in energy work .Many young people about 17-19 yo in 2005 were born to the Purple Vibration .

The Purple Dragons began to project to the Temple on the Core for dreamstate lessons . Their strengths are shielding , psionics , spiritual defense and morphing . They trained to learn more about defnse and protection in the Purple Water Temple . Here the dragons morph and combat as a wolf . The purpose of these lessons is to protect the innocents and self from negs . http://groups.msn.com/AlchemicalFlame/s ... hotoID=159 (http://groups.msn.com/AlchemicalFlame/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=159)
The Purple vibration opens the human energy body to many alchemical structures and colours up ones that were previously manifested in the human energy body .

8th October 2005, 08:31 PM
The New Age of Aquarius is said to be a time in which this awakening will be free for the asking. This is to say anyone wishing to make the sacrifice will be able to accept it. Do you agree with Blavatsky that people who refuse to divest themselves of their personas in order to accept this awakening are selfish?

8th October 2005, 09:50 PM
Do you agree with Blavatsky that people who refuse to divest themselves of their personas in order to accept this awakening are selfish?

If I may chip in...

Selfishness is a primary or sole concern with one's own welfare, while ignoring or harming the welfare of others.

I fail to see how other people are harmed by a person who has no interest in awakening. At most I'd call this a 'young' soul, with much to learn. Getting rid of Ego is the most difficult challenge for anyone.

And with ever increasing numbers of people who ARE seeking this awakening, they are up for a crash course on the subject.

If they still have no interest, they only harm their own progress.

Experience is the sum of one's mistakes. Everybody has the right to their own mistakes. Saying other people are selfish is easy and cheap. I believe everybody is trying to do their best, within the frame of their reality.



9th October 2005, 12:31 AM
I fail to see how other people are harmed by a person who has no interest in awakening.

Haven't you heard of the real-life gardens that miraculously thrive in the permafrost? Did you know that it is possible to intentionally place filth in a glass, turn it to clear water, and drink it? What if some sorts of people emit the opposite sort of energy?

Supposing that the "muggles", as J.K. Rowling would call them, hold up other peoples' progress. If they would just put away their own argumentative nature there could be a Utopia, but they won't get along with anyone until they make the concession.

Remember that this requires no effort on their part. When this special time comes, all they have to do is claim allegiance to the enlightened side, and the whole world would be a better place. They simply won't do it out of spite.

Would they not be selfish, then?

9th October 2005, 09:09 AM
Some people do emit negativity. But at the level where you can turn clear water in dirty water, you have to be a master, or a society working together. I don't think they could be bothered with being stamped selfish.

On the other hand, the majority always held the few back. And the few always had the task to discover new ways, and teach the majority.

And ultimately, without the majority, those few wouldn't excists. You need opposites for something to excist. No positive w/o negative. No light without dark. No selflesness without selfishness.

The law of Yin and Yang, shows that at it's peak, a condition changes to the opposite condition, and that there will always be a small part of it's opposite present.



9th October 2005, 08:28 PM
Given that we are talking about a Love/Hate polarity, how does the refinement of channeling abilities improve our own spiritual development?

I should say again that the word "selfishness" was not my expression, but Blavatsky's. (Some more experienced readers of this thread must be bored, gone, or not falling for my line of questioning.) Does anyone know which angel of light must be loved/adored/cherished/worshipped before this spiritual developement can occur?

Aunt Clair
11th October 2005, 10:51 AM
The core is the term for the left hand pillar of hubs and temples ,as named by English speaking adepts online . The core is also the name for the centre of the sacred wheel structure which appears throughout the body ie as the centre in the palm in the hand .

The Sacred Wheel of Life is a archetype which was noted in 1650 by Boehm the alchemist .
The Wheel of Life appears throughout the world as
Hermetic Wheel of Alchemy
Buddhist Wheel of Life
Celtic Cross
Hindu Samsara
Medieval Italian Tarot Wheel of Fortune
Native American Medicine Wheel
Wheel of Chaos Magick

Like the wheel of life , the dragons of kundalini phenomenon is also global in nature . So far, we have met dragons online or in person from ;
Australia , Canada, England , France , Holland,Ireland,India,Italy,Norway, Poland,Portugal, Russia,Scotland,Sweden , Ukraine and United States etc.

Robert Bruce has noted that there are tiny minor chakras in each and every digit of the finger and indeed in every joint of the body . There is an illustration of his very accurate energy impression illustrated in Astral Dynamics .These chakras are clairvoyantly visible as a tiny wheel of life .

Tinier still is this topview of DNA showing the wheel of life .

Atomic spin resembles the spinning sphere from the wheel of life .

All chakras are wheels of life and so are the larger Tan Tien storage centres . The entire human energy body is enclosed in a wheel of life as part of the sacred geometry of the human energy body . The third pillar is the wheel of streaming consciousness .

11th October 2005, 09:14 PM
I would also suggest calling or invoking the angel Sandalphon, like michael and metatron he's relatively easy to see and very wonderful to be in the presence of. He is the archangel of the Malkuth if you were wondering.....

Best wishes,

17th October 2005, 01:13 AM
I'm not talking about an angel of light but The Angel of Light, which is the root of all such light. Are you telling me that anything less than the Morning Star will fascilitate complete awakening? How will you know what he knows without getting it straight from the horse's mouth?

Aunt Clair
22nd October 2005, 04:12 PM
I'm not talking about an angel of light but The Angel of Light, which is the root of all such light. Are you telling me that anything less than the Morning Star will fascilitate complete awakening? How will you know what he knows without getting it straight from the horse's mouth?
well sha lol
Christ is the greatest magician
Thoth and Horus are great teachers too,some say they are the same .
Mary Isis and Quan Yen are faves of mine
but there you go hey

Aunt Clair
16th January 2006, 06:22 PM
During a reading the left hand tends to be the strongest and therefore the easiest to see in remote view.So to explain the development of the wheel , we do well to look more closely at the hand . Initially , the right hand is hermetically coloured as orange male electric and fire . The left hand is indigo female magnetic and water . In time , the fingers become hermetically coloured in the hands of the magician . Intuitive alchemy has not demonstrated this colouring of the phalanges thus far . The fingers seem to open through spiritual energy work ie meditative trance , healing , projections and psionics .
So the sleeping dragon who has the coloured limbs from dreamstate lessons will not have any colour in their fingers. Similarly the pillars will not be acquired through passive dreamstate lessons . So it appears that hands on practice is still necessary to develop the energy body potential .

The term circuit is used here to distinguish the energy pathways of the human energy body that are distinct from the larger major red and blue primary channels . Microcircuitry refers to a tinier thread of coloured energy flow . After the hands have become purple , 2 tiny vertical striped circuits of gold and silver will be seen running through the palms of the hand and down the forearm . These are pumped by will , breath and the energy heart throughout the energy body after they have become manifested from the Lesser Work and the Great Work of Alchemy.
Soon, another 2 horizontal striped circuits will cross these at the centre as ruby and emerald . This round to oval energy centre on the palm is called the core . The Primary female group is a cross + of Silver , Gold , Emerald and Ruby .
Once completed ,a secondary circuit will appear overtop of it . This Secondary male group is a X of Purple , Ethereal Green , Topaz and Sapphire .After the 8 circuits are fully imbibed with light energy they will colour up hermetically and be clairvoyantly viewable .But prior to this , they may appear as shadows against a glowing palm centre in the core . In the purple stage the core is not open yet .
Everything in the human energy body is in balance.After the female cross +and male crux X are both flowing well as 8 circuits in the wheel then a bar will be seen at 9:00 horizontally bisecting it . When it appears it is ready to be opened .

This must be turned to 12:00 to maximise continued growth. This bar can be opened with energy hands , third eye or by will , by shifting it to 12 and 6 vertically on the clock .
The bars exist on hands ,feet ,face ,and on the front of the 3 primary tan tiens in the Purple Dragon .If opened in meditation ,you may get a vision of golden crocodile snake or dragon entering your energy body from the cosmic prana .The wheels are an alchemical structure which allow the energy to enter the body and flow thru it to aid alchemical transmutation . If we turn them in the wrong direction or too far open for our stage we will experience nausea and anxiety . This is easily reversed by slowly moving it to the correct position .

16th January 2006, 07:50 PM
I had a lucid dream recently where I was in a blue temple with a golden dragon guarding it. The temple had a large placid pool in it from which it appeared new souls would form and slowly climb up the stairs that ringed the pool as they progressed in development.

You mentioned a blue dragon head above, is there a difference in colors for dragons and if so what does the gold dragon represent?

(BTW he looked almost exactly like this:)

Aunt Clair
17th January 2006, 07:13 AM
That is it .Well Done ! I have seen the blue one as an entrance but believe there is also a Sapphire Temple perhaps you can tell me more on this .

Indigo Blue is lower than Pyrite Gold as on the Sphinx.
Sapphire Blue is higher than either of these and lower than Amoris Gold on the Dragon . Blues are water hermetically and Golds are Sun or fire hermetically .

Aunt Clair
17th January 2006, 10:11 AM
The feet of the purple dragon will change from this stage at the end of the Emerald Tablet from one core and one purge to
http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/6F/A2/AlchemicalFlame/1/5c.jpg open 3 cores and some circuitry which will look like this ;
More detail on the progressive development of the hermetic hands and feet can be found at these links :
http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewto ... highlight= (http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1413&highlight=)
http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewto ... highlight= (http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?t=1448&highlight=)
Together this wheel , circuits and fluids form the basic structure of the human energy body . The wheel continues to develop in complexity as will outlined in subsequent posts . The circuits continue to grow in number . Before the left hand pillar path is completed , 42 unique colours will manifest in the human energy body.
12. Purple dragons transmute to the higher vibration of Sapphire .
The Sapphire Angelic lessons are about exorcism and the dichotomy of Good and Evil . It is about exploring the duality and plurality of the Godhead and about eliminating ego and negativity in the body , mind , soul and spirit .
During this stage the following transmutations occur in the typical sapphire body ;The entire body has shifted from Purple to Sapphire . Those who did it manually through alchemy simply removed the red . This is a water stage of cold female magnetic fluid only . Many wheels begin to open on the body . Most sapphire dragons will have wheels now on hands , feet , head and heart . Some will have them in areas of strength also .
The hand will develop 8 more circuits by a doubling of the primary + track to make 12 and a doubling of the secondary X tracks to make 16 circuits now .It became difficult for me to see the individual colours after 8 as they begin to radiate a glow which obscured them as individual colours . So this is the best I can do currently but I will revise it when I can .

So the colouring goes like this in pairs and in sets of 4 elemental circuits
each as a full set of Heremetic elements water , fire , earth and air .
silver/ gold and ruby /emerald make the primary +
these are also the fingers of the right glove
purple /ethereal green and topaz/ red make the secondary set X
these are also the thumbs and toes of the gloves and slippers
the bar appears to be two striped too as ebony and ivory
these are two fingers of the left glove
then the tertiary doubling of the + makes
Topaz/Sapphire and rose/aqua
completing the fingers of the left glove and begins with 2 of the left hand
the quatriary doubling of the secondary X makes
amber violet / and orange /indigo appear
completes the fingers of the left hand and begins with 2 of the right hand
I guess salmon red and chartreuse green would logically complete be next because they would complete the right hand set . But I cannot see the colours accurately after they bunch together in the palm . So this picture than is not that accurate and it does not show the tiny micro circuitry either .
But when the wheel develops 16 colours in the larger core of the heart, I may be able to accurately record this emerging pattern . Now the core will become nested like a birthday cake in tiers and will be seen to telescope during flares .
Now an eye appears on top of the telescoping core.
The Eye of Fatima is to ward off evil . It is an ancient occult symbol .
Legend says it was given to women from Fatima the daughter of Mohammed the prophet .
Fatima is revered today as a goddess by some and is considered by others to be the incarnation of Mary mother of Jesus .
http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/6F/A2/AlchemicalFlame/1/af.jpgIt is an amulet of sorts and a jewel to complete each core on the body . It appears over every external circuit cobra and over the main core too in the three main tan tiens and in the feet and hands. This eye will become open and react to light . Dragons can learn to use these as tiny third eyes which are especially good during projections like rear view mirrors while driving . The sapphire dragon feet will develop the Eye of Fatima and four external circuits now also .
The final stage erupts a second purple pillar of external kundalini in the front of the energy body .

17th January 2006, 04:10 PM
I had a lucid dream recently where I was in a blue temple with a golden dragon guarding it. The temple had a large placid pool in it from which it appeared new souls would form and slowly climb up the stairs that ringed the pool as they progressed in development.

That is it .Well Done ! I have seen the blue one as an entrance but believe there is also a Sapphire Temple perhaps you can tell me more on this .

Thank you very much for the information you posted! I've been looking for a source that has solid info on actual nonphysical dragons that's not based on fiction. Having a description of the whole spectrum makes it a lot easier to get a feel for the lay of the land. Thanks a lot!

I wrote more details about the lucid dreams in the temple here:

http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/cha ... jsp?t=6744 (http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/chat-forum/viewTopic.jsp?t=6744)

The stones were dark purple/blue. I have a hard time telling between blue and purple sometimes.

Two other things that were associated with the temple:

After this I would walk to the other end of the room through a large door way where there was a strange cylindrical sculpture which seemed to have some kind of function. I would take a right and go outside where there were various animals playing, mostly cats.

The sculpture seemed to be functional in some way, like it was a machine but also art. I wasn't able to get a feeling of its purpose though. Maybe it was for transmitting messages, I'm not sure

And there were cats hanging around. I saw three cats resting together very closely with their bodies parallel to one another. It was almost like their bodies were slightly merged.

Also, before I entered the temple I had a deep introspective LD which may be associated with the temple, or perhaps it was something I needed to do in order to make myself ready to enter the temple:

http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/cha ... 4&p=0#6761 (http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/chat-forum/viewTopic.jsp?t=6744&p=0#6761)

Thank you for sharing all the info you've discovered!

Aunt Clair
20th January 2006, 05:43 AM
Thanks your work is very confirming .

Aunt Clair
20th January 2006, 06:02 AM
The sapphire dragons move on to become Ethereal Green now in the Temple of the Air the totem of which is birds especially the eagle or griffin . Some young people who were about 14 yo in 2005 were born to this vibration .
The lessons of air are manifestation and lightening the body through tranmutations . This is where the dragons get lessons on travelling the realms as mystics and working with group consciousness more lucidly .
The telescoping core continues to develop length and flexibility now
A square alchemical structure called a throne appears around the core . The throne also appeared on the male tan tien early in the piece when the adept was raising immature nadis to form the crown in the female tan tien with them . So this will also help to cultivate the nadis.
The inner core opens revealing purple fluid within and a hexagonal shape which is actually the second throne forming
finally becoming 2 thrones like this
The ethereal green feet also open the core . An opened Eye of Fatima appears on the ball of the foot .
Finally a secondary set of external pillars begins to form on the right first

Aunt Clair
20th January 2006, 06:12 AM
14. Topaz Temple on the Core
Topaz Lessons
Topaz Dragons
The core of the topaz hands begins to change from purple to sapphire but this is hard to see because of the amount of light around the palm now .
Massive changes occur especially to the external circuitry
which manifests a ring of teeny energy centres like seeds before the growth
Through a process of development like the fibonacci sequence the external circuitry advances 1,1,2,3,5,8,etc.
Notice the leaf or finger like repititive pattern on the wheel of life now
No noticable change occurred in the feet except to become topaz
Finally , the fourth external pillar of kundalini appears on the left .

Aunt Clair
20th January 2006, 06:27 AM
15. The Ice Blue White Dragon is a transitional stage before and after the Ebony and Red stages .
http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/6F/A2/AlchemicalFlame/1/c3.jpgThe Ice Blue temple is like a false crystal on the top of the core of temples but when the dragons try to graduate they find they must go down and become Ebony and then Red before they may complete the White stage .
The lessons of the Ice Blue are about opening the lotus and manifesting the light body to become crystal .
The colouring of the hands looks like this without the alchemical structures the core is tripled now.
The wheel becomes 3D now and a helix forms in the core which is spinning on the inside opposing the spin on the outside .
which wobbles and splits to double until it falls over and radiates as a horizontal helix round the vertical one .
The hands will become like this ;
and the feet will look like this closed;
when the core is open the sapphire fluid is seen

Aunt Clair
20th January 2006, 06:47 AM
16 . Ebony to Red and on to Crystal
Ebony lessons are about building the ebony prism around the energy body to shield and protect while projecting and/or sleeping . The lessons are also about mercy compassion and tolerance .


Ebony Dragons learn to contract the pillars
to pull them up as petals upon a lotus .
http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/6F/A2/AlchemicalFlame/1/e8.jpgEbony Feet develop an ethereal green fluid which flows to open all three cores . The external circuitry seems to be moving on beyond the 8 to 12 circuits.

20th January 2006, 04:23 PM
We continue now to manifest a crystal light body . The rapid progression is startling to witness in its complexity and sophistication .

How did you find out this is the second to last and the last step? It sounds like there isn't anyone that's gone that far, do you channel to get this information?

Aunt Clair
21st January 2006, 05:15 PM
You misconstrued .The path is eternal . I only meant as in the progress so far as has been recorded here.

22nd January 2006, 10:36 PM
Hi Aunt Clair, I was looking at the images on your site and found the crystal dragon head image you have here:

http://groups.msn.com/AlchemicalFlame/s ... PhotoID=32 (http://groups.msn.com/AlchemicalFlame/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=32)

That reminds me a lot of an excerpt from a dream I had where I tranformed my head into a dragon-like face to fend off an attacker:

http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/cha ... 1&p=0#4015 (http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/chat-forum/viewTopic.jsp?t=3911&p=0#4015)

this morning a dream started where this burly guy had grabbed my hand like he was going to wrestle me or push me around. I resisted him for a few moments saying I don't really want to fight, but he kept at it so thought, ok if you want to fight I'll really fight. I made my face into this long-toothed wolf like vampire visage and sunk my teeth into his chest.

I woke up immediately after that, I think it was another case of using too much force. I didn't win that fight because I missed the point of whatever the dream was about.

When I changed my shape my personality also shifted, I went from just defending myself and getting away to a state of having no thoughts other than to completely go for the kill. I intended to eat his heart and it was like a kind of hunger was there for me to suck the life out of him with my teeth.

That's not how I am in waking life for sure. Does that sound to you like the actual kundalini dragon head in the image or was it probably just random dream imagery?

I'm thinking maybe the point of the dream was to show me that I have a dragon head and that if I can learn to control its primal ferocity that comes with it that I'll be able to manifest it whenever I want?

It seems to me actually that entering the dragon-head state might be a way to test to see how balanced a person has become because I expect it would tend to magnify any imbalances

Aunt Clair
23rd January 2006, 11:55 AM
It is a manifestation of the kundalini that was seen by us sitting in circle .THat is for a time anyone at that stage will appear this way in the energy body .

27th January 2006, 02:56 AM
Hi Aunt Clair, thank you for all your help!

I have a question about the reading you gave me. When you viewed my energy body you typed:

rose on right and aqua on left

Does that mean that my right side is the male side and the left is the female side?

I've read that in most people one side is the receiving side and the other is the sending side. I've noticed that when I see or read something that invokes a feeling of pain I will feel it on my right side, mainly my right forearm.

I thought maybe that meant my right side was the female/receiving side but the reading you gave suggests it's actually the male/sending side.

Am I on the right track with this?

Aunt Clair
27th January 2006, 02:30 PM
Too soon we need to leave the ebony stage and begin to become a bright Red .
The lessons of the Red dragon are to whiten the demon within
http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/6F/A2/AlchemicalFlame/1/e7.jpg to shed more ego and negativity especially to purge or slaughter the red demons of Seth within each one of us . The Lessons of the Red Dragon are about soul mirroring and transmutation .
When we are done the cores will become topaz
Finally we go back to the Ice Blue and Learn to open the pillars with control to manifest a lotus . The lotus appeared on the waist to the floor but soon there are many of these around the body notably above the crown on scalp , neck , collarbone , heart and hips . These pillar petal lotus structures appear to alternate directions from facing upwards to downwards .
We continue now to manifest a crystal light body . The rapid progression is startling to witness in its complexity and sophistication .
This image and others can be seen enlarged on this site by clicking the url beneath each pic .

Aunt Clair
3rd February 2006, 10:12 AM
Does that mean that my right side is the male side and the left is the female side?

Hermetically the right side is male right and electric , hot , dry, fast , & active . The left side of the body is blue female magnetic , cold , wet , slow . & passive .

Am I on the right track with this?

3rd February 2006, 10:57 AM
On bilocation and trilocation, there was a period a while ago when I would have OBEs in which my sight would start out as being all black but I could get imagery to form in a small postage stamp size rectangle in my vision.

I would focus into the stamp-sized video screen and make it fill my vision to get my sight going. The video screens also seemed to be associated with mental projections.

This is something I haven't explored a lot, but I had thought it might be possible to bring up multiple video screens at the same time and in so doing be able to split my consciousness in multiple places. That might be a way to achieve trilocation.

Aunt Clair
4th February 2006, 01:36 AM
Bringing up multiple stations to view is the method we are learning in circle , it is confirming that you are learning it intuitively .

4th February 2006, 03:32 AM
The red stage, I know I'm nearing it, not only from your reading but from another spiritual healer I go to. Its going to be tougher than anything I have done so far. There are negetive cords that will drop away from past lives. And reflecting as you say.

I can't wait. :)

4th February 2006, 04:04 AM
sounds like a good idea thanks i'll try it :)

Hi Aunt Clair,
Could you give some details on why making many splits is needed to access higher areas like the monad? Or am I misinterpreting the goal of creating the splits?

Here are some more things I've found that might be useful for doing splits. I've noticed that in dreams if I feel conflicted about something that sometimes I will split into two streams of consciousness to explore both. I haven't done that in a full OBE yet though, it only seems to happen in dreams where I'm not operating with 100% of my waking personality.

Here's a journal entry from one time that happened:

http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/cha ... jsp?t=2601 (http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/chat-forum/viewTopic.jsp?t=2601)

In the second dream I was with a guide-type person in a circular room, the room had a fancy sounding name that I can't remember now. The idea was that you stood on the outside of a large circle on the floor, it would turn and you went around with it. As it turned it magnified your individuality.

The guide asked if I would like to use it and I agreed. I stood on the outside, it turned counterclockwise 180 degrees and at the end I had become sort of a comic book hero type of character. I looked like something Tim Burton would come up with, maybe one of the Penguin's henchmen from Batman II.

This was great fun, I blanked out at that point but the next part of the dream is what interests me the most.

Another dream character found out about this room and had entered it without authorization. Apparently the room is pretty powerful and can cause a lot of problems if abused. The rules were that anyone who entered there without permission would face consequences.

I asked myself, does he really need to be punished, just for doing something as simple as being in a certain place? I was torn by this, very much torn. In fact it caused me to split my awareness into two!

There were two of me, I had two bodies. The part of me that wanted to let him go went before my other half which sat behind a desk and listened to my own case. In the end it was determined that he had indeed purposely trespassed and more importantly he had influenced my mind to let him in illegally, that proved he had negative motivations.

Another time I happened was when I was about to wake up in the dream but a guy came up and started talking about doing a business deal. The part of me that was interested in talking about it split to talk to him about it while the more physical part of me went to wake up.

I imagine you've done this one but I'm going to mention it for people reading this thread. I've found that if I induce an OBE by laying in bed nearly asleep and imagine I'm walking around that I will end up creating a body double that I can hear knocking around in the room and I can feel what it feels with its hands.

Yet at the same time a pretty big part of my awareness may stay back in my physical body. Here's a journal entry where that happened:

http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/cha ... jsp?t=7063 (http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/chat-forum/viewTopic.jsp?t=7063)

So probably a person could create multiple doubles like that. I've found that when I make things spin in OBEs that if I give enough intention for them to spin that after a while they take on a life of their own and I don't have to focus on them.

Maybe if you create one body double and give it a lot of focus for a few minutes that you could then stop thinking about it and create another. The first double would continue on without having to concentrate on it. That might be a way to work up to having lots of mind splits like Robert Bruce is talking about.

4th February 2006, 09:49 AM
Hi Matt,

I have not had two bodies in dreams, yet, but I sometimes experience a shift from one dream character/body to another right in the middle of a dream. The dream itself does not change, nor the persons in the dream, only my perspective/identification changes from one person to the next. For example I (A) talk to someone else (B) and then suddenly I am (B) and talk to (A). Usually I remember even inside the dream (even in non-lucid ones) that I had been the other person just a moment ago - so I know what the former charakter thinks and feels.

I think this might be a pre-level to the full multi-tasking mind-split, you experienced. In Tibetan (Bön) Buddhism they even have a technique to learn this, called "emanations". It is basically how you describe it: emanating more doubles in the dream (or OBE) while keeping identified with the first. It is supposed to help to "break through the limitations of experiencing yourself as a single, separate ego" ("The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep" by Tenzin Wangyal RInpoche). Have you been Bön lama last live ? ;-)

I have experienced full multi-tasking (up to three) in wake, though. I mean full concentration on more than one task that would usually exclude each other. Also in my dreams I sometimes experience what feels like two dreams but when I wake they are mixed up with each other in my memory. :-(

In my OBE attempts I usually feel both the lying on the bed and the walking around body for some time - but that is pretty usual, isn't it? ;-)

I think the mind-split is a fascinating topic :-D

4th February 2006, 10:52 AM
Hi Matt,

I have not had two bodies in dreams, yet, but I sometimes experience a shift from one dream character/body to another right in the middle of a dream. The dream itself does not change, nor the persons in the dream, only my perspective/identification changes from one person to the next. For example I (A) talk to someone else (B) and then suddenly I am (B) and talk to (A). Usually I remember even inside the dream (even in non-lucid ones) that I had been the other person just a moment ago - so I know what the former charakter thinks and feels.

I think that's the difference between 4th and 5th dimensional awareness, that in 4th dimensional awareness you're nonphysical yet almost completely focused within you own individual identity. In 5th dimensional awareness your focus starts to mix with your surroundings and with other individual spirits'.

I've found that when there is a conflict of wills between me and another being/character that often time the way it's actually resolved is that the one with the stronger will imposes their intent on the other to the degree that the stronger one's thoughts overtake the weaker one. Astral combat seems to actually be decided by which opponent can convince the other that they've lost.

I started out in one OBE where I think I had a hitchhiker that was causing my thinking to be uncontrolled. As soon as the OBE started I somehow teleported to an astral plane, I flew down through the white interplane fog that separates areas in the planes and landed on a stone ledge.

There was a sentry there guarding the astral city, he had a spear and was ready to fend me off. I tried to avoid him but he stuck his spear in my forehead and caused me to wake up. I recall that the moment before he struck me I had the feeling that was as if I did agree to have the spear stuck in my head.

So that time I was on the losing end, but another time I was able to take over the other's mind to get my way:

For a while in my dreams I frequently went to school type places and in between the class time and waking up I would dream I was on some kind of transport. Usually a bus but sometimes it was more like a train or large airplane.

Sometimes on the buses it was like I was playing the roll of security guard because every so often the bus would get "hijacked" by these bandit things and I've have to chase them off.

One time in particular I somehow got separated from the rest of the bus convoy during a raid and when I caught up with them these nasty things were preparing to wipe out the bus occupants. One occupant took on the roll of a protecting "superman", he looked the part with the cape and blue suit and all.

He was trying to make a deal with the bandits to let them go. The main bandit spirit had taken on the form of Death and said "I am Death. I do not need to negotiate."

I somehow embodied that spirit's mind and form and my voice became "Death's" voice, I continued its sentence and said, "I will take you one day but not now"

That was enough to settle everything apparently because the convoy went on its way and I woke up

Here's another entry that I think was about how minds bleed together:

http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/cha ... t=1785&p=0 (http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/chat-forum/viewTopic.jsp?t=1785&p=0)

I think this might be a pre-level to the full multi-tasking mind-split, you experienced. In Tibetan (Bön) Buddhism they even have a technique to learn this, called "emanations". It is basically how you describe it: emanating more doubles in the dream (or OBE) while keeping identified with the first. It is supposed to help to "break through the limitations of experiencing yourself as a single, separate ego" ("The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep" by Tenzin Wangyal RInpoche). Have you been Bön lama last live ? ;-)

What is Bön lama?

I have experienced full multi-tasking (up to three) in wake, though. I mean full concentration on more than one task that would usually exclude each other. Also in my dreams I sometimes experience what feels like two dreams but when I wake they are mixed up with each other in my memory. :-(

In my OBE attempts I usually feel both the lying on the bed and the walking around body for some time - but that is pretty usual, isn't it? ;-)

I think the mind-split is a fascinating topic :-D

It is pretty usual but I get the impression that usually when people create a double that way that they normally send almost all of their awareness into the double, at least the way it works for me it seems like the double acts like a magnet and draws my focus into it as soon as I create it so the mind split phase is pretty short.

What I think would be more unusual would be to lengthen the intermediate mind split phase so that you can generate many body doubles by focusing into one double at a time to the point where it starts to become self-sufficient, then you move on to generating another, etc.

Aunt Clair
4th February 2006, 10:58 AM
Could you give some details on why making many splits is needed to access higher areas like the monad? Or am I misinterpreting the goal of creating the splits?

There is a esoteric legend that an enlightened human could project and view the self in 12 aspects , which RB has relatef to me also .

4th February 2006, 08:50 PM
Aunt Clair said,
" The ones that move quickly through this stage are not perfect . No one is . They just move on because of their LOVE . They are trying , working ,loving and serving . Healers, exorcists , spiritual counselors and givers move quickly through this stage . Those who love to help each other , find little reason to despise anyone . So what kills the red demons of Seth most quickly is LOVE .
The red stage is nasty . We must see ourselves, our true self and learn to love ourself and thus to love others better."

Aunt Clair,
I cried the whole time while reading this. Of everything I have seen that you write, this had the grandest meaning for me. It is so true that what we dislike most in others is just a mirror of what we need to recognize in ourselves, forgive ourselves for it, and heal from it. And, like you said, none of us is perfect. We stuggle, fall, get up, dust ourselves, learn from it, and grow. And, then, we do it again. And again.

The biggest hurdle seems to be willing to look at our faults, our personal demons. Then, the hardest part is forgiving ourselves and accepting. Then, we can see the beauty that is all of us. The worst human offenders, the child molesters, the rapists, the murderers, are just as worthy of our love and understanding as the grandest saints. They are on the road, albeit a different path, back to God. They may take longer, or they may make a monumental leap in their progress when they become aware of and face the pain they have caused others, ask for forgiveness, and learn to forgive themselves. It is my belief that we have all been murderers, etc. or something akin to it in our progression through the eons. By judging someone else, we are judging ourselves. In two ways....first, because we have probably done something similar, and two, because we are all so intimately connected (we truly are one) we are judging a part of ourselves.

Thank you for posting this. I hope that by reading this, all of us will take a harder look at ourselves, see the truth in it and grow from the awareness. We are all love at our core, no matter what we appear on the outside, because we are all a part of God. When we can start to see the magnificence in ourselves, no matter what our faults, we can then see the magnificence in everyone.
Love and Light,

7th February 2006, 12:29 PM
Hi Matt,

I think that's the difference between 4th and 5th dimensional awareness, that in 4th dimensional awareness you're nonphysical yet almost completely focused within you own individual identity. In 5th dimensional awareness your focus starts to mix with your surroundings and with other individual spirits'.

That is an interesting new view to me. Five dimentional...

One time in particular I somehow got separated from the rest of the bus convoy during a raid and when I caught up with them these nasty things were preparing to wipe out the bus occupants. One occupant took on the roll of a protecting "superman", he looked the part with the cape and blue suit and all.

He was trying to make a deal with the bandits to let them go. The main bandit spirit had taken on the form of Death and said "I am Death. I do not need to negotiate."

I somehow embodied that spirit's mind and form and my voice became "Death's" voice, I continued its sentence and said, "I will take you one day but not now"

That was enough to settle everything apparently because the convoy went on its way and I woke up

Ah, lol, good outcome ;-D

But you know, I thougth these kind of perspective changes a proove that the other entity was an aspect of *me*. I mean no alien spirit I take over somehow. I have to think about this.

Do you remember how you - as evil entitiy - felt? I mean, when I switch perspective in a dream I usually ARE so much the other character that I know it's emotions and thoughts and memories.

What is Bön lama?

Sorry, bad english. I meant a lama from the Tibetan Bön tradition. Bön is a shamanic tradition of pre-Buddhism origin. Todays Bön is highly influenced by Buddhism, though.

What I think would be more unusual would be to lengthen the intermediate mind split phase so that you can generate many body doubles by focusing into one double at a time to the point where it starts to become self-sufficient, then you move on to generating another, etc.

Yes, I think one would need to keep one's awareness inside each double for this. A practice for it might be to try to focus on two or more objects in a meditative way. Like focusing on two voices in music, simultaniously and independently of each other. Multiple simultanious samadhis.... :-O

7th February 2006, 12:32 PM
Hi Aunt Clair,

can you explain what exactly the Godhead is? I know this term appears a lot in mysticsm but so far I never read an exact definition.

7th February 2006, 02:11 PM
Hi Matt,

I think that's the difference between 4th and 5th dimensional awareness, that in 4th dimensional awareness you're nonphysical yet almost completely focused within you own individual identity. In 5th dimensional awareness your focus starts to mix with your surroundings and with other individual spirits'.

That is an interesting new view to me. Five dimentional...

Here are a couple links on that


http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/cha ... t=2012&p=0 (http://www.saltcube.com/out-of-body/chat-forum/viewTopic.jsp?t=2012&p=0)

Ah, lol, good outcome ;-D

But you know, I thougth these kind of perspective changes a proove that the other entity was an aspect of *me*. I mean no alien spirit I take over somehow. I have to think about this.

When you embody another entity's mind, it does not seem alien since after all everything is made up from the same universal mind. So really what you're doing is extending your own idea of what is yourself to include the other entity.

Do you remember how you - as evil entitiy - felt? I mean, when I switch perspective in a dream I usually ARE so much the other character that I know it's emotions and thoughts and memories.

I guess you could say it was like I had both the desires of the evil entity and myself but my own desires to bring things to an end were stronger. It's like if you have a garden hose shooting out water, you can move the hose so it shoots in a different direction. The water in the hose still is doing what it wants to do but it's not going to the same place.

Yes, I think one would need to keep one's awareness inside each double for this. A practice for it might be to try to focus on two or more objects in a meditative way. Like focusing on two voices in music, simultaniously and independently of each other. Multiple simultanious samadhis.... :-O

I think that would be a good exercise. If you are able to do it I would be interested to hear how it goes

Aunt Clair
7th February 2006, 03:24 PM
In my OBE attempts I usually feel both the lying on the bed and the walking around body for some time - but that is pretty usual, isn't it?
Yes .

Godhead is an expression of the totality of the avataric God & Godesses .

10th February 2006, 10:02 AM
Hi Matt,

so dealing with evil entities comes down to "We are the Borg, prepare to be assimilated?" ;-)

Thanks for the links. I like Ra, lol. He is the first I read who identifies the "Law of Free Will" as the "Way of Confusion", i.e. a distortion. :twisted:

10th February 2006, 04:44 PM
Hi Matt,

so dealing with evil entities comes down to "We are the Borg, prepare to be assimilated?" ;-)

That's one way to put it, but really any time there are two people who have conflicting wills, one of them is going to submit if there's no other way to resolve things. In the physical world a person might debate with another person and change the other one's mind. So that might be considered overriding their free will as well.

The thing about the word "assimilation" is that it implies that there's a loss of individuality which I don't think is accurate. Even when you embody another entity's mind, that entity is still its own identity. It hasn't been aborbed into yourself as much it is that you're there with its thoughts.

Thanks for the links. I like Ra, lol. He is the first I read who identifies the "Law of Free Will" as the "Way of Confusion", i.e. a distortion. :twisted:

David Icke writes that on one of his ayahuasca trips he was shown that anything that vibrates is an illusion. I think that's true, but it's also true that some illusions are useful. It's like how money is an artificial construct, it's an illusion but it does have a use for keeping score of who's producing the most value (in theory that's how it should work anyway.)

And in the Ra channelings, the way I interpret 'distortion' is like if a painter starts out with a set of jars of paint. Each jar has a pure color, but when he brushes the paint onto the canvas the paint gets distorted. But without the distortion of colors blending together to form a picture there would be no point in having the pure colors to begin with.

10th February 2006, 05:01 PM
The head is crystal the Right Hand spins widdershins .

Hi Aunt Clair, have you found there's a significance in clockwise versus counter clockwise rotation?

Some people recommend spinning in an OBE in order to prolong it. I'm wondering if it makes a difference if you spin to the left or right?

The Twirling Dervishes spin to the left. I've experimented a tiny bit with this and it seems like left spinning makes things more solid but also more dark? Right spinning seems to throw my energy out and make the OBE end.

Certain channelings say that left spinning is more materialistic whereas right spinning raises you into higher frequency levels.

Do you know if any of that is accurate?

10th February 2006, 09:43 PM
Some people recommend spinning in an OBE in order to prolong it. The other day I was feeling exit sensations and decided to try spinning to get out (don't know why) and it was a nightmare! I couldn't stop spinning for what it seemed like hours and by the time I stopped I was waking up. I don't think it's for me. :x

10th February 2006, 09:47 PM
Wow, I've never heard of that. Do you remember if you were spinning clockwise or counterclockwise?

If that happens again, you might try using a "teleport me" thought by imaging your surroundings are at some other place, like a beach. That might reset everything back to normal when you teleport there.

Aunt Clair
11th February 2006, 12:18 AM
Hi Aunt Clair, have you found there's a significance in clockwise versus counter clockwise rotation?
yes widdershins can be closing , protecting , & female in nature , deosil is opening, outgoing , & male in nature .

Some people recommend spinning in an OBE in order to prolong it. I'm wondering if it makes a difference if you spin to the left or right?
...Certain channelings say that left spinning is more materialistic whereas right spinning raises you into higher frequency levels.Do you know if any of that is accurate?[/quote]
I do not know about the dhervishs .

6th March 2006, 04:31 PM
Hi Aunt Clair :) You've done a lot of energy body readings of a lot of people. In your post I've seen 18 stages of energy body development: from completely unaware to hot UV yellow STAR. :)
Could you tell, how does the human population energy profile look like?
How many people are unaware, how many are at the dragon initiations stage, haw many people are hot UV yellow star, etc? In % perhaps? :)

Aunt Clair
7th March 2006, 02:23 AM
Could you tell, how does the human population energy profile look like?How many people are unaware, how many are at the dragon initiations stage, haw many people are hot UV yellow star, etc? In % perhaps?

I would like to know %ages but I am reading only those online or at home with metaphysical interests . Accurately one would have to have a larger and random sampling . I am confident the vast majority is unaware maybe as high as 85 % are unaware . Each subsequent generaation becomes more aware slowly evolving .I would not know how many are at each stage .

I am told that roughly 38,600 students have been in the dragon temples .The world population was estimated in June 2005 at
6,556,773,622. 6000 / 6 trillion is 1 in a million ....a trivial amount but now that number has increased nearly 7 times from 6000 to 38 000 so we have about 7 in a million still a rare bird don't you think ?

7th March 2006, 02:57 AM
Aunt Clair,
Would you mind giving some more clarification on what you mean by "aware"? I recognize some of the things you say as bits and pieces of what awareness is, but it would be interesting to have your thought out complete definition.

Aunt Clair
7th March 2006, 05:08 AM
Would you mind giving some more clarification on what you mean by "aware"?

Basic metaphysical awareness ;ability to either see or hear spirit , to project with recall , to heal as with Reiki ,or more than that .

7th March 2006, 05:16 PM
Thanks Aunt Clair for the info :)

I am told that roughly 38,600 students have been in the dragon temples .The world population was estimated in June 2005 at
6,556,773,622. 6000 / 6 trillion is 1 in a million ....a trivial amount but now that number has increased nearly 7 times from 6000 to 38 000 so we have about 7 in a million still a rare bird don't you think ?
That is REALLY little :o
Seven people per million are dragons? Uch... :?
Damn... It's really little...
I was hoping to see that about 15% of people are somewhat aware, even a little bit :? And about 1-5/100 as dragons…
If it is how you describe it, than… It’s so damn little… :?

Aunt Clair
11th March 2006, 03:46 PM
It is important to remember that the stage we are born to we chose and it gives us unique strengths but it does not constrain us . Currently all dragons are transmuting through Red to Crystal. So as you read through this do not become immersed in who you were
but in who you have the potential to be .

So the lowest vibration is the unaware and a nick above that is indigo but these were seeded into the population 50 to 23 years ago to to become catalysts and teachers . Many failed to do so but may still awaken through their children teaching them instead . The strength of the Indigo is their awareness of clairient abilities and their choice to radically develop themselves when others around them scoff and ridicule them as fluffballs or new age twaddles . The awakened indigo is relentless in their pursuit of esoteric wisdom and is very thirsty for it . They often have abilities they are born with as do the higher vibrations . But they bring in some recall of past life pact and past life alchemy and mysticism . And not all of the younger higher vibrations have actually done any alchemy before this life . Indigos have that is why they came first . The weakness of the indigo is losing the thirst and becoming complacent in what they have . Their egos are a weakness in thinking that they alone are special . Their element is WATER . They are dolphins and unicorns as children and ravens and owls as adults . They shift to become AIR people with water colours and develop a dual nature of strength .

The next vibration is the Golden Intuitive . These are also bringing in past life knowledge and come to complete the Emerald Tablet and to intuitively rise with the younger dragons . Their strength is that they are confident and assured in their methodology . Their weakness is that they are not generally team players and work solo often refusing to share . The golden ones had a particular weakness for dark tantra . Their totems are lions , both good ones and bad ones . They become the golden lion sphinx or the pawns of the lionine yellow gray succubus incubus demon .Their element is FIRE .They are about 19 yo now .

Then come the Purple Dragons . These are innocent and eager full of energy and generally chaste and angry with dark or chaotic peers . Their weakness can be accepting the chaotic peer as cleansed or cleaning them without help of angels and becoming possessed themselves . This is part of their path though as the group will continue to be the strong warrior in defense of the innocent. This is like a Sir Galahad complex always searching for the light and the purest one only . So the weakness is not confirming what is dark or light but going on gut instinct attacking incorrectly or coming too close with shields down to those with negative attachments . Their element is WATER,they morph excellently especially as Wolves . They are two toned Purple and Black Dragons . They are about 17 to 18 yo now .

The Sapphire comes next it does not have a temple that we have seen YET . The Sapphire is WATER and meets with the Purple Wolves .The sapphire colour manifests in the core as a midnight sky with amber stars.
The Sapphire is spiritual . Their strength is their faith and their shining example of it . They are lucid and profound philosophers in a young body . In this stage we connect with the Lucifer Rising and understand the nature of Good and Evil . The dualities and the polarities . We begin to understand the nature of Christ , Satan and Michael and their team work to make the world transmute . Search the archives here on Lucifer or Google this to understand more on the importance of this transmutational stage . Most of those born Sapphire were about 15 years old in 2005.Their totem is the archangel and the dove . They are lightworkers extraordinaire .

Ethereal Green is next . These were mostly about 14 years old in 2005 . They are feisty AIR. Their strength is projection and sharing . They are born to teach others . They move to the top of the class and commit themselves to helping others . Their weakness is their great love for humanity causes them to fall prey to dark mates who pollute them .They always seem to rise above it but this dragon more than any other is subject to depression . Their totem is an emerald Green Dragon . They are expert at alchemy and may be like a newer younger indigo because they also carry past life lessons with them .

Now the Dragons become Topaz next . The Topaz is FIRE . It is Orange the Golden Intuitives may start here or at the Wolf temple . This is the temple of the Golden lion sphinx , the tiger and the leopard . It is advanced to Golden and more team like in its work . It is a perfectionist still and will often be impulsive . The fire dragons burnt down their own temple when they believed themselves to be under attack .They have strengths in intuition and passion . They have fierce tempers which they will learn to control and will serve them well as they mature . Many of them were 12 years old in 2005 .

After the Topaz comes the ICE cold blue Dragons they are not crystal but close to it . This stage is reached by all when they are about ready to graduate this temple having done all the first 3 elemental schools .BUT they realise they must become Red first . Yucch . I have only met one born Ice Blue . I guess there might be some about 9-10 years old that are born to Ice but I cannot say YET . The ice blue is a temporary stage of anticipation . Their strength is team building and confidence . They are ready to change the planet . So they sacrifice more of their ego
to go to the lower vibration of Hot Red .

Ebony comes next . Dark is evil but Black is not .Ebony is the beautiful black resting shielding protective hibernation stage . Ebony is the colour of the left hand pillar the pillar of the Goddess in Qabbalah . Ebony children have also been hard to find . Perhaps this wave is not awake yet . I am not sure . Its totem is the elephant of compassion and mercy . It is EARTH

The Hot Red is thankfully a transition stage .It is all about the RED WORKS of alchemy again . It is preceded by Ice and followed by Ebony and then finally graduated from there to Crystal . So this is a stage of great flux . The lesson here is the Red Demons of the Tunnels of Seth the ever attached ego we can never shed enough of despite our best efforts . During this stage the Pistis Sophia is a comfort and help . I do not believe that any children were born Red but I could be wrong .??Thier totem is the Cobra of Kundalini .

There is a hot white group of children who are 6 , 7 , and 8 years old now . They baffle me still . They are just a bit beyond my scope . Those younger and higher vibrations elude me completely .

The Current Colour Spectrum ;
Indigo Dolphins to Owls
Golden Lion Sphinx
Purple Black Dragons Dogs Wolves
Sapphire Dove Archangels Angelic Essence
Ethereal Green Dragons Birds Eagles
Topaz Fire Dragons Cats ie Tigers
Ice White Lightning Dragons
Ebony Earth Elephants
Red Cobra Dragons

Crystalline Dragon Arch Angelic Essence

Aunt Clair
13th June 2006, 07:24 AM
So.... we are all supposed to be doing something to recall our dreams so we can "graduate".

I was one of the students not the master of that temple so I am not level with all that occurs there but yes that is the general idea .

In the Pistis Sophia an apocrypha of the Bible Christ tells the apostles that 1/3 will fall away and that there are 12 dungeons to which they fall and Mary Magdalene cries. Those that do not graduate from the Dragon Temple on the Core will either continue to study until they pass onward , fall into spiritual dungeons due to dark arts or graduate to become crystal in time . The path is eternal and infinite . The next stage has just begun .

There are medieval engravings which have been coloured by Adam McLean and posted on his Alchemy site which illustrate that there was at least a cursory understanding of the Middle Pillar Path which is next .This is one :
Those alive in medieval days were born at a much lower vibration and could not move with the speed some young ones can work at today in Alchemy .

Also, those alchemists were wise old men . But today the majority are young children of both genders and every culture and ethnic known to humanity . So we can see that they have a lifetime to gain their wisdom and will not be turning up their toes in old age just as they begin to figure things out .

But the young ones will need to catch up still with the wisdom of the ancients . Working very hard their entire life ,ancients would not have been able to get as far as we can go today . Some of the Path is cutting edge and just beginning but other parts are ancient and predate written history .

It is not enough to have the BODY improved by this dreamstate Alchemy . We must also have the Esoteric MIND filled with occult wisdoms . We require a SOUL of mercy , compassion and tolerance to join to the collective consciousness and help to raise the vibration of us all . We need a SPIRIT that can project to the realms as a mystic to learn and recall the lessons from the Mahatma to attain the Metaphysical Skills .

So it is grand to see so many becoming crystal and moving on . What is even more fantastic is seeing older people being raised in vibration by living with young children that have begun their own spiritual path . There are children as young as 6 years old at the temples . I am not aware of the youngest ones who have begun but I suspect we begin to learn even this before we are born .

Aunt Clair
13th June 2006, 07:31 AM
17. Crystal
On the wheel of the hand there are 4 throne structures resembling squares now .These appear in the colour order of the temples Purple , sapphire , ethereal green , yellow .The centre is rose and petalled like a lotus .The rose core opens last as a flower upon graduation .There are 4 external circuits on the + of the hands wheel these each have 3 noded branches developing into 12 .There are 4 more external circuits on the X which have 4 noded branches . A red tree is seen growing into us from the root still . More Red works to do . We are not fully crystal yet . There is a spinning energy coil in the multi cored and circuited feet now .
The head is crystal the Right Hand spins widdershins . There are spheres now in hands, knees and feet noting that the hand spins alone now but the feet and knee only spin when the lower arm is lined up as a pillar with the hands palm out or on the chin at either side . This alignment allows the hand to elbow to knee to foot spin to occur . The shoulders are ebony and ivory , A plane bisects the prism which appears to go up from the right feet to the left shoulders.

Laksmi appears with red lotus blossoms on each palm. She showed us the sacred symbol in her palms a star burst of 6 lines only . This came over us our head on the spinal obelisk of crystal as silver and crystal . An external prism is forming a 3 dimensional cobalt blue obelisk .Our crystal dragon eyes open as rose on right and aqua on left .We note that even the dragons with fully crystal bodies of light do not have coloured fingers yet there is nothing there or a trickle of ice blue white crystal light .The 4 elemental bands each have 6 circuits so there are 24 on the cross +. Now the 5th and 6th band form and the crux X begins to fill . The wheels are opened to 7:30 now after 28 or 32 circuits ??

The head is crystal the hands are gold and silver . The eyes are rose and aqua . The purple is the heart and the bottom is Yesod foundation . The elbows and knees are the planets mercury , mars , venus and saturn as orange, red , green and indigo . The hips are as malkuth behind them . The feet are white and black spheres . So the body in this position is a kabballah of sorts before it becomes all crystal briefly like Kether .

Surprisingly as we breathe up our power the rose and aqua cobras of the right and left legs are joined by a middle uv yellow cobra .The yellow cobra comes out of the floor and rushes into the heart falls as a loop out again rushing back up thru the back of the heart and this time goes up and over our heads and back through the heart forming an 8 or eternity sign . The heart pumps it out and in, turns to the right goes thru the heart and out the left side making the infinty sign of an 8 on the side . This rushing kundalini makes us nauseous and dizzy but it knocks us both under into a deep meditative trance and we find ourselves in the wheel of living light .

In the heart there is a purple ovoid shape like a pineapple studded with glittering stars .Around her head is a crown of coloured energy centres all are cascading uv yellow now .

We see a black long horned antelope with striped horns and a black and white face . Then a white rhino with 2 horns , an orange horned giraffe, a cobalt horned owl . We did not see the other animals of this elemental set yet but it is apparent that we are walking for a while as African animals and no longer flying as dragons . We stand in 6 obelisked prisms now as "Adam Kadmon" crystal humans, a tree of life in each is above our head a crown with 6 tiny trees duplicating this pattern . When all of the ebony has abated the body will look like a 6 Spoked star of Laksmi . Each spoke is encased in a crystal obelisk and the 6 wings are evident .
There are 4 orbs large as basketballs rotating around above the head each suspended above a cobra shaped alchemical structure that moves from the floor across the legs and back across the chest to come to the crown in an undulating sort of S curve . The middle pillar bands of streaming consciousness begin around the Dan Tien as cobalt blue written with hot uv yellow living light . In the band on the shoulder waves of emotions are felt ; joy , bliss , unconditional love , serenity , peace . A lovely place to dwell within kaleidoscopic colours and magnificent to watch indeed. Barely visible is the band forming at the crown which revolves slowly and as a shadow or sliver of light. So there is a band over each tan tien now and when not activated by kundalini they appear clairvoyantly as a crescent shape above each tan tien .

The helix becomes a double helix and then a rotating matrix sphere which begins to spinning slowly . But then the spheres seem to be gone when they are not in spin they are no longer visible . Finally a pineapple shaped jewel coloured crystal flame appears over the core of each fully developed wheel . We learn to control the spin by will but we are not certain why the spheres spin .

14th June 2006, 02:44 AM
I was hoping to see that about 15% of people are somewhat aware, even a little bit :?
Being a dragon means you're aware, but not being a dragon doesn't mean you're not aware. There are plenty of people who are aware but not yet on the dragon stages, but I imagine their numbers are decreasing over time as they progress.

The mental body appears as a paisley shaped genie about the height of an infant or toddler with arms tucked in at the sides and the legs as a wisp of a paisley shape like a genie much like the image on the Astral Society Banner above , except that the genie is all UV Green.

Since this is not AS, it would be helpful to know what the banner looks like.

Here's what it is: http://www.astralsociety.com/as/cms/Themes/as_2005/banner.jpg

If this is considered 'advertising' by the mods they can remove it.

http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/6F/A2/AlchemicalFlame/1/109.jpgClick here to see a larger map of the Tarot Story of the Giants

This is a dead link.

As always, thanks AC for the updates.

14th June 2006, 04:19 AM
It's all good. You know we leave in links to other sites all the time. There was an incident recently where a link was dismantled because of a dispute with the poster. It's great to share other information that's out there. Unless it's porn. :lol: The problem comes when we get a poster who promotes a website within the first couple of posts, and the website is all about selling something. When they are posted for information sharing, that's great! :D

Aunt Clair
14th June 2006, 05:37 PM
Thanks Painterhypnogirl and Thank you Sorlac I think it will work now .

15th June 2006, 12:29 PM
Thank you so much for sharing with us all this invaluable information Aunt Clair ! :)

15th June 2006, 11:23 PM

Aunt Clair
30th June 2007, 10:08 AM
18 . But too soon , the Crystal gives way to a hot UV yellow STAR . This stage is brilliant to witness . It is a lovely spectacle and has just begun . The fingers of the right hand have taken on a new layer of an ultraviolet palette . The sixth invisible thumb is apparent .The grim appears in the core of the new right crystal layered hand holding a bar which is a shovel of black at the bottom and a sword of white at the top . A tiny immature black dragon with a long white fu man chu lies at the base of the spine ready to fly when it gets its wings . For now we will walk again . The right hand begins electric yellow and hot with the 6th invisible thumb which is the dark water or wedgewood blue like the toes on the right slipper . The pinky is fire a Ultraviolet pinky orange . The ring finger is water and is a UV purplish sapphire bright . The middle finger is earth as UV pinky red purple . The index is air and uv green with tinge of aqua and finally the thumb is uv lavender blue .The fingers on the left hand have not changed yet but both hands are now UV yellow.

A red line is evident up the middle of each finger. It disappeared in a few hours this is a new energy circuit opening up in the fingers of both hands . We see a birds eye view of the crystal obelisk over our body making a 8 spoked wheel of life now .

A huge UV Yellow Cobra gently falls into the crown .This rushed into the head swirled around coiling round the mind and felt monstrously huge as it passed through the throat into the heart then it coiled round the spine again and down into the male tan tien it coiled . It rushed through us feeling like a cool wet fish trying to get back to water and anxious to jump from our hands much more then a snake .It seemed joyous and euphoric in it journey and this made us lose all anxiety . It was more thrilling than fearful . As it passed , it was like giving birth it pushed its way through the perineum and flopped like a fish out of water .

It disappeared then into the earth only to come back up again and rush upwards into us this time like a mild burning sensation along the entire spine as it rushed up again coiling round each major tan tien when it came to the heart it caused us to jump and wriggle like a fish ourselves wriggingling through the shoulders . It had such energy it seemed to move our muscles to churning with it . It fell exhausted then into the Golden Bowl where it lay coiled fast asleep .

Then two tiny cobras arose from the ground as rose on the right and aqua on the left these rushed without effort and without coiling into the heart and entwined there to come out again down our arms but they passed out of our arms as tiny snakes through each finger tip . We have been opened 6 ways with the cobras to form the Star of Laksmi conduits in our body ;1 in the head 1 in the tail 1 in each arm and leg .

Billy had explained to us that the tiny black dragon in our spines had a white fu man chu and claws as it was a yin yang dragon of balance that came after the Crystal Dragon and could not fly yet though it was very old it was in our spine waiting for us to grow its wings . It is old like the past lives but young again and must have 6 wings he says before it can fly again . No wonder we are hippos , elephants , giraffes and cobras from the jungle for now .

Around the head are 4 orbs floating suspended above the S shaped cobras of the clock being manifested over each side of our body . It is like 4 S shaped serpents each with a floating orb over each of thier heads .
This is the emergent celestial clock , these are as bells or chimes .The band at the waist is cobalt blue . It is written in uv yellow living light which appears flat upon the surface but one when projects into the band it becomes like a colourful animated hologram Now there is a second band around the neck with a jewel like crystal latticed collar to the neck . This band is as fire but what colour we do not know the emotions are written here in waves of euphoria, joy ,bliss . hope , acceptance and unconditional love . We can not ride the band above the head yet it is not formed enough . The waves seemed to be aqua and purple but so pale as to be ambiguous still . The band forming now above the crown looks like a pedastal which has 12 suspended filaments strung with snowflake like crystals . We are not sure what colours all of these structures are yet as some are newly emergent . For now the body is as hot uv yellow and the bands and snowflakes are ice blue crystal . Perhaps the most lovely structure was the brilliant hot UV yellow lattice lights extending from the crown head and shoulders in a splendid display .
For larger images with descriptions click here
The bands continue to emerge upon the body until there are 14 . The cobalt blue water band around the waist doubles in width now . http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/6F/A2/AlchemicalFlame/1/100.jpg

Aunt Clair
30th June 2007, 10:11 AM
19. Giants
This stage of energy body development allows the energy body to become extended four times in length and double in width . Also a full set of elemental split aparts will manifest . The magician can morph to the Crystal Ice Blue Dragon still but now the Star Body issues a UV green female form as an air element split apart which appears beside the sitter like a shadow on their right hand side . I love this stuff !
It is interesting to note that the mental body of alll projectors seen thus far is also this same UV green . The mental body appears as a paisley shaped genie about the height of an infant or toddler with arms tucked in at the sides and the legs as a wisp of a paisley shape like a genie much like the image on the AStral Society Banner above , except that the genie is all UV Green. A female projector in OBE will appear as a rose to pink coloured silhouette and the male will project in an indigo to sapphire colour . The projection is approximating the projectors own height but appears at prime age as the higher self does ie 28-32 years old . The projected body may appear sometimes as a paisley shaped genie too but it is not uncommon for the entire body to be split off as a double . In time the magician can project full body colour into this double .

After the UV air shadow self manifested , over the body came the tarot card image of Justice . Then the body is part ice blue crystal and part UV yellow star . These colours begin to purge out of the body from the crown .

Soon the UV green comes up from the feet to the waist.
In time an orange layer will emerge the same way ;

The UV Green body appears first below the floor in what seems a mirror reflection of the human energy body but the UV green shape is that of the Tarot Card Odin the Hanged Man . Thus begins the The Story of the Giants as told to us by spirit we see a connection to the previous image of Justice .

Story of the Giants - In meditation, we saw Aleister Crowley's THOTH Tarot Deck throughout this stage . A card would appear as a character walking through the realms . The Fairy Tale told was based upon the Norse God Odin and Jack and the Beanstalk and upon the Rape of Persephone . The story began when the crystal dragon became uv yellow from the waist down . The energy body hermaphrodite was bottom to top coloured instead of right to left .

Card A Justice VIII
We saw a bright yellow Justice holding scales indicating we had achieved balance between the elements and had completed the pass from UV Blue to UV Yellow . The legs on some disappear remaining only crystal blue from waist up as the Dragon is beginning the giant stage now and appears as UV Yellow with UV blue trim .

Card B Hermit IX
At Robert's home we noticed a uv green female shape following him . I thought it might be a projector but learned it was the colour of the mental body used in projection of consciousness but this was not a projection of the normal sort at all . Jodie and I saw a green issue erupt from our own crowns weeks later as a uv green female split of our consciousness .

The mental body appears to a lower sensitive clairvoyant as a white to smoky issue without a face . But as we develop clairvoyant sight we learn it is uv green and has the face of the projector but it looks the size of a toddler and is paisley shaped like a genie having an appearance of arms tucked at the sides and no legs at all . This new uv green female shadows us and is the same colour as the mental body but it is full size and like an automatic servitor it is obedient to the magician . It is a split of us .

Card C Wheel X
We see that a number of sitters have invisible legs now . They are as ebony . They have disapeared . They are UV yellow above the waist and invisible below the waist .We see the Wheel and realise we have become split again . We get visions of going underground but cannot seem to go any further down .

Card D Strength LUST XI
The magician must power up the entire body to be able to go down . We see we are as in a mirror on the wheel with a head and chest of UV Yellow above the wheel and another chest and head of UV GREEN below the wheel . We need to become 2 full people before we can go on .

Card E The Hanged Man XII
We See Odin appear hanging upside down as the hanged man holding a dragon egg we see it crack a bit of the head out . We recall the legend of Odin ; http://legendaryquest.netfirms.com/Folklore.htm
We learn why we see the story of Jack and the Giants in our meditations . We are doubling the length of our body becoming a giant ourselves .We are blue and yellow above and orange and green below . We are twice the length .

Card F The Magus I
We must make the dragon egg hatch . We must first double in length and width the size of our aura and energy body .

Card G The Priestess II
We see the Purple Lady appear with a veiled green faced moon . She is the crying mother Ceres of Earth with a moon face .She sings "Big Fish , Little Fish Swimming through the water come back here and give me my daughter" .

Card H The Empress III
Persephone cries out in terror as the rocky earth breaks open ...

Card I The Emperor IV
Hades has spied the lovely Persephone the daughter of the Moon
( normally it is the daughter of the Earth ).

Card J Chariot VII
The chariot appears but becomes a black banshee coach and takes poor Persephone below the ground .

Card K I Hierophant
Mary turns to wood and will not marry the couple but Samuel appears in blue and prepare to celebrate

Card L VI Lovers
the marriage

Card M Death XIII
Quan Yen ties something a brilliant UV Rose sash around our waists. We hear that the sash retains the soul within the body when the body becomes shattered ,torn or weakened . The dragon egg has broken out of more of the shell . The dragon is as a 2 headed maat it digs open the ground and we are able to descend to the giants home . The Grim appears and our energy body becomes cut in half . On the top we are as a uv blue woman facing our right .From below the waist we are as a uv orange male giant facing our left .

Card N Art XIV Temperance
We see the good giant mother come and feed us a feast . She strengthens us feeding the cold blue lady and the fire orange gent . We send our green lady to the sun to bring us energy to feed us through the golden kanda this comes down and makes our dragon become large and strong .

Card O XV Devil
We see the male half has developed a male's anatomy and chest but has no head still .

Card P XVI Tower
We see the hips and breasts emerge from the lady but still she has no legs .

Card Q XVII STar
Yellow stars erupt from the devil to fertilise the heavens .

Card R XVIII Moon
The lady develops her legs . She is 6 units high and 3 units wide at the abdomen as she is with child.Her face begins to shine as the moon upon her shoulders .

Card S XIX Sun
The male is full again he has a head and arms but he reaches down to bury his head in the ground . He is 7 units high and 2 units wide tall and thin . The giant male cannot fit underground he bends at the waist and buried his head ,the sun underground now . Like the stories of Hollow Earth . We peek and we see a magical realm below the hell.

Card T XX Aeon
The baby stirs in the womb . It is a female avatar .

Card U XXI The universe has changed . The child is born .

Card V Fool We become the Emperor Cobra Sphinx with 4 heads as a lion , a cobra, a dragon and a swan . We begin again . We are giants we have a blue and green back and in the front we have a yellow and orange body . These colours are no longer pure , they are mottled and free form flowing and psychedelic . Our normal energy body is our own body size but we can extend the length and width of our aura and we can extend our projection of consciousness into further realms .

http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/6F/A2/AlchemicalFlame/1/109.jpgClick here to see a larger map of the Tarot Story of the Giants
http://groups.msn.com/AlchemicalFlame/s ... nw?Page=10 (http://groups.msn.com/AlchemicalFlame/shoebox.msnw?Page=10)
larger image
http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SAAkD2AW ... tarots.gif (http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0SAAkD2AWz0LEGBbMQr4pgG0VIQcV7CA4bP9jwha94DvoERQli e6159t9P2qACUjWiqxNKXgEfuaHdVdhijIpbBmgYbOxBQicnFe qSCPHgmREAAAAV3QVAg/tarots.gif)
The energy body will go through a series of rapid colour changes like the peacock works of the Dragons . But instead of shifting from right side to left . The giant colours in quarters from the bottom front to top front to bottom rear to top rear . These quarters are divided by magic mirrors which can be shifted at will to one side or the other to change the hermetic nature , like this image ; http://sc.groups.msn.com/tn/6F/A2/AlchemicalFlame/1/10c.jpg
for a larger image please hit this link ;
purging blue and yellow and gaining air UV green , fire uv orange , earth uv rose and water uv purple. At the completion of this stage there will be a Hermetic Set of Elemental Split Aparts .
The wheel on the palm of the hand now has 8 elemental bands with 6 circuits in each for 48 circuits . The uv circuits are blue , yellow , green , orange , rose , purple .The hand is mottled and has a bit of each colour in a psychedelic glow . The invisible energy thumb is coloured up now .
The feet are similar .
On the full moon the Giant stage Culminates in a crystal vortex above and below the mirror .To manifest the crystal ladies were instructed to shift the mirror on the head to the far right to set the moon on their shoulders . The mirror shifted forward at the waist to make the green come out fully . The mirror was shifted to the rear to allow the purple to manifest so the ladies stood in blue , green , purple hermetically female colours then stamped their feet to break through the wishing well .

The ladies had to go beneath the earth and resurrect the Hanged Man Odin . They pull sun into the yellow kanda and blow sunlight into the brow centre until he colours up . Then the men will colour themselves up .The men shoved the mirror to the left to bring out the sun upon their shoulders , shifted the mirror on the waist backwards to make the chest rose . The mirror below the waist was shifted forward to make the legs become orange .

Thus the two will enter into the alchemical marriage in the middle earth magical realm in a cave . The lady lies down first the colours of her split apart sink into her body once more and she gives birth to a phoenix egg of fire and air .

Exhausted she falls upon a rock as a deflated balloon dying . Grandmother moon comes to save her and changes her to a silkie so she may recover in the sea . The well fills up the treasure chest opens and the magician retrieves their spiritual wealth .

We are instructed to become fully purple to sink into the water fully . The magician can easily do this by making a wheel of the arms joined at the palms and another of the soles of the feet joining together . Then the magician pushes blue into red and then reverse the flow to push red into blue . But now we can also shift the colour purple which resides in the front of the legs to the back also by shfting the mirror backwards. Once the legs are fully purple the mirror above the waist can be shifted to the back to manifest rose and then the mirror are the waist may be shifted up above the head . This can be done by energy and will of the magician to colour up until the body is fully uv purple . Purple is the colour of the beginning the colour of the magician who is soon to become the Tarot Card Fool once more .

The female giant silkie and the giant male sun become a crystal vortex now by projecting and sinking into self to find and strike the crystal seed which lies beneath the mirror below thier feet .

We sounded 3 aumms and struck the Tibetan singing bowl . We became a diamond shaped crystal vortex with a blue paisley amniotic sac and a green embryo within . A rose sash crosses this . The crystal is a lavender tinge now and spins with an orange energy deosil on the outer and widdershins on the inner .

Images can be copied to your pc and enlarged to get a better look
the site they are posted on is ;

Aunt Clair
30th June 2007, 10:13 AM
The Ruby Tablet is completed and we are working on the emergent fire and water works . By this I mean all the works so far have been
White Albedo
Green Vertigris
Red Rubedo
Black Nigredo
You will see that these four works are AIR and EARTH
the final works are silver , gold , purple or crystal which are WATER and FIRE but it remains out of balance
The new obelisks appears in the mirror beneath the Giants Feet . Between the magicians feet lies the golden mystic heart in the centre of the mirror . The mirrors are now horizontal at the floor and vertical along the spine . An orange and purple obelisk have begun to form in the mirror . The energy body is becoming more three dimensional . It has grown in length and width considerably now it is growing in depth . the green and red obelisks are on the spine and form a vertical axis perpendicular to the mirror on the floor . The new obelisks are forming a horizontal axis parallel to the floor .

Aunt Clair
30th June 2007, 10:15 AM
I feel that the planet makes small shifts forward in our spiritual evolution over time and that these have come closer together now like the labour pains to birth a higher vibration in the planet and thus in the peoples . I feel that we have had preceding shifts and that the Indigo is one we are all familiar with which began about 1948 . I feel that the Dragons began to be born en masse in 1980 and that a higher vibration of young people were born in 1996 . Extrapolating from this I see a pattern which is my theory of the evolution of spirituality in humanity . I feel that the golden mystic heart on the mirror is the conclusion of the Earth and AIR works . I feel that we will still benefit from progress and study of these ancient alchemical works but that another set is opening .

I feel that all the works thus far have been air and earth hermetically
Opus Albedo White Works Air
Opus Vertigris Green Works Air
Opus Rubedo Red Works Earth
Opus Nigredo Black Works Earth
Conversely the culmination has been in Water and Fire hermetically .
Silver Water
Gold Fire
Purple Water
Crystal Fire
But for every yin there is a yang . Recently in Alchemy Circle we completed a Red Obelisk and began to get lessons from spirit teachers on fire and water works The first obelisks appears 4 at once beneath us in the mirror below our feet . We saw topaz and sapphire , amber and violet obelisks beginning to form there . This is the beginning of an unprecedented work for humanity .

With each subtle increase of vibration , we develop such contagion through the universal mind which connects us all that we all benefit being raised slowly by our peers or raising them ourselves . This means we are lifting the veil and it becomes apparent that the occult and metaphysical areas of interest are becoming more widely and readily received .

Certainly sketicism and persecution of magicians has dropped precipitously over time . Alhtough we no longer burn witches at the stake we continue to incarcerate in mental institutions those that have abilities considering them insane and delusional . In the film Living With the Dead , psychic James Van Praagh chronicles his mothers life of shame , silence and meds because she was born clairvoyant . But today we see a plethora of shows where the viewing of spirits is popular ie
Ghost Whisperer
Rescue Me
Crossing Over with Jon Edward

So I do not believe that the world as we know it will end or that there will be an increase of apocalyptic events . I suggest that the Mayans believed this was the end of the current calendar and that they were correct . I feel that we will not go to the other side of the mirror at the same speed though.I feel the years will get futher apart but only halved and that the speed will be doubled . I suspect that the Mayans could not predict the rate of new shifts and the interval between them just as I cannot and therefore ended their calendar with this important moment in spiritual history .

I would also like to draw the reader's attention to the kabballah here for a moment.IMHO , Khnomn Ra presented the first tree to the world and since that time the collective world tree has grown in stature as we have from 1 to 16 . Please allow me to demonstrate this theory here without detracting the thread . I do realise that this is a radical belief but this is another pattern I see and I confirm with mystic peers in Alchemy Circle from the Mahatma

Barbello =0
Khnomn Ra Male God splits 4 elemental selves but all male =1
Ra forms Isis and Nut Birth of Goddess =2 gender incarnate
Thoth 4 elements on a Djet =4
EARTH FIRE AIR AND WATER 4 fingers of Godhead incarnate
Horus 2 pillars one white one black pillars djets or tets birth of left hand path =8
Yggdrasil Norse Tree of Life worlds including "hels" =9
Hebrew Kabballah - We have 2 hands of Godhead male and female across cultures ! =10
Rose Daath is understood hidden knowledge= 11
Aqua Unseen Sepiroth is seen in 1996 but very controversial still =12
4 Wheels of the Chariot as eyes and gonads on the energy body
appear in 2005 as Amber and Violet with existing Rose and Aqua =14
The golden mystic heart appears in the mirror having 8 in one
and the gray abyss is crossed through the mirror in a less transient way =16

The Current Sepiroth imho
0 gray through abyss mirror
1 white God Yahweh incarnated sentient light
2 black Goddess Barbello
3 crystal Limitless Light from Light Kether
4 gold Sol Tipareth
5 silver Luna Yesod
6 violet Pluto Chokmah
7 indigo Saturn Chesed
8 sapphire Female Projector magnetic
9 aqua Neptune
10 green Venus
11 amber Jupiter Binah
12 topaz the chariot Merkabah
13 orange Mercury Hod
14 red Mars Geburah
15 rose Uranus Daath Male Projector electric
16 crystal Earth mirrored mystic heart New Malkuth 8 in 1

Here is my theoretical chart . Scientists argue about when hominids began to be sentient but I am not looking at the use of tools but instead call sentient humans the ones who began to live in communities peacefully and began to have time and the consciousness to examine dreams and turn back homeward spiritually in their search for Godhead . I consider before 10000 years ago that humanity was unaware spiritually and incapable of spreading written esoteric wisdoms . The first farm is suspected to be in Jericho about 9000 ya . I believe that dreams began to teach spiritual wisdoms long before this and that these wisdoms were past through oral traditions , fertiliy goddess icons and cave art for example . These are precursors to civilization .

Gold....Sun Dawn of Dreams and Consciousness
Silver...Moon ca 40 k ya cave art fertility goddess icons(16 392 )Isolated Tribal Dreamers
White .Day 14374BC -8196 BC (8196) Pre Aware Sentience
Black...Night 6178 BC -2082 BC (4096) Pre Historical
Rose ...........2082 BC-26 BC (2048) Ancients
Red................26 BC -998 (1024 ) Biblical to Dark Ages
Orange..............998-1500 (512 )Middle Ages
Yellow.............1500-1756 (256 ) Renaissance
Green..............1756-1884 (128 ) Agricultural Revolution
Blue................ 1884-1948 ( 64 year span) Industrial Revolution
Indigo............ .1948 -1980 (1948 , 1964, 1972 )(32) Information Revolution
Purple ........... .1980-1996
(83 akashic 85 gold 87 purple 89 sapphire 91 ethereal green 93 topaz ) Dragons (16 y r) Lavender..........1996-2004
(95 uv orange gold citron 97 ruby 99 rose 01 ebony 03 ivory) ( 8 year range )
White..............2004-2008 (05 Crystal 07 ??)(4 years)
Silver ..............2008-2010 (2 years)
Black ...............2010-2011 ( 1 year )
Golden Heart ............2012 the other side of the mirror (centre 0)

With each shift forward we have gained in spiritual insights and wisdoms . We have developed more peaceful ways and become a kinder gentler people . It may seem difficult to believe this if you pay close attention to the global news but consider the previous horrors which man has handed on in inhumanity to man . We hit a very dark point in World War II and have lived relatively speaking more peacefully since then . We continue to perpetuate prejudice and genocide but the information age has done a lot to educate people to non compliance with such regimes . Milosevich began genocide like Hitler and Stalin the world began to ignore the horror . But the intelligent young people of Bosnia Serbia got online and petitioned to the world to save them from themselves . I am not implying that I am content wtih the state of humanity but I feel we are making progress and that is saying something .

Aunt Clair
30th June 2007, 10:16 AM
20 . Ruby Tablet -----> Ruby Obelisk
The Human Energy Body continues to develop .
The Kaballah continues to grow as we do . Here it is with the Wheels of the Chariot .

After The Crystal Dragon we work through the Star , Giant and Mirror Works and finally come to the Obelisks Works.The Human Energy Body becomes as a white obelisk on top then black below . Then the white grows twice the length around this and becomes the green obelisk . Below the mirror the black obelisk grows twice its length and becomes covered by the ruby obelisk .
.So that when the Earth and Air works are completed the Ruby Obelisk forms in the human energy body as the yin to the yang .
The Emerald Tablet was the Empress Venus .
Here is her Emperor Mars in the Ruby Obelisk .
Briefly we become the Silver obelisk over the Gold obelisk but we see the mirror has altered and we are no longer vertical . They begin to slide and shift . In visions we begin to understand that they are moving away from each other at an angle of about 11 degrees . Then our Fire and Water Works begin at double the speed .

In the mirror a purple obelisk appears to the left beneath it is an amber obelisk .This represents our Purple HS over the Orange LS divided by the mirror . On our right at 90 degrees to the nose there is a Sapphire obelisk and beneath it is a topaz obelisk . This represents the Christ Self over the mirror and the Lilith Self beneath it . .The Giant begins to grow again . But he has become an old ruler now wiser less aggressive and not prone to war .

Aunt Clair
30th June 2007, 10:18 AM
21. Xeni Nephidei
The left hand of the Giant finally appears ;

We project from the crown in an etheric form of the mental body as a purple and green pillar looking like a Giant with staves .
This form is so heavy . We go to the 16th Dimension where the colours are psychodelic like the AStral Planes . We have only begun to explore it , this realm is very disorienting . Our HS/GA , the LS /GD and the elemental selves have been re-distributed so that the female water and air LS/GD rises behind the male2 elemental fire and earth HS/GA . They are a purple set in a pillar of gaseous purple called Amalgamais . Beneath the mirror we are ethereal green the fire and earth LS/GD are in the front and the air and water HS/GA are in the rear . Beneath this we are in a uv orange I AM ALWAYS Subtle Energy Body . It is the eternity body . Through a long series of alchemical processes we become the purple divine self over the green giant self reminiscent of Yggdrasil and the
Xeni Nephidei.
Yggdrasil Tree of Life Lands of Gods and Giants
The Giant receives a staff of metal in the right foot and a staff of wood in the left foot these operate in a sliding action to move like snowshoes to drag our feet like a cross country ski er through the lands of the ice and snow . So cold and heavy is this body .
Giant Emperor's New Clothes
An orange and green channel open up throughout the body completing an elemental set of main channels we were born with as red and blue . We gain a coat and pants . The arms become female the legs both male . The orange arm is in a green sleeve and the green leg is in an orange pants leg . Orange is male and green is female so they have become bi -polar . The left indigo arm is covered with a rose violet sleeve . The salmon red leg becomes covered with a uv rose sleeve . This is the first big change in the limbs since before the Emerald Tablet .
Finally we recieve a pair of gloves , boots and a hat .
Giant Emperor's New Clothes and Gloves and Boots

Aunt Clair
30th June 2007, 10:20 AM
New energy body stage a 8 foot tall giant annunaki
It is blue lace agate in hue and seems clear like we see thru it the energy centres beneath in the human sized energy body which appears as two dwarves standing on each others shoulders above the mirror and two more below or alternately as a giant magician above the mirror and another below in ice blue but over top of all .This is a now a 8 foot projection of a glass clear blue lace agate annunaki above the mirror and below the mirror it is cloudy .

8 fingers doubled on each hand one double shadowed thumb
Looking at Cloak's hand , Kuthumi showed me gemini twins above the index finger and then a white mother spider as large as the hand . The new hand has 8 fingers looking like two hands off centre over each other right over the left . The right has a shadow a darker tone the left has the same blue lace agate colour but more white tint.

Padded ET disc fingertips
The fingertips on Cloak and self are padded like akashic discs not fully manifest . This was also seen on Val O'Brian a healer when Angie Krueger from UK gave a trance medium reading at local high school event . The hidden thumb opposite the physical thumb is missing now and appears to have nested over the physical thumb instead folded over like hands praying but with fingers splayed . The teacher with Angie Krueger named Richard had said alien ET like fingers which help to heal even unto the fingertips and can be applied to the cranium for an attunement and to stir energies and heal .

Annunaki Foot
The foot can extend to a Sasquatch size to scale but on the physical foot there are new developments too . There are 6 toes with the hidden dewclaw on the foot these are not padded yet but will manifest like the
fingers .There is a crescent moon shape rising from the heel in a gentle curve to the little toe upon this are 6 centres now like plump raisins or small grapes . The ball of the foot has a brow centre across it fully now no longer a small eye of Fatima . The instep looks like 4 sides of a diamond each like a large olive in size the eye there is closed now . The heel has a stem about .25 metre rising a blossom sports a diamond in its
petals . There is a stem half that size in the ball of the foot also with a closed blossom .

Brow Centre
The third eye has opened like an Airport window now from ear to ear across the forehead and from eyebrow to scalp . It appears to be opening to join the opening on the crown .

Curtained Slits
The nose is like a lily or a clam or curtains opening now and rises from the brow to the top of the chin . There is a similar opening on the back of the heart and on its front and barely manifesting on the sides . It is a one way valve of sorts allowing energy into the heart. The front of the heart is an akashic domed mirror rounded and circled with dormant energy centres like ping pong balls in size . Thru this comes a cobalt blue energy which gushes out for healing but we do not know much more than that about it .

Moonlight pours like milk from a pearl into the crown as we open and down into the heart chamber unable to decend further . We are told to bring the new chrysanthymum plasma energy up from the golden mystic heart to the base of the heart to meet . The heart becomes like 2 hemispheres ; pearl above and crysanthymum below .

Aunt Clair
30th June 2007, 10:22 AM
Colours of the Dragon Stage II

It seems that the energy body has undergone rapid interior growth matching the previous progress of rapid exterior colouration changes that occurred in 2005 . The Body is colouring up again but looks this time like a giant and is colouring up on the magician and the hanged man all at once .

March 2007
a. The magician became all purple above and below a purple lavender colour lwas its shadow slightly less bright than above more like sun and moon now than tree of life and death . .The purple foot has growth on the outer sole as tiny slits of energy pour out . The purple hand is able to take energy into it and we learned new exercises to prime the hands called "feeding the lions and wolves to the dragons " . Ostensibly the magician forms cold moon sapphire blue over the left palm like a wolf and then draws this into the energy body left arm . Similarly the magician manifests a warm golden lion on the right palm and draws that into the right energy arm and down the heart also .

April 2007
b .The magician appears as a sapphire blue giantess above the mirror
and a golden giant like atlas below . A mirror becomes manifest on the heart causing it to double .The brow centre widens from side to side opening across the full breadth of the forehead . The foot has four small orbs of energy slowly moving widdershins two are above and two below on another layer .

May 2007
c. An emerald empress appears in the front of the blue giantess
and in front of the golden giant is a ruby emperor . The magician has 4 complete giant sized ( double height and width to scale) selves .

June 2007
d. The beautiful jewel toned colours disappear all too quickly as we begin the opus nigredo once more . Then it is all black again .

This is like the rest period to allow all to settle into place . Like we let the leaves collect on the bottom of the pool with the pool at rest no swimmers no pump action . When the pump is turned back on the vacuum is able to easily clean the leaves that have settled and all the sediment too .
So too in our energy body does this night time allow us to rest before a great purge and a time of fast growth will occur when we leave the black works .

The body becomes for a brief time hermaphrodite as half black half white .

A prism of mirrors begins to form on either side of the doubled heart stone . The one above has a purple flame inside a golden orb . The one below has a golden flame inside an amber orb . A miirror appears on the hand from fingertip to elbow bisecting it .

On the palm of the hand is a nest and a black hole of energy sucking down golden orange from the right hand and sapphire n;ue from the left . On the back of the hand there is a parabolic cone of energy which is lavender .

The Eye of Fatima on the ball of the foot spreads acrss the width of the foot now . The centres on the outer sole become larger and seem rounder . Previously they were like rods and wer small vents of energy .

The legs continue to open energy centres have manifested on the hip , mid thighs , knees , mid calves and ankles . These are uncoloured . Lonewolf has seen some colours appearing here but I haven't yet .

In a reading of Cloak today ,7 June 2007 , it became apparent that he is leaving the Opus Nigredo and moving slowly towards Opus Rubedo . The heart dripping red is a metaphor of the Sacre Coeur of Christ Consciousness .The magician is not called to sacrifice blood of animals as in the OT . They are instead called to sacrifice time to the community to spread light in service to help make the world a better place .

Images of Homeless Shelters and Disabled Children appeared in the reading showing us opportunities to commit time to help the community . . Then the street turned upside down and the water spent nourishing others came as akasha back to the hands of the magician in the form of a silver salmon . The salmon is a totem of struggles overcome and accomplishment .
http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/ ... n.html#new (http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,1438.msg4105/topicseen.html#new)

Aunt Clair
9th July 2007, 07:46 AM
I Revision of Alchemical Works
The Metal Alchemist sees only 4 principle stages and these begin with the tail of the peacock which is a period of rapid colour changing and followed by a culmination which is the reward of each work . The culmination may go from black to white to silver to gold or it might be crystal or purple as the alpha and omega for purple begins again another work .

Purple etc ~ Tail of Peacock ~Cauda Pavonis
Opus Nigredo ~Black Works
Opus Albedo ~White Works
Opus Citrinitas ~ Yellow Works
Opus Rubedo ~Red Works
Culmination ! ~Silver > Gold > Crystal



http://www.peninsula.starway.net.au/~be ... tents.html (http://www.peninsula.starway.net.au/~bernard/contents.html)
http://www.peninsula.starway.net.au/~be ... pter8.html (http://www.peninsula.starway.net.au/~bernard/chapter8.html)


Jung compared the metal alchemical works to psycho analysis and ascension of consciousness .

But I believe it is time for a new paradigm. I think that the truest evidence of the number of stages exists in the clairvoyant witness of the human energy body . I feel that Alchemy was never truly about making lead into gold but about the ascension of humanity cultivated in a slow but progressive spiritual evolution . I feel that this age of humanity is the metaphysical revolution and that this age will be seen historcially to be more important than the renaissance , agricultural , industrial or information revolutions before it .

And I think the sapphire works and the green works have become much more evident and should no longer be clustered within the tail of the peacock or hidden altogether . We may not see evidence of the metal becoming green in metal alchemy but there is the adding of the green lion , the vertigris .

There is the emerald tablet and recently an emerald stone and a powerful emerald chakra . I feel that the Green Works are hugely important . Certainly the energy body manifests the green , red and golden lions and the white , black , silver and golden sphinx .

I see little evidence on the other hand of the importance of yellow .There is little on the web about the Yellow Works either . But Metal Alchemists thought the yellowing was the change from silver to gold. The yellowing of the energy body however is a brief stage between green and red works which are always significant .

II Opus Nigredo ,Black Works ,Ebony Stage
The ebony stage or opus nigredo was considered the worst stage by the alchemists but kaballahists would disagree calling the red works or the opus rubedo the dirtiest work .

Alchemists seemed to prize the red works as the step before culmination . Kaballahists see the black as the Mother Pillar the Ama , it is a time to rest in peace and settle . The Red is Mars , agression negative ego and the internal red demons of Seth it is a stage associated with qlippoth realms .

I find it impossible to dis integrate the two paths . If ind them eternally entwined and that by a thorough examination of both paths and hermeticism a greater ability is afforded altogether .

So I love the black works as a time now to rest . I think of the swimming pool which must turn off once in a while to allow sediment to settle on the bottom and then turning on again it can be quickly vacuumed up . I see the ebony works as a time to purge and renew strength to begin again .

In syncroncity , I was unable to have group meditation for 8 days . This is probably the first time that has occurred to me since 2001 I think . When I met with my peers again , I was relieved to find that Billy , Daniel , Cloak and Talamasca each had similar but diverse mystical experiences which we could share and learn from each other .

So the ebony stage II has just passed and on the week of 7 July many have entered into a white cloud stage .

S 7 July 07 ENERGY BODY from Ebony II to Clouds

The entire energy body becomes ebony like sleepy night . It is very difficult to look within the ebony body to see the structures but some information can be had through the feeling of the energy body through awareness and by sharing that which is learned by mystic observations globally .

I gathered information from discussions online in diverse metaphsycial forums , clairvoyant energy body readings and from energy awareness , from peers online and at home in circle , and from immortal teaching spirits

The emerald green chakra sinks like a green pill in the tower of the energy body

a lot of people seen in readings are still leaving the ebony stage
purge this with deep cleansing move through ebony to white rainbow stage of clouds

teeny chakras growing between metacarpals and metatarsals
between the phalanges now may cause pain
also development in ankles and wrist causes minor complaints
large ovoid kanda at the thighs
another manifesting at upper arm now
these greatly facilitate projection
But the most significant event is the new spiral alignment of the chakras which has begun the secondary chakras had to complete development

-----------------Heavens Stone
indigo -----------Moon Stone
chartruse---------Sun Stone
salmon-------------Earth Stone

Then the secondary chakras were as catalysts to the development of secondary stones so that 4 columns of stones spiraled round the spinal chakra column

lglove lhand spinal rhand rglove
. . . . .
white aqua pale green chartreuse emerald .AIR
sapphire purple platinum blue indigo silver .WATER
topaz amber lt yellow orange gold .FIRE
black rose pink salmon ruby .EARTH

white...........................chartre use
.................pl blue
.................p green
.................lt yellow


Recently , the blue chakra moved up from throat to mouth to nose
as the aqua chakra became engorged , this resulted in pushing the green chakra down from the throat to the heart to the navel

This pushes the yellow chakra forward to core the yellow sunstone
it pushes the orange chakra backward to core the amber lowerself stone and finally the red chakra is pushed down to make further room .

The most startling effect was to cause the mirrors to split the light providing a full prism of teeny chakras in each section

greater clairience is had by the intense development occuring in the upper energy body

the mirror at the heart split
it moved up to the shoulder and down to the hips
but remains also in the chest too

sepiroth chakras mandarin sized
indigo to red ordered above shoulders
red to indigo shoulders to hips
indigo to red hips to feet are not developed ..YET

III White Works , Opus Albedo , White Cloud Stage

The White Cloud Stage is very powerful . We learned a new method to open ,to raise , to project and to amplify the sacred space . We learned to attain a new white cloud stone above Kether and above the Universal Mind . We have just begun this stage and there is a lot to learn still .

Aunt Clair
23rd July 2007, 09:46 AM
Robert Bruce Energy Body Reading

5 stones on Robert at spinal column
(.amoris.gold..sun) and 6th one nearly manifested

I first noticed two golden vortices of fire energy descending at 45 degree angles from his ears .Above his ears are two flat dark aqua ovoid discs at a 45 degree angle ascending

An Akashic Wheel of Life has grown just barely outside of the head in diameter .The ears and the nose sit on this Wheel of Life.Like an Eternal Flame was a golden teardrop shape of fire at the centre of this wheel , the point of which rose to the third eye the base of which sat upon the wheel

There should have been a reciprocal energy but I could not see any
until Robert inhaled sharply before he talked about the new CD set .
So when he became animated and excited a clear green flame appeared
It was an inverted reciprocal energy of clear air.

The greater part of the base was at the centre of the akashic wheel
the top of it was at the throat centre .

We had a short discussion about vibrations sounds and the throat
clairvoyance fire sights
clairaudience air sounds

This Akashic Wheel is like the bands around the orb used in the centre of the table currently by sending energy to the bands they may be bisected
When this occurs the upper band passes thru the brow centers of each member of the circle .This increase the energy flow and helps us to see and hear better ..And the lower circle opens up the abdomen somewhat . The intestines are as the abyss , the dark void .

So here in the moonstone now the cross or male aspect of the wheel rose to the brow and the crux or female aspect of the wheel descended to the mouth an invisible container like energy was at the nose and ears still .

A horizontal pillar of energy rotated slowly bisecting the forehead at the third eye . A larger vertical pillar came around the head so that only a bit of the ears extended past it .An even larger vertical pillar came around this wider than the girth of the shoulders .

A very large hoop of energy began at the nostrils . It was filled with 5 spheres . There was a sphere on top of either ear one thru the nose ears mouth and third eye .5 more equal sized spheres in a ring one directly above the crown ,two above the tops of the ears , and two above those

The energy body itself is red earth on right and blue water on left
Robert's HS taught me perfuntorily that fire is on top and air is below .
He shows that the next sphere will be golden sun above the heavens stone . This is also fire above air . He demonstrated the stones next .

I had viewed Billy while waiting in the parlour for Robert to arrive to pick him up for a visit so that I could trance and tune in . I saw the three primary stones and above the crown a bowl opening upwards and below the hips a bowl opened upside down like an umbrella .

I wondered where the green stone was . Had it come to a loop then and bisected once more ? There had been a silver bowl above and a golden bowl below before these became invisible and a green stone had
formed above the body starting in the head at the violet chakra .

I saw one hand sized lion with two heads . One faced the back and one faced the front . Down the back came silver blue water energy down the front came golden yellow fire energy . These coursed concurrently thru the lion side by side coming out of one mouth into the other in two parallel streams . And I heard these cannot run one at a time but must be as one together .

I saw a hearth within the supernal bowl turn over to become as a scrub brush and a dome like an umbrella came then on the shoulders . Fire is the scrub brush the cleaning clearing energy .

Now I asked Robert's HS about that . He came behind Robert as a reflective black surfaced man with his physical appearance . And he came in front of him as a blue silver man of akasha .

He showed me a mirror bisecting Robert's physical body ; the back from the front and he instructed that the previous splits of self and consciousness had been altogether different from this latest one which was the first of many .

That those were internal and these were external . Those had been of consciousness but these had something more . I still don't understand what he meant . And he was not able to explain that in his physical either .

I could not hear him when I listened to the ebony self . When I heard the akashic self , he was clear though . But best yet was to come to a place between them and hear them both like a stereo . Only he spoke so quickly that it became very confusing to hear all that he had to say . I could not seem to talk at the level I was hearing . I could not say for example please repeat that .

And it was so much more difficult to say what I was hearing because he was not pausing for a breath and I did not want to miss a word . It was a fascinating discourse as I tried to listen to his HS speak and then repeat it
to Robert in the room and fast enough to hear the next part of his HS speech .

His HS said that this was a momentary stage like the bands of streaming consciousness which appeared horizontally upon the body but were only visible for a short time .

Basically the body goes from equilibrium to disequilibrium from symmetry to asymmetry , from a circle to an oval and back again to a circle but much larger . He said that another mirror would drop and bisect him from right to left .

He said right to left was red earth from blue water . And asked what was the split from front to back . But then showed the flame in the nose as fire and said what was beneath it . Air , I answered . This confounded me . He was perplexed in his HS and said he assumed I would already know that . But I confess I had not thought it to be so .

As I explained in a quick revision . On the wheel ; fire is right , water is left , air is above , earth is below . The body is 3 D so it bisects into 6 spaces which do not appear as the opposites as on the wheel . Right and Left are not fire and water but earth and water . Air is above , earth is below . Air is below fire though in this case . So there are different pairs and we need 4 not 6 . right /left , front/ back , top/ bottom

So if top and bottom are fire and air , then whatever is front and back ? I began to think sun and moon and was drawn to the enigma of wood and metal . Why do these elements appear so infrequently ?

As the energy body developed two staves manifested outside the ebony and ivory internal pillars . The left became golden wood and the right became silver metal . On the third stage of the toes the left
became a sacred grove of trees and the right became metals .

Then Billy said that the ebony self was a black horned man with a horse's tail . The horse means a journey and a driving force . The akashic man was like the silver surfer and his face moved like mercury and became a lion . The horns are the bull part of the sphinx and Earth energy . The lion is also part of the sphinx as fire energy .

So this was confirming that akasha gave birth to amoris , that the moon gave birth to the sun . And Roberts HS said of course the mother gives birth to xx or xy alhtough she is only xx .

So from the akashic moon is birthed....female blue water.and male golden sun . And from the ebony wood is birthed.....male red earth.and female wood now then what are the other two supernals ??
Well I suppose these must be sun and metal ,so from the amoris sun is birthed......male orange fire..and metal ?And from the ivory metal is birthed....female green air...and moon ? I guess

And that is how he taught me quickly by demonstrating , telling , asking me to look , and then asking me riddles to find the missing information but not confirming it . he said go directly to the source but then learn to extrapolate confidently .

Then Robert's HS demonstrated inner energy body structures versus outer energy body structures . He wanted to show the inside of the air stone . He showed that the inner sphere was purple despite that the outer sphere was green . Around the inner purple sphere there was a golden fire energy which was thin and impossible for me to see . But he showed it to me like a chart .

Then he said that air was the outer aspect or nature of this stone with water internally which was within a fire shell . So he said , what element is missing ? Air , Water , Fire ... Earth , I said . And that he said , is the nature of the core of this stone , that is its seed . Now he said the basic nature of the other stones can be known also . But he cautioned that this is a basic simplistic description .

The stone is much more sophisticated and there is so much more to learn .

Aunt Clair
23rd August 2007, 04:27 PM
August 07

The culmination of the second stage of Dragon of Kundalini Iniitiations began with the fastest growth occurring so far . This is from the journal of Aug 23 07 .After Reading Cloak online ,Billy , Debbie , Self @ home .,I feel that it is helpful to revise to see how the patterns of past development are occurring again now .And I have boldtyped the new growth since July 07 .

First , we see that the progressive shapes of energy centres are like the suits of the tarot cards
rod _
staves +
swords x
wheel + over x discs
cup ( )
cups O

Examining the palm of the hand for example . The palm begins solid like a sheet of clean paper .Upon it comes a disc which manifests
1 rod of one elemental nature notably earth then
2 as a + of earth & water then
4 as a x of fire & air then
8 as a wheel of life with the + over the x

Wthin each rod there are now 4 elemental strands as is the nature of alchemical contagion or the prismatic splintering of light so the structure is manifest and a rainbow occurs within .

From the centre of the wheel ,a dome of energy manifests above and below the wheel forming a sphere like a cup .The sphere is the sun ,amoris & electric light .On each of the 8 spokes of the wheel comes a moon of akashic energy & magnetic light .

These appear ;
1 on the front like the nose on the face
2 on the back of the head as well
4 the ears occur on right and left at once
8 as a wheel on each then the spokes of the female x l split
...The female swords are bicardinal and mutable .
....The male rods are cardinal and fixed .
....so the female X splits becoming
12 now on the wheel

In July we learned ;
The wheel is now ripe to split into 3 wheels
4 x above
4 + on the equator still remains
4 X below

When sound or light permeated the centre of any wheel of life within a spheroid energy centre , it opens . It becomes 3 discs ; a disc of 4 moons above the wheel and a disc of 4 moons below the wheel .

It collapses and closes when a state of relative darkness resumes .That is when the body trances , switches on , or tunes in, the wheels separate to open And when the body closes , shuts down ,grounds ,the discs fall back into place .

Now in August 07 we observed that the 4 moons on the disc that rose from the wheel of life become heavy and ripe like fruit and begin to hang down like lamps from a chandelier .And on the disc below the wheel of life moons reach up towards the light like root plants breaking out of the soil .

Over time , this sphere grows out to fill the wheel totally consuming it .
It begins to wobble moving not merely upon a vertical or horizontal axis but seemingly chaoticly .This causes it to spin out bands of energy like loops around it not merely from one centre or two but across the entire globe it is criss crossed with bands of energy forming a grid of X shaped spaces between.

Thus the energy body moves from disequilibrium to equilibrium again ,
as above so below
as on the right so on the left
as within , so without

Internal growth within this sphere continues to occur.But it would seem
that more growth occurs externally for a stage and then the reverse is true more internally then externally.For example, the energy body limbs colour up rapidly changing each month for a time in colour .But then it seems dormant.However precipitous growth is occurring at this time within the centres themselves .

And each sphere begins to rotate smoothly without the wobble ,
predictably coming into alignment with other spheres in adjacent centres .
This sphere becomes banded around the equator , like the rings on Saturn, extending to either side until looking at the diameter of it ;
there is 1/3 band then 1/3 sphere then 1/3 band

This sphere has manifested within a pillar of energy ,which begins like a trickle feeding it top to bottom but becomes larger than the sphere itself .
Then this bends the pillar to form cones converging at the sphere .One vortex is above opening outward and one is below opening downward .
Thus energy is focused on the sphere until it can grow larger again then the pillar .And it causes spheres occurring above and below it
to mirror its own growth .

II .
Let us look at the chakras now .Over 3000 years ago 5 were reported then 7 now 8 .More will occur as humanity slowly evolves .The pre indigo WWII generation was so dichotomised that the men were born with 2 chakras open ;red and orange as sex and stomach .The women were born with 2-3 chakras open ;blue and indigo as mouth and intuition .Slowly the male ascended red to purple .slowly the female descended indigo to red
The purple chakra often opened last as the alpha omega of that wheel .

The space between the chakras made them appear like rainbow coloured lollipops upon a stick of white light .This space gradually closed .

The human was born with
3 cauldrons /stones /tan tiens /energy storage centres
within these nested two chakras each

---------moonstone head
---------sunstone chest
---------earthstone abdomen

The orange sized chakras were lost in these vast cauldrons of energy and few spoke about them beyond kaballahists , alchemists and magicians . Grass roots wisdoms concerning their nature did not exist .

But as the chakras grow from orange to grapefruit to melon sized the energy body awareness senses the nature , location and condition of these stones . So when the chakras stack one upon the other filling the void between them then the stones are felt .

Now the cauldrons work begins in earnest causing the recirculation of vital prana to form secondary chakras between each pair eventually forming new stones so the stones become engorged full and ripe
and the space between them is taken up also

The stones manifest as the chakras did
a new stone between each two
these front and rear pillars cause two to manifest on right and left
then wondrously these pillars move up the body
like the double helix of the dna
when they are energised and switched on they begin to spiral slowly and gently upward and reaching the top appear again at the base

for alpha joins omega in an ouroborus
So we have learned another way to open to trance .
When we are open , the stones of the pillars undulate and spiral accordingly in an endless cascade .But when we close down ,leaving trance ,they fold in closer to the body and become still again .

This looks like a pair of long skinny S shaped sides of double helix ladder . One is white & one is black ..The stones rise on the hot white S up the front of the body but coming to the top they spiral down again on the black S becoming cold and dark again . Currently , this only occurs in deep trance .

In mystic legends ,we have learned that the energy body
will come one day to a perpetual motion sustained by breath
and perhaps some enlightened individuals have come to that stage
if rarely ,over history .Perhaps an avatar would have done that .

Now we go internally once more and discover changes inside the stones . A cloud of opposite elemental energy forms in the centre. A pillar manifests from this cloud .This forms two inverted vortices of energy building up slowly until a central spheroid core is manifested .

Within the larger pillar we observed that also .The white golden male light outside the pillar formed a purple female light twisting within its core .

Now onto the heavens stone
which is the 4th on the spine to manifest but does not light up
until the pillars of stones have begun their celestial dance

revising ;
heaven air~chartreuse green core earth salmon red

moon water~ platinum blue becomes saqpphire-indigo and forms an amber core within that of fire

sunstone fire~pale yellow becomes amber over time forming a sapphire-indigo core within it of water

earthstone earth ~ salmon red becomes rosy
and manifests a bright green nearly emerald air core

Surprisingly these stones when fully aden ,become cubed !

First we observe that the 4 stones are plump full and ripened
with no space between them
then we observe a movement ,subtle at first ,
a sliding up or down of the spinal cauldrons
but then a profound engorgement occurs

For example ,the throat chakra manifests as aqua
then an aqua stone is formed on the rear of the spine

The aqua throat chakra pushes into the space between blue and green
and their convergence becomes a perfect blend of their two energies and lies between them in vibration upon the rainbow also

The blue mouth chakra is displaced , shoved up to the nose .
This open the core of the moonstone vastly in the process .

The green chakra moves down into the sun stone deeper
and the aqua chakra plumps up higher

Now in the same manner the stones slide
when the body comes to this stage ;


When the magician trances ,the sunstone is seen to plump up ,like a puffer fish does ,and fully engorged causes a gentle push downward like a bead on a string .The earthstone slides to come to the thigh .The rose stone on .the thigh slides to the calves .The black stone slides down below the mirror Fantastic !

This occurred in a similar vein during the Great Work.A black tablet manifested bisecting the sunstone between the green and yellow chakras .It was observed to move down the spine ,until the magician stood upon it
and it becomes the mirror with the black side down & the silver side up .

And the hanged man is manifested beneath the magician then
and the roots of the Tree of Life become full of light

And a celtic orchard manifests ,as above so below ,the canopy of one is the roots of another in a vast 3D network of light from the hanged man to the magician above .How did that begin ?

In the tree of life, we see initially a flat mapping from shoulders to hips .
Then a 3 D mapping like an obelisk .Kether and Malkuth are capstones crowning pyramids over that green prism .

So the tree or life is on the front of the magician and the tree of shadow is on the back as the Aya of Sorrows .

Beneath these are the roots of the tree as black then white.Then the roots become a Tree of Death .Behind it another is as the shadow roots and ecomes the shadow of the Tree of Death.

To cleanse the Lower Self and cleanse the Guardian Demon, one must stand upon the mirror and banish the Dark Watcher .The Purple Watcher rules the hearth and the light opens the gateway ,as it should ,crown to toes ,and toes to crown from the crown of the magician to the crown of the hanged man .

But of course it does not stop there
the path is infinite and eternal
external and internal .

Sheets of energy begin to manifest after Father kundalini comes to town Mother was earth and fire,as the male elements . She is a cobra from Earth.Father is air and water , as the female elements , he is the Leviathan from water .Mother principally rose from the male kanda at the throne of God .Father principally descends from the female kanda at the Crown of the Goddess .

And when the gates are fully open on the stones ,from above the crown of the mystic and to the golden heart on the mirror beneath the magician's feet then these sheets of light occur .

Coming down the back , from above the crown , is a silver blue cold sheet as wide as the body is shoulder to shoulder .Starting as a handspan but growing wider over time . The opening of the pillar allows it to widen .This is by will ,visualisation and intent of the magician .Coming up the front is warm white golden light .

The structures of the energy body cause this sheet to roll like a fanbelt but oh so slowly .down the back as ice cold water and up the front as warm fire with each breath in trance now.

Aunt Clair
23rd August 2007, 04:30 PM
currently ,and we finally come to the conclusion of this step ,
a cubic prism is forming not unlike the obelisk before it
but outside of the entire physical body like a cocoon
and within it the body is enveloped in a pillar of white light
which opens with sound
and closes without light
so we are entering a new trance stage

how then did the body come to this ?
that the stones themselves become cubed !
the black and white cube at the alpha and omega os double and 4 cubes at the clasp begin this stage
the palm forms a cube and the back of the hand does also in reciprocal and opposite nature
on the sunstone a cube forms that is closed
when appearing in a diamond shape
pointed upward to the head and downward to the toes
it is open when squared off parallel to the shoulders
to trance and/or begin energy workings
it is closed otherwise affording protection

we see a vision of each stone becoming cubed front and back
and that these gaps between them fill in
and they stand nested upon each other
forming a stone wall
which opens with sound
and is closed without new light entering it
affording greater protection
and higher vibration
and more ascension

a pillar on the palm rises out of it and a square platform upon it provides a step up to a higher

so too on the body
the magician bi locates and stands upon the highest stone
and stands above this to rise higher still

kundalini comes to the body at this stage as always
back to earth and basics
a pair to cobras erupts nearly violently up from the shoulder
one mouth up and out and another down from the elbow
and also from the hips and knees

then strangely the steles develop becoming angels
unprecedented and bizarre
wings are seen on either side of the forearm from wrist to elbow
an awake angel on the palm side a sleeping angel on the other side
equal and opposite
teal on the left and purple rosy on the right
not clear or fully manifest behind
but a vision shows there will be 4 angels on each stele
the head on the palms their feet on the elbow
and the lower leg is the same growing wings now

and the earth stone forms wings now small cupid like right and left and ineffectual ,from the lower back painful they protrude

and from the eyes long dragons emerge as long as the forearms thin like a ping pong ball in size
they come out painfully from the eyes
the cobras of the arms come together
tails in the heart and erupt from the palms

it isnt over but so much is happening
i must revise and pause to record it

oh the hand developed a set of periphereal moons like a crescent shape from the pinky to the wrist
and this will probably become a full circle soon
this growth causes the hand to become red and puffy like an allergic reaction but in a curious
crescent moon shape only and it itches then swells then goes away again forming slowly over days

Aunt Clair
17th September 2007, 07:18 AM
Robert Bruce Reading :
I S 15 Sept at our house only time for a quick glance as it was daytime and lights in room
and he was in a hurry
Robert was standing there in cape of the Purple caped light watcher
and the golden faced angel with wings at either ear appeared as the bodyless angelic projection
floating over his head

Robert Bruce Reading
II D 16 Sept at his home but we were outside in full light so I did not get a great view

Robert relates that he has seen the purple watermelon shaped entities which have jeweled aspects
imho the jeweled light is what these have drained from victims
they are a muddy purple gray in native state
says that the ones he saw were demonic , I agree
he adds they have a propeller sahped energy extension on the back
and they cause intense sexual pleasure then suck energy and leave

Reading his energy body I see above his heavens stone is a bright purple pink stone
his HS appears and he called this the I stone
for the God I am Stone and the EYE stone .
Robert relates that he has entered into a state of lightness of being while in trance a few hours each day now .

Inside this stone was the floating island kanda we have been developing but his was advanced and completly manifested . The emerald trees of life completely covered the forest . And from the centre came the citadel like a cubic crucible of massive stone walls of dark gry blue but the surrounds were a monochromatic scene of this brilliant purple pink which included a silver elk . Robert said there was a long story involved with that and laughed . His mindscape was a pleasant mountainous scene with nothing manmade except on the left a small graveyard where he buried relics of the past like a junk pile marked with a viking cross and on the right was an ascension seat . Father Kundalini sat upon the throne there . He had no head but a face formed of cobra markings from the centre of 5 huge royal cobrals coming up from the waist .This face had an overshadowing of a ghostly image appearing like Christ or perhaps Vishnu . And he spoke saying that he reveals beyond the history and observations what are the truths of Divine Kundalini which is the evolutionary enlightenment of the planet and the lifeforms on it . He will reveal the future to him slowly . When relating this to Robert I lost trance .

I had been told that the silver and gold stones are alpha and omega stones moving shifting . I feel that they are always at the end of the loop but not sure yet . I asked Robert to come to stasis hold his breathand pause . I saw the side pillar stones are there but in perpetual motoin when we trance and when we are in stasis they are in still mostion like a double helix twisting ladder of dna above and below the mirror .Another stone glowing pink and orange currently is above his I stone .

So in the front seen top to bottom ;
*unmanifested energy currentlly pink and orange (could be in the rear peeping over too )
* I stone purple pink
*heavens stone chartreuse to goldy pale emerald in hue
* moon stone jeweled sapphire bluey white brilliant
* sun stone bright golden yellow half again as large as the others on either side
* earth stone a brilliant bright rose red like a garnet
X here I see the rose stone from the rear at the thighs
x black earth stone from knees to mirror on the floor from the sides stirring like a band where the flowers enter a vase

? unmanifested swirling starry energy
*Aqua really massive and falling down from throat to shoulder blades
* purple universal stone
* amber very small in contrast dwarfed between purple and rose
* rose earth stone

did not get to see the hands or feet this time .
as I began to view his auric egg I became overfull with energy in the brow chakra
he had a massive volcano of pink and orange
which triggered heat in my head and a vomiting os of energy from this indigo chakra at third eye lol
could not gaze any more for a while

on way home Amanda put cool blue water on my third eye and a blue rose formed within it that I could smell
this relieved the pain and gave me peace wle the car was smooth in motion or stopped
but when i got home the pain was intense as the spine is still fragile and the neck was hurt and this was exacerbated by me
twisting to find the seat belt
We came back home and Robert brought James and Jordan over for a visit .
James sang so many songs with guitar
His voice is brilliant and majestic, thundering and passionate
when he sang a song he co-authored with his brother Jesse a Passion Play scene manifested around him !
But the first time I heard him sing this beautiful ballad it was a king betrayed rejected in a castle falling down around him and the imagery was incredible then also But this time it gave way to a Passion Play which made me cry ;
I saw Christ giving the Sermon on the Mount
the people retreating
the kingdom falling
the Garden of Gethsemane
the betrayal
the imprisionment and the crown of thorns
the stumbling carrying the cross
to Golgotha
then as the song ended the sky darkened

Nan in spirit came and knelt beside him and gave James our muse yellow roses and begged him to write more

James has a very active aqua stone as does his father . Imho this helps him to have a manifesting voice which allows a clairvoyant audience to see scenery and characters appear in a play . So this stone becomes enlarged with speakers and musos !

Magick ! .....got to love it !!

Aunt Clair
20th September 2007, 09:10 AM
Robert and I chatted
Why is the amber stone so small ?
1 spinal injury
2 a lot of work with higher self
3 transmutation of lower self
4 as sunstone gets engorged amber gets smaller ??

I stone
allows magician to build a mindscape and core image within each stone to leave that self manifested ashram and enter into the universal aspect of the realms more easily

This is the "God I am" stone
generating a "lightness of being "
dwelling with HS/GA 24/7
magenta pink purple is water and earth energy

every yin has a yang
so I asked where is the partner or opposite to this stone
And I was shown it was beneath the magician's heels.

MIRE is earth and water too but it is mud
the mud stone
the pit
get stuck without transmutation
sink within it
it is beneath the mirror
occluding the mirror
a green yellow mostly brown colour

Then I asked why the Gold stone was above his head in July
I was told that the gold and silver stones shift
These are the clasp of the cosmic stones .

That is they shift as the necklace grows larger .
They are an access to the manifestation grid
the sweet spot here on the nexus is the enigma jewel
between infinity and eternity where these intersect .

His HS shows me that the necklace becomes
frail delicate as it stretches ...changes

gold on left over water side
silver on right over fire side
ruby in front over air side
emerald on back over earth side
soon 4 more bicardinally so 8 lozenges
above and 8 below

then he makes a /
from the left hand to the right foot
facing me within the spheres
shows the top and left will be white half of cube
the / bisection
causes the bottom & right or the bottom/ half to be black

each half becomes a hypercube splitting
turning within inside out and doubling
this makes 4 white 4 black
these double also
8 cubes and then his HS shows a blueprint
so from 1 , 2, 4, 8
this will afford an easier split of consciousness to 8 selves
as the energy body doubles

Aunt Clair
12th October 2007, 12:07 AM
Revising the elusive placement of stones .

The golden mystic heart in the floor beneath the magician may have shifted and the silver one above may have too . This pair of stones are the clasps of the necklace of cosmic stones and hold within them the cubes of black and white which cause the necklace to close like a loop or open like a ladder . But there are two loops now above and two more below and it is so difficult to become aware of the stones as they move and undulate . The loops are hung so that one is from top, back ,bottom ,front . And the other is left, bottom, right ,top .
Similar to this image too large to post
I feel that there is also a loop like an equator around the body but I do not see evidence of it yet .

The stationary stones are much more evident ;
REAR ..............................SPINE ...........................FRONT
.........................................I Stone Magenta Earth supra
a full Hermetic set is at this level the previously manifesteed
cloud , sapphire and emerald stones surround this I Stone

Aqua Stone Air Evocation ...CM
.........................................GA Heavens Stone Chartreuse Air
Purple Universal Mind Water LW
........................................MB/S Moon Stone Blues to Indigos Water Head
.Often Dwarfed Amber Star LS
.........................................HS .Sun Stone Yellow Fire Chest
Rose Stone Earth ...............CF
.........................................GD Earth Stone Salmon Earth Abdomen
Mud Stone Brownish....... ....DW Brown Green Yellow Mud Earth Sub Heels

This is so incomplete that it frustrates me . Clearly the body developed
right pillar
emerald ~ emerald island stone above heavens stone
silver ~ was above then came below why ? and where is it now ?
gold ~ ""
ruby ~ What happened to this one ?

left pillar
ivory ~ Cloud Stone
ebony ~ shows up at the thigh then seems to disappear

fixed front pillar

fixed rear pillar

Where are these right and left pillar stones now ?
I theorise that the four supernals rotate above the heavens stone
as a full hermetic set from a crow's eye view ;

* O *
The colours of the right glove of the magician seem to crown the lot . So that Emerald is in the front and the Magenta I Stone might be how the Ruby stone looks now . Silver is on the left and Gold is on the right . They are not level but appear like bubbles one raised above the other becomes prominent on the surface. The Silver was on the top for years and the Gold was on the bottom beneath the feet . Are these two in both places doubled on the clasp or is it a matter of perspective and they are always at the clasp which appears to be above or below the magician ?

The colours of the left glove seem to be split above and below the body . That is that the ivory cloud remains above the head , the sapphire one peeps in and out and remains hard to see . The topaz one I do not recall every seeing and wonder if it is the Mire or mudstone . The ebony or black stone appeared behind the thighs but is not seen there now . Is it hidden by the light of the limbs as they progress ?

The colours of the right hand are on the front of the magician and the colours of the left hand are on the rear .

I think that silver/ gold and topaz / sapphire and ivory /ebony are clasps .

I feel that instead of one double helix unstrung and one loop when closed , that the stones become a sphere of loops in time like lozenges of an orange and that these shifting stones become pairs of clasps . I feel tha

The Mud Stone appears behind the place of the golden heart and clouds it over obscuring it . I wonder if it is a transitional stage . I have seen it on many people though and on myself . It is a reminder not to stand in our own shyte . The dirt of the energy body extrudes mainly through the heels so we must clean it . Walking , swimming , stretching , energy work and lots of water are good . Entering it and healing it with light is better . Take the Energy Awareness into the mudstone and to the centre of the wheel there and with each exhalation breath out in 8 directions cardinal and bicardinally through the wheel .
Oct 07 The energy body becomes a bright magenta dragon .
The trifold flame develops grandly . Revising ,the first flame of kundalini was ascending male fire energy the Sun and Male aspect of Godhead . The second flame descended as the female water energy the Moon and Female aspect of Godhead . The third pink flame rose and fell as the avatar to earth , the son the product of the alchemical marriage . Yellow , Blue and Pink are the trifold flame espoused in the Bible and other esoteric texts .

The fourth flame was a long time later . She was pale green the elusive princess the daughter and the female avatar . The mother of the next 10 nadis . After the 14 principal nadis pass . The kundalini becomes much larger and more profound in its workings .

This month intense pain between the shoulder blades and sharp burning pain in the heels preceding the gathering of 4 ropes of kundalini . The first frout were pencil width like a pinky . These are the progeny of their next generation . These are rope like and heavy thicker than the big toe . The trifold flame looks like a burning onion shaped flame in the heart which could be held in the palm of a child's hand . This flame is as big as a cantaloupe and would require two adult sized palms to hold its girth .It causes the heart to strobe and throw off light of higher energies .

The yellow sun has become golden amoris ,
the blue moon has become silver akasha ,
the pink earth has become a rose quartz coloured ruby ,
the green heaven has become a bright light coloured emerald .

The 4 stones manifest or rather perfect and develop these energies which began to be foreshadowed in the flanking of the limbs . Earlier the body developed 4 teeny stripes of energy within each channel like 4 coloured wires within a cable . Each spoke of the wheel of life in each chakra carried these 4 coloured energies red ,yellow ,blue ,green . Together they form akasha moonlight .This year the limbs became heavy and flanked . Beginning with the forearms which became 4 angels back to back from elbow to wrist . ie On the right arm fire above , water below , earth on the right and air on the left .

The Body manifests pyramidal energy zones like double tetrahedrons but with square bases . Two square based pyramids manifest base to base in each chakra and stone . When these are reversed and move capstone within capstone they form a merkabah shaped star .

image too large to post

This magnifies the energy and is an open position . These occur within the feet and hands after they manifest on the spinal stones and will come to every energy centre .

If all of the body is opened in this manner the body forms a double tetrahedron above and below the waist . These two can be opened to form a star in the body . When fully charged up the magician can protect the room and the home in this manner .

Aunt Clair
13th April 2008, 07:58 AM
As usual after the rubedo works comes a lull, a pause . The body had become crystal internally in the core of each stone .Now around the crystal core came a sheath of elemental energy the reciprocal of the stone . And inside each crystal centre manifested a seed of energy jeweled in colour but hard to see still.

Then after the crystal the entire energy body becomes golden once more and rests for a time. Traditionally this occurs in November , December and January . On the Full moon of February the peacock stage begins with 4 elemental colours changing rapidly as it did in the giants through March , and April .

It seems that the external body goes through dynamic changes and then apparently rests as the internal body develops dynamically .

Sitters this year seem to have parts of Stage I and II or parts of stage II and III .

The colours re occur in three but notable other changes occur too

In stage III , the hands manifested tiny energy centres all around the perimeter as did the feet later . The feet develop tiny to grape size energy centers down from the pinky to the heel and then from the big toe to the heel . The cores at the ball widen across the bridge and an eye or a dragon or cobra may be seen within them too . The instep becomes four channelled like the heart did long ago . The heel moves more slowly being a purge point .

The cores of each stone manifest like this ;
The outer stone begins as a cloud then becoming solid has a cloud in the centre from which a core forms the size of a grapefruit in the reciprocal energy . So the fire sunstone has a water core . This core ripens to become a crystal which revolves like a gyroscope in a crystal matrix but then becomes obscured in a cloud of energy again and sheathed manifests an outer shell of the core . At the same time a tiny jeweled seed manifests within the heart of the crystal . Now the stone itself joins with another stone and paired forms a composite stone . These composite stones or layesch join to form a large body size energy centre .

The auric eggs of the body continue to develop expanding into nested layers greatly increasing the size of the energy body . In stage I the human has or 2 eggs . In stage II they have 2 to 4 in Stage III they have 4 to 6 .

It seems that the transistion from II to III is uneven with many sitters having feet that are differently coloured than their hands . I have not met anyone past stage III yet and will make drawings if they present themselves , then .

Another attribute that characterises stage III is the external channels of energy which should flow now around the body in 8 channels and in the body in 4 with a main channel between all of these . That main channel is described in yogic kundalini as ida pingala and sushumna and actually is a braided channel of 8 paths itself . These primary three are called the trifold flame . The fourth is green . The fifth and sixth are silver and gold . The silver cord and golden cord are two others that are well known . But orange and purple also manifest /

The 8 external channels begin after the 8 internal channels . They start with one going up the front and down the back . And another goes up the right and down the left .. Then these are followed bi cardinally .

I have not completed stage III myself and I seem limited in my sight to what I have accomplished myself and what is just beyond my grasp .

But as I read today , I found people with green feet and blue hands . I found people all in purple . I found sitters all in green . The strong full moon of May should bring the global contagion to the same point as it has done in the past . So this is a time of very rapid growth .

In May at the full moon of Wesak the new stage should begin . Historically mystics would prepare in April to begin new works . It seems the body is aligned with the lunar calendar .

My peers have had a slack time this year , meeting infrequently for circle . I hope that I might complete stage III this month .

It seems the globe is preparing now for the new stage to begin . During this time , the body is in transition trying to become balanced and equally distributed .

But I hope to make more sense of this disequilibrium by reading more sitters . It may be that the peacock works of stage III
has each limb coloured differently afterall, because this has occurred before . When we began to view the energy body about November 2004 , I think , we had 4 differently coloured limbs .
After the Great Work was completed about April of 2005 , I think ;
After the Ruby Obelisk was completed we looked like this in April of 2006, I think
In April of 2007 we loooked like this
In April of 2008
We seem to be have a blue left hand and a green left foot , a red right foot and an orange right hand . But the energy body is unstable seeming all purple on some which usually occurs in November and all green on others which usually occurs in January . Also sitters seems to have part of stage II and part of stage III . So I wonder how this stage will play out .

Globally , its seem we begin part I in May and part II in November and culminate as a multicoloured limbed magician in April the following year . The first full stage took two years noticed in November of 2004 but not completed until April of 200 I have numbered this incorrectly . We are about to complete a stage and this seems like III to me and not IV . I will draw an image after I see more readers . Please volunteer for a free reading this week , thanks .

Aunt Clair
9th June 2008, 04:30 AM
The Full Moon Of Wesak occurs in Taurus annually , and this is at the end of April beginning of May . It is traditionally the highest point of spiritual energy to the world and is celebrated by pilgrims flocking to the Wesak Valley in Northern India
Medeval Alchemists would prepare to begin new Works in April .

This is a summary of the Energy Body Readings given from Full Moon of April to Full Moon of May .
Many people had a Sapphire Blue energy body in April but this had gone to Purple by May

This is a Hierarchy of the Energy Body Readings

Highest First
Final Look of this Stage

Robert Bruce
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In Front of the Energy Body
Robert's Higher Self opened the reading
behind him 4 selves as they fall back a separation and the energy body is the 'God I Am Body'
appearing as a Giant Golden Face within a Golden Aura
projected from the I Stone supernal
giant sized face

golden shining aura
the aura the chakras the body glows
sends out healing
he said
she ni chat che
ki ni chat che
a tetragrammation
of the Goddess like YVWH
this self affords a state of Grace when separated from the physical

a white flame shines through the body
And he instructed this is the I Am Body
which separated from the I Stone

wings behind Robert's throat and another pair in front of his throat
these were flat long like wings of Isis extending a meter either side
and the magical voice is improved

the body is bisected vertically left from right with mirrors
also front from back

mirrors horizontally
under chin
under neck
under shoulders
under sunstone
under hips
a ladder of light

Viewing the back of the energy body
he morphed into a white cobra with golden markings

Beneath the energy body
in what is called the Hanged Man's pose there is a Ruby Forest now
of one central tree beneath the body and 4 at cardinal directions around this

His tree of life is an orchard of oaks
like totemic wisdom sitters have different trees each giving a message ie Sycamore , Ash , Hemlock , Elder , Birch etc.
rounded lollipop canopy emerald above ruby below
5 above 5 below

the energy body manifested four in each bouquet
purple dragons right// aqua horses diving into the sea left
below on the hanged man
forest of red cobras// and orange phoenixes left

Within the energy body
four primary stones have 4 shells
sun fire w/golden inner layer /bright emerald air/ rose earth /purple//crystal //sapphire/fire topaz/air ivory/ebonyearth

the four selves separated behind Robert walked backwards to centre re entering the body
and the chakras of each together on one stalk
but not four at each place but a spiraling stack

the chakras have blossomed !!
Each chakra had 4 facets or rather a spiral of 4 blooms
opening like a spiral staircase
looking like a lotus in full bloom
this looked like a dragon's mouth yawning open widely
these dragon flower chakras spiral upwards from this view
spiralling like the DNA double helix
up and back down again
when the magician is switched on and tuned in

then like over lapping v going upwards Y

then closed appearing spheroid at rest these appeared as ordinary spheroid jewel toned chakras
which seemed like baubles upon a stalk

the effect of this spiraling is to cause energy to flow through the internal organs
restoring sustaining healing

It looked like a snake skin of rainbow coloured flower of life tessellations
moving upwards

could learn the path and draw through that transverse meridian
an element to heal an organ

Hands & Feet
the palms and insteps akashic pyramids consumed by a golden sphere like a sun
pair of cobras back and front like the chakras opening like this }{

trees of life canopy in limbs
from knees / heels
and from elbows/ wrists
rainbow bridge beneath toes and fingers now at heel of foot and heel of hand

the body sets develop in syncronicity :
fingers are as toes
the heel of foot as heel of hand
the eyes are as the gonads
the hips as the shoulders
the knees as the elbows

one colour each toe webbing of pencil thick energy out of toes
wrapping spiraling around the body upwards

from each left toe one colour across the body over right leg
the right toes behind the body around and over left leg
the fingers are male active send the coloured net around as magician will
but the toes are static and flow is set

Kundalini Vision
Robert swallowed by a dragon which looped under ground erupting out then a reversal flow
the dragon birthing him from the mouth like the Biscione
the first kundalini is emanation from God to the magician
this is a reflection an emanation back to God
God gives his light to the human the Goddess sends it back

Above the Crown
Saw the dragon and the phoenix
the Chinese Emperor and Empress
then above his head very large fist sized cobra heads white and black from the head
his bit her head
hers bit his head
the blood pours into ascension channel feeds body
magician brings K to self
================================================== =========================
2) Nearly There

New projection
from the top of the ascension channel
a skull and a spine with magicians face and thin child sized arms no body
floating arms bent at namaste

Viewing from the Front
4 cobras
2 in legs
2 more either side as reflections

Viewing the Back of the Energy Body
7 to 9 cobras from the feet to the crown erupting in a V
a cave within the chasm between the legs
which is gold inside
rose purple outside

Within the Body
cobra of blue spitting fire in Moon Stone, audible hissing
thick golden cobra nested within the Sun Stone

the blossoming of chakras begins at male and female kandas
as 4 on each
these begin the turning
the rest of the chakras single as before
but will become 4 faceted too

the superior and inferior core above and below the kanda
these cause energy to flow to them from the kanda like snake tails

the seed of the sunstone is sapphire filling the crystal making it seem blue now too
also has dragons on first digit of each finger
has the rainbow spiral net from toes too
================================================== ===========================
Within the Body
Within the Earth Stone the emerald is the last core on primary stones to develop

On the Moon Stone
vertical wheel around third eye 8 centres
this is moving on some , up left ear to crown, widdershins
and kanda at the Moon Stone has inner ring of 8 centres and outer ring 8 centres just outside the head
plump jewel toned chakras above and below this

Within the Sun Stone
The core in the centre is crystal with shen golden fire shining brilliantly out through this
nested geoconcentric spheres growing inwards from the core and outwards concurrently

Like the atomic shells
Fire .........../Air Earth /Water /Earth Air/ Fire
1st outer layer/ 4th 3rd /2nd core /3rd 4th /5th Seed within core

The "eyes of sun , air , moon and earth " are swollen round palm sized centres
these are palpable and swollen again and must be developing but they are difficult to see into
Eye of Sun under collar bone
Eye of Moon on small of back
Eye of Earth under navel
Eye of Air behind 'dowager's hump ' back of neck

Beneath the Body
Ruby Tree with fruit upon in Summer
================================================== ==========================
Viewing Front of Body
crossing cobras like an x meridian are on the front and back of the chest
on the shoulder crocodiles erupt mouths towards neck

Beneath The Body
Ruby Tree beneath in Spring with leaves sprouting
================================================== =========================
finger sized cobras
3 at shoulders and hips
purple black rainbow sphere fills inside each stone
ruby tree no canopy leaves winter
================================================== =========================
crescent silver moon on inside thumb
golden sun outside
glowing pulsing orb in palm
x of energy from palm
out index and ring finger
rainbow bridge under eye of fatima
at bridge above palm
and rainbow bridge above and below
heel of hand also
outside of hand blue silver grapes
become rainbow red at heel purple above
inside of hand later,same way

golden cobra stairway heel of hand to elbow
foot has rainbow up inside foot now and as hand
ball of foot tunnel influent
instep orb rolling
heel effluent

4 cobras knees to heels and two more trees as mirrors either side of these
spiraling energy from heel of hand to elbow
================================================== =========================

Aunt Clair
30th September 2008, 01:25 AM
July rushed by I did not do very many readings and did not see much different than what is posted in June on the readings I did . But 4/5 readings today showed drastic differences .

Reading 14 August
This stage is higher than most of the June readings . I consider it below # 1 in most ways but above it in a few others
ie the eyes on the hand sized eyes on the rear stones and the Light of Kether are advances
and yet not above the # 2 reading . Because the chakras are not turning yet .
================================================== ===
as above in June
On one sitter a gargoyle in stone sat like a tamed guardian demon on one shoulder and ruby and sapphired jeweled energy was beneath the sitter in the qlippoth . The dragon had 2 heads facing each other like Lagashian Eagles and the wings were pink purple and blue .
Her HS had brown hair not her own but her GA looked like her but larger in frame . Neither looked exactly like her now . The GA looked younger and the HS looked a dark haired sister that was older .By walking through the mirror a golden eagle flew into her and became behind her as the new "shadow"tree. A blue horse banshee indicated a soul journey .
Billy can stand and morph into a human sized golden naga at will and then form two more snake heads from his shoulders
First , it was apparent that the voice had changed not just in the pitch one would expect from maturity but in its resonance becoming more mellow and more satvic indicative of a higher vibration and greater magical voice and influence .

Pillar of Godhead Light of Kether on highest stone 5th one above head
2.magenta eye I
1.chartreuse heavens
blue to purple moon
orange to yellow sun
salmon to ruby to rose earth
1. Mire mud stone
As we opened hand sized eyes were apparent on the rear of each stone on the body and a few above it also .
There was a channel of warm pink purple energy flowing upward from the centre of the male kanda through the eyes to the top stone which was a pillar of Godhead in miniature . Within this Light of Kether various and random aspects of the Godhead appeared
and the smell was diverse floral fragrances . Each scent seemed to prefigure a different rainbow aspect of this white gold light which then formed briefly an avatar ; Christ , Buddha , Lakshmi , Vishnu , Ganeesha , Mary et cetera .

Down the front came a wide channel of cold blue silver through similar eyes that were not as apparent .

Upon the face a golden third eye appeared to drip orange fire strands of energy . Within the golden orb was a brillian indigo one with the globe as an iris white continents floating like clouds on a blue cobalt sea .

Looking again it appeared like a collander or cheese grater with so many holes extruding chartreuse green energy .From the centre of the spine 4 arcs of energy have manifested like 4 elongated Cs all back to back .

I felt terrible pressure occurred above the third eye as it blistered and open when I connected there meaning that I was behind him here and had not developed that centre which was at the hairline crowning the forehead .

Hilarion appeared and knocked upon his head opening a space like the right fourth an x in shape . Into this he poured akashic beads which hissed like so many bee bees flowing and I felt it as did Billy in the same room .

Then Christ appeared and his body become a golden host which parted opening like a flower and his body within became a silver chalice which shrank and entered another silver chalice below it and into this Christ poured a silver blue liquid which caused the brow centre to strobe and the heart chakra to pulse . The energy felt chaotic and the golden host became purple with a myriad of teeny purple lines interconnecting around it . The buzzing and pulsing gave a feeling of wild expectation almost fear inducing like when one is waiting in queue for the new ride at the carnival that has not been unveiled yet and wondering if they will enjoy it or back down and leave the line .

On either side of the Earth Stone was a reversed image of a black male angel with black hair on the right and a white female with white haired angel on the left . The mother left pillar is black Ama and the father right pillar is white Abba so this is reversed indicating we are in the qlippoth orientation and upside down again . Also energy runs up the front and down the back but it seemed reversed in this attunement .

Within the stones the chakras seemed to have changed colours too because of the effect of a larger layer of energy around them . These chakra layers were observed before many years ago in 1999 . And I have not seen them since . I have seen layers around the core . The core layers continued to developed increasing sophistication in design . But the chakras layers seemed to no longer be evident until today . I feel that earlier energy was consumed perhaps to manifest new growth and that these stone core layers are more stable .

The body was now all warm pink purple and remained so . The hands were too hard to see now .The flare though was a long shallow bowl shape now .

And the feet lagged behind and it was evident that the rainbow centres above the ball of the foot had two rainbows moving from purple pink at the centre to red at the edges and two more converging from reds to the south point purple pink .

and the left fourth of an x was missing from the instep and before the reading of the foot was over the right fourth was removed also . It began to blossom that quickly and fill up with energy centres I feel that it was the side chakras opening which seemed to block the view causing an appearance of something being removed .

Kuthumi appeared , "Look at this ! " He showed that the bands on each stone had grown to be thick striated pliant energy that was like a polymer but more dense like playdough . One set of bands at each primary stone on the body and one above as one below . These bands were a meter wide and made the energy body appear like stacked toadstools.

Below the body there is ruby and sapphire jewelled energy in the qlippoth region.
Mother of the Universe appeared in golden starlight and stood passively before us yet it all stopped and the body became calm once again .

Aunt Clair
30th September 2008, 01:27 AM
30 Sept 08 New Moon
quadropolar jewel toned sphinx
lion eagle bull angel leviathan dragon

stage I
erupting from back of heart two small pairs of wings a hands width and 750 cm long
one pair of Tiny black Dragon wings centre of back behind the heart
and one pair of white swan Angel Wings beneath

Two heads silver fish head dragon with white nail teeth in the back
Blue feather headed eagle dragon in front

stage II
five heads
ruby rear bull head like a minotaur
golden right lion as if made of metal
sapphire left eagle beaked dragon face
emerald front feather headed angel
dragon snout and 4 dragon teeth
silver fish head nail tooth leviathan centre

golden serpent tail

red bull back of legs
green angel front of legs
golden lion back of arms
sapphire eagle front of arms

eagle talon front of hands
lion paw bottom of hands

arched owl eyebrows front
4 large dragon teeth in cheek and below cheek in jaws

wings are emerald gossamer dragon on top and arched 4 metres long
and stained glass ruby swan feather angel wings below arched and also 4 metres long

caduceus staff with four figurines emerald angel front ruby bull rear
golden lion right and sapphire eagle left
and silver serpent dragon in centre

The lessons at this time are about doubling and spltting the monad which appears as two jelly fish like shapes of light one inverted over the other an umbrella over a bowl . The umbrella represents this world's tree of life and this universe's monad and the bowl represents the next one which recieves us . The human will continue to live on this planet but will also become a world walker living on other planets to learn and to build up the light quotient of the energy body and the monad .

Tuesday 39 Sept 08 Reading of Sorlac

Sorlac is at stage III of the sphinx so it is not complete afterall

The body seemed to be split into four full bodied animals pulling away from each other at the feet .
The right side was a golden furry lion frozen paws out jaws open in a pounce looking fierce
the rear was a ruby or crimson minotaur who had furry "pants" and hooves for hands and feet his face looked rubbery like hellboy and he seemed confused and frightened this is the lowest self state .The left was a majestic silver bluey white akashic eagle posed in flight ready to capture prey with its talons and the body of this eagle came only to the human knees in heighth . The front was a Janus headed two faced emerald angel
a face towards the future and a face towards the past . The heads were feathered the angel wore roman sandleboots and a toga the wings were archangelic and emerald also .

Inside the chest was a purple cloud at the core of the sunstone in this the heart was encased in an akashic dragon's egg entwined by two serpents silver and gold . I heard the quickening is at hand .

Then a dragon was seen to swallow the organs and burst upwards to the crown swallowing the heavens consuming the sun , the moon and the stars . The sun is Gold God Father Abba and Fire . The moon is Blue Silver white Goddess Mother Ama and Water . What are the stars ? Are these us the children of heaven ?

Over the entire sphinx was the great Father dragon bursting at the seams as the old skin shed . The egg at the feet yesterday has hatched and the Son consumes the inner body as the Father consumes the outer body .

The antekarana has become like an os capable of opening and closing to become as large as a dinner plate across the greater diameter of the head and then some . It has manifested an inner reciprocal pillar of light . The naturally occuring one is golden and silver white light stationary or very slowly moving and now a purple thin walled pillar of light has manifested within the greater pillar and it moves widdershins within the deosil golden pillar .

And as seen during reading with Adam G / Flash hound
orange pillar inserted down right leg from groin to heel
this was painful for me
each pillar was the size of small arm bone in diameter
indigo pillar down left leg
chartreuse pillar up left arm
and rose pillar up right arm

These are the elemental colours of the legs manifesting into the arms and the elemental colours of the arms into the legs

At this stage the Hanged Man has feet at our shoulders now when we tune in and the energy body lifts up standing on the shoulders of the physical body .

Also a golden ring of energy like an outer pillar slowly was seen to move down from the shoulder to the end of the fingertips . This looked like golden sleeves to heal from inside the arm to the palm and with this pillar outside of the arm also .

Stage V 8 Oct
The energy body is entirely purple rose .But the e energy body dragon had a skeletal neck and was bright emerald green the shade exactly reciprocal to that shade of purple in the head and body .

A kanda occurred at the centre of the sunstone bisecting it last year . Now a flat round kanda bisects the moonstone and the earthstone , vertically . The satellite energy centres of the brow centre were seen to halve and double on some . Others already had that occur . And cores are continuing to gain outer spheroid shells and seeds within concurrently . Some earthstone cores looked like clusters of concord grapes in a pre big bang which explodes the satellite energy centre outwards to form the new satellite like the ones in the brow centre . Many have thoe first like 8 moons around the brow centre core . Some have a white air moon outside and purple water moon inside on the bi cardinal points and a red earth sun inside and an orange fire sun outside on the cardinal points .

The energy centres halfway between the ankles and knees and halfway between the wrists and elbows are manifesting outer spheroid shells now .This is causing the vibes to build up but there is difficulty in OBE a lot of false starts and incomplete separations as these grow and are out of sync .

One mini kundalini event occurred during reading with Fluxion . Silver blue nadis appeared in the base of the moonstone growing up from the crown . Longer thicker rainbow coloured red , orange , green and blue nadis are growing up from the centre kanda of the male tan tien or Earthstone . And down from it towards the male kanda called the throne of God . A base of the spine flame radiated out engulfing all the nadis in the Throne of God and then pulsed upwards towards the crown and caused the strobing of the brow centre and a purple cloud of energy to engulf the entire energy body which was seen to pulse at the heart with an aqua green energy and at the crown with aqua blue like a yamakah or scull cap .

Hands and Feet
An electric green fern like snake wiggled like an electric cable snapped and live from the heel of the hand towards the middle finger in a vision of what will be there . Tiny thin neon blue threads of energy radiate up the fingers and begin to go up the toes also . The heel has an emerald green floating spinning orb at the core and an eye manifests on some now . The rainbow coloured pencil eraser sized dots of energy centres are now on the inside of the foot from the heel to the big toe as they were before on the outer foot from the pinkty to the heel . The rainbow centres cascade down from either side of the centre like two spines in an arch over the ball of the foot and the heel so that purple is at the centre and then these move down to become indigo , blue , green , yellow , orange and red at the widest part of the base of the ball of the foot .

On Fluxion the archangel projected as GA but without a face . The HS was in full colour and had his face . Many are being guided to fulfill an apprentice angel service in dreamstate at this stage . And the HS seems to be bring the magician in projection to family spirit homes . Also the feild of souls is needing to be cleansed again . Symbollcally this is seen as clearing and hewing old growth forest and allowing room for new life . But in a very real sense it means to divorce those soul group connections that are a pain in the arse so that you can move on and to rekindle the connection with those soul group connections that are beloved . The magician moves that whcih raises the vibration closer to self in the next incarnation and moves that whcih is deleterious further away . So the partner that has plagued us through many past lives can now become a nasty mother in law instead but they will not be in the immediate home as a child . Some breathing room is afforded by the magician who has already endured the painful lessons at that soul's hands .

Stage VI Friday 10 Oct
The ascending magician was cautioned not to merge the LS and GD but instead to merge the HS and GA . When the mirror rose from the feet to the heart to the crown then the hanged man is enlightened and nested in the body of the magician for a time . Then the LS and GD projected , after an attunement from Thoth .
http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/ ... 818.0.html (http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,2818.0.html)
The LS and GD have united to form a splendid sphinx . The front left is an emerald archangel with the magician's face . The rear left is a purple swan winged dragon . The rear right is a bearded disciple in linen biblical gab wearing the apostlic Garment of Light and the front right is the golden armoured magician wearing their own face .

Stage VII Saturday 11 OCt
The cores of the Sunstone and the Moonstone have been bisected by a tiny round flat kanda. Teeny blue white filaments manifest from the ceiling kanda and the basal kanda of each stone meeting each other to surround the core in circle of thread sized nadis .A golden cage like structure occurs around the core of the sunstone which is spheroid consisting of strip channels as if two wheels of life each with 8 spokes had been curved to form two hemispheres and connected to form a sphere . This cage is silver blue in the Moonstone . The Earth Stone has not manifested this yet .

The skeletal neck of the dragon has fleshed up in the back in the front golden horizontal channels of energy are viewed like so many shelves of gold between the vertebrae .

1st November 2008, 09:04 PM
as my eyes evolve I am beginning to enjoy reading your posts more and more Aunt Clair, thanks alot, maybee one day I'll understand it all :lol:

you and Robert buddies then? It would be good to hear about more of the esoteric adventures you've had with him.

Aunt Clair
2nd November 2008, 12:25 PM

Stage I . 1 November 2008 Online Circle Reading
the stones have blossomed like a lotus ;
vortex @ belly-button, I saw as blue (you as pink I think), flower there with pinecone shape above it
vortex @ sun stone, golden, crystal shape here in place of pinecone that opened up with something inside (forgot what)
vortex @ moon stone, green vortex I think, green flower at first but became very large and had many colors3rd iris channel, open for fire flow down spine and filling of the body, barrier @ middle of heart, blockage @ throat (not me), fountain out top, fire combining with purple veil and neutralizing (potentially related to the K / anti-K)

Robert stood inside an emerald dragon's neck the body hidden beneath the ground

the entire body was golden and surrounded with a rose coloured sheath of energy all inside this emerald dragon
notably water is absent

the body is thirsty needing water it waits to drink the moon
akasha should be brought down the crown into the orange tube inside the spine
the orange fire boils the akasha but it escapes as steam
so bring the akasha up from the earth to the male kanda and upwards to the heart
these streams of akasha will pool in the sunstone and boil
this exercise will feed the stones and nourish the energy body

Robert reports that this is similar to a Qi Gong method which draws akasha up the Hara line to the belly and the resulting steam rises through the body .

He stood in a purple 10 or 12 pointed star about a metre across surrounded by that rose sheath pillar of energy around the body

The feet have a basketball sized crystalline structure around them the instep has split to either side and has four satelliting centres
The toes have tight rose bud like structures emitting away from each , these mirror the length of the toes
There are 14 teeny rainbow chakras red at centre purple at the sides of the bridge and heel of the hands and feet

Robert reports he has seen these clairvoyantly
The hands are advanced to the feet the basketball sized energy centre around the hand has blossomed
orange fire nadis emerge from the left water hand
and purple water nadis emerge from the right fire hand
these encircle the spheroid energy centre and appear like thick threads of energy dancing like fire
the centre of the palm has 8 centres nested like the arm with the x showing at the palm the + disc beneath it which is smaller
when he flared with elbows bent and hands upright a rainbow of four arched colours spread from palm to palm above the hands
and in an ellipsoid shape these rose purple stars appeared to stud an arch below it

as the hand turns the rainbow arch appears from the bridge of the hand to the heel
He has 5 stones above the head and two showing beneath the ground
one just beneath the feet as mire and one equidistant below known as Yahweh
the three between are clear and incompletely manifested
newly manifested clear centres become neon white blue then jewel toned in colour in 3 progressive stages
Robert reports that he has been developing his clairvoyance to view the energy body in trance also
and that the fingers have had rainbow coloured plumes like turkey feathers emitting from the ends of each
when he flared these were briefly witnessed by me . These seemed like a 4 coloured strings of light projecting from fingertip and curving in a wide arch back towards the palm . These were a bit longer than the fingers themselves .

The Energy Body stands within a vertical round pillar of light which is purple to rose in colour surrounding this is a pillar of golden white light
other pillars radiate through this like branches
With arms extended to the side a pillar of rainbow colours is manifested parallel to the floor

beneath this from the back through the front of the heart is a similar golden pair of pillars which are parallel to the floor
beneath this through the belly two pairs of such pillars are beginning to manifest in a X the rose one on top moving outwards from the right leg
the one beneath moves outward from the left

In confirmation of our observations of the stones blossoming yesterday , as noted above , Robert reports that he saw ,on Patricia, a six pointed star crystal over her heart chakra surrounded by 12 petals with a deity above it . Robert remarks that this is like the ancient Vedic images of the chakras . On Robert this star is a crystalline structure like a merkabah formed from 4 obelisks

Inside the the Moonstone his core has become indigo and surrounded by pink moving flame like energy
4 pillars stud the core vertically , horizontally and at an X like a merlabah
in my own head and in other magicians too strange golf ball sized headaches have preceded this stage especially to the right and left of the eyebrows and to the right and left of the chin under the centre of the cheeks
the result is greater clairvoyance and clairaudience

The right arm has a sheath of red now around the orange fire arm and purple around that
The left arm has a green sheath around the blue arm and a rose sheath around that

On Robert energy spirals around his arms now
moving from the outside of the arm stowards the inside
I was taught that the heart pulls this energy towards it
The heart is the opposite polarity of energy being positive

Inside the arm the larger energy centres at the wrist , elbow and shoulder and between these joints are x quartered discs
N green air
E indigo water
S red earth
W orange fire

Behind each disc is reciprocal energy in a + quartered disc with
NW amber
NE rose
SE purple
SW aqua

" A body in motion will remain in motion"
attaining perpetual motion is a spiritual goal to maintain physical and spiritual health

Like wire around a nail forming an electromagnetic , the action begun by the manifestation of the rear disc behind each limb chakra manifests a reciprocal flow inside this moving in the opposite direction away from the body ie widdershins on the left arm and deosil on the right

The legs are beginning this outer movement but remain behind the arms .

The throat has manifested a greater chakra from the nose to the shoulder which grows inward rather than flower like chakras blossoming outward the throat appears to have this 4 faceted diamond shape with loops at cardinal directions drawn in a continuous path sort of like a beltway cloverleaf this shape appears to stud the sphere around the chakra as well as layering a tube like structure in the energy body throat
the result is greated magical voice ; command , evocation , invocation and manifestation

AIR ............. Emerald Teal stone w/ pink roses around it and within it
the pink rose energy compassion for the world
this is the SHEKINAH STONE
mushrooming like a canopy of a tree upwards and out of the Tree of Life
This was the first time I saw this stone and I entered it
like other stones there was a personal mindscape ;
which in this case with the spirit of Robert's deceased mother
who was bright and beautiful and spoke articulately instructing globally and more personally too

and there was a universal mindscape too ;
I saw Images of lillies exploding from a round deep canopied sapphire Tree of Life
rising out of the stone below
and erupting through an emerald and pink stone
which rolled like a yin yang and is complete enough to enter
within a mother energy the Goddess
first the mother of this self appeared and instructed
and then the mothers of the world like crones around a milky steaming pool of mist
so this is a place to scry within this stone

AIR ............. Emerald Teal w/ pink roses SHEKINAH STONE mushrooming like a canopy of a tree upwards and out of the Tree of Life
WATER ........ Indigo Sapphire ?
FIRE .........Golden Orange TREASURE STONE
EARTH ........ Magenta Eye /I STONE

AIR crown Chartreuse HEAVEN STONE
FIRE chest Yellow SUN STONE
AIR ? thigh
WATER ? knee
FIRE ? feet
EARTH below feet Black MIRE STONE

Aunt Clair
16th December 2008, 10:48 AM
37 Stage III
D 2 Nov 08
* microcosm like the one in the heart has begun to manifest in the core of the moonstone
* ascension channel purple and as wide as the body filling it
* curtain pillar of light that was silver golden and white light encircled us about 3 metres in diameter .
* new apertures 6 ft above and below the body
* golden tunnel above floating in bright clouds
* silver cord has become a thin pencil sized tube inside of this is a orange fire filament
* Akasha boils in the orange tube manifested within the ascensin channel
* wave of energy down the spine splashed upwards then crashed backwards on the spine again
* rose vortex issued out of the navel half a meter away from the body .
* external centre blossomed into a white lotus with rainbow points of light
* above this came a spheroid pine cone shape
* two tiny flowers hand sized above the mouth and the third eye.
* First Gate of Hell was just below our feet a sombre indigo a Yesod of the Tree below nightmarescape of being absent from God and alone .
* 24 faceted merkabah of indigo and purple with roses around it
*Ama spheroid energy centre 6 ft above the top stone a bare abyss between
this newly manifested energy centre is ebony silver and white
it is 150% the size of the stones below it

Stage IV
*Abba large ebony center at the barrier way above the head (purple inside), this complementary center is below the hanged man's head and not formed yet, but will be white and golden on the inside the bottom half has begun to form the top is clear
* emerald green crocodile heads at hips
* head is annunaki and has tiny eyes on the rear and top of the head
* 9 tarot cards width of energy body above
* a tiny purple pulsing jet forming a tree then with the next breath it is gone again beginning in feet
* the tree breathing from the palm of the black hand also
*the thumb has a much larger tree breathing in and out of it
* a small rod of purple white from the thumb to the wrist in the heel of the hand
* brow centre is blurry as new energy centres like satellites are forming outside the head at cardinal points
* magician has four male forms tethered at the feet standing leaning forward facing outwards in golden
* female aspects sitting leaning forward facing inwards

* in treasure stone 2 behind 2 in front
mother daughter
....magician .....
son ......father
the magician within a linga in the centre
pavati taught that the unaware is in that sacred stone entrapped

*Magician at rest sits in a golden curtain of light which can warm the stone and release the magician
but as the magician walks in the desert they can not be on fire or their feet will burn
this burning is felt in the nervous system of the physical body like when the magician tries to enter a stone of the same fire into fire polarity
the body in the stone is too heavy to walk the energy body unused silent unaware
but the fire of another melts the stone
* egg in our bellies ready to lay when we can grow the ovipositor which is now the monkey's tail
* below our pelvis a third leg growing a channel S shaped to the knees
* between the knees a bar silver on left gold on right from knee to knee
* at the throat where a mature s formed a snake from the heart to the mouth .
* 5 amethysts crystals each a different elemental energy within said Logitek 7
* head of this S shaped serpent in a buttery white lotus

Stage V
* peristalis like action from pelvis to crown 1000 petal lotus Sahasrara above the head
* two antennae from above the crown 3 coconut sized energy centres on each bowing down with the weight
* ovoid energy centres like an eye on surface of each stone
*first eye manifested above the breasts in the Sun Stone
* 2nd above belly button in Earth Stone
* 3rd above the nose in the Moon Stone
Stage VI
* branches to the right and to the left into each stone except a cluster of 3 energy centres at canopy
* manifest the moon blossoms on the top of each stone first then to "paint" stones golden with sun
* energy body is the Akaddian Tree of Life a long and golden oval with branches into the stones networking
* blue cord below radiating downwards like roots
Stage VII
* a newly manifesting stone clear crystal currently incomplete the Anti Kether or the Kether beneath
* our own aspect of a demon within the centre
* bright Green neon spiral from feet to head
* emerald cobra with golden belly , dormant asleep Pre-K
* eat fire within the floor and send it down the throat making a new channel like a third tree !
Stage VIII
M 24 Nov 08
* insect sphinx self neither evil nor good it a golum in the form we manifest
a protector or a destroyer sort of as you will creature
* out of the heart erupted a crystal obelisk shard
* behind the heart ; a reflection of that and a smaller incomplete shard
* feet became heavy as if standing in water below the knees a river of akasha from knees to feet

Aunt Clair
16th December 2008, 11:03 AM
38 . MULTIDIMENSIONALITY~the keeper of the keys
Stage I
Various realms open around the magician at once like round sheets of a dimensional plane
into which they can project
ringed sheet portals on the front opened in emerald , sapphire and purple
those on the back in rose orange and pink
like this :

above us the Elohim realm with a myriad of angels in a yellow sky ~ amoris white ring of golden energy
from heart to the shoulders was shamballah ~ air green ring with green realm
at the waist the castle and the knights ~ akasha blue ring with silver realm
at the knees there was the sisters ~Fire purple ring with orange realm
below us the magical realm with a pink sky and faeries appearing ~ Earth pink ring

* energy body is a conical crystal the length of the energy body
* each kanda a lotus of crystal upon it
* cold dormant serpent rose around the body in one direction its mate evidently absent
takes 2 to form the cadeucus .
* transverse spiral from the inside of the elbow to the outside of the wrist manifested on the arms
* a similar one from knees to feet is not evident yet but it is expected
* sea of peacock feather coloured eyes on a matrix of light webbing encased the crystal
* behind us a tree of life from the orange chakra, each centre will manifest a tree of life
* each Tree of Life has a microcosm within it
* within the palms the microcosm manifests as it was in the heart at the beginning of this path

Stage II
D 30 Nov 08
* white spine
* golden staff pillar of energy inserted up back of nape of neck
* hair rainbows~red in centre purple at end 14 strands like dreadlocks hanging down
* red huge rose on right elbow white rose daughter elbow

* octupus like energy channels
from left leg
right leg
right hip
shadow right leg
monkey tail
shadow left leg
left hip
8 thick tubes or channels of energy
Pawel saw green at 12 or front then purple yellow red
draw energy up each to store in belly

*tube to shins around us
* a wall shoulder height thinner forming 6 petal lotus buttery white yellow centre
* all thesestructures to manipulate and control energy storage

* more cords braided bright silks jewel tones pencil size but half metre length as hair hanging down
tube like from belly down frpom yellow chakra

* sand in right hand of Christ,metallic wires in left hand of Christ
permanence vs sand which falls away

* Isis says she shall give us the shoes her staff forms x through body above yellow chakra or through it

* divine core 8 spheres large as a window or an adult human curled up in ball
between crystal 8 faceted in center crystal to left purple dome to right yellow dome

Stage III
S 13 Dec
* Malkuth is Rising again
* the gates fling open again as if hinged away from the centre
* gates are stacked alternately like a zipper of sorts
* energy body stage will cause the gates to fling open and for the spheres to bubble upwards
* this affords visions and a higher vibration . It occurs naturally .
* the spinal ascension channel is pillared on 4 sides forming a rhombus shaped prism
* pillars are to the right and left , and to the front and back of the physical spine
* 4 less manifested pillars at bicardinal directions which are much less obvious and difficult to see unless a stage colours them up for a time .
* within the spine are 4 internal channels much smaller ; ida , pingala , sushumna and the princess
* and there are 4 less manifested ones at bicardinal directions forming a Wheel of Life in the spine
* Yesod appeared empty in Fluxion,heard it was eclipsed by the sun lying together in Tipareth
* Malkuth was in the place of Yesod on Sorlac and heard it was ripening .

* we should take care to keep the belly clean during this stage .

Aunt Clair
16th December 2008, 11:19 AM
S 13 Dec 08 Stage I another version of the God I Am Body begins
a. golden Buddhic statue no face limbs fixed to body and feet cemented on lotus , asleep
b. akashic spheres around us , encased in silver bubbles
c. crystalline (Quan Yen on female magician )no longer expressionless and with useless limbs
* lotus blossoms beneath the golden Buddhic statue whithered away

D 14 Dec 08 Full Moon
attained Kether or is it the anti Kether ?
the crown beneath us but above the head of the hanged man
in each an aspect of evil self ,a test
still an emanation of Godhead like the God I Am body
mirror angel
a.wings from above shoulders straight like flanks one either side of the body
b. set of 4
c. as we project to the pillar before the magician see through the mirror another set of 4 angels

Stage IV Giant white silver dragon energy body
consume our energy body and enlarge
consume our home, enlarge
consume our ashram ,enlarge
and consume our town ,then the world ,attuning it, raising it with love and light and by that ,ourselves too
then to swallow the planet and passing this through us like a marble of light ,we raise it and ourselves

Stage V
energy body is white silver crystalline sparkling and clear and much longer now
long and joined as two obelisks of crystal at the floor and studded with lotus blossoms again at each stone on some of us these whither soon and fall away .Through each stone another shaft of obelisk shaped crystal pertrudes perpendicular to it and parallel to the floor .

Stage VI
M 15 Dec 08
*hour glass crystal over magician
*dome over seated magician and inverted over that another dome
* divine consciousness brain of God manifests where domes meet
* octupus from left leg trunk right leg right hip shadow right leg monkey tail shadow left leg
left hip 8 tubes
* pawel saw green at 12 front then purple yellow red
* can draw energy up each to store in belly
* tube to shins around us through floor
* an energy wall shoulder height thinner forming 6 petal lotus buttery white yellow centre
will b3 6 pointed now a yellow triangle to manipulate control energy storage
* cords braided bright silks jewel tones pencil size half metre length as hair hanging down tube like from belly
down from yellow chakra
* metallic wires in left hand of Christ
* isis says she shall give us the shoes her staff forms x through body above yellow chakra and through it
* divine core with 8 spheres large as a window or an adult human curled up in ball
* 8 faceted in center crystal
* to left purple dome to right yellow dome manifesting also

T 16 December 08
Stage VII
claddagh rings to pass through the 2nd gate
manifested a crown of light and entered into it as if a room
around us inside upon turrets every colour of jewel toned dragons
around us outside swam demons in the wind
within the inner crystal was the Christ child in white light gowns and golden crown

Aunt Clair
17th January 2009, 02:12 PM
39 . Energy Body Readings S 27 Dec 08

To begin with there were 8 apparent auric shells
and her inner aura was profused with imagery of totems , and tarot card images and diverse visions which were of a positive but personal nature to her including chariot , lovers , tower , sun and moon imagery .

Angelic Form
Her mirror angels extended from inside the body outward on a wheel like a + in cardinal directions to manifest as 12 akashic angels on the ground level looking tethered together at the feet and having only outer arms with the central angel of each triad being taller
so ;

......short head tall head short head
arm body ............body........... body arm
.......................a pair of feet

Notable differences from previous stages include :
the throat was much further developed around outer edge an akashic woven mesh tube structure revolved very slowly moving widdershins it was like a fine fly wire or screen made in X over x instead of a square weave . She reports that she is aware of this manifesting there .

Moon Stone or Head
She hears clairaudiently but has chosen to block sight during waking state although she sees in dreamstate or projection . She is not fully certain why she has partially occluded clairvoyance . She has continued to enjoy viewing energy and examining attributes of gender , colour and physical appearance within energy such as noting which energies are male or female and examining the divine light and comparing that to the bi polar aspects that combine to create it which we call sun and moon . Inside the Moon Stone are two thick rubbery white centres behind and over the physical eyes which resemble giant sink plugs .

She has only two satellite energy centres around the core and these are developed over the ears unusually instead of over the third eye and behind it .She has a well developed superior wheel above the core with 4 centres curiously and the inferior wheel is similar with 4 centres too . The core was akashic crystal in appearance and hummed beautifully and turned a bit faster than the throat tubular structure however she remarks that the flow reverses from widdershins to deosil every 20 to 45 minutes .

Sun Stone
The chest had a brilliant indigo nebulous cloud spinning within it and was bright amber on the outside . 4 satellite cardinal energy centres

Earth Stone
Extending from the Earth Stone upwears was a helical white cobra of energy which had a reciprocal cobra forming a difficult to view clearer cobra completing a double helix loop . A wheel of 8 energy centres satellite the core .

There are paisley flames above each finger tip but the thumbs and index fingers are notably stronger fingers . A Yin Yang cshpe of purple moon and orange sun sphere is manifesting above the palm a much smaller one behind the back of the palm

For the first time I was able to see deeper into the foot to view some but not all of the organ centres peculiar to reflexology in which I am not trained . I saw two bright centres over her left foot under the middle and ring toes these were orange and purple . I forget but i believe that the purple was on the outside of this pair . And a place under the big to on the right foot which was in relative blockage aooeared swollen clairvoyantly like a grapestain bruise . This extended up the leg spiraling a bit across the pelvis to the opposite shoulder under which was a black stripe energy structure which resembles the one under the big toe . She was aware of issues which have healed related to these markings .

Stones above the head
included heaven , I , Yahweh , Shekinah , and a fifth stone which I do not recall entering upon my own body until last night . Within this I saw a crystal clear triangular based pyramid filling the stone encased within a clear cube revolving within this spheroid stone
and within the pyramid saw a form of self as a younger nude self bowing and kneeling on one knee the other knee erect parallel to the spine and both arms hunkered down to meet the knuckles upon the floor the kneeling foot formed the third point of this triangle behind me .My head was bowed and the body was golden and the size of an action figure or a smaller scale like a younger sister of a barbie doll . I was immature about 12 years old . In synchronicity Robert Bruce spoke of a Peter Pan self .

World Walker
Patti expresses a chevron of chakras over top of her human spinal chakral column which is from another lifeform of sentient being which resembles a green preying mantis . I do not have any other world memories or markings but she does and Robert does and our son Billy does too .

On the back of her spine like an ellipsoid turtle shell was the expression of another sentient being which I have only seen once before on Heidi Mulder a world walker with 12 energy body impressions and past and concurrent life memories . This form appeared with Patti and spoke of the evolutionary process upon that planet . This invertebrate being was pink golden in the energy body and had tiny fringe like appendages resembling protozoa but encircling the entire being which was about the length of a human from the neck to the waist . It undulates to move like a snail and to swim gracefully also . It can assumer a taller shape and humously formed itself into the silhouette of a lotus pose Buddha . This gelatinous creature is amphibious highly sentient and enjoys living through the minds of humans and other current incarnations . It enjoys a benevolent observation of other aspects of its universal monad .

Crystal Akashic Conical Field
There is a conical revolving energy field around and through Patti 's energy body which is like a Christmas Tree in shape beginning far above the head and extending to the ground .

Aunt Clair
17th January 2009, 02:13 PM
39. Robert Bruce
Energy Body Readings S 27 Dec 08

Variations from above include ;

As Robert healed my spine I could see his hands become white hot like molten silver and bright red energy entered continuously in stripes around the hand into the palm on either side of the wrist and above it in a X .A sphere of equal size to the palm satellited the hand above 3 cm above below and to the right and left of the centre of the palms . He instructed me to place palm up and spread my fingers . As I did this , an akashic tube like a tyre manifested above my palm around the sphere which was like the akashic tube in Patti's throat .

Feet ;
upon the feet the curving inner energy centre of the big toe was seen and with open eyed clairvoyance a small purple centre near the left side of the left foot was extruding energy pushing out toxins as the lower legs continue to heal . Robert spoke of the Peter Pan body and the regeneration of a more youthful healthy form within . His lower legs are healing remarkably well . His face was radiant as was the face of his fiance Patti above . The outer view of the energy body is balanced and brilliant and does not reflect the previous concern of diabetes . The inner meridians and myriad of areas observed in reflexoology are only beginning to be observed by me in clairvoyant readings and these showed where the body was still cleaning itself .

The red stripe in the reflexology image below the big toe was evident for the first time to me on both Patti and Robert . But it was a dark sapphire to purple colour not red .
The swollen spot that was extruding a puss like energy removing toxins was not on this sciatic nerve spot but to the outside of the foot on either foot . My daughter Debbie is confident that this unmapped area is the lower legs .
http://www.commonscents.ca/assets/image ... _chart.jpg (http://www.commonscents.ca/assets/images/Reflexology_chart.jpg)

wheels of mirror angels just like on Patti above but;
the angels stood close together but separate having their own limbs now in arms, hands , legs and feet . Still the central figure was taller .

And he manifested a Hermetic Tier of Angels ;
a golden orange fire set above the head half the size of the adult
a rose red earth set around the body
an indigo blue water set below the body in the hanged man
and a half sized chartreuse air set below this

His highest self instructed that the holiest place on the magician now is below this it is pure holy and ,as Patti said, " more compassionate" because it has been transmuted and cleaned through work .

Floral OS centre of chakras and stones
A floral os was seen to appear like a starfish but with 8 legs like a wheel of life these legs opened on either side to right and left as a mouth as the centre moved out and away from the sphere to ppen it also forming this wide open mouth at the front centre of the solar plexus where he demonstrated this . When the chakra closes this reverses and the star disappears into itself .

Aunt Clair
17th January 2009, 02:19 PM
This reading is not entirely beyond the last stage,yet . The blue boldtyped exceptions are at this emergent step of a new stage ;

*The pillar of the ears is a new development as is the bell imagery in the chest indicating sound and some development of clairaudience .

*Olive sized centres manifest on either side of the nose tip beneath the tear ducts .

*There are external nadis forming a seahorse from the eye of air to the third eye

39 continues. Saturday 830 pm 17 Jan 2009
I. Lesson
There was a short stooped straight white hair in a pony tail , old woman with purple eyes and cane in left arm . She drops the cane then and holds a large Book of Life open above the head which becomes a purple silver cobra with diamond third eye which becomes a tree of life right golden purple left silver purple . She says to Pawel "You are like honey to me though you are from my monad ,I gain wisdom from watching you "She is an ancestor to Pawel that has united with angelic consciousness and taught us both now .She became a sleeping purple Ganeesha and then herself again as she invited us to project to the great rock on beach realm where we sit and get messages from spirit . She traced a line of energy from third eye to dowager hump on back of neck called the Eye of Air .This becomes a teal seahorse with nadi fringe down its spine .She gave us 2 exercises to remove blockages shaped like golden corn cobs from ears ...lol ...to have a clear ear ;
Draw energy into throat, out Eye of Air, over the back of head to crown and into third eye .Repeat until energy runs in this loop fast , clean and clear then move this out from the core of the moonstone out the right and left ear .
B .
Buddhas earrings are huge now ! Move energy out the ears to the shoulders into the Eye of the Sun and up to the core , repeat making 2 hoop earrings half the size of the head .
C .
Pillars of the Ear are forming now from the head to the heart with energy centres lined up through the ears going from ;
above the crown
above the ears on either side of head
above ear lobes
below ear lobes
at the jaw
collar bone
above breasts
and in that line to pivot a golden bell kundalini image within the Sunstone . This was shown by Quan Yen ,see below. Draw energy into tops of these pillars and down to heart ,then back up again .Repeat until energy runs clean fast and clear .

Then Yemaja appears standing between two crashing waves to either side . Appearing as a pregnant mother wtih long wild braids flying in wind . Two sea serpent tails are above her head criss crossing down her body and below the head of her ":hanged man " energy body below . This is imagery indicating that Father Kundalini is coming again . It will be an external event this time ; cold and wet , descending , cleansing , chaotic . She shows a violent ocean and lightning in the deep sea .And then there was calm and a giant sea sponge with a whale hiding within it appeared like a guppie.The lesson was that if we kill the whales we kill ourselves .They are her pets ,her children . She says ; innocent ,defenseless,harmless .Shelter them !

Then she shows a wave of children as a new vibration of kids that have clear auras like tears on the left and rain on the right just beyond indigos or crystal and octarine.

And then Quan Yen appeared .She became a giant white crescent moon and sat us on her lap .She picked up his right arm and wrote with a deep black brush strokes ,saying something like ."On- y -ah -hah -sha "

And a golden bell appeared in her chest which she took out and placed over Pawel's head .She thunked it with a fingernail and said to listen better more clearly now and gave us Pillars of the Ear which I saw for the first time today .And two olive sized centres manifested under the tearducts on either side of the top of the nose erupted and felt wet

II Reading
Aura many personal totems

and a golden bell tiered christmas tree on the left ear causes the left side of the moonstone to be higher now then the right side
And in his core was a blazing crystal blue matrix with 8 energy loops moving like gyroscope around it .
There was a tiny bright wheel over third eye crysal blue surrounded by 8 golden white centres on a Wheel of Life .
Chest SunStone
This was quiet looking like purple velvet curtains with a candle glowing gently beneath them on the core .

Belly EarthStone seems to be different in the Male Magician for this stage but that remains to be seen . This was disquieting energy to me and very chaotic . The top hemisphere was so different from the bottom . The orange chakral energy felt ok but the red chakral energy really made me nauseous .So the male magician appears to be out of sync with the female at this stage . I felt comfortable just last week with Daniel , Andrew and Billy in circle at the full moon with did Debbie and Amy .But today I felt repelled from the earth stone like two similar polarities repelling or like two like magnets pushing away from each other

angelic consciousness
Teh energy body appears as Irin with crescent shaped angel wings . It is giant appearing 9 feet tall and golden with 4 bodies back to back and 8 winged . There is a pink candle glow strobe through the earth stone .

The fingers have turkey feathers as Robert Bruce described . These are yellow with a purplish base . There are three parts ; the finger itself and the length of the finger above it and a third section that is half the length. These telescoped out of each other lke a tree .The widest part in the base was the finger .The palm seems dormant in comparison and remains in purple though yellow chi rushes out and away from the body on the right hand and towards the body on the left hand arcing as it flows .

Pawel's foot was chartreuse green on the sole . At the ball of foot , there was a closed Eye of fatima . In the instep there was a crystal matrix moving . The heel is partially occluded inside and at base of heel moving up to the base of big toe .The legs are yellow in front and salmon to rose / yellow in back . This appears to be the
Giants stage again this is the 3rd time, I think,if not then is the 4th time .

The lessons at the beginning show a preview of global contagion .The Pillar of the Ears is new as is the bell in the chest and the centres beneath the tear ducts on either side of the nose at its tip

17th January 2009, 05:36 PM
Thank you Aunt Clair.

Aunt Clair
8th August 2009, 04:38 AM
II .Jodie Reading M19 Jan 09
As above and ...

The hand is the branches of a tree on the forearm which is twice as wide as the physical arm
upon the palm are seen a Abba white Father God and Ama black Mother Goddess
The fingers are a hermetic set of Egyptian deities
Fire Ra
Water Isis
Earth Geb
Air Nut
and the Thumb is unformed in this new stage as yet .
the lower leg is a tree upon which the toes stand
incomplete manifestation of the ball , instep and heel as yet
"wet "olive sized centers on either side of nose near the tip

Ear Tree
white from ear canal to above the head
black from ear canal to shoulder

Right and Left Pillar Trees
white from waist to shoulder finger sized cobras rising
black from waist to hip roots dangling

head to head above the crown :4 golden annunaki angels with bird beak /human face and talons
on the physical body 4 white annunaki angels
feet to feet below the physical body 4 black annunaki angels in the hanged man
head to head below the hanged man 4 silver annunaki angels
these swirl widdershins like the double helix to open in multilocation of consciousness projection
these swirl deosil to compact around the physical body forming a wheel of 16 angels back to back at 8
stations on the Wheel of Life

Universal Chakras in the Stones
The female magician is distinct from the male magician at this stage
Head the indigo chakra is larger than the dormant blue below
Chest the green chakra is larger than the dormant yellow below but it is growing now
Belly the orange chakra is larger than the dormant red below

On the male the lower chakra on each stone is larger first

The larger chakra first grows 50 % larger and becomes nebulous surrounded by a galaxy of swirling light
the 8 energy centres upon this begin to rotate then to wobble lke a gyroscope and the galaxy revolves

around the chakra slowly

On Jodie this universe chakra exists largest on the brow and then the sun and then the orange
she recalls the energy descending and yesterday a golden egg of plasma erupting from the yellow

chakra which was palpable . I have not witnessed this "universe" chakra on another yet but readings a

few days ago on Pawel , Justin and RedGum show that they are beginning this
RedGum had the red and yellow chakras swollen about 25% larger and his HS was seen removing sludge and stain from the orange .
Pawel had the red chakra 50% larger
Justin noticed changes in healing ability and charisma becoming 50% in the yellow chakra .

Aunt Clair
8th August 2009, 04:38 AM
D 25 Jan 09
Reading of Logitek ;

His Universe Stone has a bottom chakra that is in motion in him

The belly has two chakras the same size but stable without motion

The chest has the bottom yellow chakra oscillating at 22 degrees angle humming and moving rather quickly as opposed to the one in the Universe Stone which is quite slow .

The Universal Stone which is purple behind the head and slightly above it has developed a core which his HS taught about . He showed the purple stone become a large purple apple which he cleft and inside he showed a wedge of golden swiss cheese . He said the core is amber it is the mould the foundation , that which draws what is needed for sustenance and to build up .

It is called ; A Kah also Kai

And then I heard "because the 'I Am' is here " . The manifestation of the I AM body has preceded this step .

chai means 1.break something拆; 2.woods for burning柴; 3.a kind of animal like wolf豺; 4...

"chai" = 豺 "jackal", 柴 "wood logs for burning used when cooking" in ancient China, 拆 "to break, take down, or disassemble" etc... in Chinese.

Then I was shown a golden brick road winding up the body and a purple one descending it in a double helix like an external stairway to heaven . I saw a footprint drawn in the sand then dug out and the foot appeared . It means to draw towards self that which is required for sustenance . And then a square drawn excavated and filled with 4 pillars upon which a temple was built . It is the foundation also .

the Hebrew word chai means ''good luck'' with a numerical value of 18.
http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.h ... A96E948260 (http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=940DE4D6143BF931A35753C1A96E9482 60)

Chai also means Life or Living
The Hebrew word Chai means life, in the sense of the abundance of joyful life having been restored to a right and full relationship to God. ... =firefox-a (

Aka in Japanese ;
赤【あか】 aka means "red." Much less commonly it could also mean "dirt, grime, filth" (垢) or "bilge water" (淦). Japanese think that the sun is red. Children usually draw the sun as a big red circle. The Japanese national flag (kokki) has a red circle on a white background. Just like the British flag is called "the Union Jack," the Japanese flag is called "hinomaru (日の丸)." "Hinomaru" which literally means, "the sun's circle." Since "Nihon (Japan)" basically means, "Land of the rising sun," the red circle represents the sun.

This is appropriate because the energy here is a second sun it is amber and the sun of the left hand and the energy body behind the magician made of the rear chakras .

4 meanings of Chai ; ... =firefox-a ( +mean+in+Chinese&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=2&gl=au&client=firefox-a)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chai_(symbol) ... =firefox-a ( com/2008/08/what-pue-meng-chai-means.html+chai+means&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=10&gl=au&client=firefox-a)

Aunt Clair
9th August 2009, 08:16 AM
1. Long plateau a winter of hibernating slumber has ended
inside the energy body many changes ready to bloom bring forth new life
2. spontaneous hearing of spirit voices while busy physically and grounded
3. spontaneous evocation of people we think about projecting if alive or appearing as spirit sometimes just body parts appear ie a head or arm
4. circles reuniting beginning again

I was watching this special about Einstein and he appeared and animatedly faced my husband talking to him and pointing to the tv his back to me
Bill did not know he was there. He said no that is not the way that really worked . I have my mind I imagined it . I saw it and then I had to create the maths to support that and many minds helped me to do this . I was inspired . Then he left without saying goodbye just as he had not said hello.

And yesterday I was watching a documentary about the Kaigun Japanese Navy and I fell asleep watching this, when I was awakened by the head of the general named on the program . He asked me sternly why I had called him .I apologised and his very real 3 D head disappeared from my Games Room .

Pawel Reading D 9 August 2009
Diamond Sphinx at bicardinal points 8 totems on the energy body
energy moving clockwise in magician
and anti clockwise in hanged man
left shoulder silver male lion face forward or " North"
right shoulder white lion dog dragon facing eastward
behind right shoulder reddish gold tibetan gold colured camel head swiveling 360 lol
behind left shoulder peacock pastel colours on clear diamond body

left shoulder rose ?
rear left shoulder purple ?
right rear shoulder gold ?
right shoulder white swan as "boat" with krishna pulling it

a white crocodile swimming down left arm swims at the same time down the right leg of the hanged man
and another appears swimming down the right arm swimming at the same time down the left leg fo the hanged man

coming out fo the shoulders sleeping cobras heads in new kandas on the shoulders and hips
the tails at the ear lobes

moonstone head
Earth 3 hooded figures in white robes around a pillar altar a fourth place at the south for Pawel the siter around these standing monks infinite circular rows of pine trees
Water eand above them the indigo space and golden starred
Fire below them burning and boiling Hels
Air the human condition the fourth and missing angel human magician
above the stars the rainbow bridge pointing to third eye and to the back of the head the river of life above the stars
and to the right and left of the bridge the alchemist garden leading to the ears
studded around this each temple of shamballah as big as a game token .

Third eye
rubbery hard boiled egg around a starry indigo space inside

sunstone chest
a tardis image inside windows of which open to four different elemental worlds
N emerald lizard on tree in rainforest
E fire world
S molten world forming spewing lava
W deep indigo ocean ; a whale with a human face one eye open
indigo space flecked in golden stars

earth stone belly
behind the others hard to see

all fingers in diamond angels with flames above their heads the thumb sitting down the others standing

diamond onion shaped sphere rotating on vertical axis clockwise on ball of foot
and orange sized fluffy white dandilon like like off big toe smallers ones to scale each toe
on the instep a cubic structure beginning within a diamond sphere
open and light on the heel
the whote foot is becoming diamond and leaving a dark indigo

highest self
God I Am body about 12 years old Blue krishna with Pawel's face then Krishna then Pawel
Christ stands SE of him in a skeleton but with his face by touching Pawel he becomes embodied and clothed

Circle with Blaze and Pawel

To Sorlac's ashram
wall of fire behind us
cold swirling water in centre
pulled down to lower hemisphere
find self hanging upside down
earth flushed out of us
6 arms appear
limp lifeless hanging down to toes \ /
straight still at sides II
above suspended fingers waving / \

a purple moon fills the void in hemisphere above
this rains into us cold but barely damp
a skeleton in front of us with hair of wiry fire no skin
we must transmute our dweller
a symbol given in each hand

in my hand a faberge dome of deep indigo opens like an egg and a bronze gold temple like the taj mahal but cubic appears
my goddess self is a child about 10 to 12 years old dressing in pale blue white silks covered all but face I hear a marian devotee of Mary
she has my face or what I looked like at that age her hair and neck are covered like medieval times

two tall weeds with purple blooms like the flowers of life on the ancient trees of life like egyptian assyrian akadian
his dweller first changes to a medusa headed monstrous female
then it becomes a pink haired troll
and finally a goddes with long soft pink hari celtic appearance

an indigo cube a golden ring with a diamond as big as the ring upon it
a gray faced khali in a long gown with long black hair
then he healed her and she became indigo skinned and rainbow coloured
she lead him into the temple around a clear sphere and upward to God

We all entered the temple
sitting in tall backed thrones a fourth person appeared , lonewolf
a sphere of energy engulfed each of us taking us up and off the thrones
we rose like bulbs on a stalk
up to Kether
I heard be still and know I am God
the lord and lady were there
he said i am the word
she said i am the music
he said I am the light
she said I am the colour
he said i am knowledge
she said I am wisdom

a tower appeared spiraling upward and I followed a stream of golden spirit climbing up until I could not follow
and I heard return while you can stil recall
and I have learned that if I stay too long
I feel peace and healing but I do not recall anything

This temple is on a pillar of thin light which can be found at the base of the white mans that looks like the Taj Mahal in Shamballah
it is to the right and rear as you face the white manse

Aunt Clair
24th October 2009, 06:55 AM
Reading Pawel
Sat 24 Oct 09

heavy hibernation continues
the body in purple and black
a dark pearl
the heels blaocked
after a deep breath cleansing
the first impression is that he lies fetal posed in the lap of a great
goddess of the universe
she has an indigo body with purple vastspace

sunstone chest left lung lifting air
right lung heavy grounding earth
the top of earth stone is water gurgling sloshig
the bottom is cold blue purple fire

energy loop exercise arms
the energy passes right palm to left palm up left arm
back to heart but when reversing flow it doesnot stop it
continues flowing and the reverse flow begins below in a separate channel

the head is four quartered will be soon 8 in transition

the hand has black pearl nails above the fingers
the hand is purple silver black the black pearl
there is a dark pearl centre
and around that is a purple cloud
inside the fingers are coloured to the tips
with a blue silver cold fire
energy streams easily through the fingers

the foot is blue silver not purple black yet

an angel on left shoulder with his face with eyes open
instructs us to sit in pose with steles of seth as he does
chin in palms elbows on knees leaning forward

feathered serpent dragon black blue pearl
under perineum up through thighs over right thing
behind the back under left armpit over right shoulder
beind head eyes closed

above head a clear crtstal srone and 5 more colored stones above
as if the existing ones floated upwards like a ballon tehered upn a stretcy elastic
and a new stone formed in the void

a temple Pawel before a reflecting pool
dressed like Lawrence of Arabia in Jedi boots
a test to walk over the water a teacher claps politely at
the end when he does.

a teacher Sumerian anaphelis ??
speaking animately with two index fingers pointed in parallel
about the body growing larger means it takes longer to complete a stage
but consciousness conversely expands faster
the difficulty is bringing this to light

that teacher also incarnated as Sophocles
now in a topg holding a white bar of light
he inserts in our ears
hot lip below
cold lip above
in ears
chin jaw
these form a ladder like DNA and begins to undulate slowly

A hand of god and a green moutain
in a purple sea of clouds
a tube of paste is squeezed from foothills to summit
covering mountain like snow
and then green and silver white
then he shaves the white away and beneath it is black

an indigo phoenix comes to a black wet nest the fire
consumes her but not her clutch of 4 golden eggs
these the god picks up and rolls in his hand like magnet

balls as he blows upon them
he says the magician will be able to make any element become an another
hardest to go to polar opposite so go around the clock instead
not water to fire but water to earth to air to fire

new thumbs coming soon the right sun the left moon
the new colours of right hand are
forest green air
blue silver akashic cold fire
black pearl earth
purple silver pearl water

Quan Yen as a gray haired grandmother smiles
approaches lifts back the top of Pawel's head like a lid
and 64 cold fire rainbow topped snakes wriggle within
She closes his head and pats the top with both hands

29th December 2009, 07:23 PM
Chakra and Stone Correlations
http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/ ... n.html#new (http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,346.msg10594/topicseen.html#new)

Very nice explanations.

Aunt Clair
21st February 2010, 01:39 PM
Dec 27 09
An Incomplete Reading during coffee

the head is separated from the shoulders it floats above like a golden paper lantern alight and bobbing in the river to the right a monstrous white lily bigger than the head poured benevolent energy and around its stalk a vine entwined curving outwards and back in again towards the hip this sent energy down like a gentle rain upon the crown.

On the left a crescent moon shaped quilted pillow absorbed energy radiating away from the body and sent this through the roots and up the spine to feed it.

One body length above the head a square pillow of red velvet perched upon this was Ganeesha and below it there is a inverted velvet square pillow also fringed with Lakshmi upon it.

A pale white albino child handed Goddess spoke floating like a cherub . She said that the alchemical stage is disambiguation and I suppose she means this also called separation ;

Reading Pawel M 28 Dec 09

Madonna holding a teddy bear. The crone handing a baby Jesus in a straw manger to a little girl . The crone is the mother of John the Baptist. Later in the reading the Goddess Yemaya whispered Salome the princess who danced and had the head of John the Baptist as an award upon a silver platter. This means the way is being prepared for greater things and a sacrifice is made .

An emerald dog faced snake necked dragon manifested around the magician. White bearded ,purple and red scales ...The neck of the dragon is the size of a man's thigh and stretches from metres away so that only the left paw and this part of the neck and face are showing. This is symbolic of a massive kundalini event that is yet to come. The dragon's neck was in front of the magician and the head looking behind him over his left eye. The eye of the dragon moved and it was topaz with a black snake eye slit in the centre vertically.

A giant white eagle appeared above the magician with wings outspread hovering over him. This became the spirit teacher White Eagle who appeared holding a silver tube and from it pulled two objects for Pawel to discern from the left a Eucharistic wafer the Bread of Life. From the right beneath a white eagle feather Pawel found a red and brown striped dragon's egg.

White Eagle gave an attunement of 3 pillars the Father the Mother and the Divine Child. From a space between the right shoulder and neck came a rosy pillar that moved at an angle down towards the spine and felt uncomfortable at the waist area of the spine. Down the spine came an Akashic pillar with fork prong like finger sized filaments of energy which connected around it anchoring it to the spine . From a space between the left shoulder and the neck came a silver blue pillar down at an angle towars the waist.

Pawel saw a metre high entity of pale white light last night. Jodie had a small girl of light pale white also . These are children of light the immature divine seed within. The one who prepares the way .

The crone appeared small wizened thin frail long whispy white hair short form of the ancient Yemaja . She taught about the dragon channel from the eye to the heart through the nostrils.

She taught us to breathe from the crown to the heart to deep cleanse then to breathe in the left eye back to the base of the brain at the left of the pineal gland forward across the roof of the mouth backward under the tongue to the left of the throat down the throat and past it to the top chambers of the heart through it to the right top chamber and up the right side of the throat to the back of the throat under the tongue under the roof of the mouth to the base of the brain and outward to the right eye . We repeated this until it moved effortlessly the result was an opened channel which she said would greatly enhance the energy flow as we breathed prana passively with each inhalation improving the sight and she showed flowered vines erupting from the back of the throat to each ear connecting these to the dragon tongue channel also.

Then she showed that each tooth was becoming brighter and a tiny energy centre of its own.

A message about the next full moon completing this attunement.

We measured 12 auric eggs . These were permeable , semi permeable, rigid , pliable, dense, thin, cloudy , warm , cool , cold so variable in nature some stagnant some dynamic some bright some dark it was very interesting.

Totems of this stage emerald dragon , white swan ,rose coloured phoenix shoulder to shoulder, the dove dripping blood from its feathers which become rainbow coloured crystals then tears.

Individual to Pawel , Whale , Great White Shark, Hedgehog, Elephant, et cetera

The hand has orbiting centres the back of the basketball sized hand sphere is gold the front is silver . Currently the foot is rose in back and aqua in front. Under the big toe and under the left index finger there is a small spheroid energy centre .

Around the waist of the Earth Stone there are 8 satellites moving like gyroscopes . The core is moving widdershins around the spine like a drum with a sound like "vrroom vrroom" the satellite below the earth stone is anchored now within the pink chakra and the satellite above the earth stone is anchored into the yellow chakra .
The four satellite centres just below the crown and seat of the earth stone have 8 pointed stars with finger sized appendages.

The sun stone is nauseating after the attunement the top of the heart is uncomfortable . But behind the heart it is serene with a golden 8 pointed star the size of two adult hands heed to heel.

The energy body child is pale white the magician is rainbow coloured like the tail of the peacock stage.

Aunt Clair
21st February 2010, 01:40 PM
Jodie, Debbie, Cat

Jodie asks to end the year of "so many deaths and poo"
my mother
Tom Curran
our cat Lazarus
our parrot Chooky
Jodie's cat
Jodie's guinea pig
Jodie's rabbit

In contrast though two grandchildren were born this year
one celebrated Fionn
one whom is loved but has special needs

Jodie asks for a year of LIFE
I ask for a year of progress and learning
this year has been a slow one in spirituality metaphysically and consciously

Jodie saw that the wheel was bending over itself the direction was reversed widdershins again

We are projecting into new aspects of the consciousness to cause an effect or reverse an undesired effect. We project into a fire self if we want to stop water . We project into a water self if we want to effect water .

ghost of Tom Curran projected into his old spot on the couch in aqua energy
skeleton legs bony knees

Four angels in unorthodox pose
Raphael at South scaffolding framework
Gabriel at West information confirmation affirmation inspiration thoughts
Michael with 2 story home at North the goal
Auriel with rolling ledger at East what is necessary or required , debts , materials

like a mobius strip folded back upon self not at cardinal points or reciprocal points either mixed up like a puzzle

two figure 8s infinity and eternity folding over and under and around each other bending one corner to another to manipulate grand design for manifestation

Jodie's energy body hand bounces it in the palm

Debbie bounces a larger one like a volley ball with two hands finger tip touch

Mine lies upon the table

Tom instructs with one left hand draw it towards you with the other right hand push it away

Debbie sat in a frog like body with 2 arms and one haunch on the left but only 1 arm and a leg standing on the right.

a naked young honey cocoa coloured goddess walking upon her hair unbraided African hair fine and long wavy thin curls behind the goddess

the tresses of the Goddess are magical a hidden realm between her crown on the scalp and his crown in Kether above the head

behind Yemaja each strand of her hair becomes a tree within a mammoth forest of trees
and a mountain opens onto the back of her legs

the back of the right leg becomes a cave into which I project it is the shin

within the fire chakra of the shin or upper calf a realm into which I projected and saw the others ahead of me

like flying down a rabbit hole I landed suddenly on the base of a small arched bridge with japanese red wooden rails like Monet's water lilly bridge

A castle like museum over that narrow arch bridge over a stream emptied into a rickety arched stair which descended into a lobby
and up massive marble steps to the third floor on the left to view a museum of worlds

There a world of mud and human sized frogs.

A new salmon coloured stone or chakra in the right leg is the frog world realm
orange pink fire a root extends from it through the ball of right big toe which feels like an antennae and senses the setting the earth beneath us the environment in which we are now .

in my right arm a skinny dark gray brown twig fairy emerges

Debbie and Jodie ran ahead of me again and became faeries with warrior armour

The Tree within the right leg grows ;
emerald at right hip
water at mid thigh
air at right knee
fire at upper calf ( salmon)
earth at ankle
mars foot (ruby)

a reciprocal Tree within the right arm grows ;
moon at right shoulder
earth at mid upper arm
water at right elbow
air at mid fore arm
fire at right wrist
sun mace throwing lightning (bolts yellow)

Jodie becomes human sized muscular armoured fairy
Debbie bat winged feather helmeted armoured Valkyrie long red hair elfen ears

a reciprocal Tree within the left leg grows ;
ruby at left hip
fire at mid thigh
earth at left knee
water at upper calf
air at ankle
venus foot (emerald princess fool's slipper )

a reciprocal Tree within the left arm grows ;
sun at left shoulder
air at mid upper arm
fire at left elbow (purple)
earth at mid forearm
water at wrist lit candle above it (pale yellow)
akashic dagger hidden in sleeve in hand like thief a predator a straw which sucks blood energy ( silver)

the hidden and the invisible
the mace and the dagger are invisible
the shoulder and hip are hidden

ring in mirror 3 crowns
of emperor says Jodie
behind it 3 crowns
of empress
below it a mirror
and a peacock hanging upside down with 3 crowns too
down the middle comes a mirror to the right and the left 6 more crowns on either side 3 in front 3 in back
the trinities
the pharoahs crowns
the pontiff head dress of the pope
the white and red hats sacrifice and martydom
saintly life and martyr death

Debbie and Jodie become an eye from the waist up within that pupil they sit in lotus pose
and the eye is the mouth of a great golden eyed
dragon whose teeth become the eyelashes of the gigantic eye they sit within
foreshadowing increased clairvoyance through
a Kundalini event

The Hermetic 4 upside down becomes the legs of Odin and an aged Christ replaces Odin
feet to feet the Devil Tarot Card
the saviour and the temptation

Maggie projected in front of the fireplace and said to call her

I saw a new table covered in Tarot cards in a circle forming the Tarot Wheel on the edge of the round table .

a lizard lying on its back wriggling
then dead split stem to sterm
organs laid out neatly symmetrically
and then it smiles and wriggles again
seamed up
it runs off alive

Jodie shows us a tiny dead lizard outside the door as we end the circle

a demon through the heart a tongue to the ground invisible Mercury
( least visible celestial )
Visible Celestials ;
a tail to the ground hidden Saturn the wolf tail
the heart is Earth
the head is the Star
the right foot Mars
the left foot Venus
the right hand Sun
the left hand Moon

above the heart a mirror the tail and tongue become two angel wings forming the number 3 upwards

Aunt Clair
14th March 2010, 03:56 AM
Human Energy Body Reading
Sitter :Pawel
Date :14 March 2010

The aura continues to grow ...its vibration -magnificent... a wave I cannot describe as alpha or beta or
gamma something else I wish I knew more about the soundwave frequencies and what their sounds
could be interpreted as ...Aura fills room and flows a bit out of it above ceiling a golden razorback line to the right side nothing reciprocal to the left yet.

11 auric eggs some cold as the grave alternating with others warm like a cup of tea some dynamic
alternating with motionless ones. Some are thin and clear others almost a decimeter wide and

The structures of the head
the core of the moonstone is the chakra between indigo and blue
it is golden white now and fills the head
around it are 4 indigo satellites

The core moves 5 degrees to right and then stops like a gear that could not shift it reverses and tries
again with audible clicks but this machine is not ready to dance yet .The other stones in the heart and
belly and above and below the body must work together before the celestial orbs may make their
music again. Each new stage vibrates a new musical piece a grander size growing more sophisticated in
internal workings and larger than the body in external workings.

So the core of the moon stone is bigger now than its chakra first was .

The heart core of the sunstone has 8 rose satellites trying to rotate around it too.The core is bright indigo

The belly is far behind with a nebulous core without satellites ...yet

The hands are ahead of the feet

The hands have an orb on the palm and behind/beneath it . This sits like a pearl on a shell.
the pearl is so large that it occludes the hand entirely leaving onlyt the tips of each finger barely visible.
But the foot looks very much like it did last time with little difference there . There are 3 cores at bal,
instep and heel . These are surrounded by rainbow fringed circles of energy . The toes are brightly
coloured blue .

The entire body is in midnight a black blue purple shadow.
Anteater smiling above centre of crown
to the left a crown yin yang coloured gold and emerald spikes tipped with rubies
to the right a junior prince/princess circlet crown of silver blue platinum plain
Standing to the left a mother annunaki angel goddess
Standing to the right a father annunaki dragon angel god
each over 9 feet tall speaking lessons

the mother appeared like Lakshmi
rainbow coloured wings like Isis but shaped like archangel
and the scales of rainbow fish rather than swan feathers
She has 8 arms .
4 upward golden bow front silver harp back
golden arrow left silver cello bow right
4 downward moving all
NE running with ice ball NW running arm with fire ball
SE black spade digging grave SW quiver of arrows

The father is easier to hear
He is extrinsic , She is intrinsic
he says" if you will follow me be prepared for battle "
he is defense but not aggression
he is waiting in preparation
the cosmic defender within ...the warrior revealed
she is the mother of the self , she is ascension of self, the journey back to God
he is the tool of God he does the bidding he is action
she is reflection meditation

We are in dark times of growth of the body .
massive growth of structures and little comparable growth of consciousness
we can learn to swim in this heavy energy and still learn
He is father of kundalini
ign o tai ( fire of God )
She is mother of ascension
bene o vai (good life -the fruit of a good life )
Tarot reading visions
question ; hermit
crosses you ; temperance angel
crowns you ; lady and lion force feeding biscuits in mouth
beneath you ; death
past ; tower
future ; wheel
environment ; moon
self ; ace of air arrows
relationships ; lovers
outcome ; star
final ; world
excellent !
old lady ancient ancestor
gray silver hair pulled straight back
a slave chain on left ankle
says that she endured separation from family , spouse , children
difficult times made her expert at projection to see them
and meditation to become at peace
speaks of Angelus Animus
(basic attitude of the governing spirit Pawel reads)
hands Pawel a section of fresh orange
his fruit is good
his works are good
continue his pathworking
she was 3'11 to 4' 2" very short
in good humour makes us very much shorter like lollies in her hands as she blows us a kiss goodbye

and sends us off .

26th July 2010, 11:52 AM
There is a lot of great things in this thread. I haven't had a chance to read it all (it is a lot). But I just wanted to say thank you.

Aunt Clair
27th August 2010, 04:21 AM
39. Reading Blaze F 16 April 2009
Final Stage
Hibernation continues but the previous stage (i had counted as 42 )finally ends
puzzled by image of 3 and 9 appearing 39
has this been enumerated incorrectly
3 x 13 death tarot card
this is personal to Blaze but is there a universal meaning also
and then 3 up 5 upside below

Dark Purple energy body
purple visage
purple hands
purple feet
purple inside each stone
each with a purple core
thin barely perceptible turquoise green auric egg over purple
evident over palm
evident between fingers

bi headed
angel with lion head behind
human face within a purple hood face forward
archangelic wings flat withdrawn closed within
the merging of the archdemon and archangel
the controlled beast within
in this case fire and lion
probably idiosyncratic to each magician

39. visions of new stage
Giant Akashic Angel
giant black cobra erect out of the small of the back but asleep
wide as the back of the magician head bigger than human head
above the head
vision that each stone births a cobra behind the back
becomes a back of cobras
each cobra becomes the leg of a scorpion
the black scorpion becomes giant albino
then the tail bends back and stings its own head
this forms another ouroborous not an emerald dragon eating its own tail
but a white scorpion's tail puncturing its head

auric energy in an ellipsoid cloud over eyes
vision of tatoo needle
emerald cloud over third eye
apparent to others
obvious like a tattoo

feeble old gray snake sheds skin last time but unable to move it dies
becomes gray powdery ash from this a much larger vibrant mature cobra is born with emerald eyes and emerald flame

rebirth from the shriveled corpse becoming gray powdery ash
giant akashic angel two faced both human 18 feet high is born from the ash of magician which was
bitten by albino scorpion and died
akashic angel emerges fully mature

Aunt Clair
27th August 2010, 04:22 AM
39 continues

Yesterday I was taught to modify the raising of energy through the Kundalini channel. We pulled energy up the legs raised the pelvic floor pulled back the abdominal wall as usual. But we did not rest the bolus of energy in the heart or push it through the heart over the shoulder . We shoved it directed to the third eye and exhaled through it . The residual was sufficient to improve clairvoyant vision . I suppose that reaching the chamber of the third eye , the magician could discipline themselves to hold the breath still then to exhale gently air only through the nose while maintaining that energy bolus at the third eye.
The advantage of surrounding the third eye with energy is evident in the visions obtained .

Last night I dreamt that the lumbar cobra had drunk until it was full . Then its eyes opened and it scrunched down .This compacted the energy with force and it released into the spine . This energy rushed up the spine and emptied out of it like a fountain gushing forth from the third eye . The cobra's ovipositor released a clutch of pearl coloured eggs into the spine . These were laid into each stone as if it was a nest . I saw five eggs deposited . One into the belly , one in the heart , one in the head and two in the eyes . But of these two , one was laid into the third eye and the other was spit forward and remained in an invisible energy sac just outside the third eye on the midline above the nose. This egg glowed like a bioluminescent torch before an angler fish in the deep ocean .

http://www.animalpicturesarchive.com/Ar ... 799528.jpg (http://www.animalpicturesarchive.com/ArchOLD-3/1113799528.jpg)
http://www.solarnavigator.net/films_mov ... r_fish.jpg (http://www.solarnavigator.net/films_movies_actors/cartoons/cartoon_images/finding_nemo_dory_marlin_angler_fish.jpg)

In curious synchronicity , the moon has become purple like the visions yesterday; "One consolation for stranded commuters is that there will be a vibrant sunset and purple moon, as the ash particles scatter the sunlight."

From :Volcano cloud smothers Europe By Rachael Brown in London and wires

Continent smothered: The plume of ash dominates Iceland's landscape A huge plume of drifting ash from a volcanic eruption in Iceland has disrupted air traffic across much of northern and western Europe, stranding tens of thousands of air passengers.The entire airspace in the UK, Norway, Denmark, Belgium and Sweden is closed, there are partial closures in France, and Finland has closed all airports except Helsinki-Vantaa. Flights to and from Australia have been cancelled, and thousands of other Europe-bound passengers from Asia and the United States have been left stranded.The volcano began erupting on Wednesday (local time) for the second time in a month from below the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in the south of Iceland, and an Icelandic volcanologist says the eruption is growing more intense.It is estimated that between 4,000 and 5,000 flights were affected on Thursday as a plume of grey ash up to 10 kilometres high blew across the Atlantic, closing major airports more than 2,100 kilometres away.Volcanic ash contains tiny particles of glass and pulverised rock, which can melt in plane engines, causing a loss of power.A number of flights between Australia and the UK have been cancelled or delayed due to the volcanic ash.Qantas says it is not cancelling flights at this stage but says some planes that left Sydney and Melbourne last night are stranded in Singapore and Bangkok.Qantas spokeswoman Olivia Wirth says people planning to travel to Europe or the United Kingdom should check the airline's website before heading to the airport.It is the first time in living memory that a natural disaster has caused such a halt, a spokeswoman for Britain's National Air Traffic Service (NATS) says.Meteorologists say the ash will dissipate as it travels over northern Europe and Russia.But John Strickland, director of air transport consultancy JLS Consulting, sees possible broader hazards."Iceland sits right on one of the key routes between Europe and the USA and... depending on meteorological conditions it could also affect flights from Europe to Asia, so there are two big international flows which could be affected by this," he said.The European air safety organisation says the disruption, the biggest seen in the region, could last another two days, and a leading volcano expert says the ash could present intermittent problems to air traffic for six months if the eruption continues.Even if the disruption is short lived, the financial impact on airlines could be significant, a consultant said.The International Air Transport Association had said only days ago airlines were slowly coming out of recession.The Association of British Insurers said volcanic eruptions were not always covered by travel insurance for cancellation and delay. But some airlines issued statements confirming they would refund fares or change flights.Stranded passenger Andy Evans says airline staff at Stansted airport, north-east of London, told customers it could be closed until Sunday."People just don't know what to do," he said. "There are hundreds of people in the queues at the sales desks."A spokesman at Heathrow, Europe's busiest airport, said 840 out of 1,250 flights on Thursday were affected, disrupting about 180,000 passengers.More than 120,000 other passengers were affected at Gatwick, Stansted and Glasgow airports.Scientists say the ash does not pose any health threat because it is at such a high altitude.One consolation for stranded commuters is that there will be a vibrant sunset and purple moon, as the ash particles scatter the sunlight.

- ABC/Reuters

Some global imagery in reading visions that seem to be evidence of this stage ;
Above the crown on one side of the head a finger sized plume of ice becomes a juvenile cold gray blue ice coloured snake . A vision of an orange volcanic lave snake indicates that the other side will be orange lava fire energy .

Over the eyes lava and ice pupils.

The right side of the wheels of the chariot is enflamed in a green energy
that is the right gonad and the right eye. The left side will become in balance soon. The wheels of the chariot are minature sepiroth which when cured or developed improve the projection from the body in a physical projection and in a mystic projection of consciousness.

A volcanic mountain envelopes the purple magician
Up this mountain ascends a silver akashic spiraling Stairway to Heaven
Down this mountain descends a silver dog faced dragon .

The mountain telescopes up into narrower tiered channels widest at the base most narrow above the crown.

The angel's purple hood has become zippered a past face on the left a future face on the right .These can be united to recall the lessons failed or learnt in past lives and to acknowledge pathworking goals in future lives.

In one vision Radek slung a net to the stars and capturing a slew , was told to eat them greedily . This is apt because the star is another hermetic energy .
Earth, Water ,Fire and Air are the 4 primary energies or Tattwas.
Akasha and Amoris are secondary energies . The star is a tertiary energy which is neither akashic moon or amoris sun . It is the child of the Moon and the Sun.
It is a hermaphroditic blend of energy in the union of sun and moon light .
Revising ;

Earth Mars Bull Ox Devil male red warm moist dim heavy passive negative electric energy

Water Saturn Eagle Knight Wolf female indigo cold wet dark heavy passive negative magnetic energy

Fire Mercury Lion Prince male orange hot dry bright light active electric energy

Air Venus Angel Princess female green cool damp bright light active electric energy

Akasha Moon Queen Mother female silver cold wet bright heavy passive manifesting energy

Amoris Sun King Father male gold bright heavy active manifesting energy
may be cool to molten hot may be dry or wet .

Lux Star light hermaphrodite white & rainbow hot bright manifesting energy
like a magnet it attracts other energies reflecting the nature of other energies and their colours

Other imagery in this reading seems particular and personal to Radek


Purple body as above water moving away slowly
2/3 totems all right and bottom left side are water turtle dolphin out of water , shark , etc 1/3 owl and other air totems

we are shedding the purple waters

Akashic snake eyes open and drinking still attached at lumbar region
Chest opens like a pair of french doors into golden library a chest of archives the halls of learning the floor of the sunstone a golden white lotus blossom
kanda ~a golden Ganesh held over the head of the turning child a boy Buddha

middle finger a lighthouse across top of palm a rainbow bridge to spirit
recall Radek has similar image and message to push open the door to spirit world journeys

The instep is a bright clear sapphire the heel a bright clear amethyst the ball of the foot is cloudier rainbow centres coloured toes rosy big toe a mustard coloured toe fainter colours hard to see a purple toe others unclear yet
a conch shell appear we are taken on a journey
to dark stormy indigo waters a pirate ship unable to move but lit brightly with lanterns

Pawel's angelic form
Saracen helmet
black beard
eagle head behind
akashic angel
flys to spier to rocky pinnacles on a stormy sea multitdudes of similar angels poised over pinnacles
journey to Kether

Twin tall thin giant Irin angels in pink

God as a father image
HIS hand over the left eye
teeny streams of akashic tears enter bottom right of left eye then the bottom left and so forth opening the eye like points around it the pupil purple

opens heart
as a pranic effulgence of energy pink white golden
high earth , day , sun
as it emerges it becomes like the pirate ship on the ocean
the hulk is unable to move
but the treasure is still aboard
and artificially lit by lanterns merrily
the energy that leaves God becomes cold soon when touched by the dark waters of earthen energies

reciprocal and opposite but not negative
high water , night , moon
behold my daughter
but she is not me
but what comes from her heart shall be of mine
the child opens her heart and pink gold white effluent flow

this is a goal for humanity
to carry the light within
so that when it comes from us to another in love , compassion and service
the light will be as from God

we cannot carry the light of God it would burn us up and consume us
but we can make the light of God by our love

LOVE is Father light it is an amalgamation of sun , earth and day
COMPASSION is Mother light it is an amalgamation of moon, heavens and night the STAR is the child of the Divine Parents and is an amalgamation of LIGHT it is sun and moon , day and night , as above , so below .
PEACE is emerald , silver and black it is high air and moon and night

from heel of his hand upon a cloud of energy
descended to golden light pyramid with a sapphire aura

Golden and Indigo make Emerald
Yellow and Blue make Green

"Go walk in peace... Be a part of my work " was whispered.

Aunt Clair
27th August 2010, 04:23 AM
As the angel projected , I heard y gri ma thai or ee gree ma tay

Today in a reading of Nathan S. I saw the giant akashic angle project from him.

The angel was 150% of his height above the ground in silver akasha except that from below one knee it was indigo and below the other it was silver. In a yin yang swirl from the knees the colours changed to indigo in the angel below the feet .

left knee indigo
right knee silver
vice versa below

4 heads on each angel above and below above a beast tamed the present face, a past life face , and a future self but the heads below the feet are not fully formed yet. and seemed an indigo cloud of energy .

May 2010
39 Akashic Angels
continued Energy Body Reading Andrew May 2010
He holds a staff at either side of waist.
One is a staff of golden sun and the other a staff of silver moon .
There is a tiny crown in his palm.
The staves each turn into a Christ Child in white gown.
The tiny crown manifested on their knees.
The robe of Christ child manifested clairvoyantly over the lower legs ,of each magician present, with flat brown sandles crude leather criss cross over the white robes . Two frail weak wings of Hermes at the ankles.

The lower arms and lower legs are the Steles of Seth a conduit of energy to be raised before workings .The arms are not clothed yet .

Aunt Clair
27th August 2010, 05:47 AM
39. continues
May 2010 ii
Energy Body Reading Jodi
A shortened face wider
cheek energy centres 4 golden fire arrow shafts out of each
the spine a golden lampstand tall ornate staff with oil lamp on top
out of which comes a burning not consumed tree the size of a hand
well above the body it burns about a meter above the head
The mouth on the heart belongs to a face now
a philosopher gray bearded eyes on either side of rib cage
are now energy centres but asleep still
the beard descends like in the wind as a vortex to the navel
the medallion is 3 D
it is a 22 pointed wheel of fortune tarot image
she dwells now in the golden point
we must master this wheel
22 rainbow coloured points
an 8 pointed compass rose studs its centre
it is as 3 octaves with the missing two inaudible invisible points as the alpha and omega the opening and closing the changer of directions
12 sharing one and another 12 sharing one

8 above and 8 below
being 7 seen and one unseen
being 7 heard and one unheard
and 4 over the 4 centred above
and 4 more over 4 centred below
with only 4 remaining unlayered
as pure and basal primary hermetic energies
and the others secondary layered
so is the wheel of life the wheel of fortunes
as we were yesterday but the arms are clothed in white robes
the steles of Seth
the lower legs and arms & forearms and shins are the active arts
in arms; left art emerald ,right music sapphire
in legs ;right amber dancing left crimson acting media movies plays
above these in the upper arms and thighs
the inactive core primary colours
r upper arm english red
r thigh maths orange
l upper arm history blue
l thigh science green

on her face a long golden beak
opening widely becomes two inverted points of the compass
both mirrored inside
the face is a mirror
the chest a mirror
above the head a mirror too
a storm of energy around each point
dwelling in the eye of the storm
a grace is found

she is two angels
slightly attached by a thread at the navel
the one fully clothed in black judicial robes
white winged human faced
the other elven faced wider cheeks
short in length from forehead to pointed chin
ermine or dalmation like feathers black spotted mostly white feathers
both are pregnant from the back hee hee
from these are borne the female goetic angel demon counterpart
and the four will be hermetic set
what is her name?
she hands me an organza bag of golden light filled with bees

Astarte taught us that there are 4 known paths to ascension but a fifth one seldom spoken of is superior ;

the first is a path of fear the magician listens only to angels who appear and is meek and does not evoke at all

the second includes the path of learning from angels that are evoked as well as those who appear

the third ;the evocation of angels to protect and the lessons from demons only if they appear on their path as in the qlippoth

the fourth; the evocation of angels to protect and the evocation of goetic demons to do one's bidding ~ we were warned to avoid this

but the fifth path is seldom heard of , it is the path of realisation that the angel is the demon because each is a mirror of the other upon one body and these are not feared nor commanded but are respected as teachers

Aunt Clair
27th August 2010, 06:44 AM
39 .June 5 2010
The body is a tetrapolar annunaki angel
below breast~ a dragon angel
above breast ~a beast (in this case a wolf )/human
head corona outer green then blue gold and rose on face
back of head dragon skiin like leopard hunter having over forehead
face of wolf on right magician on left
wolf arm and paw on right human on left huge shield over left attached long and wide round at centre
limbs are 4 coloured tetrapolar cobras
front ;
silver left arm gold right arm
emerald left leg ruby right leg
left side defensive right side offensive
right hand colours on right side of each limb
left hand colours on read of each limb
left glove on back
(and right glove colours was on front of each limb )

Stones are not moving but are 4 columns with a 5th emerging
these are in a spiral the right hand colours internal
left hand are on rear
right glove on left side
left glove colours on front
all in this order air above
water at head
sun at chest
earth at belly

10 wings in 5 pairs
2 archangelic
2 long thin tapered flight wings to heels
2 wide thin wings extending to either side at shoulder
2 wide round tipped wings shoulder to knees extending to either side at knees
2 scalloped short cupid wings from back of heart

In the head the third eye is swollen and enlarged grapefruit sized with an aqua auric outer layerpopping up into purple chakra and below into indigo chakra
surrounded by four golf ball sized energy centres on either side of eye and behind at bicardinal to the third eye
4 beneath also bicardinal
ears have buddha's earrings below now two more above ear lobe too and two more golf ball sized in centre of ear popping outwards
another grapefruit core between indigo and blue energy entre breath centre
another another between blue and green an enlarged evocation centre

the toes have light blue silver white eyes emerging not there ye
one gold ball sized eye on instep
but heel and instep are barely visible eyes

chest : there are 2 small olive sized eyes on the shoulders
moving in towards the belly in a chevron shape V
pairs on either side
2 above breast
2 on nipples
2 below breast
meet at navel with grapefruit sized eyeball

Aunt Clair
27th August 2010, 06:48 AM
39. June 2010 Another Purple Dragon
a small juvenile purple drake in fireplace surrounded by flames

purple is an alpha -omega the end of a stage and the beginning of a new one

the body will colour up all purple now for a time
the soles of our feet are purple right now

hands ; the eye in palm fills it now so large
teeny finger tip eyes are open
and another larger one on thumb along its length
hands are purple too

iii. 26 June 2010
at back a two headed dragon one over head one head just under the ground
limbs are tetrapolar cobras

we are in the qlippoth as the hanged man but not below the legs we are in the back climbing up the spine .

3 demons and 3 angels
must cut away
prune a cutting off our tree
at the end of this stage

make the demon to punish the wicked and to teach;but not evil
obedient to God;not harming the innocent or attacking without being called

commit a name and task to each of our demons and angels
will we have 2 or 3 or 4 ?
we have had 1 each
again the wheel turns

iv 17 August 2010
the top of the core of the moonstone became like an umbrella over a purple lotus

buddhist monks holding a cut tree , lopped clean without branches
they came towards me and shoved it into my spine
the pressure was uncomfortable and i waited for the sensation to pass ,
it burned fiercely for a moment
it came out of the top of my head about 6 feet higher than my head and began to bloom
it set fruits of many colours and leaves filled each branch
exploding rainbow colours
very cool to see

V 24 August 2010
Kundalini event 1 cobra runs up each leg
and manifest 5 smaller ones from ;
insteps and soles of feet to sprout from knees, hips, shoulders, elbows

Aunt Clair
20th September 2010, 11:10 PM
39. The Archangelic Body with Flying Hands
Sunday 20 to Monday 21 September 2010

Lend me your hand and we'll conquer them all.
Lend me your eyes I can change what you see.
But your soul you must keep, totally free.
Awake my soul.You were made to meet your maker.~ Mumford & Sons

The energy coming to the world is not in harmony now but in chaos.Each reading is so distinct each magician that is read is at the same stage but on diverse levels within that stage .

And so the body grows in synchronicity; from chaos where there is much growth to harmony where there is more efficacy.

Revising Lily;
After raising the dragon , draw up a breath through the body expel it into the moonstone from the throat
and allow it to form 5 rivers; one from each eye,
one from each ear the other to fall back down the throat .


Timothy's HS taught me the onion. He took the petals of the lily and pulled these upwards in projection and attached these to the os above the head , then Lux poured down through the onion bulb formed into the lily fronds below.He has one akashic angel. The magician can do this with will without projection.
Serge began the reading with two angels one solar one lunar joined at the hips. A silver and golden twisted flame of kundalini is surging upwards caught in the sunstone and four angels have manifested the lunar and solar angels move away from his feet to the left and right respectively but the ruby and emerald angels are tethered without faces and without colour behind and before him. In the limbs ruby and emerald did not have channels...yet . We imbibed him in ruby falling downwards into an egg and showering through him and then imbibed him in emerald flowing as a fountain upwards.

Serge's sunstone is superior at this point to others read so far although his Moonstone and Earthstone are not conmensurate with his growth ;
The bright purple core of the Sunstone is encircled by a thick band at its equator it sits in a clear moving flame of emerald gas within a cauldron of golden fire energy above it the floor of the green chakra becomes a ceiling of silken emerald below it the yellow chakra becomes a floor of billowing topaz silk. Around it are 4 pillars of gold which form a cubic prism 4 teeny sepiroth uncoloured as yet crown the top square and 4 more at the base square .The walls of this golden prism are formed by the vertical wheels an indigo wheel one beneath the left arm runs widdershins, a golden wheel beneath the right arm runs deosil. An emerald wheel is not coloured in yet at the front and it is motionless a ruby wheel is not coloured in yet at the back and it is still, too. Feet are purple. Hands are sapphire with wide white plate sized flares of energy.
Pawel . Four angels all akashic . One behind one on either side and self all with his face upon them and beginning to colour up . There is a globe of energy floating above the palms and another in the palm. A tiny globe floats above the base of the thumb. A globe floats above the instep of the foot.

Two dragons a long sleek necked sapphire leviathan with wings descended the left pillar and a fattened sapphire griffin faced dragon has risen up the right pillar through the shoulder. Body is sapphire.
Jodie. Lilith as a Goddess in white greek billowing robes peering through the branches of the Tree of Life becomes a golden angel with one pair of sleek golden arc wings emerging from the hips within a clear bright emerald faceted tree with 12 thickened roots in a circle at her feet surrounded by 4 jeweled separate angels back to back ; ruby behind, emerald before , topaz to right and akasha to left.

Heavenstone a golden tube finger thick from the navel to the mouth
she teaches to blow the gold up through it and the energy body grows taller a mammoth energy centre of gold is forming 6 ft above the magician's head at the clasp of the cosmic necklace

Hands project without the magician like golden shafts of wheat tied together at centre four pairs leave at will ; to heal , to prod , to inspire , to pull , to gather

Moonstone 4 vertical wheeled prism as Serge's sunstone above
but the core is a rainbow coloured lotus turning with purple bulb base and ascending into layers of pink green blue and tipped in gold . The Lily fronds are emerald green and are now bract as part of the green stem . The prism has 8 jewelled pencil eraser sized sepiroth one on each corner of the prism

Sunstone prism not present incomplete see Serge above
Earthstone 4 vertical wheeled prism incomplete

5 Goetic akashic silver white blue angel demons from the tree below; a gaunt thin faced long necked being which is 9 to 12 feet tall appears in akashic blue without the face of the magician yet. It floats emotionless above the sea and becomes in a circle of 5 like a lighthouse zombie light pouring from heart, palms , eyes , ears and mouth. It is like a filter a washing machine an inflictor of consequences bringing to the magician what they deserve. It is fearsome but does not seek to be so . It is the destroyer of some the benefactor of others . It wears the hope of the angel and the sting of the demon .It is the edge of the coin and is neither but both . It is learning.

The entire energy body is golden.

Aunt Clair
21st September 2010, 02:00 AM
edit: I renumbered this long stage as 39 as suggested by Blaze at its inception because this is The Angel in the Tree, manifesting as previewed in the hermetic tiers of angels in December 2008.It will be complete when there are 4 angels around each stone which can fly from it and that has not occurred yet.

December of 2008 Energy Body Reading of Robert Bruce ;
And he manifested a Hermetic Tier of Angels ;
a golden orange fire set above the head half the size of the adult
a rose red earth set around the body
an indigo blue water set below the body in the hanged man
and a half sized chartreuse air set below this
The magician's energy body was red as it began this stage and it was 1.5 tarot cards tall and 1.5 tarot cards deep or 3 in length.Now Jodi's energy body is golden and 4.25 in heighth.The body seeks to complete 5 tarots cards in length . Each tarot card tier will form 5 angels and 35 smaller angels upon its 7 stones and perhaps upon the 7 chakras.

I believe that the correct order of the manifestation of a stone is this;
pair of vertical chakras ; red male earth and blue female water channels through spine and each limb.

flat plane of energy between chakra pair manifests a horizontal wheel

cloud of energy forms from the plane

smaller spheroid core manifests between the pair of chakras.
4 channels through spine and each limb ; red male earth , blue female water, orange male fire , green female air

shells manifest around and within chakras and core like electron shells of an atom or a sun gathering heavier elements .

seed manifests at centre of core

satellite spheres form on the wheel ;
*1st at front like a diamond on a ring,
*2nd at back ,
*3rd & 4th right and left
*5th,6th, 7th & 8th at bicardinal points,

a smaller crown of 4 spheres manifests above and below the horizontal wheel
(as at tropics of cancer and capricorn)
around the equator of each of the pair of chakras

these double for 8 above and 8 below

1 sphere manifests above and below these like a polar sphere
18 spheres these become core of chakra pair

vertical pillars manifest through the cardinal points

the core becomes swollen and grows into base of chakra above it and ceiling of one below it

the pair of chakras and the core each with a horizontal wheel upon it and a sphere above and below it at the poles

a vertical wheel of life (1,2, 4, 8 spheroid centres upon it ) forms on the front
another manifests at the back and then two form at the right and left
the back and right move deosil , the front and left move widdershins
a pair of wheels

teeny energy centres form above each tubular channel on the vertical pillars
each pillar forms an angel back to back the colour of the stone
the prism formed creates a merkabah

The energy body will mimic the stone what forms in the stone forms later in the body .The stone is the seed of the body's growth the acorn of the Tree of Life.
Each energy centre will mimic the stone.

The Spine is a tree. Each bone is a tree. Each pillar is a tree.
Each tree forms a tree below it .
Each tree forms a forest of four trees around it /

Each tree is an angel. Each angel forms an angel below it.
Each angels forms a legion of four angels around it.

Each tree has four vertical stones
Each stone has a pair of vertical chakras
Each stone has 4 pillars. Each pillar is a tree and each tree is an angel.
4 pillars form at cardinal points
4 pillars is a prism
a prism forms another prism
a pair of prisms forms a double wheeled chariot which will form the merkaba

Each joint is an energy centre . The joints above and below a bone are reciprocal in nature and will cause flow to occur through the bone. When flow occurs a tree is formed.

Each limb is reciprocal in nature to its opposite limb.

1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8 . That is a wheel of life.
As above , so below
as on the right so on the left
as internal , so external
as cardinal , so bicardinal

Air.........4th.above head.stars...........angel.............emerald
Water.....2nd.head.........higher planes.female..........indigo blue
Amoris....3rd, chest........microcosm....sun/God.........golden
Earth......1st ; belly........Earthly Plane.male.............red
Fire........6th; below feet.Hels............demon...........orange
rainbow...7th; abyss........Universe ......dragon..........purple

Aunt Clair
30th September 2010, 01:19 PM
Energy Body Reading Jodi September 29 2010
In the Throne of God there are 6 elemental stalk sized nadis
which are coloured tubes appearing like Pan's Pipes
growing upwards within a silver akashic prism
The front 3 are the well known ida sushumna pingala
which are ...........................blue....red....yellow
behind these are 3 more..........white...green..black
The white and black are like yin and yang;
Black widdershins motion,downward,cold,contracting,negative,female;n ight
White deosil motion,upward,hot,expanding,positive,male;day
A lesson in meditative trance expounded on the Eleusian Mysteries
and the magical rites concerning Triptolemus.

Demeter planned to make Demophon immortal by burning away his mortal spirit in the family hearth every night. She was unable to complete the ritual because Metanira walked in on her one night. Instead, Demeter chose to teach Triptolemus the art of agriculture and, from him, the rest of Greece learned to plant and reap crops. He flew across the land on a winged chariot while Demeter and Persephone cared for him, and helped him complete his mission of educating the whole of Greece in the art of agriculture.
The distraught earth goddess eventually retired to Eleusia, where she became the nurse to the kings sons and, in strikingly similarity to the myth of Isis (who thrust the son of the king of Byblos into a fire, during her search for Osiris), Demeter places one of the kings sons Demophon, into a fire in order to make him immortal. However, the screams of his mother break the spell and he perishes. In this myth, Demeter compensates the parents by giving their other son Triptolemus seeds, the art of agriculture, and a chariot with winged dragons. Pausanias wrote that she instructed Triptolemus and his father in the performance of her ‘rites and mysteries’ (4). Eventually, Persephone is released for one third of each year, while having to spend the rest in the underworld (analogous to a seed of corn).

His winged chariot seems to have wings from the hips like the current energy body
http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/22000/22063/ ... 063_lg.gif (http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/22000/22063/triptolemus_22063_lg.gif)
and there are serpents crawling up the legs of the chariot
http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File: ... ljebok.png (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Ideal_framst%C3%A4llning_av_eleusinska_j%C3%A 4mte_atenska_gudomligheter_och_eleusinska_pr%C3%A4 ster,_Nordisk_familjebok.png)
like the recent kundalini event from foot to knee

The base of each toe has a face upon it ; all in blue white .Each is a mahatma which works on when of the rays which are elemental hermeic energies of each gender.

At the Crown of the Goddess inside the skullcap
there is a strobing purple chakra
breathing towards the centre and then outwards
above that are a pair of golden slowly swirling crescent petals which move
around the indigo chakra
between these is a silver akashic spinning flat disc
with 4 lines appearing as it turns
these are the 2 golden satellites on the large equatorial wheel at the nose /ears
and the centre 2 lines are the black and white energies of motion

The black is sister ak the invisible like the Hindu Jyoti
The white is brother ta the hidden like Skanda

The older sister bosses the little brother like the moon pulls the tides she controls him. He doesn't exist without her like shadow and light. But when he sits still she can not move. If he is too much earth then he does not move with her flow and she becomes like a tethered balloon. As she pulls along he moves in the opposite direction.

Jodie is hanging upside down like the hanged man tarot card. Her feet are golden talons of an eagle . Her entire body is golden but her wings are white. She has thin curved feathered wings which curve inward appearing first at the hips, then the ankles and shoulders and soon the elbows.Behind her head is a crescent wing upon a helmet of Minerva. And her hair is golden streaming fire.

Aunt Clair
17th October 2010, 09:39 AM
Reading Cloak
1. 4 energy centers appearing as circles on scalp these are the size oa mandarin in the centre a white centre larger than surrounding four this one is the size of a orange
2. he is studying projection of awareness into the nerves to promote healing
he is learning and researching projecting as a tiny indigo form by throwing the awareness to the nerves and becoming an teeny indigo projection of self or alternately as a seed of thought as brought to the brow centre but not golden and electric but magnetic and indigo blue
3. The body is rose pink
4. 8 indistinct rose coloured angels stand around him in a circle without faces
sit in arm chair in dim light in sacred space
lean forward to bring shoulders over knees and third eye over centre between feet
spreading feet to eeither side to be under knees and under shoulders
breathe up fire to third eye and up the feet thru legs to knees and up to shoulders and out of shoulders
this opens the lower legs knees to ankles to manifest the trees of life there

Reading Pawel
1.a rainbow coloured arch of pencil eraser sized round centres under instep of foot as on either side of ball of foot
2.behind the heart a golden dragon neck and a feeling of ice cold wind entering the chest at that opening

Angel branches legion of angels off of spine
A.first a pair of thin crescent wings erupt from hips like the chariot of tripolytus in the eleusian mysteries
then four thin crescent wings erupt from the hips in a hermetic set then
4 angels on a ring around each section of the tree from hips like branches on a tree coming out of a ring of the tree
b, as above and 4 more branches around the waist and 4 around collar bone for 12 which appear silver white and project in a circle around the magiican
c.these same angels become golden
d. The rings of angels continue to grow and can be seen in the mirror beneath the magician 12 above 12 below

Jodie Friday 15 October 2019
standing as a golden female in the centre of a giant eye around the waist
which extends a meter on either side of waist
A goddess body holding a bundle of golden wheat in the left hand and golden chaff in the right.

Jodie sat facing me she was sitting at north myself at south
around us 4 angels
behind me astarte to our left asmodeus
behind her az are iel the angel death christ faced
ro our right a female appeared holding 2 bablies in a footbal grip at side the babies wrapped in swaddling but the faces animated and msiling cooing
before her 2 more arms smashing through mirrors becomeing silver dust
smashing through illusions
a giant angel foom khali a goddess of war and feminiism

The female angel will teach the magician about the energy of the Goddess about jow to be strong but wise . She brings wisdom and charity . To teach our boys to become men who will not go to war except to defend or protect to stop oppression and inhumanity .

She spoke of torture , siege , rape , crimes of violence perpetuated by soldiers which are stopped by other soldiers. She showed visions of mothers killing children sweetly before the enemy arrived so that they would not be raped and tortured.

She showed mothers inspiring sons to be brave to defend city walls when the people were under siege . She taught not to be aggressive , oppressive or selfish.

She talked about crimes against humanity and women and children living in poverty and hunger not just because the man is selfish and greedy but because women had not taught their sons to be compassionate and charitable .

The magicians who project as a legion of the Goddess form will be lead to project to the leaders of this world and to teach the leaders to feed the children and to preserve the family and to honour their mother this Earth .

Aunt Clair
3rd December 2010, 12:43 AM
I have missed witnessing major steps which have occurred between 15 October and 28 November . Jodie was here today and I was startled to see the amount of change that has happened in that time.

The energy body was a new colour an amethyst white or purple ice .

Above the crown
is an upside woman like the Hanged Man of Tarot
yin to the yang
spread eagle like a starfish
her dark hair hanging down
she is hung by both feet and pierced in both breasts
she is strong and bends upward to remove the knives from her chest
and throws them at her captors.
The Hanged Man is Odin representing sacrifice for magic to give to humanity
He lost an eye, an ear and an testacle and gave the world esoteric wisdoms , prophecy and divination , and runes.

This upside down woman represents fury and resistance at being trapped in the qlippoth when it is not her choice.This is about the bear chewing its limb to get out of the hunter's trap. It is about refusing to be the victim of corruption and oppression .

The face is divided on a mirror at the ear line
the mouth and jaw have disappeared
below the mirror is a duplicate of the crown eyes and ears.

There are 2 quarter wheels
each with the core at the corner
between the shoulder and the neck

upon the shoulder are 3 centres now
there was always one on the shoulder joint
then one has manifested to the right and left of it beginning to form another wheel

There are 8 pointed golden stars forming now .
These have manifested from the wheels of 8 moon satellites formed around a core energy centre.
The wheels are located ;
*downwards at the crown
*upwards at the ear line
*downwards at the ear line
*upwards beneath the jaw line
*downwards at the shoulders~nadis are dripping down from it
numerous finger thick rainbow nadis of 8 colours
*upwards at the heart equidistant between the shoulders and waist.
nadis are growing upward from the heart
another is emerging at the waist
there is a thumb thick pink wick
moving upwards from the belly just below the waist

The EarthStone has a revolving lotus blossom which has bloomed
*upwards on the Throne of God at the Perineum
*downwards beneath the feet of the magician on the mirror of which they stand
*upwards at the crown of the hanged angel

Below the hanged man has become an upside down angel

the hands have doubled at the pinky there are 2 hands that are clear and 2 more emerging below which will form a wheel of 8.

Odin teaches that God is 1, the male trinity is 3 Male is odd
The crone and the orphan girl are 2 , the female infant , the maiden, the mother and the crone are 4 , the female is even.

The 2 hands together pinky to pinky and thumb to thumb form a wheel of 8 or 10 . The 10 fingers together are the sacred numerals of 1+2+3+4 =10
Where the pinkys and thumbs join together on either side those are even and together become female. But where the other three fingers are alone that is odd and male. Although the colouring and energies have genders of their own, the numeration has a distinct gender too.

Debbie has nadis growing downwards from the crown
She has nadis moving upwards and downwards from ;
* heart
* waist
Debbie has the nadis growing upwards from the throne
Her head and hands are behind compared to Jodie's growth
She does not have the mirror at the ear line
and her hands are only beginning to double

The pinky on the left hand has coloured up and it is a new shade of purple which has a bit of dark turquoise in it and with aqua and indigo through it like the inside of a seashell.None of the other fingers have coloured up with the new colours yet

Aunt Clair
4th December 2010, 11:13 PM
Cloak 4 Dec 2010
sitting within an Eye of God
The Eye anchored in Shamballah by ;
the Cathedral of Christ at the top ,
The Mountain of Yemaja on the left
Asgard on the Right

There are 11 auric shells
Like Jodie;
the wheels on the core are halving to double
8 moons satellited the core , now these form 8 points of a golden crown
these split on a mirror halving to double ; 2 crowns each with 8 points
above is a golden crown of 8 points
and below is an inverted golden crown with 8 points
a golden disc in the centre where the wheel of life had been
This has occurred at the core of the MoonStone and at the core of the SunStone.

The hands have doubled too for 10 fingers
the emergent shadow of 10 more

Malkuth has risen again so there is a mirror at the waist in the orange chakra
and the vibration of the body from the waist to the crown
is increased to facilitate growth
and the energy body below the waist is slowed down, for now.

Christ teaches to look from the feet upwards into the
spine to see that the chakras are all purple now
there is one strand like part of the double helix of DNA
rising from the heels wrapping around the outside of the legs
and inside the hips and belly
and forming a spiral of diverse colours
matching the colours of the chakras
had they been lit currently
but at a higher vibrational pallette like neon colours of ;
pink red , orange yellow green aqua blue indigo violet uv et cetera

There is a steady blip like a pulse of light
in the heart and at the throat

Christ holds an emerald bell and says to remember the Mother of the Universe . The Father is light but the Mother is sound . We require both.

The Great Father Abba is Divine Light
The Great Mother Ama is Divine Sound
Another alchemical marriage is planned one which will unite light and sound within the magician's energy body .

The alchemical marriage within the energy body of the magician can not
occur unless God holds the bell.

Through the invocation of the Father,Christ teaches that the hands of God must hold the bell and these will be as energy centres which will manifest on either side of the core of the Sunstone to support the bell in the front of the heart as two pillars parallel to the ground.
"Until we hear this sound in our soul we cannot hope to invoke the Great Mother of All."

Aunt Clair
16th April 2011, 12:00 PM
27 Dec 2010 Reading Blaze
discussions with Blaze
about threads concerning Magical Attacks
cowardice and karma concerning this
unconscious attacking by magician i.e;
astral screaming at those who offend and attack you
even unconsciously in dreamstate, still causes karma

It is an unfortunate misunderstanding that some magicians believe the attacker is stronger and their victim is weaker, this is not the case.

Attacking is cowardly and causes a high price of karmic debt and consequences but the innocent victim is showered with treasures of healing, restoration, wisdom and love.
influence and effluence of energy is necessary
siddhi powers are not merely a gift or a side effect
these are attainable by all through concerted experience, practice and energy flow .
tetrapolar balance is necessary
not good to be all about power and OBE
need to focus on balance
moonstone is more important
need it to be able to see, hear, call
hermaphroditic nature of young magicians
good for tetrapolar balance and recognising
Divine Feminine and attaining light and sound
but negative aspect in promiscous bisexual and sexual confusion should be avoided
straight and gay are natural but bi sexual is undesirable wanton promiscuousness
importance of sound in the celestial spheres
playing the music
Goddess; moon, water, air , akasha, sound
clairvoyance, clairaudience, wisdom , shamynism, exoricism

God ; sun, fire , earth , light
obe, healing , understanding
dream of fork, knife and spoon symbolising my 3 live siblings
and two shadows of the halves of the hips in the chair dead sibling/live daughter and self
better to sit at the table then be a tool upon it
be at the feast rather than being an instrument of the feast.
we suffer to sit at the table but we are fed and richly rewarded
the rest are as puppets perhaps the puppeteer is themselves , perhaps another , perhaps both
a life spent unconsciou is a tool
recognising gifts and treasures
accepting supposed misfortunes as a legacy of karmic debt repaid and as an opportunity
which may not be recognised
being provided by the universe in the Global Fiscal Crisis
magicians out of work but not starving
have an opportunity to serve Godhead through works of ascension
U2 Video
same people
three special men
loud mouthed but saintly voices
ahead of their time
opportunity for all to recognise the ONE ness
and to go further down to the crux of the nexus to broadcast
not astral screaming but astral streaming love and forgiveness
light and sound
God and Goddess
Divine Feminine
II. 27 Dec 2010 reading Blaze online

5 full stones above head 2 more shadowed
3 full stones to the floor but 4 more beneath shadowed
the seed of each stone was a spinal chakra
above so below 14
but we have only 11 so far

5above body +3 in body +3below body
and 11 auric shells

the head mandarin size right ear bigger than eyes now strangely and bigger than left ear need to seek balance

shoulders blue silver white leviathan left
blue black leviathan right
above shoulders a white chariot of Diana on left and a black chariot of Hades on right
core 0
third eye 1
eye back of head 2
right ear , left ear 4 earth air
right eye fire ,left eye water & behind right eye earth & behind left eye air 8

right ear
neptune on a swing under the ocean
back and forth
lesson to exhale and inhale energy through ears
left ear a lady in a stone tower hollering
easier to send energy through solid than liquid than gas easier through earth than water than air

nose 0
nostril right and left 2 fire, water
tip of nose 3 earth
base of nose 4 air

third eye 1
above right eye & above left eye =snake eyes 2
below right eye & below left eye = eyes of dragon 4
above and below , right and left of third eye

exercises flow energy in and out of the wheel of moons around the core of the moonstone most promising

wheel in heart 8 moons around the core
horizontally bisecting core
a golden carousel of energy over the wheel and an inverted cone of energy above it
5 of 8 strands present
below wheel in heart another cone of energy forming an hour glass from wheel to collarbone and another from wheel to bottom of ribs

a pillar as a naked tree of life with three nodules above the core of the belly
below this tree is a tabernacle
hanging from the base of it around the core is draped energy
a hermaphroditic God
facing forward red male below waist
facing backwards blue female above waist

hand completing the channels and circuits of the white crystal hand
but like the current stage
a purple rhombus from tip of middle finger
to the wrist and from base of thumb to base of pinky
Baphomet in palm

visions of waterfalls and energy rushing across the three centres of foot at ball, instep and heel

visions of rainbow bridge across the sole and sea of lost souls with skeletons and spirits trying to find it to climb upon it
need to forgive others and self
real confusion lies in being atheist and having no belief in Godhead or afterlife

visions of Freedom as a woman drowned dragged by female lifeguard onto beach by hair and shoulders towel around own shoulders still dry afraid to dip in the waters
but the force of the ocean pulling her under and back down to the depths to be forgotten the struggle of USA which in fear of the enemy becomes the enemy

a black raven flying pierced in one of two hearts falls dying a golden eagle rises stronger than ever

not out of the woods yet
will get worse before it gets better
the GFC is in the eye of the storm

two roadsigns
an earthquake both signs on same side
then these divide like a broken love heart
and can not be reunited

Aunt Clair
16th April 2011, 12:01 PM
29 December 2010 Jodie Reading

standing in great eye around shoulders over face giant eyelashes as collar in back and lower at breast in front eye sideways

Four giant angels around her facing her
fire yellow right
blue left
green front
rose purple rear
dressing her in blue gown with golden stars
hair is white, shining with starlight

my own apprentince avatar form is a redhead whose long hair is on fire
sitting on a cornucopia riding through air spreading wheat while yelling and laughing

sea shells on her ears to help heaing
and eagle winged helmet of minerva

Ashley vision re pregnancy and bee goddess pregnant carrying a piglet

heard "inudake" ih new da key to dress in the garmet of an existing avatar on another world and to teach in other worlds
wearing costumes from grandmother's closet

The Great Goddess appears in giant form her hands bigger than Jodie's head
she has a black intricate metal laced egg
with a thick sapphire plasma that she opens over Jodie in attunement an auric egg added that will help others to see her in projection

inside the chrysalis is a gremlin with rounded horns like the goodhearted tall beast in the film Labrynth who was afraid of the bog of eternal stench . We must give this creature unconditional love to pass this test or when it is born it will be a demonic beast instead Jodie sees hers becoming a Pan satyr with pipes who teaches about the Divine Sound of the Goddess

So we send it energy of light and sound and love and peace to cure it

the interior channel of the left arm is filled with golden pudding the sheath moving slowly
this is a thick fire energy
a reciprocal of the water arm it is in
around it on the exterior of the arm the belly of the arm has become silver white
it is still indigo on top
Kuthumi says it will become a 4 part sheath

It has about 16 circuits of energy inside in bundles of 4 each like so many coloured wires within coloured straws

the right arm is an indigo rose inside this energy is moving quickily
there is an orange sheath on top and below is golden white

left leg rose violet inside
right leg chartreuse aqua

the left leg sheath remains air greens but will become water blues above knee

right leg remains earth reds but will become fire above knee

left arm remains blue waters but will become greem air then red earth above elbow

right arm remains orange fires but will become red earths than air above elbow

traditional Hermetic limbs I
..........right left
arm fire water
leg earth air

new tetrapolar limbs II
upper arm earth air
lower arm fire water
upper leg fire water
lower leg earth air

Tetrapolar sides III
air earth
fire water (same)

water fire
earth air (same)

The element becomes the same gender
in a transitional stage than moves to become the recirpocal of that other element
so ;
earth becomes fire then water
water becomes iar then earth
fire becomes earth then air
air becomes water then fire

short cocktail straw shaped externak pillars in rainbow colours at
shoulders wrists , above elbow later below elbow we are told
on hip then ankle later
will be above knee and later below it

Also as fringe above eyes and as collar below jaw

fire on right water on left as palm faces you
air near base of middle finger
earth at heel of hand
a giant sphere beachball sized around the basketball sized sphere of the hand manifested in crystal stage
a giant hand around like a glove around smaller hand inside
snakes from fingers still wriggling but immature worm like ones

Kuthumi shows us lying on our backs
tickles our toes
no snakes here
the toes like the hands must have a canopy and roots the front of a tree with the canopy the back with roots
and each part of a limb
forearms and lower arms
thighs and calves has become a two way tree on the belly upwards on the back of the arm and leg downward

We have had kundalini snakes erupt from knees and hips and balls of feet but not from ankles or toes yet
we have had cobras etc erupt from
palms and shoulders and fingers
but not from elbows and wrists yet

13 auric eggs 14th emerging and 15rh in body around chrysalis

Another chrysalis forming here
golden as yet with nothing inside

horizontal rings of centres and wheel
1 pole
2 new rods
4 above in cobra eyes , and back of cobra eyes
8 Wheel of Life around core ears nose eyes
(horizontal rings of 4
nose ~ tip of nose nostrils back of nose
ear- forming
behind head forming
white blue shapes around eyes and back of eyes where 4 rings will form too )
4 ~ canine teeth , back of teeth
2 ~ tongue , back of tongue
1~ pole

four pools where moons behind eyes and at the back of head behind eyes are which are forming a larger sphere around the moons
and a ring of 4 around each moon
similarly below the main wheel of the head
four pools at teeth and behind the head
the two spots behind the head behind canine teeth should not be overlooked
Kuthumi says these will draw in air for better hearing

vertical wheels
On face third eye has 8 moons om a wheel of life
eyes have 4 ~ 2 parallel to ground above and below the physical eyes
ears have 2 one above and below the horizontal rings

mouth has 4 also parallel to ground 2 above and 2 below

Throat a chakra within it with a ring of 4 round it

Torso Chrysalis is brown now no longer golden
wheel at shoulders
hour glass formed by inverted converging vortices
) (
and then a donut shaped horizontal tube or tunnel manifests around the spine
wheel at heart
----centre at waist between Sun and Earth
and wheel at navel
wheel at hips
==shoulders . \/
) (
) (
) (
--- navel
) (
== hips

SunStone also has 4 wide discs vertically at cardinal points under arms at core of heart and behind it on back

The moons on the wheels at SunStone and EarthStone are much large about the size of a mandarin now

There are tunnel shape tubes like the chrysalis is formimg
Tjese are vertically stacked like so many tires around the magician's spine
............( )
............( )
This is nestled in a stellated merkabah having 6 points on each face and having 6 faces


Aunt Clair
16th April 2011, 12:09 PM
T 28 Feb
Jodie Reading

body is a golden throne
the head is a golden throne upon it
the crown is a golden throne upon the head
above this a peacock in gold

upon the feet angels their heads towards toes
feet towards ankles

a tree with 5 branches out of the back
on dowager's hump at
the eye of the moon
1 branch for each world beyond Earth
so world walking in 5 places
aware of 3 feline, pteradon, aquatic purple form with octupus skirt humanoid head

other 2 embryonic
saw 1 of these lives as a pteradon of sorts
wider sort of rectangular purple indigo wings
moving in a undulating fashion like a dolphin
through the air
has matured in a vision see her lay a clutch of eggs which have hatched
another generation already
and she has just begun life there herself

Aunt Clair
16th April 2011, 01:32 PM
W6 April 2011
I spontaneously tranced while reading The voice of the Silence by Blavatsky
Madame Blavatsky appeared standing in study
conversing as I read her works
and nagged me again ;"When will you finish your first book ?"
Skip that other one. Write the first one on kundalini.
Get it done soon.
Death may take you .

She touched my arm a massive wave of energy
an attunement
a sharp brief pain like a burning point where it entered my body
could see clairvoyantly and feel the energy move became very aware
without pulling in energy
I fell into a deeper trance and had such visions
and during this the right arm opened without any pain
a thick wrist width brown green golden cobra exited from back of right shoulder wraps around front of arm
bites me
more like a vaccum
sucking a great hole midpoint between elbow and shoulder on fleshy under arm through which it tunnels
enters arm wraps round it deosil
while in the arm bites its way out
this time it hurts
above the elbow
sticks out its fleshy head and forked tongue and retreats even now
hammering at the elbow like some mole trying to dig down into the lower arm to the wrist.

I was in the body of Christ
lying in his tomb
I was as him
seeing through his eyes
only his mind in my own

I am awake
my body is wrapped so tightly
the wrapping are loose around my head
am I resurrected?
no I am dying
how many times have I rekindled this fragile flame
I give up
I am rising
freely quickly effortlessly
I am coming home
the second death is before me
I see it now
my heart is stopped
this is the death of my mind
all that's is left to do
from this body
it looks as if a stone
but it floats there
above my heart
it is pulling me in
NO !
not now
I am awake again
must I return to that cold body on the stone ?
I am unwilling
I am fading in and out of consciousness again
just like my will

I will die
I will embrace death now
I am rising above my head
and now I have I come to that second death
the death of the great mind
the external mind outside us all
the great consciousness
like a stone above my body
I see it floating
and I am arrested
I consider
shall I pass
shall i die completely
I will rest here
to consider
why couldn't I stay dead ?

I resume my resurrection
this is my father's will
but not my mother's
and so i split the self

and I send half of my self back to my beloved mother's arms
and half of myself to my father's will
my mother in heaven
would not have this of me
but my father 's will is my own and I must
he is me
I am him
we are as one
and so my will is renewed
I am returning
I am entering from the crown
as a thin thread of a white cobra
I am spinning in tail first
to the bottom of my spine
I enkindle the brain of this cold body
the heart does not beat again
not yet
I am opening the cobra's mouth through the lotus of the crown
I yawn a great yawn
like a boa constrictor
swallowing my death
consuming it

such danger for the living
to be near this ritual
all comes to me
all life force
through my yawn

and my heart beats once more
but the pain !
is soul wrenching
this is worse than dying on the cross
my blood has pooled
it is toxic
it hurts me
it smells in here
my arms are mine but not my legs
I call the energy back to me
and my left arm is now wrapped in a cold pink purple cobra
and my right arm is wrapped in a warm golden green cobra

I call my angels
O Come O Come My own to me My Kerubim !
(these look like the Sphinx of Christ initially ,as 4 forms all animals
then all become lions then all become human , looking like Christ , all the same
and all as if a white fog of light these Christ angels facing each other over his body on the stone bed of the tomb )
to my head
to my feet
to my left hand
to my right hand
and one beneath me now
the 5 helpers
from my heart I fly
to crown myself above the heart
and between each pair another pair of mine(looking like angelic clones of Christ)
12 angels round my body
but my 8 are weak for I am weak
and my 4 are strong for they do not come from this body
but from that realm beyond this world
all are tethered now to one root
as one foot beneath the heart
of my still body
even beneath this stone
beneath the earth
and these are my roots
each is sending a cobra through the crown
through the cave
now there are 12 great yawns
each enough to eat the death
a dozen times over
the hunger fills the one foot beneath my life's womb
(magickal womb in each magician male or female in the philosopher stone or Earth Stone of the belly)
they feed me now
like roots to a tree after blessed rains end the long draught
the energy rolls into my sternum and out of my back
from out of their mouths and palms into me and out of me
again and again
rolling through it around behind me
my spine is studded with holes ( openings of energy centres)
which drains that away my darkness
(like several holes upon a rod each the size of an orange about 10 ? from cervical to caudus equinus)
and light fills my void
I recall my life as Thoth
my rites of resurrection
these are the rites of Thoth
but not of Osiris
my lungs inflate now
each breath drinks energy
up from earth
in from air
and my legs are mine now too
golden light shines through mine eyes
mine ears
my mouth
my palms
from my crown shining forth
It fills me this golden light
yet I am so weak
my first action
to remove the wraps
and now to vomit
I retreat to the furthest recess
to a corner
I might crawl
I might drag
I am fading
I am dying again
now the blackness come up from my lungs
I expel it
and from my stomach
and such black ness from my bowels
dark bloody masses
I passed out
but I am awake again
lying over this rock beside it
I must
from this tomb
I must go
the smell
it is fearsome
I am death
but these angels cannot move this rock
and shall I ?
who comes for me ?
even now I am alone
who will assist me in this hour of my suffering ?
So I must be the physical force behind my egress
and so my all
I give now
to roll this rock
surrounded by my angels
I cry to the heavens
release me
they all come
and I fall to my bruised and broken bones
I crawl from the cave on my broken limbs
and modestly wrap myself in that tomb's rags
I fall upon the nearest seat a rocky shelf (to his right )

O Blessed Women
who have heard my call
even unto death
They have arrived
I see them not
not their faces or their garments
their colours only
their souls I see
where are they ?
I see through this physical world
I see through its illusion
the substance does not contain me
I am not of this world
I see through it all
through the forms of my loved one
all is golden
all is purple
I am nauseated
and ashamed
where shall I empty this darkness so that it may not be found
and may remain unseen
I can not see
yet I did in the darkness of my tomb
I could see there
now I see through the tree
I see through the road beneath my feet
yea through the ground itself
right through it
where do I stand ? I am in the ether !
I am not truly in this body
I flee from it now

But they are calling me back
My Son
I hear their sweet voices
I know they're coming
my three Marys
they try to lift me
to bear me
even this broken body weighs too much
we move
they are dragging me
I am crawling
I am staggering
willing self to walk
my mother
my wife
and she whom I call sister

My bride and my sister bid me to walk
less the guards return
and slay me once more
but my blessed mother stays them all
she is sitting me down
and she cups my chest with her right hand
and my back with her left hand
up and down
removing the poisons of the grave
such wisdom
our Sophia
within her
my mother
truly is such wisdom personified
she recalls the rites of Isis
(he loves her best because they have been so together in so many lives so many ages so many worlds as mother and son )
I am too weak
she bends me forward
so I may vomit once more
there is no fluid left
I cannot pass urine
she gives me a few grains of saffron rice
just a few
she bids me leave these on the tongue and suckle them
I should not eat yet not until it is all past
all my darkness

my first words spoken now
O Mother why could I not stay dead ?
I can not see you
My eyes can not see here in this world
I see through it now
right through it all
but I know your voices and I know your love
here is my love
I stretch out my arms embracing them all
the love of my wife, my mother, my sister

My mother places her right hand on my brow and her left hand
on the back of my heart,

My bride places her right hand on the back of my head and the left hand on my navel

Their hands move now

My mother places her right hand (on the eye of the moon at the clavicle )
and her left hand (on the eye of the sun at the small of the back back)

My bride places her hands upon my crown

But the other apostles they arrive now !
I hear their feet
their raucous calls
the faithless ones
the ones who flee
their faith is more fragile than my form
the cursed apostles

Here they come I hear them now
but this is not the way it shall be written

My body hangs upon me like a cold dead thing
like so many grave rags
cold, limp, wet
dying still
I smell of that grave
that death yet fills my nostrils

Is this my body or ever a corpse?
I came too late back to it
to fufil the prophecies
or was it my own fault ?
due to my wavering
my confusion in resolve to quit this earth ?

keep them from me
these weak men
they will drain me
they have taken all from me
they take all from me
they have consumed me
and still want more
these strong men abandoned me
but you women called so weak
never left my side
in my pain
in my sorrow
ever there
only John stood with me , but where is my John ?

Place me against a tree for strength
I will not cower weakly before this lot
how I hate them
these hypocrites
they profess the greatest love for me
yet they know none
no love at all
no none at all
for anyone
they flee from their love
they flee from their works
they are fleeing still
Who is their Rabbi ? Is it this great master who was upon the cross ?
I cannot bear the sight of them
the stench of them
I hate these humans

O Mary (Magdalene) the demons do burn your skin
that you may know their presence
but I tell you
these humans burn my soul
I know they are near
because it hurts me so
even you my beloved
the form of the human is more demonic than angelic

on countless worlds I have done this
not the first
not the last
I have seen this done to me
but humanity
O humanity
these are the bitter tears
my most bitter tears
upon my beard
I hate you most but love you most of all the worlds
the people here are my treasure
Humanity you are the hope
these humans desire for me to come to them in every age
Must I come in every age ?
And die in every way they can learn to kill each other ?
They would tear and rent the flesh from my bones
Here then, give them this ,this is what they want from me .
(he manifested a palm sized golden yolk it was a long bulging ovoid shape)
This is the egg of life
These fools
they want it all
all of me
let them have this
you need it not
you create your own
but these fools think they can have mine
let them have it
What shall they try to do with it ?
See how they will cluck !
Hens are smarter .

Tell them to come later
when I am in my full glory
and sister won't you bring me a great fish freshly caught ?

We are stumbling into the home
this is my home but I know it not
I am stranger
unto this world , once more
I don't belong here
I can not stay here
Even now my body continues to rot
like fruit fallen from the vine.

O here she is
O my little Lilly
My daughter knows me !
(And he smiles the first time returned to the body .She is a hand knotted haired toddler about 14 months old ? just barely walking not talking yet ,he stoops and she runs into his arms .He called her name it sounds like wahine which is woman in hawaiian .I cannot hear this well "sus-wah-ha-nee, nah-teh-key","wa shuh shan nah ki")
You are here my little lilly
I love you my daughter
I love you my dear ones
(and he hugged her and wept)

bar the door
close the windows
let us to sanctuary now
and bide a while
for I must leave you soon
I fear the morrow
nay I fear it not
Should I leave you ?
for I tell you
you are with me more there than here
in these shadow forms
though I do love to see your faces
and hear your voices and have your touch
O embrace me

the stench and burning of humanity lies even on your form and mine
but one sweet smile from such a child
any little child of innocence
it lifts me up and I can bear it once more

But you are not safe here in this Jerusalem
I weep for Jerusalem
They want you too
They want the blood upon their doors
in their streets and running down their rooftops
They thirst for more
They are accursed
Always hungering for the blood of the martyred and murdered innocents
O Jerusalem, I can not walk down your streets again without disgust
When may I walk down your streets Jerusalem
and not fear your peoples and your many deaths rushing for me ?
Shall I one day ?

When will I walk down your streets and not know persecution and my despair ?
The world is a Jerusalem
It is my Jerusalem
my bitter tears fill this beard
I hear my mother say" but let us not talk of this "

We shall wash, we shall pray
and I shall sleep
a deep rest

cook my fish Dear Mother ,please
and when I rise
we shall eat together
and bide a while

(and the other mary returned and replied shall John come then to you )
Yes for even now he is catching my fish
But tell him in silence
not a word shall be spoken
This is my time of rest
(Mother Mary says "but hush for now" )
I whisper my little Lilly
and she crawled up in my bed
and she snuggles in the crook of my arm
(and they fell asleep )

Shoshanna hebrew for lilly
Susannah in english
her face was round her eyes bright and jewel like seeming purple
and her nose was african wide but button short
like india/african/egyptian mix

wa shuh shan nah ki

Shushankite ~Strong's Hebrew Bible Dictionary - Bible Software by johnhurt.com
(Aramaic) of foreign origin; a Shushankite (collectively) or inhabitants of some ... lily (or ♥♥♥♥♥et) of assemblage; Shushan-Eduth or Shoshannim-Eduth, ..... i.e. wild growth of weeds or briers (as if put on the field):--thorns. ...

Strong's Hebrew Bible Dictionary - Bible Software by johnhurt.com
(Aramaic) of foreign origin; a Shushankite (collectively) or inhabitants of some ... lily (or ♥♥♥♥♥et) of assemblage; Shushan-Eduth or Shoshannim-Eduth, ..... i.e. wild growth of weeds or briers (as if put on the field):--thorns. ...
6 April 2011
(Vision rewinds I am back at the tomb with two women
the 3rd Mary has gone to find John )
They seat me upon a stone
My mother places her hands on either side of me at the brow and back of heart
(blue-white water /chi?)
My wife places her hands on either side at the back of my head and front of my heart(pink earth)
water energy into my head to ground my sight to view this world
Earth energy into my spine to ground my spirit to this world
My mother places her hands at the eye of the moon and the eye of the sun
My wife places her hands at the eye of the wind and the eye of earth
water and earth energy to cause flow through my limbs
My wife places her hands above my crown and sends fire
My mother cups my legs to heal my bones
The people stand singing Hosannah
I see Christ Standing in the Upper Room in his Glory
golden light exuding from him
a sleeveless belted white gown and robe and sandals
the people approach him and greet him
Thomas approaches (wide jutting forehead tight skin around his skull, receding hairline, and sticks his right hand under the left rib
and removes his hand and stares at it
then backs off prostrating self,asking forgiveness
Christ begins a lesson like the Letter to the Corinthians
a trinity model to the community;
When I was a child I played with childish things and he extends
his right open palm to his mother (child)
When I was a man I put away childish thing and took a wife
his left open palm to his wife (spouse)
He introduces his daughter and now I am proud to stand before you as a father(parent)
Christ lifts his daughter up with both hands to the crowd assembled presenting her then he places her on his right shoulder as he sits leaning on the wall
Peter motions and takes the floor(shorter than Christ blonde brown scruffy beard unshaven neck , uncombed, wider shouldered)
"I recall Jesus entering Jerusalem under a canopy of palms...blah blah blah
Astonishing he attempts to take the attention to himself and stands with the staff
of the Rabbi
John approaches (older dark hair clean shaven
places one left hand on the shoulder of John
and the right hand on the staff
without a word
places his hands out to recieve the staff
presents it reverently to Christ
backs away slowly bowing at waist.
Christ lifts his hands and evokes Father and Mother of Heaven
The Black hand of Mother and White hand of Father above the room
the hands of God bless the assembled their palms up
then they turn the palms down fingers down
and golden rains from each finger tip
and floats down over the auric egg of each one tranced
but does not enter in
the polarity in trance is the same the charges repel each other
the people sit near Christ
kneel behind that row
and Stand in back rows
eyes rolling backward in the head or eyes closed palms out transfixed
ATTUNEMENT renewal of baptism,
Now they lift somewhat from trance and the polarity reverses the golden flame
of the Holy Spirit enters their crowns and permeates their being
all assembled glow in golden light
Shashahunnah approaches the table and Christ lifts her to sit upon it
her arms balance her like sitting on the pier
and her legs swing idly like a child
but she speaks her first words to the temple in Greek
she speaks of the sins of Jerusalem , infidelity, abandonment, where is their faith her right hand sweeps in judgement
she speaks of sins of omission , compassion against the cruelty of crucifixtion where is their mercy and her left hand sweeps in judgement across the crowd
both hands are raised to Mother and Father in Heaven
as she speaks in Hebrew
the child wants two parents
she speaks about the wedding
the restoration of the temple
now she speaks like a little girl in Aramaic
weeping softly her head drops
too soon he must leave us again
as we must leave you Jerusalem
for you would have our bones and blood too
the people are like stunned mullets
unable to move
grounded firmly in trance
Christ backs out bowing
touching either side of the doorway
and taking a broom sweeps as he backs out
bowing at shoulders then waist
Invocation of the Great Fire
the body is consumed
becomes baked like clay
and as the spirit of Christ leaves through the crown
the clay breaks from the head down
and is as naught
he ascends into a pillar full of angels a throng around him of colours
and singing
behind him Gideon on a ♥♥♥♥♥et
Christ whispers as he did to the upper room crowd and to all present here
"I am with you now and always"
He presses the heel of his hand into each forehead assembled
an indigo blue purple disc of energy on the third eye
and the heart energy spins deosil down to feet to right returning upwards to left
he holds a lantern high and blows out the flame
and bids us retire
to dream and learn .

Aunt Clair
16th April 2011, 01:34 PM
D 10 April 2011
Burning below breast bone
sent me to bed in pain that seemed unendurable
took muscle relaxers , wine and codeine
but could not extinguish it
so went to rest

rose again with severe pain 4am
back again to bed at 7am
some relief after 1st cobra rose
but still in pain
unsure how much is kundalini related

felt and innerly saw clairvoyantly an arm width sized
golden green cobra
which rose upward entering the perineuam
upward through the centre of the spine to heart to mouth ; quickly shot out of mouth
and I vomited a bit with that
severe nausea

vision of a dead snake bearing young out of mouth
each little snake became a branch
dead snake became the bark gnarled thick twisted
as if all the nadis in the spine formed it
like a vertical bundle

saw a vision of Christ and Mary watching me worrying over me
as I lay in a long incubator about 12 feet long twice a human length
no body inside though
only this golden nerve body with a head and roots and a long slender body between
heard ganglion and dendrites
http://www.stmary.ws/highschool/science ... -types.gif (http://www.stmary.ws/highschool/science/humanbio/q4/nervous%20system%20notes/brain-neuron-types.gif)

slept a while
dreams of two needs in each life
love and forgiveness
die without these
and give death and disease to those we cannot forgive for hurting us
unforgiveable to kill the soul
all that it requires all that it needs is love and forgiveness
better to kill the body or the spirit but not the soul

some of my fingers are shaking
these made a mudra involuntarily
the index finger touching thumb
forming a circle on both hands

I went to sleep saying a mantra

I forgive all
I forgive everyone
I forgive all
I forgive everyone

which is easy to do in that state of consciousness
and really mean it
but in the human day to day awareness
it is so hard to maintain though

woke again
felt and innerly saw clairvoyantly
another cobra rushed out of third eye
as thick as the other arm width
this time golden white

saw vision of Futurama episode's snake creature Evo
that loved everybody and "dated" the planet
placed a tendril in each human

I heard "Eat the world "
saw connections to everyone in everyone
heard Christ "You are one with me in this moment "
saw many entering churches and temples to connect with God
heard "If they do not connect to God in the heart they do not know me "
"If they are not connected to me in the mind they can not know me "

vision of Goddess feeding the planet with musical rainbow
saw a vision of the cobra rising and eating rainbow coloured musical notes
told to eat them

I tried to sing a scale but could only sing every other one
DO but not re ME but not fa SO but not la TI and then could sing DO
each sound resonated in a chakra
the female notes are DO ME SO TI
femael is even & symmetric
making a circle back to DO

the male notes are Re Fa La
odd & asymmetric
making a staff connecting

the beads are female the string that connects the necklace is male

saw 12 demon chords in each chakra none in the crown
each dozen is in 3 tiers of 4
72 demons to remove by becoming 72 angels
72 names of God
72 steps to Shamballah and unio mystica

some in each life
not all at once;
For God is merciful

the last one is DO again High C
that is Christ the end no more to clear

How much more work have I left to do ?

Part II
the next morning M 11 April 2011

fell asleep again
tried to see my son at High School
it was early morning I had gone back to bed in pain

he was in the guidance office
said I needed some guidance
so he left me there with 2 counsellor women and he went to class

the women were clones of each other sort of like Jacquie Kennedy in appearance
a peter pan collar and a black short sleeved shift dress like the 1960s

I wanted Billy to come back because he understood my problem
but I could not talk
but he was gone and I could not call him
I had no voice
I reached for a pencil but no paper
found the paper but lost the pencil
found a pen but had no paper
a nightmare
still could not talk
rummaged thru bag found ventolin puffer
and shook it at them pointing at it
to indicate I had asthma and could not speak and my medication was empty
i tried to inhale it anyway they smiled at me
too little too late
the teachers smiled because I had died again, I was already gone and didn't know it

they became Mary mother of Christ and Mary Magdalene
They said at once in one voice
Catherine do you really need Christ to do this for you again
why can you not heal yourself
and return to your body yourself
it is still warm
you can try

They showed me to kneel and lean backwards arching back so that the head also touched the floor but arms did not these were held motionless to either side of the arched back and then clasped over the heart
seemed like a yoga pose
this formed an energy loop to Mother Earth
I passed out unconscious in the projection
then I had a physical seisure
and arrived back in bed
bent over backwards

I had died in the dream asphyxiated from chest infection and asthma ; respiratory failure
had to die to death
to come back to body

I woke in bed alarmed
I changed position to open airway
when seisures ended

fell asleep and saw Mary Isis standing in heaven watering a garden
"so many weeds" she lamented

I had a vision of weeds in my yard
and neighbour poisoning over the fence which he really did
he killed some of my trees and poisoned the back half of all the yard on his side of fence
he killed weeds and birds too

Then he branging a message to the door
a gastroenterology note that had blown down the street out of our mailbox he said
perhaps stuffed in half way and lost in the wind and the rain
I thought it ironic that the bad neighbour poisoned
and killed my daughter's two ferrets
ran over one of our cats which he said was on his driveway
killed two trees
and poisoned the yard
and killed the good grass too
just to reduce growth
and then he shows concern that my mail is found blowing down the street
and brings me a message about my pain
and my worry that I have a cancerous growth
not to borrow trouble
but I have been bleeding unnaturally and I am waiting for tests
why would he bring us a message ?
because he is the enemy and he has always given us messages
In my heart I saw many weeds in my yard again and in my heart
and I forgave the enemy as the bringer of the lesson

I see that the cobra of the 3rd eye and the cobra of the mouth
have brought a parcel in with them
a vision of them dancing in the centre first as entwined snakes
then as a married couple on a cake
the alchemical marriage of sun and moon
and their brood is a purse of snakes , a leather sack of cobras
and they feel like they are eating me
my stomach is being devoured consuming me within
no more weeds
but so empty
no more garden either
no more rainbow coloured nadis

awoke choking
could see and feel rainbow coloured snaketails
the ends of immature cobra tails in my throat

heard "Open the gardens ! Let in the rain ! Let in the sun !"

the rain is water of Isis
the sun is light of Ra

the wheel in the heart
split in two
one rose to the shoulders top of SunStone
one sank to the waist bottom of SunStone
the top one spun deosil and was black
with golden men on a map of the globe all milling about like lit up ants

the bottom one spun widdershins and was upside down and white
with blue women on a map of the globe also moving about like ants

in between stood Christ like Atlas holding up the world
heard "Grow my garden here "
the rain came down gently through space
and fell through the top wheel into the bottom wheel
the bottom wheel grew nadis but not thin juvenile worms
gigantic trees rising and earthquakes
the wheels broke apart the people screamed as they scattered and fell
fire and brimstone volcano and magma
I see
the end of the first day
the first tree was molten orange it rose roots up through the right arm and the head sat strangely on the right physical shoulder and looked down at the hels
the toes burn and itch then roots shoot through
hidden toes too 14 in all
each one reaching far down under ground to tap water

storms , floods and then tsunamis
and water was over all the world
calmed the firey world
I clear and cleanse I flow
the end of the second day
the 2nd tree was indigo it rose up thru space shooting peacefully out of left side of body with branches in the left arm the head looks upwards into the heavens dreamily
the thumb on the left hand and the index buzz electrically form a mudra
and then the hidden thumbs buzz too then fingers the hidden pinky also 7 buzzing either hand
tiny trees with branches leaved coming out of thumb alone but canopy out of each finger to feel

earthquakes and ruptures
the body senses open I feel
tore off the back of my head it caused my shoulders to become deformed and humpbacked
the end of the 3rd day
the 3rd tree was bloody birth salmon red and bloody fleshy
me a mutant dwarved and crippled in form but I came into being
I was a crocodile man
My body turned backwards I was walking with my head looking to the shadows of the past into silence
the unformed

thru the silence a whisper in the wind ;a gentle breeze
the ears open I hear
the end of the 4th day
the 4th tree was chartreuse green
the tree came up like a whisper
into the body not higher like space not lower like hels not backward like earth but same as the body in height and looking forward like venus born again from the clouds born to the gentle sea upon a shell
a green goddess cried one tear
the virgin born within

the 4 trees gnarled and twisted with 4 heads and 4 elements and 4 colours and 4 heights
a spiral highest sapphire over indigo space left arm branches looking up dreamily wondrously
same as human body the ivory over chartreuse no branches no roots just there in the body looking forward innocent
next the topaz over orange fire right arm lower in height than the body head on a shoulder roots in the air branches in the legs in hels down it looks
finally the mishapen dwarved crocodilian man in the back the roots above the branches below black over red
a DNA curve the left hand colours are the bark over the jewel toned colours of the right hand
water aer fire earth

Do High C high blue cosmos
Ti B violet heavens
La A ............yellow day
So G indigo night
Fa F ............orange fire
Me E green air
Re D .............red earth
Do C blue water

this is the breath of life , the word, and the lux
the word is purple electromagnetic the breath is green magnetic female and the lux is orange electric male
the black hand of The Goddess in indigo heavens from the ineffable womb
the white hand of The Great God from the Sun forms the seed
the primitive man with noble spirit from the breath and the light becomes flesh in the word

now not round but prismatic come new colours
purple perpendicular through the crown covers all 4 trees falling from above
and rises as a 5th in the centre of the orchard too
a cloud of purple mist began but now an obscuring fog
under the right arm an orange prism divination of the future; time
under the left arm an indigo prism healing the past; space
chartreuse through heart
salmon pierces belly
forming a crux of two staves
1. high left blue chakra to low right to orange chakra, left jaw to right hip
2. high green chakra to low red chakra above heart

not over yet
vision of eggs hatching in the crocodile man's back all the way down the back
are pockets of eggs hatching teeny cobras down the back in 5 stripes
perhaps at the full moon 19April?

16th April 2011, 02:27 PM
I was not aware you were in such a serious condition. May healing come.

God bless you.


16th April 2011, 04:38 PM
Ditto, Aunt Clair.

Aunt Clair
20th April 2011, 02:04 PM
That is kind and gratefully received, glad to be "still here" :)

The full moon brought such visions and the kundalini has been astounding.
All in all, I feel uplifted despite the aging of the body and its ills
struggles are better than the alternative
pain is better than death

I feel kundalini only hurts when we are unwell and/or unfit
I am confident that many are awakening
as the earth is awakening to a higher vibration
a quickening
so many are feeling connections to all and lessons of love and forgiving
interpreted through their own cultures and values and personal mores.
But consistent themes throughout these experiences are reported on diverse forums
that the hibernation is over and the rebirth is here !

The world is awakening to a stronger brighter vibration
and healing itself and us

This unfortunately is coinciding with natural disasters, turmoil and unrest
But the human experience of struggle and pain is a birthing
It is labour pains and grief is not the word
it is hope or anticipation and delight and expectations...

Please add me to Skype and let me chronicle your development too
the energy body has been asleep for many years now and this is a quickening
which promises to be greater than the last wave which began in 2002 and gradually declined through 2007 until it seemed there was no growth. Well winter is over !
Hail Spring!

We are no longer connected though . In the last wave many magicians across the world rose together in tune to a singular rhythm and each full moon just a bit higher . Now there are diverse little waves an no longer huge waves of alchemical union. But there is commonality along a predictable continuum...

"Too long we have waited"...

20th April 2011, 02:19 PM
Please add me to Skype and let me chronicle your development too

What do you do?


Aunt Clair
21st April 2011, 11:38 AM
AC...why did ya have to repeat to yaself i forgive all i forgive everyone one
Because mantras are meant to be repeated. A mantra is a focus of contemplation
to facilitate meditation on that topic and/or to afford trance.

if ya had to repeat this obviously ya been in a area of?.
I can't understand that.

would think at your level? you would automatically be intouch with this process
Having magickal abilities and skills does not connote a "graduation" from the lessons of life on Earth or a mastery at all levels either. The path is infinite and eternal.

..their is a war going on at the moment nearly finished and alot of people were told of a R.I.P ya may know what i'm say'n didnt happen hoax all to convience/decive people to attack an area dont go their if ya hear about it :wink:
good luck What do you mean by that?

Please add me to Skype and let me chronicle your development too What do you do? Cheers,Oliver
I connect to the sitter and bi locate in consciousness to remote view so that I can read their energy body. I observe patterns of development in the human energy body which are evident clairvoyantly in the form of subtle body structures, energy centres, Hermetic coloured energy, and aspects of the soul i.e.LS, HS, GA et cetera.

Aunt Clair
29th April 2011, 02:54 AM
The Layesch
Revising the spheroid energy centres in a hierarchy from smallest to largest , thus far;
moons ~satellites of the wheel of life. Teeny seed to olive sized energy centres form 1, 2, 4, 8 around each chakra to manifest a wheel of life

sephiroth/qlippoth~These are the male external gates upon the physical body joints
these occur as 9 gates on three primary pillars with a triad of supernal gates
but later minor gates occur in 5 pillars and upon the limbs.The sephiroth are mandarin sized. The Qlippoth are the inverse and averse reflections of this shadow tree.

chakras~ These are the female internal gates to 7 planes upon the spine. Later minor chakras occur between each pair of chakras and between each pair of joints.Chakras form in the abyss or void or space between , in the gap. A pair of chakras form in each stone. Chakras grow as the physical body grows from birth being the size of a pea to the size of a grapefruit or small child sized basketball.

stones~ These begin on the 3 major body parts; belly, chest and head. These are either or neither gender representing the marriage of both sun and moon. The stones are the size of the belly of that magician. They will become supernal and infernal to the spine, with further development.

layesch~ composite spheres of a pair of stones.
The male magician innately manifests a fire and water layesch
the female magician innately manifests an air and earth layesch
A pair of magicians merging forms an alchemical contagion
sexual intimacy is not necessary. Merely sitting in the same circle affords great growh to the female and male magicians present when the sun and moon are balanced in a circle. But the magician wears the female layesch upon their own back and the male upon their front and can perform an alchemical marriage through projection of self into self.

greater sphere ~a hemisphere of energy above and around a magician the other half of which is beneath them.Typically silver above and golden below.
Matthew, AC April 23/24 2011
The magician manifests a rectangular door upon a red right eye and upon a left blue eye.

The magician is seen to sit in the pupil of a great eye which begins as the silver and golden greater sphere and then colours up becoming like a matruska doll of 5 geoconcentric columns of energy being;
*inner thread or a ganglion dendrites body a 12 foot long limb less golden form of a brain with a face and a serpent like body
*auric egg
*greater sphere

The magician becomes a great giant eye and projects from this as a room sized Djinn /genie with legs tapered as a tail and arms bound to the sides but wearing our face either blue or red.

Similarly another magician is forming a black tree
Jodie 25 April 2011

As I read Jodie she teaches about the piston effect. The spine has an inner spine like a sleeve of subtle energy . As this inner sleeve rises it sucks energy upward with it through the roots of the Tree beneath the magician. And as it descends pushes energy out and that this is in motion with the breath of the flow.Moving up and down at once
moving life into death and death into life and curing the second death.

The first little death is the heart and soul and this death is the husk of the seed , the seed coat in that heart .

The second little death is the mind and brain.It is the death of the endosperm , the meat of the seed.

The third death is the death of the embryo inside the endosperm. This death must be defeated to be reborn self realized.

Jodie's energy body is an emaciated giant white tree with extreterrestrial limbs.
These alien thinner than human bone arms extend longer than the human form
with very long skinny fingers made of white tree branches extending .75 meters from the physical palm.

There is an inverted tree inside the upright tree so that the roots of the inverted tree are in the branches of the upright and the branches are in the roots . The actions of the inverted interior tree cause the piston effect of perpetual energy intake afforded by the breath.

Now she changes to teach and she appears as an avatar in a golden throne holding a non gender unformed toddler on her lap
both her body and the child's are a golden silhouette
this aspect says "How shall I form you? As a son or as a daughter ?
Then the unformed child says "I shall be a girl"
so Jodie makes her a girl and she becomes an infant toddler sitting on Jodie's head
Her legs swing as if perched on a pier and her arms support her body as she swings from the crown.
I ask , How did you form this child ?"
She says the trees marry. There is an alchemical marriage of the inverted and upright trees which slide the chakras of one into another marrying each in 7 pairs
and this makes the chakras become whitened and light and a child is born as a cutting like a branch from the 2 parent trees and it is a hybrid not all light but lighter.
The magician in the giant eye must complete this step to shift upward to the Giant Forest paradigm.

Jodie has more than one tree because she is a world walker now
She calls these to her. She is a puppetmaster.
The magician may be the strongest of their concurrent lives and be the puppetmaster
or merely a puppet unaware of the effect of their greater consciousness lives which may occur in other cultures and in other planets.
If they are lazy they are pulled along by the work of the strongest and can become an anchor or an impediment.
If they are neutral they slide and enjoy the ride.
If they work they become the puppetmaster.

Buddha says there are 5 Hindrances ;
1. Sensual desire (kāmacchanda): Craving for pleasure to the senses.
2. Anger or ill-will (byāpāda, vyāpāda): Feelings of malice directed toward others.
3. Sloth-torpor or boredom (thīna-middha): Half-hearted action with little or no concentration.
4. Restlessness-worry (uddhacca-kukkucca): The inability to calm the mind.
5. Doubt (vicikicchā): Lack of conviction or trust.

Meditation lessons of the magicians wearing the giant eye and the giant forest had this common theme. It is time to catch up . We pulled each other along but now there is a separation. Those who came to lift up the game of humanity are moving onward and upward delayed enough, those who heard the sacred tones can rise to meet them and the rest sink back into the mire until another dawn comes.

Aunt Clair
7th May 2011, 02:58 AM
Pawel Saturday 7 May 2011
two white trees above waist
one to left becomes silver blue white the one to left becomes black blue
these reach upwards thinning branches becoming thread sized twigs
but we are upside down these are the roots
because Anubis appears and shows he reached down to pluck up the black cube
through the sky above us
and he teaches that the magician in this stage will split to double
a lunar tree and earth tree roots below join to the
solar tree and air tree above
he shows a cave and says to come into it and rest and observe in silence
and then shows the night before the new moon which it is tonight for Pawel
and says "let it be"
Then he leaves us
11 auric shells the main body an orange pink golden fire
around this white
then electric green gold fire
then many layers including one thin neoprene black insular layer
and finally a splendid healthy green and purple outer layer
and one clear new layer as the newest 11th
it seems that we consume and change the auric layers
Head MoonStone
A silver blue vulture on the left shoulder the Egyptian Mother Vulture Goddess
she teaches that the earth is being attuned to the All Mother energies
and she causes two cobras to come out of the ears
on the right a red orange pink one through the left ear a silver blue aqua one
arm sized
the blue disc on the third eye manifests a blue disc behind the head
and two faint ones growing over the ears all in a wheel
above the crown an akashic blue white badger standing on hind legs baring teeth
in a defense pose
a broad finger thick wheel of many rings
four cardinal moons around the core
four bicardinal moons on a slightly outer ring
two more rings beyond these empty
the core is pentrated by a thin tube in a thick rubbery sheath that is around the spinal

Chest SunStone
two broad wide golden discs at front of solar plexus and on back directly behind this
two more growing under arms
inside sapphire storm moving wildly
Belly EarthStone
one disc on front ruby at navel
the wheel is easier to see here
as is the sheathed piston upon the spinal nadis
the thumb is the akashic silver blue tree twisting energies of sapphire and purple
as the fingers grow into blue lightning spouting branches of a blue black tree
as the hand but with three stones forming deeply in the head chest and belly of the

foot at the ball, instep and heel. The big toe is the akashic tree and the toes shoot blue


I had to end the reading abruptly to go to the toilet to purge energy because the

kundalini he was experiencing affected my own kundalini rush.
I had the cobras in the ear last week
and had the ruby girdle behind the hips last night
his throat is ahead of my own having a disc on the back which I do not have yet so

his energy automatically attuned my throat but his chest is behind as he was attuned by me to get the under the arm chest discs

Aunt Clair
7th May 2011, 04:33 AM
F 6 May 2011
In dreamstate lessons and meditative visions one track is diverted and becomes three tracks pulling three different lines of trains all moving upwards but one is an express line one is moving . The teachers moving ahead so quickly the working magicians on a middle track and those who do no work on a third .

A wedding cake is shown the bridal couple on the top as the two pillars of the Tree of Life ; The All Mother Bride and the Great Father Groom~ Akasha
the 1st white tiny tier is Godhead in the clouds ~Air
the 2nd small tier of yellow cake beneath the top is being pulled upward by a small group of magicians who are world walkers and attuners ~Fire
the 3rd medium tier is much larger and is being carried upwards by workers ~ Water the 4th large tier is like dead weight and is the masse of humanity ~ Earth

Two of my mates that were my peers have gone onward and upwards without me these are Jodie and Heidi.

Reading on Jodie;
Jodie Friday 6 May 2011
Her energy body from the waist up is split in halves
as two black trees of life with carved human faces
these become as 2 aliens with Ood like heads and faces from Dr. Who
except that they have 2 appendages above each ear which are finger width long tentacle like arms that are tubes. I have visions of their world . These are amphibious and live in oceans and on land. Their village has homes , schools and temples of yellow baked clay with pillars etched with images of ancestors. They live also in caves and on the coastlines of their world. One shows me the Pleiades and says that there are 7 sister worlds and we are one of these on Earth. They are another not in our local universe but connected by heart and in consciousness.

A female human dressed in a bride's gown of white become a female Ood.
Her tentacles end like a leaf with which she covers the tubes of both men which come to the centre. Each of 4 leaves covering one pair of tubed ends.
Then she splits and doubles becoming two bridal pillars both white.

On either side of the black Ood Tree of Life both push from shoulders and knees to fit the halves together and say they are forming a seed.

They call with one voice waving to the future. The Goddess calls the highest root stock to be worn as an overcoat over the seed just formed.

This magician is creating an avataric seed .She is becoming the mother of an avataric line on another world working on the Mary-Isis ray.

Rhiannon appeared flying through the corner a procession of faeries carrying white moon coloured orbs. She teaches. A vibration is coming to restore the planet to heal the world. It is the all mother . She can not be born as an avatar without first having the daughter born. The daughter will not be one avatar. She will be many. She will not be the gentle child of the lamb . The first daughters born will be mighty and wrathful like Khali in a rage. Like Khali they will also have an aspect of the Boddhisatva of Compassion.

The temple will be restored first by the princess Air
but her temperment is fierce like the fire of Khali .

The daughter stands on one leg
the other foot raised ready to stomp
she is the silent thunder
the indefinite quiet
she will bring the light
through justice
she is fierce

The inner gates angels we manifest ourselves by healing the chakras or golden lampstands. We form and choose these by our words, thoughts, actions, and works.
The outer gates are more universal more common to other worlds and other magicians too. Their influences are attracted to us by our next lesson required.

The tree above the head a supernal tree
4. air sphere tier~ not opened yet
3. water sphere tier~a tear in the sky like a birth canal only it is pulling upwards into it spirits contorted writhing twisting as they rise from Hels through the rift in the veil.
2. fire sphere tier ~on the physical body below this attunement manifests like a
lighthouse around the heart in four panels under the armpits and front and back.

Around the heart a ring of silver energy going widdershins below and golden energy deosil above. 4 tunnel like tubes on the cardinal directions red at rear green at front orange on right and blue on left. This clears and protects the magician. This ring of energy has a diameter about 15 feet or 5 metres across.

She becomes a golden skeleton with giant ruby eyes and bright white teeth holding a
was bull phallus staff
1.I /Eye stone and other earth sphere tier

vision of sphere with polar rings growing above & below
the heart becomes the centre

ends with body as a rose coloured fist holding a golden seed with an embryo within

Two of my mates that were my peers have gone downward in descension becoming unable to see or fly. In two subsequent readings they remain demon infested and it saddens me.

#1 has been attracted to a beautiful young female lover whom he was warned to avoid by his HS and by me et al. But he consumated a relationship and his bright coloured lights are extinguished. His auric eggs are gone. He is as a blackened burnt up charcoal husk with three vertical bright lines of blue still left , one at the centre of each sphere of the belly, chest and head. We worked together to exorcise him and cleared away so much . He had a negative kundalini boa around his neck which was biting down beneath his right breast. He had smaller snakes at the wrist and groin. He has taken up a relationship with a demon possessed female who has long bleached blonde hair and a gorgeous figure but even her photo could not disguise this predatious duplicitous demon attached lover. She projected to him, attached him and fed upon him. He became meat to her 3 demons; a lion succubus, a mosquito faced energy hoser, and a new one to me that is like a rotting flesh zombie which causes its host to consume self like a cancer of the energy body. It seems like a humanoid moray eel or marine creature that had flesh falling off and was thinner and taller than the host.

# 2 was sorry to hear from his magician peer about his issues with a demon attached lover and professed that he would never do that himself. But he did. He had much less attachment having nothing around his head or neck or heart but he had a kundalini boa up his arse and another wrapped nearby.

The negative kundalini attachment cobras are distinct. These hiss but like kundalini cobras they may speak. One around the neck plunged into the heart told me that it had been laid there by his lover. It challenged me saying you can not remove me only my host can. We loosened it, last week, with water energy and it flopped down easily and became as naught, fading away. But this putrid slimy core and dark seed remained like a tumour in the breast which the victim must remove.

Heidi taught me that the magician may become the mother cobra and chew it up to consume it and pass its darkness from the body while replenishing the self with some of the energy that has been drained away from self. Heidi projected here and showed me a golden fork and told me to tell the victim to eat up and start on the head of the cobra if the fangs remain imbedded. Heidi's neck and head grew longer and she became a golden cobra and ate her own left chest. And then she smiled and showed a left handed Amazon princess warrior pulling back a golden bow like the myth of removing one's right breast to clear the way for better archery prowess.

These boas are a subtle energy construct from one magician to prey upon another human. They are to me a false or mock kundalini imposed by a dark magician but they act like negative kundalini cobra because they leave a core and seed. Like negative kundalini cobras, these boas inflict pain and punishment,they suck energy from the host rather than raising them in attunement. They are dark and muddy coloured rather than jewel tones i.e brown spots on a muddy creme coloured belly with a dark brown to black covering above. These snakes cause nightmares and descension instead of providing projection,visions and ascension. These remain sluggish and heavy as opposed to positive kundalini cobras which may rest in hibernation but will move with rapidity later like fire and lightning. These boas are a wider more efficient means to draw energy from another human than an attachment cord. These arm thick heavy boas feed energy to their true host draining one magician to feed another parasitically like a slowly sucking silent vacuum hose.
viewtopic.php?f=23&t=23327&p=147563#p147563 (http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=23327&p=147563#p147563)

One victim was aware of his predation the other was unaware. One had several boas around the neck to breast,from heart to groin and along the legs and another along the arms anchored to the wrist. The other had only one up the bum and one around the groin. One victim saw the perpetrator project to him , seduce him and anchor him. The other felt anguish at his friend's plight and thought himself immune to such tactics. Both have been darkened. They are still kind people but their abilities are diminished, their colours are extinguished and their light flickers weakly now. I am confident that they can both regain their light but I do not know how much work and time this will require.

I find myself on the same path as most of my peers but I see that we are on four paths. A fifth path is the avataric Akashic path.

Air ~ Heidi , Jodie, Mary,Andrew, Robert, Billy et al were born world walkers. Some of these magicians are having lessons about seeding consciousness into vessels on other planets and about exorcism and light bringing to this world and other worlds. They observe . They learn to rescue the ones reaching upwards but to leave the dirty to wallow knowing that all will be as it is meant to be. They understand the justice of the universe and the mire humans and others create. These are creating children of avataric lines on other worlds. But some world walkers are working as Fire with Earth peers still.

Billy is currently working on his black and white archdemon & archangel alchemical marriage. He is behind me in lessons and energy body growth but his vibration is ahead of me in consciousness , he is aware of connections to other worlds although just barely. He demonstrates that world walkers are not all working at the level that Heidi and Jodie are now. Jodie says he has pulled a soul from his recent past life into him and has a choice now to rest or to work and wear the overcoat soul . I see an other world monk approaching with a staff . Billy may wear this around his current self and past life self to magnify his consciousness. The choice is his. Jodie has done this work aready and she has moved ahead. This shows that the magician has consciousness and work but these are not always at the same level. The consciousness that has not been integrated by work is latent potential.

I get a vision of a short wizened leathery skinned old woman in the mountains near China and Tibet . 97 years old I think. About 4 feet tall. She is ahead of all the peers I have met. She smiles at me and makes a pattern on the earth floor of her hut. It is a great snake reaching upwards to the heavens its mouth opened in the great yawn. She points to the neck that is where she is at. She points to the heart that is where I am at. She gestures in between this is where Heidi is . We humans and other worlders are as one in the ascent we are not able to ascend without helping each other. I ask her name she whispers The Lilly of the Sands.

Fire ~The majority of working magicians are at this level . This is the path I have been observing in this thread. These are graduating from this World Tree of Life and will continue to work on enlightenment here but will begin to be world walkers. They are having lessons regarding the lengthening of their tree into supernal realms and this will of course cause infernal growth too. The branches of their Tree of Life are broadening stretching becoming impossibly thin like filaments of light as their consciousness expands and they learn about other worlds and the lessons of love and forgiving. These are all ages presently I know of some 12 to 64.

Water~These are newly awakened to magick and are pulling lessons from past lives and beginning to meet their higher self. They are often teenagers and the families of those teens. Dreamy slow moving intuitive neophyte magicians.

Earth~ These are the majority of humans unawakened and spiritually retarded. They dream but rarely recall and have no intuition or motivation to begin metaphysical or magickal pathworking.

Aunt Clair
7th May 2011, 08:54 AM
Cloak Matthew Saturday 7 May 2011
Fire Path continued;
He relates a previous meditation wherein he evoked Christ
"Christ appeared in a blue glowing robe
Christ showed me that I had an infestation of leeches
internal were as big as a baseball rounded spheroid like mites
external were different as big as a facecloth/wash rag flat
one around my whole chest
the leeches lower level parasite were also blue but blackened
he seemed to attune me to their energy by wearing the robe
he gave me a black wand with white light tip
I moved it into the body part affected
and this tore the leech out as I pulled the wand away it yanked them out
It was magnetic energy .
The leeches would dig in they would fight to stay .
I carried this to a box full of lava
and watched the parasite burn up
I kept removing them until they were gone "

II Cloak/Matthew continues ;
"I took awareness into my head
an energy channel in my head
fresh white energy on left
in the right side I was projecting into
a darkened sewer
around the corner blockage visualised as rocks
these would not move not budge
could not visualise or magically imagine them away
I projected into the rubble there at the back of my head
and I found this parasite imbedded in the rubble
I found this thing which looked like this from the Metroids;
Image too large to post;
http://images.wikia.com/metroid/images/ ... id4_07.jpg (http://images.wikia.com/metroid/images/d/d8/Metroid4_07.jpg)

and it reminds me of what is happening at the River site
(a webbot from China ate up the bandwidth by adding fake users and each identity blogged adverts
every user to the adverts ate up bandwidth slowed site )
and I found a trojan clicker is currently on our main site

this entity is placed there by a negative magician
but then everyone we meet in our homes and families becomes affected
we carry it and it is contagious.
So as I started chanting mantras
It kept on trying to distract me by pulling thoughts away from it
into a desire to leave it alone.

III AC relates synchronicity amongst other magicians
relates two magicians who were sexually preyed upon
and had the negative boas attached caused her to become attached
and two of her youngest children both inactive sexually and virgins
so the initial and primary contagion is intimate but the secondary contagion is opportunistic attacking all nearby

The 2nd Birth
Magicians die and come back to the body less anchored feeling less connected to earth and sadly also to source.

They report being asked to possess themselves to allow a past life of self to enter a half of self reborn in the body when they are resuscitated. They wear by choice a similar past life to help amplify their soul Then in the third layer a reciprocal energy is made and the highest life so far comes forward and is worn by them like an overcoat around the conjoined soul like a seed covering over a dicotyledon. This overcoat nourishes and protects and guides the self . Billy has been presented with an Ood Monk with a staff and has to decide if he wants an overcoat soul or not.

Death- Re-entry-Depression ;
Billy found that he became sad after he died of asthma as a child about 5 years old. He is now 14 in the time between he has continued to see and hear but he could not feel his connection to source , he felt he lost something and began to hear the voices of demons more clearly and had horrible warrior lessons of exorcism and protecting the innocent . Now the demons are becoming stronger so he must become stronger too. He says that he easily became his archdemon and knew to walk the archangel into the archdemon self and stood above self watching it in projection and was happy to have this over with . His archdemon self had asked him to jump through the second story window and kill himself and preyed upon him testing him making him sad.

Cloak and I talked about the synchronicity of so many people being depressed and fat. Australia is the fattest country in the world followed closely by the USA . Australia is pumping out antidepressants faster than any country . Our most prescribed drug had been contraceptives but it is now antidepressants the pills are making us fatter and more depressed. Fat reduces serotonin and endorphin levels and causes depression

Seratonin: The chemistry of Well-Being~Besides being involved in the process of addiction, low Serotonin levels are believed to be the reason for many cases of mild to moderate depression which ...

Antidepressants make us fatter still and more depressed. It is a cycle that must be broken.

Example of magicians dying and re-entering the body depressed ;
Daniel C. born 86 was bottled in his carotid artery and died years ago having visions of his mate being murdered by a circle of youths who were stomping on his back and head and bottling his scalp and body . Daniel ran in an adrenalin rush and pulled the boys off and saw in his mind a boy approach himfrom behind with a broken beer bottle . This boy thrust it into his carotid. He bled out but the bleeding was controlled by another friend. At the hospital the microsurgery of the artery caused him to die. He coded when he bled out again and had to be recusitated. This put him in depression for a year , he stopped studying or working and sat at home gaining weight . He is muscular and fit now having spent last year as a roof builder and was walking home with 2 mates when 2 boys came up to him and started a fight. Daniel did not rage this time or think about killing them. He stood there and wanted them to leave as they were only 17 . But one punched him in the mouth . And the other broke a bottle and tried to cut him. This time he got the bottle off of him and told them to run home. The other chucked a broken brick at him. One of Daniel's mates hid and called the cops the other had gone for a piss and got lost and had no idea what had happened. This time he defended self not another and this time he was compassionate and did not try to kill the perpetrators so he lived and walked away unscathed, lesson learnt. However his partner is deeply depressed now and has been badgering him uncharacteristically not allowing him to sleep.

A female born 83 has not died and been recussitated .She is a non working magician born with dreamstate clairvoyance and dreamstate projection who has acquired but she is being badgered by her spouse who called her from work and went on for 35 minutes whining about a personal issue which was his own fault. He then makes her angry and he eats that outburst to make himself feel good. He is seeing a psychologist. He cries daily before going to work. He becomes more depressed away from his meat which is Chrissy who has been drained so much she has Lupus now and is still being parasitically drained by her depressed spouse.

Another born 88 has not died either , she is not active at study, work or sexually . She is depressed and gaining weight . She sleeps a lot . She is a kind gentle soul who works a lot in dreamstate and works in meditation too with other
magicians. She gave up the antidepressants because they made her worse. She has been depressed for two years now.

Aunt Clair
7th May 2011, 09:21 AM
Fire Path a stage after the marriage of the golden solar gargoyle
and the emerald archangel

with Cloak/ Matthew
Saturday 7 May 2011

ore here about Cherubim/Kerubim
http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/ ... w.html#new (http://forums.riverofenlightenment.com/index.php/topic,4413.new.html#new)

Invocation of 5 helpers and Christ the male principle archangels a Lunar Work
to be followed at a later date by the invocation of 6 female archangels a Solar Work

We sat in trance in dim light in sacred space
entering the ashram saw a small circle of people there others constantly projecting in so that 2 became 5 became 500 there at least. Not in real time but astrally connecting and working on this stage of the Kerubim Angels.

We extended the energy body split at the waist above into a silver white and black blue tree above hanging upside down in the hanged man pose. We extended the energy body split at the waist below into a golden green tree on left and a red golden tree on right , below

The body morphed into a golden skeleton with gargoyle wings and ruby eyed on the right and an emerald angel with angel wings and sapphire eyed on the left.

"We humbly invoke into the left leg of each head bowed here now, Gabriel
Gabriel enter our left leg now and be one with us, please . Lead us , Guide us Protect us now Gabriel, please." Emerald Green Air coloured up this limb now.

"We humbly invoke into the right leg of each head bowed here now, Raphael . Raphael enter our right leg now and be one with us please . Lead us , Guide us Protect us Raphael now please." Ruby Red Earth coloured up this limb now.

"We humbly invoke into the right arm of each head bowed here now, Auriel . Auriel enter our right arm now and be one with us please . Lead us , Guide us Protect us Auriel now please." Golden yellow Fire coloured up this limb now.

"We humbly invoke into the left arm of each head bowed here now, Michael. Michael enter our left arm now and be one with us please . Lead us , Guide us Protect us Michael now please." Sapphire Blue Water coloured up this limb now.

"We humbly invoke into the head of each one bowed here now, Christ . Christ enter our head now and be one with us please . Lead us , Guide us Protect us Christ now please." Silver White Akasha coloured up this silver white cube now.

"We humbly invoke into the head of the hanged man below us of each head bowed here now, Samael . Samael enter our infernal head now and be one with us please . Lead us , Guide us Protect us Samael now please."

Golden Black Earth coloured up this golden black cube now.

A flourish of purple and blue energy rose up from the infernal roots.

The right hand began to move first tiny snakes at the pinky ,ring , middle and index finger and finally a large one pulses through the right thumb physically moving the skin and causing the thumb to move too. The space above the left eye pulsed reciprocally and a flat sheet of snake headed energy erupted between the scalp and the temple. then short dragon frills appeared from the shoulder to the elbow. A golden lion angel erupted from the right shoulder. The arm became a golden lion soft fur and golden claws. Auriel said "This is far easier as you have
known me already." And it moved so effortlessly.

The left leg began to shoot out lightning through the toes. The leg became a green feathered dragon taloned and emerald. From the left shoulder it projected but the leg remained emerald feathered. Winged frills sprouted from the back of the thigh and shin. A spot behind the right ear formed frills on the head.

Suddenly a giant boa constrictor erupted from the bone and undulated down the leg exiting through the heel and turning to naught. It had been attached to my right ovary. I had become attached when healing and had no idea. Ooze dripped from my right elbow too. I saw that the wrapping of the kidneys last night in a ruby girdle had killed off a flat parasite like Cloak had had around his chest yesterday. Now the hips have 4 ruby discs instead.

The right leg began to form a long golden red furry highland cattle leg. Winged frills sprouted from the back of thigh and shin. It felt heavy like concrete I could not take this comfortably it seemed unnatural.

The left hand began as above. The frills began from the elbow to the wrist this time. A silver blue vulture goddess erupted from the left shoulder. The left arm became a sapphire eagle wing a feathered leg of the eagle on the bone and talons on the fingers.

Above the right temple and then the left came isis layers of rainbow coloured feathered scales red yellow blue green above the eye to the scalp.

Then the golden skeleton walked into the emerald angel in another alchemical marriage. The result was a chartreuse angel paler and diminished in size , strength and ability but healed from the darkness, again.

We entered the brain and saw 5 piles of rubble the centre near the back was above the spine
and two above the eyes and two above the ears.
We manifested positive golden electric piles of treasure above each negative gray pile of rocks then married these to each other raising energy above and descending energy below
this grew 5 pillars in the head
this opened the head and the chakras within grew huge
after a time we were instructed to have a great yawn;

Christ taught us to do the great yawn again with bandha locks
we hyperextended the neck and extended the energy body mouth past the physical body .
We inhaled deeply
then locked the throat and moved this energy to the space between throat and perineum
we locked again by pushing the diaphram downward
we locked again by pulling up the pelvic floor
and sucking back the abdominal walls
this formed a bolus in the heart
which we added to with the next half breath .
Then sent this out through the entire body like a nova
(best into extended limbs like the asana of Da Vinci'sVitruvian Man )

Christ said

"What is cleaned do not foul "

he showed a great black bat over the world and said

"Look here, this is nothing do not let the darkness be part of your universe .Consume the darkness and create from it the greater light "

From the side the dark bat looked like a paper Halloween decoration or a child's Batman drawing

"Do not walk in sin again"

Then he placed an internal white staff with a purple moon orb crowning it down the crown (the opposite of the external black wand with a white sun crown used to clean externally) and said ,

"Go and sin no more"

Christ appeared as a white angel now smaller less radiant with four thin pairs of wings upon his back
one ruby , one golden, one sapphire and one emerald.

He bade all assembled to rest and we became diminished and smaller too.

Aunt Clair
27th August 2011, 09:10 AM
Sunday 29 May 2011

Reading Blaze
Gorgeous rainbow rings in auric wake around guardian angel
viewed upon linking

His archangel is having lessons on empowering
young pregnant women
to make loving choices or forgiving self
the auras surround in rainbow colours
pink cord of loving energy from his brow, heart and throat
to inspire , teach, heal , encourage, uplift
I hear vanguard, a protector.

And the Lady of Guadalupe appears behind him
wearing rings of rainbow colours also

his mother touches his right shoulder
she is wearing a golden aura and an emerald dress
working on her own ascension, too
She shows a mountain with a lighthouse at the peak
in Shamballah
but at a place I have not been too yet...
into which she projects with Blaze and others
healing their Forest of Souls in dreamstate
she points to a crib and places a purple jewel in it
and speaks about incarnating together over generations
and creating new vessels for incarnation
and speaks about health and the future

and then shows a silver cap on his great eye
which has a purple blue iris and large as a child's basketball
or the head of a toddler
which floats before his face in front of the third eye
and another on the inner third eye
and speaks about freeing self from not wanting to see

The body is mostly sapphire

In the MoonStone
the blue and indigo chakras have been repelled from the core
and seem haploid one as a yamakah on the skull
the other as a bowl in the jaw
the core is brilliant and spinning engorged with light
inside the core is a bright indigo to purple jewel
it is a rhomboid crystal in the centre spinning on the spine
like a vertical bead
It looks like the red ruby from which the guardian demon projected
but I do not know what projects from it yet...

Balanced three equal energy centres are the 2 chakras green and yellow and the core between them is golden and the same size and shape

the chakras are beginning to repel and the core has an auric wake
like an hourglass shape as the orange is repelled from the red
the red ruby of the guardian demon spins within the core

His mother teaches us
she shows a spool and spins three jewel coloured wheels between 2 bases
above and below
the red is the belly or EarthStone ,
the yellow is the chest or SunStone,
the indigo-purple is the head or MoonStone,
the green is the top base
and the silver is the bottom base
the colours are radiant and pure
"Even so "she says and shows two shadows which could become dis-ease

The hand is purple turning sapphire
The palm has a great eye opening like a flower bud
the floral casing is silver white the eye is purple-blue

The foot is sapphire
There is a purple tube of energy from the ball of the foot to the heel
and this is new to me too...
which runs like a river gurgling audibly clairaudiently
and the Tree of Life is radiant
the entire foot is sapphire but within it are white blue centres
around the perimeter under the toes
above the heel and from the pinky to the heel and from the heel to the big toe
the instep is stronger and has a budding great eye

Aunt Clair
27th August 2011, 09:11 AM
August 23 2011
Reading Billy Curran

The body remains biforcated from stem to stern divided along the spine into right and left halves of the human energy body and is also divided into Hermetic quarters as evidenced in the 4 limbs;

The right arm is golden and lion pawed . The shoulder is dragon winged and a dark emerald green. A symbol of Leo floats over the shoulder. The right side of the face is a lion crowned. The right leg is a dark crimson red and is cloven hooved like a ram or ox. A symbol of Aries floats over the top of the foot.

The left side of the body is bat winged like the flying monkey of Oz and the arm is sapphire blue as is the left side of the face. It is a monkey arm and the left side looks like Shiva in the form of the Monkey God. http://hinduism.about.com/od/lordhanuman/a/hanuman.htm

The left leg is human and hairy and girded in a sort of kilt/loin cloth skirt with a sandal that laces up to the knee.

Magnificently, the head has borne giant eyes over the ears which are open and turning . The pupil is the width of a palm the eye lid and eyelashes stretch a decimeter across the head.

The entire body is actually a chartreuse green with this other layer of morphing above it but the green shows on hands and feet .

Aunt Clair
12th October 2011, 05:18 AM
6 Sept 2011
snakes of energy wrap around a womb that forms within the mystic heart

AC & Jodie
The Faerion

a jaguar goddess lying in a great white eye
eating the moon
lying upon a black smooth rock
climbing into a baobab tree of Life in Africa

flying from the top of the tree
the mother vulture Goddess Mot

a pillar of indigo energy violet blue
into which we projected
intensely cold an attunement from the Goddess
energy descending from crown down
causes a column of energy to exude from perineum emptying out
now a rising energy from perineum upwards
caused the toxins from the trials of life
to exude as dhbuti fine gray ash from eyes nostrils and ears et cetera
not materialised just the smell and clairvoyant view and clairsentient feel of dhbuti

an indigo boa with golden crescents moons
studding along the length of the serpent
wraps around the heart forming a womb within heart
reminiscent of the heart of anu
but female not male not 3.5 loose coils but numerous tightly wound coils
as the taoist alchemy belief a womb, a brain and a heart in each tan tien
so in the moon, sun and earth stones must come a womb,a brain and a heart

Jodie projected from the centre of the top of the head as two violet ice filaments which separated and became 4 than a 5th these thin lines of energy
became an elongated bird then a faerie impossibly thin long face pointed chin
breasts under the armpits separated and very high enormous eyes long strands of filmy thin hair

fae spawn
an image on the Tree of Life
of a mother and a father faerion in cloud of blue heart
with thin white to clear tapered wings facing each other crowning
above the angelic realm

Faeries Godforms from other planets
Christ as Faerion
Isis as Faerion
Rhiannon as Faerion

a king wearing a green cloak with a golden staff
a tuff of white hair like a flame torch above his head

exuding from the crown 2 blue white filaments

Aunt Clair
12th October 2011, 05:49 AM
25 September 2011
(Full Moon was 12 Sept 2011)

"Moon Kundalini" for the very first time
Asleep spooning my spouse
and woken from an intense energy from the heart
a sequence of waves
emitting out of heart and moving down to the feet
like the moon pulling the tide
the energy moved then to each successive chakra pulling the wave down to the feet
from the orange chakra , then the red chakra
and then the rose chakra and flowing down and out of the feet
a feeling of oneness with the Great Goddess
compassion for all and love for all
connected to all

A vision of the Goddess with purple eyes no arms no legs
golden moon hair to the waist from the hips upward the sea as a skirt
then she sprouts arms which she spreads out and turns the crescent moon on her crown
radiating light down her hair and down her arms
and turning slowly her belly becoming the world
she showers blessings upon the globe
stars from eyes moonlight from fingertips

Aunt Clair
12th October 2011, 05:50 AM
27 September 2011
Jodie and AC
when we sat down in circle
before we opened the attunement began
but the moon kundalini did not start at the heart this time it had risen to the crown
and descended the front of the body in waves again

peeling away and a layers of energy like cheese or chocolate curls from grater curling upward from the body like a
a series of larger and larger white petals
as the waves descended down the body
1. brow centre & sinuses there
2. cheeks & sinuses there
3. out of front of ears
3. out of the nose & sinuses there
4. from; mouth
5. throat
6. collarbone
7. heart
8. belly
9. perineum
10. sub perineum
11. legs
12,. toes

In the mirror above the fireplace
the Goddess appears
long golden hair
filled with tiny golden candles ablaze
as she shakes her hair it sounds like tinkling bells
Stella Locus est
stars here is
from the stars here is
the bringer of the starlight
the shaker of the stars
the mother of Rhiannon
an ancient one
a faerion
from her came astarte
from her came astaroth
from her came Nut

she appears as naked tall thin ebony skinned flat chested youth
leaning backwards in a crab asana
belly up high
feet in front
hands behind and above head

stars scatter as they fall off of her navel mouth fingers , breasts and all orifices a shower of stars
from her came the Goddess who's breast milk became the milky way
from her came Rhiannon and Canon /Quan Yen though they are not each other she becomes them

on me 4 spikes the screwdrivers become 4 nadic tubes
not spiraling like the nadis
not in a double helix like the nadis
but linear and not entirely internal
but from the external tthrough the body and to the external again
the shafts entered the body this order
1 on left side into left ovary and down left labia
2. on right side into right ovary and down right labia
3. down front below navel to perineum
4. down back below navel to perineum.
at 4 cardinal directions
these begin as gray
but now coloured
red behind and green on front
blue on left and, right orange,
but on jodie there are 8 in a wheel like spokes
when opened this is a golden wheel with jewel coloured spokes
when closed it is a cauldron
and a womb like a vessel with a blue ring like a cervix below
above it another vessel inverted
coming around Jodie's waist a golden ring, again
at the perineum a blue ring beneath each of us another at the crown
between a golden ring around the waist.

a vision of Golden candle haired Goddess again
no limbs
her head in stars
around her waist a golden ring
her body in the ocean
she sprouts arms these become clawed she howls and grimaces a monstrous hag ~ the crone
she becomes younger wiggles her arm in a seductive dance the tramp she sprouts leg open like a star/ she is raped by a man arranged marriage a slave or the whore
she reaches her arms out and becomes younger still hugging children ~ the mother the madonna
she becomes a child of a mother ~ the maiden
now we create the child and become the good mother

4 purple ropes suspended as from a ceiling above us
around us cardinal positions
a white ebb pulsing in the centre
like a bead around each
but looking like crescent moons on either side
as we look through the centre of them
these are uncoloured yet
all purple white beginning
like the silver cord
or antakarana before these
this is the next imagery of a tether to the universe
ascending these we come to the black and white cubes on the clasp of the necklace of cosmic stones

a greek in long toga at the left of fireplace
phaeton phaetalon
a philosopher
teacher of hermetics
right arm raised in speech
left arm encircles scrolls
a past life of hers
he is over her face now
he teaches
concerning faerion
and the bornless ritual
of Crowley and Mathers
not the emergence of the HGA but
still very similar to the bornless ritual
this is to create the next angelic aspect

Before we met the HS and the GA
and had knowledge of and communication with the combined HGA
and before and after that stage of angelic ascension
we sacrificed our angel light and heightened vibration in order to transmute our darker sides

The red demon stayed with us when we sacrificed
our first white statue of an angel in projection to God
it ascended without us and came back to teach us
We lost the beautiful blue soul of the HS to transmute the LS in the amber star stone
but in time the HS shone again

We lost the archangel , for a time, to transmute the black and white archangel/archdemon
and now we are not finding and taking away again
subtracting to add
sacrificing to gain
The best of our energy is lifted up to transmute the darkest part of our selves
We are putting in more energy to create a new aspect
which we will fling into the universal river of life
and seed other planets with the highest consciousness that we can produce, right now

We see visions of us on the banks of the River of Death laying a bundle into the dark waters
like a swaddling babs like Moses into the bulrushes
but this is a egg of golden energy in a dark purple wrapping

The faerion are dwellers near the clasp
two cubes black and white
untwist becoming 4 cubes which become 4 spheres;
behind her left shoulder black night
before her left shoulder the white full moon
before her right shoulder the white sphere of day
behind the left shoulder the golden sun

the fae are human air elementals
these are the tattwas of the Godhead
but not an equivalent set of our earth ,fire, air and water
sun noble fire
day noble air?
night noble earth ?
moon noble water

Do other planets have the same elements or do they have different elements altogether?
Are they carbon based life forms of mostly water in diverse forms ?
CHON ; Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen & Nitrogen ?

we see a glass bead being formed over the fire
each mineral added is a different colour
carefully red, blue, orange, green are added
then the Goddess wrests this apart like two halves of an egg shell
and the egg yolk that drips from the right hand is red and orange
and from the left hand its blue and green
derived from the cubes but not the same as the cubes

the faerion are more air more than tetrapolar and they dwell in other dimensions.
they may be winged and fly or swim in the sea or fishtailed yet swim or fly through the air

(consort of rhiannon legametron?)Huh??

a vision of a queen locust gigantic compared to her spawn like a queen bee to a hive
she crouches above a high cliff surveying her world below her
hissing to them all
you are nothing you are dust you are sand upon the wind
she had mated with the strongest survivor of a warlike clan
now she produces live young which have the message of compassion, love, hope and justice within them because she is the mother
she could easily give birth and fly away but she does not
she sacrifices self remaining and does not struggle as her violent spawn eat her alive.
her act is done she knows that her message carries forward
that all they do is judged within
her offspring are not faerion as she
they are diploids half angel from her half demon from their father
they are violent vile selfish warlike and self serving
but they feel guilt
they feel remorse
they are learning
and after generations
they will come to seek the light ...eventually
she could fly away but not from this world only from this land
so huge she could not fly far
why not end this misery by being consumed and nourishing her brood?

Jedda appears Jodie's mum in trilocation
1. alive unaware ~the crone
2. under arm of Rhiannon called a daughter appearing as a child of 8 years old~ the girl
3. on the beach of the river of souls climbing from the waters ready to reincarnate ~ the maiden
no mother at all
yet she is a grandmother and she held a baby and cooed recently
how the baby girl looked just like her and she wanted another
yet she was not a nurturer and abandoned Jodie at 14 years old
and when reunited Jodie was an adult who reversed the roles
and "raised her mum" instead
as if mum was a teenager with angst,with boy trouble, alcohol and drug troubles and mental illness
appearing there on the shores of life and death
akasha bled from her toes dipped into the water
and Jodie cried as she discussed her mother had actually sacrificed herself there
not usually able to let go of something indeed anything
here she let go of a part of self in order to move on
to move forward
cutting the silver cord from this earth

Christ over Jodie now
the akasha prince from this world,Earth
he teaches us to lift up the heart
and let go
to move upward, onward

a vision of the world
a tree of life coming out of the north pole the roots from the south
righting the poles to perpendicular not 23degrees anymore
a cloud of fumes rising which mushrooms above
nuclear bomb
the green earth blackens
and falls apart
into pieces scattered like stars
across the universe
to seed other planets
with the human stars whom are part angel and part demon

this is a graduation
and once more it is the kindergarten

once again the end of a wheel
and we are neophytes on the next one.

Aunt Clair
12th October 2011, 05:52 AM
Full Moon October 12 2011
I womb pillars continue
Debbie is catching up to us now;
In the last few weeks there have been stabbing pains as vertical pillars surround the womb to the left , right and front of the centre these feel horribly painful
The womb has become enclosed in a smaller circle of vertical pillars like the cage that began from shoulders to hips that was followed by an inner cage around the heart

and now around the belly.

II Lower arm pillars
Debbie is ahead of me in the arm growth;
Yesterday the arms began to ache with similar linear stabbing pains
especially around the wrists
But Debbie has had these pains for a week now.

Clairvoyantly, I can barely see the energy from the base of the thumb to the elbow on each arm
It is sort of a pale white green blue colour currently.
But the feeling is a strong bar of energy solid and symmetric in nature
being evenly distributed on both lower arms

To be continued...

Aunt Clair
26th November 2011, 07:34 PM
There's an elemental energy that has been seen in the throat of several magicians. It is purple and it forms in the core or middle of the aqua throat energy centre. It facilitates evocation.

This purple is not fire, earth, water or air or akasha, imho. It is a higher noble vibrational energy of a purple but purple energy is not new to the energy body.

The purple energy is mentioned briefly in IIH by Bardon;
"The middle along the magician up to the globe is dark purple, representing the sign of the akasa principle. Above the magician's head, with an invisible ribbon for a crown, there is a gold- edged silvery white lotus flower as a sign of the divinity. In the inside there is the ruby red philosophers' stone symbolizing the quintessence of the whole hermetic science. On the right side in the background there is the sun, yellow like gold and on the left side we see the moon, silvery-white, expressing plus and minus in the macro- and
microcosm, the electrical and magnetical fluids...The eternal, the infinite, the boundless, and the uncreated have been expressed symbolically by the word AUM and the dark purple to black colour."And in KTQ "The "S" is the 19th letter. It has to be practiced in a purple red color until it is mastered perfectly."

Purple is the colour of the hermaphrodite neither blue female or red male.

Purple is the neutral energy colouring of the human energy body at the resting stage between the end of a stage and the beginning of another stage.
The entire energy body colours up in this order through the Lunar and Solar works; purple, sapphire, green, yellow, black,black/red, red, white, silver, golden and then purple again. Purple is the alpha and omega colouring.

Purple is the colour of the alchemical marriage of the sun and the moon. So it could be the 1st or the 7th element to manifest. But Bardon conjectured it was the sign of akasa and fifth.

The purple works are not referred to 'exactly' in alchemical treatises , at least not to my knowledge. There is the Cauda Pavonis or Tail of the Peacock, which is the rapid change in colouration through purples and blues to green like the colourful peacock feathers. There are numerous alchemical references, however, to the Hermaphroditic stages of the Lunar and Solar works.

The Tail of the Peacock is the end of the Great Work of the Sun. The peacock is considered an archetype of the Magus Christ. And the eye in the tail of the peacock is said to suggest the look of the third eye or the eye of Argus who sees all. Hera placed the hundred eyes of Argus on the peacock's tail.

Purple colours up in the crown chakra, first, I think. Then it appears in the left pinky and that lower vibration purple has been called l'eau de prima materia or the l'eau d'alchemiste meaning the water of the primary matter/substance or the water of the alchemist. But I have found skant information regarding this purple fluid and its nature in any alchemical texts. And it is not a pure water but secondary being a combination of blue water and red earth.Its nature is fluid and flowing so it is more like water. But it is not cold like water. It is warm like earth.

Purple shows up in the left foot too and much later colours up a secondary energy storage centre behind the head which has been called the Universal Stone. Within that energy centre the mystic can project or phase into the Universal Mind.

But after that stone manifested, the purple did not improve for years. I have been watching it since 1996. I did not expect to see it become a core centre and this opens a new pattern. If Shen is noble fire, Chi is noble water, Ching is noble earth and Xie or whatever it is called is the noble air, than what is this noble purple?

Some humans born after 1984 were born at this purple vibration which exceeded the Indigo wave. Some children born after 1996 ,or so, have been at a higher vibration than purple having a sort of fluorescent hue to aspects of their aura and these young people have more innate abilities than the indigo or purples.

This new purple is exciting because it is the highest vibrational energy I have witnessed appearing in the middle or core of an energy centre of a magician. And it is perplexing because it appears in the centre of the aqua throat chakra and not one of the larger energy centres which have been called stones. Other chakras do not have cores only stones do.

The golden energy that appears within the head or moonstone is shen. This one gives clairvoyance and it is well documented across many magickal paradigms and across the generations of humanity.

The sapphire energy that manifests in the heart is chi. It is well known too but less is known about it then the Shen. It flows and directs the flow of the rest of the energies. It is the main rivers of energy flow throughout the human energy body and it is restorative and healing. It produces clairsentience.

The emerald energy that manifests in the belly is called ching. It is used by martial artists , drawn up through the hara line for power. It gives strength. It also produces flight and allows the first OBEs for the magician through the RTZ and lower astral planes.

The ruby energy that manifests in the supernal stone above the crown
in the middle of a chartreuse stone is relatively new. It affords greater manifestation . The magician begins to be able to create opportunities to become closer to Godhead . They begin ascending slowly in their vibration and begin to have lessons with angels in dreamstate. It might be related to the development of clairaudience but that remains to be seen.

Clairaudient centres begin in the head above the ears and then below them and in them. A vertical wheel of eight tiny energy centres is developing on the ears of magicians which affords clairaudience which is improved to some degree with each new centre. Just as noble fire through water centres yields clairvoyance, a noble air through earth centres yields clairaudience. But the Chartreuse Green Stone does not seem to connect to the middle of the head yet. It seems to be entirely supernal to it.

It is after these four areas ripen that this purple energy in the throat opens up and becomes the magical voice of the magician. This affords evocation.Interestingly "peacock throated" is the term for the look of the alchemist's glass and refers to the beginning and end of the spiritual works.

Amongst my local peers there is much speculation regarding the new voice core and the subtle purple tinged energy within the throat of the magician but not many answers ...yet.

I would like very much to hear from others regarding purple elemental subtle energies that they have seen clairvoyantly, witnessed in dreams or visions or read about in magickal texts either vedic, alchemical, hermetic or taoist in nature.

27th November 2011, 05:50 AM
Hi Aunt Clair,

"Purple is the neutral energy colouring of the human energy body at the resting stage between the end of a stage and the beginning of another stage."

When i read this it made me remember an experience i had last year where i projected to a violet colored cloud.
At the time i was looking up at the sky while out of body and saw the violet cloud and flew up into it at very high speed.

Once in the cloud i stopped and looked around and was pretty much surrounded by the bright neon colored violet cloud that i observed. It was very high energy(at least for me), and i could not stay for too long, i ended up what felt like "passing out" and woke up.

Robert had said to me that this was a transition area so when you say that purple is the resting stage between the end and start of another stage makes sense.

Aunt Clair
19th December 2011, 02:17 AM
I agree.

There is a violet sphere above and behind the head of the magician ,called the Universal Mind or the Universe Stone. This begins as purple cloud as does the space supernal to the crown violet chakra . I believe you projected from the top of the head into this nebulous purple energy which is gathering around becoming star like and able to hold in place subtle energies to form an energy centre.

Newly forming energy centres are nebulous and cloud like becoming denser and forming a sphere shape over time with development.

There is a violet flame of St. Germaine which can be evoked or projected to and into and this balances, calms and reduces the division between the male and female energies in the body bringing it back to neutral and loving.

Aunt Clair
31st December 2011, 07:49 AM
In reply to a query about the sphinx appearing to the mystic I revised the composition of the sphinx in the human energy body and would like to share that here;

--- In Hermetic-Order-of-the-Golden-Dawn@yahoogroups.com, "Dean Scott" <dean.yoda@...> wrote:> Can anyone help me with the meaning of the sphinx. It follows me around at the moment i keep seeing it in movies and dreaming of it or rather it is there in the back ground.. any ideas ? Thanks Dean.

First , I suggest, perform a keyword search Googling images for variations on the sphinx.

The Hermetic Sphinx ;
(dominion over the river it fishes from)
emerald green
These signs were chosen from fixed Zodiac signs of ancient Babylon adopted later by the Greeks; Taurus, Aquila&Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. These are depicted at least since the Tarruchi origins and perhaps earlier on Tarot cards i.e. the Wheel, the World and the Star;

Ezekiel's vision of the kerubim Ez1:1-28
and the golden kerubim in the Temple of Solomon predate New Testament associations of the Biblical Evangelists whom were assigned Hermetically by Irenaeus the sole selector of which codices would compose the NT. Irenaeus cited; "There actually are only four authentic gospels. And this is obviously true because there are four corners of the universe and there are four principal winds, and therefore there can be only four gospels that are authentic. These, besides, are written by Jesus' true followers." Contemporary scholars would disagree citing Q as the source for 3 synoptic gospels;http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_source
Read more: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/religion/story/emergence.html#ixzz1i5sgOzps

Christ teaches in the Gnostic apocrypha i.e. Gospel of Judas and Pistis Sophia of Christ that the perfect man attains the immortal light body by defeating the 7 demons with 7 angels within self and can project 12 angels from self and attain the realms ie Barbello the cosmic womb.Christ speaks about 12 male apostles of the 12 outer gates and 7 female apostles of the inner gates probably the 7 chakras called the 7 golden lampstands in canonical text. Six of those 7 female apostles, as well as numerous women disciples, are known;
Mary Mother of Christ
Mary Magdalene
Mary Salome/Clopas
The 6th might be any of the female disciples not called specifically by Christ but followers anyway or another one who's name was lost through the Bishop of Lyons, Ireneaus's destruction and suppression of non-patriarchal codices and scrolls. See;

Despite the Christian Churches teaching,the human becomes angelic with ascension alchemy in gradual stages of enlightenment over subsequent lifetimes;

The blue Guardian Angel projects from the indigo brow chakra and third blue eye winged like the eagle.

The red Guardian Demon projects from the red chakra and red eye of Seth horned and hooved like the bull.

The Higher Self projects from the chest/solar plexus/heart like a lion's mane in a corona surrounding the auric subtle energy body and blazing in sunlight.

The HS/GA forms in the supernal centres and is emerald green like the Angel of the Sphinx.

The Motto of the sphinx espoused by Hermetic Magicians is attributed to Eliaphas Levi and modified by Aleister Crowley;

The Motto of the Sphinx is Velle , Audere , Tacere , Scire . From Latin this has been wrongly translated imho, and widely accepted as Velle for Will , Audere for Courage , Tacere for Silence and Scire for Knowledge. Commonly ; To will , to dare , to keep silent and to know. And the Fifth Power was called Ire by Crowley and it is the power "to Go" which to my mind means to go to the monad, go to the source, and astral or mystic projection through the realms.

As for myself , I do not subscribe to the Motto of the Sphinx translated "to keep silent" . Tacere does not mean for magicians to keep silent but it means “to hold onto meaning without words” .And that to me , means to understand our magick through clairvoyant visions , meditative trance , projections and dreamstate lessons which are more easily seen but are hard to hear .Why ? Because our energy body develops sight much earlier then it develops its hearing.

The magician's subtle energy body morphs into variant forms of a sphinx in a predictable continuum of human energy body development.

The number of heads and limbs and their attributes are telling. The colouring of the sphinx is also an indicator of the magician's stage of ascension alchemy. Notably, the sphinx will appear to the magician or the reader in altered states of consciousnesss such as dreamstate or meditative trance.

Gold indicates conclusion of that particular level. Purple indicates the alpha omega neutral stage at the conclusion of one work and the beginning of another. Typically; purple, blue , green , yellow, red ,red/black, black, black/white, silver, gold, and then purple again.

A sphinx will typically have at least 2 heads , 4 are a Hermetic Set some split double for as many as 8, 12 or even 16 heads. The limbs may be single pairs or 2 or 4 pairs, typically.

If a hermetic set is manifesting the front might be green the rear red the right indigo and the left side orange until the entire sphinx becomes silver akashic or then golden sun.

Here are some images of the limbs and phalanges during various stages and works;http://s1178.photobucket.com/albums/x366/AuntClair/

What did your sphinx look like? What beast heads, what colours, were there swan wings like an angel or bat wings like this rebus?


View imagery at Adam McLean's alchemy web ie of various two headed Lagashian Eagles and rebus forms and other sphinxes.

I would like to add that books could be written on the sphinx and its associations in magick. The body morphs predictably through stages of the sphinx becoming dragon, beast, demon and angel headed.

The questions of peers are hugely important to the magician. Robert Bruce remarks that he learns something from each workshop he teaches . I agree. Buddha taught that we are all both a student and a teacher to all whom we meet on our path.

A member of VS asked about the red eye appearing to him. Christ teaches about the red demons of Seth in Gnostic apocrypha saying he is the principle archangels in previous incarnations and he is the red Christ called Seth too.

The red soul , the red eye and the red bull headed and bull horned energy body of the Guardian Demon within are not to be feared. This is an opportunity , like all morphing of the energy body ,for reflection , transmutation and pathworking in altered states of consciousness.

Typically morphing of the energy body heralds Kundalini events or is subsequent to them. The Guardian Demon is an opportunity to learn righteous anger, appropriate passion for a cause, defense of the innocent and when to stand stubbornly in one's own truth despite the bullying and disparagement which might be discharged even from one's own peers.

But it is mostly an opportunity to control the rage within, the naive prejudices, the irrational fears and the lusts, hatreds and thirst for revenge . These are the red internal demons of Seth. It is through loving service and forgiving each other that we transmute the demons .

The Cosmic Christ is a teaching spirit whom appears to many mystics irregardless of their belief system or paradigm. He teaches that 7 demons and 7 angels are within each of the inner gates.In my exegesis, these are the 7 golden lampstands of the Bible or the Chakras of Vedantic texts. We heal our inner demons with our inner angels.

We heal ourselves through love, forgiving and service . Robert Bruce calls this building up the good karma bank.

These seemingly bewildering archetypical images that appear to the magician in dreamstate or meditation are actually lessons to demonstrate how far we have come and what step is next and how much more needs to be done. That is the purpose for the archetype.

It is pertinent to note, when I see a horn upon the head of a sitter or view clairvoyantly their angelic wings that this is what would be seen by another clairvoyant should they look at that moment.

It is not like the more personal transient visions we might have in the astral plane where what I see may not parallel what the peer beside me sees, in any fashion.

As magicians, we need to distinguish as magicians what are temporally stable archetypical images and what are the dream like images of the subconscious mind unique to each magician.

By teaching each other,we find the universal commonality of such imagery. A good example of universal morphing would be in the Uraeus Effect described aptly by Robert Bruce. At that stage the magician will feel this heavy fleshy serpent fall flacidly over the nose and mouth like the uncooked steak he described. It is telling when we find these descriptions in other texts, sites and in other eras and locales. Than we can suppose it is a true universal archetype which would manifest on any magician at that stage.

The hermaphroditic rebus depicted in numerous images on Adam Mclean's Alchemy Web are a testament to another universal archetype.

If you would like to participate in this research with me, I offer free clairvoyant readings of the human energy body on Skype under the handle Aunt Clair.
Om Shanti.

Aunt Clair
27th February 2012, 01:25 PM
World Walker
Reading Jodie
Feb 2012

There is a huge abyss between her right and left sides
4 on either side of her
4 skinny long necked vulture like women wearing the priestess tarot card , on left
4 plump shaven silly looking old men wearing the pope tarot card on right
between these her angel ;silver on left gold on right
the wings give a silhouette of a butterfly

A vision of her as a magician tarot beneath her , foot to foot the hanged man beneath him, head to head, the pope .Above her, head to head, the priestess above her, foot to foot , the emperor and above him , head to head the empress but an abyss between the empress and the pope. This is a vertical wheel 4 above, 2 below and out of balance.

But the horizontal wheel is 8 four to the left and four to the right as the women and men on either side , the so called council of 9 completed by the Guardian Genus between them.

But now the Z axis is forming. The magician grows subtle energy forms which
allow consciousness to exist across vectors of time and space. She leans forward in the Higher Self teaching the right arm extended in front at 45 degrees from trunk the left arm moves behind her back and forth that is to move to the future. The left arm straight at 45 degrees to the front and the left arm like a rudder moves in the back , this is to move through the past. The space vector controlled by the legs.

The reading was interrupted and will be continued later.

The World Walker is ahead of the other pathway I have been reading all these years, sometimes it is parallel to this path of the dragon but often rockets ahead of the dragon. It seems some of the human dragons are concurrently pathworking as world walkers. But the dragons are approaching the world walker quickly now. Jodie Bolton was read at this sitting. Robert Bruce ,Billy Curran and Heidi Mulder and a few others I have read are World Walkers at this level.

Aunt Clair
27th February 2012, 02:05 PM
Purple Angel with Sun & Moon Wings
26 Feb 2012
see also;

Christ instructed me to draw the golden dragon up the spine to the base of the head . It was like a thin thread now and not the thick roaring dragon headed cobra it began as yesterday. The thread split and pierced my limbs becoming 5 threads, the neck of which became the dragon but two headed at the top of my spine. The hands and feet did not have any kundalini thread within them .

The left side head consumed more of my negative ego, the right side exhaled fire. This alleviated some of the pain I had been experiencing with the energy flow of kundalini fire which has affected by abdomen.

The left side sucked up the shadow from the left shoulder to the left foot circling back to the right foot and to the right shoulder. The right side replaced the shadow with fire and light coarsing down the the right shoulder to the right foot and across the left foot and up to the left shoulder again.

My consciousness split and I became the blue ring of smoking water which cooled to become the silver moon and red ring of earth became the golden circle of the sun. As the fire cooled, my left eye turned smoky blue and the red eye was like a cooling coal.

These rings slipped from their embrace and split apart the silver moon became a left silver wing the golden sun became the right golden wing.

The purple centre in the aqua throat chakra became a purple eye of this angel form. It is incomplete.

The fire kundalini had caused a great deal of pain when it rose through my stomach, gall bladder and pancreas. I was told to wake and eat apples ,raisins and drink hot water. I was told to refrain from cheese, milk and meat for a time.This has not affected my younger peers who passed through this stage without any pain.

The Purple Angel is a basal level of world walker.
The head is Faerion. It has blazing points of lights emitting from the scalp like a crown. It has the face of the human magician but the ears are pointed and high on the head. The skin is cold and lavender. The chin is long and pointed. The eyes are bright purple. This angel is unknown to me yet. This is my level now and I have seen it on younger peers in readings this week too. It is behind the World Walker stage of Jodie et al in the previous post.

I believe but I am not sure that this Purple Angel has just begun to incarnate on one other world . Whereas Jodie has been on a handful already. Heidi has been on more than a dozen. Robert and Billy have been on Earth and at least one other that is the locust/grasshopper like sentient being which appeared to Robert Bruce since his youth and has appeared to Billy also.

I have met a few others who have lived there and they have a layer of chakral energy which is shaped like a chevron nested around their human chakras. I have not lived anywhere else yet but have had lessons about preparing the soul that is going to incarnate on another planet. Others who have the purple angel with the sun and moon wings also do not have any recall of living on another planet. Of all humans I have read, and there have been over 500 readings now, each is either;
*unaware human

It remains a curiosity to me why the dragon is part of the cosmology of our human soul but it is there since ancient days. It represents the Middle Way. The RHP is dogma, sun , father and male. the LHP is magick, moon, mother and female. Ascension is the angel, both male and female. Descension is the demon both male and female.The Dragon is the middle way between the angel and the demon. It is not malevolent or benevolent, it is the corporeal subtle energy called Kundalini ;


*The dragon guarded the Tree of Life the home of the virgin Lilith the sacred water spirit and the Birds of Paradise.Gilgamesh slays the dragon mistaking that it is going to eat the birds of paradise, Lilith runs away. Then Gilgamesh cuts down the Tree of Life to make a bed to seduce another Goddess.(ca 2500BC)(Dragon as protector of the virgin, birds of paradise, tree of life and the virgin nymph)

*The snakes are in this ancient image in my signature depicting the Tree of Life on a vessel from Khafajeh in NE Baghdad (ca 2600 BC).(Serpent undulating in the limbs of the Tree of Life tamed and controlled)

*After Marduk slayed Tiamet who wanted to destroy the world, he wore the image of the tamed snake/ dragon and it became his totem. (1800BC)(The dragon becomes evil and "plans to destroy humanity".The saviour teaches us how to control it)

*And it is the symbol of Kundalini in the Hindu Vedantic Texts, too. (ca 900BC)(Mother Kundalini is the enlightener , the sacred corporeal energy)

*It was the snake beneath the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden and the snake around the tree too. (ca 600 BC)(The serpent as the seducer of Eve, the corruption of humanity, as Satan and as Lilith no longer the virgin of Gilgamesh but now the supposed false first wife of Adam and the supposed demon)

Aunt Clair
27th February 2012, 03:14 PM
Guardian Demon on a worldwalker
the left physical eye belongs to the demon
sharp steely gray stone dragon
red veins

carapace of black emerald down the back of spine
3 dorsal spines per cauldron

each chakra has a tail and tendrils
one of fire, rock earth , water not air yet
there is a negative air a shadow smoke

the arms are a sword when spread at shoulder height from right to left
which have a red eye on the chest
the eye of a satan the accuser and punisher

the legs are wolf like in muscle and talons each a different colour energy


Guardian Angel changed into at will
the angel is equal in power to the GD
the right physical eye belongs to the angel

right wing golden
left wing silver
and both jeweled at shoulder elbow and wrist;

the right shoulder is topaz, the right elbow is sapphire the right wrist is ruby
the left shoulder is blue. the left elbow is topaz, the left wrist is emerald ,the left palm is ruby

the legs are bright white and icy silver

the body is red and white

a crystal crown on each chakra
the fire consumes negative

the crown on the head appears like a nebula of stars held in place by the force of the chakras
a microcosm building up there

the eye on the throat is so bright it occludes the aura of the face currently
it is the eye of judgement
the hilt of the sword is angelic the blade demonic
the consciousness lies between

demon accuses, angel judges . human freewill choice, demon punishes

This Guardian Demon is obedient to Godhead and will fight other demons that harm the innocent
it is not evil

"I am simply the hound I obey my orders nothing more I take no pleasure in the act I simply follow it out
the wicked are punished"

Michael the archangel appears wearing the face of the eagle
Raphael wears the face of the bull
Auriel wears the face of the lion
Gabriel wears the face of the angel

These are the guardian "demon" aspects of the principle archangels
they wear the sphinx when they must

27th February 2012, 04:50 PM
Hi Aunt Clair,

I find this very interesting indeed!

I had phases of being very overwhelmed by the consciousness and energy i would experience coming out from other peoples eyes and even my own eyes when looking in the mirror.

I could see the right as the demonic eye and the left one as the angelic eye, which is actually the opposite to what you have written...

This is the first time i have ever read anything like this about the eyes...... much apprecaited ~ Thankyou :cool:xx

Aunt Clair
29th February 2012, 07:08 AM
I met another one at this level this morning. The back of his body was a tortoise shell in black and silver. He had a barbed tip at the end of his tail. His legs and arms were like the other Arch/Guardian Demon above. Neither had wings both had claws and an exoskeleton.

1st March 2012, 05:39 AM
I would like very much to hear from others regarding purple elemental subtle energies that they have seen clairvoyantly, witnessed in dreams or visions or read about in magickal texts either vedic, alchemical, hermetic or taoist in nature. [/QUOTE]

Aunt Clair, I find your descriptions of the energy body fascinating; it's really only now that I can fully appreciate them. I wish I could see to the extent that you can! (But I suppose that's the ego talking again) I feel very humbled by your abilities, & hesitate to even respond to your request for input from others, as I still have so far to go. . . but as to experiences with purple energy - I "was" a puple ball of light once, shooting out into the stars (I have mentioned this before, I think) & looking back at the beauty of the earth; I "formed" a little hand in repsonse to my wondering what I'd do if I needed one.

Using purple energy, from the feet upwards, has a deeply calming & soothing effect on me when in the body. I also "use" it to form a light/mist inside the earth pentagram I draw when calling the corners each morning, facing east & saying, "Before me Rafael - the Akash, the spirit, the prana, the breath, the interpenetrating, the purple. ." I do not know whether this is "correct" or not.

I can "taste" purple energy, & really "enjoy" it - it does not cause any weird physical effects on me (although the "extreme UV white light does)

So much for my small contribution - it would be great to hear from adepts about their experiences!

1st March 2012, 04:43 PM
Well, before formally doing Bardon's works, I always see purple energy when I meditate- or rather, I've been seeing it for a few years, I don't think I did years ago, I remember seeing swirling pink energy years ago, but now it's purple.

Regarding my 'adventures' with working with it, you know (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/entry.php?175-My-Hermetics-Diary) the trouble I've been having, or rather, the challenges. :-)

2nd March 2012, 04:29 AM
Very interesting, CFTraveller - I have read Bardon, but don't follow an exact Hermetic path, I think I am too "eastern" (probably carried over from a past life?), but seem to be experiencing "events" without looking for them (wrt Marduk, for eg. who, as AC explained to me on her forum, appears in dreams at a predictable stage of development) Have you encountered him?

2nd March 2012, 04:55 PM
Not that I know of- I'm a newb at Hermetics- but ATM I feel I need a formal guided program and have decided to stay with Hermetics until I finish it, regardless of whether it works for me. There are some fears that I have to get through first, but I think it's good for me- may be just the reason to do it. But I'm derailing AC's thread- we can move this side discussion if you like to another thead.

Aunt Clair
19th May 2012, 07:54 AM
Reading Mary/Jambu
Dancing Crow projected here without evocation and taught concerning this stage
Saturday 20 May 2012

Two vertical tall rectangle windows appear each the size of the chest;
silver gold and gold silver blinking above the head of magician, about 15 feet.These are balanced solar and lunar father and mother; communication the
magician shares as they learn teaching as they become aware their discourse is uploaded to those who can learn it in the universal mind.

Two vertical rectangle windows white black and black white blinking below the feet of the magician about 15 feet. These are balanced night and day left and right; energy in and out by reversing the flow drawing energy up the right and down the left the feeling is exhilerating as the right leg becomes purged. The magician should take time to cause the effect of the natural flow down the right and up the left and should daily take the time to pull energy up the right and down the left to backwash and purge.

The seraphim angel from the stone on the left side of the head projected and taught me during this reading,her finger of ascension pointing upward with left hand and right arm holding ribboned scrolls and tablets spillng out of arms.

From 'the hands above the shoulders' at Binah and Chokmah, through the right and the left pillars is a loop of cable like cords
running down the right side up the left ,above the head

This is a great green pupil eye in a purple silver vortex wider than the body about 3 metres across but below the feet this is black thick ooze like a bog which causes the loop not to run perpetually but to lag and drag with resistance.

A male peer Meredith/Dancing Crow appears who teaches from right side of the hips in ruby and from the right of the supernal head as in emerald chest he has a loop of cabled cord too his is ruby on right and emerald on left. Now these manifest as a thin thread upon Mary and I whereas the cabled cords of sapphire and topaz are thicker and strong these are fragile and thin still developing energy

We project into the sapphire stone there is a blue spired city beneath it a topaz inverted city but in the topaz stone to the left of the chest the reciprocal exists.

in the sapphire stone; a cruise liner still on a placid sea at night; silence, serenity , stillness, passive, calm, tranquility
the topaz stone a city just bombed cacophony, anxiety, chaos, active, frantic, anticipation

Similarly in the ruby and emerald stones are a rising crystal structure from the centre wheel upwards and beneath it an inverted crystal structure like stalactytes and stalacmites crystals forming in a cave.

The chakras are dark ebony purple not rainbow coloured presently,

The stones are metallic purple swathing purple silver

On Mary the EarthStone is closed and spheroid spinning deosil
the SunStone is open and white , yellow , pink lotus petals too numerous to count with a lovely frangipani fragrance and a sound of tinkling bells

Similarly the MoonStone is closed and spins spheroid and widdershins as silver purple sphere

The HeavenStone is open and like the lotus blossom too

Meredith/Dancing Crow teaches that the reciprocal to the tan tien desends from the top of each stone to the ----centre . There is an abyss in the closed stones which is small and easily closed with the intention of the magician . There is no abyss on the blossomed stones. The magician will learn at this stage to open or close the stones at will. This is intuitive.

The descending top channel is dual and purple the ascending tan tien is red and single. The magician, male or female, develops a magickal womb to generate new souls as has been written anciently. So the magician develops a hemipenis
of kundalini which is the conjoined descending channels and these are a dual male phallus which manifests in the male and female magician.

The magickal womb creates subtle body energy vessels like the skin of a soul
for concurrent and future incarnations of that magician.

The highest vibration is an uber angel a mother of the faerion the creator of angels an intrinsically female air energy of ascension
I hear "don me shi shi hi me shi shi"
which means "I wear the God and greet the world with God's grace "
this us a figure of benevolence and compassion
She wears a white apron a long emerald gown and the face of the magician

The throat is on the head of the magician the head of this uberangel is above the supernal centres .The feet are at the knees of the magician and are growing downward to the floor. The magician grows their Tree of Life in this way extending upward, downward, inward and outward in clouds of energy which then manifest more solid subtle energy structures like chakras and stones and

Meredith/Dancing Crow teaches that the throat can elicit or select to draw in golden energy now and leads us to do this easily golden honey shen draws in with the inhalation when mouth breathng. Shen is lustrous sparkling with silver and it is a luke warm golden honey which moves like toothpaste from a tube but continuously as if when pulled up it pulls more behind it like a taffy ,ooze or honey.It is moist not sticky though and certainly not hot and dry like other fire. It is like the golden harvest moonlight. When we inhale through the mouth this is like drawing into the eye of the uber angel who's throat is at our head.

Mary's angel teaches that the reciprocal to the uberangel is not formed and ready to project yet.It will project from the infernal pully sphere below the feet of the magician.

The stones which have manifested thus far are from the supernal to the infernal on the spine but do not descend below the hips much or above the head much. The arms and legs have chakras which have become rainbow coloured;
left arm ;
purple above shoulder
indigo shoulder
blue centre upper arm
green elbow
yellow mid forearm
orange on wrist
red below wrist heel of hand

The Hermetic Pallette is displayed on the finger colours and the gloved fingers
and each of these colours has manifested on a stone but the toe colours have not manifested on stones.

Mary teaches that these will appear on the arms and legs around the limbs of the chakras.

And teaches that the magician can bring the uber vortex over the infernal vortex by sitting on the floor legs extended and bending at the waist to bring the nose as close to the knees as possible then drawing energy up through mother earth from the legs into the arms and down from the sky into the arms through the legs and through the infernal vortex up the left as emerald and down the right as ruby, and down the left as sapphire and up the right as topaz.

Aunt Clair
1st June 2013, 01:24 AM
28 May 2013 Jodie ,Debbie, Jayden

It has been the longest gap between readings since I began this research. I became bored that I saw nothing new and despondent that the hiatus keeps promising to end and then there is another long dark night of the soul.

We have not had the phenomenal growth spurts as we did in 2004 and December 2012 promised a quickening. But that was short lived and disappointing. I have some isolated readings I need to insert but I want to post this one while the mind is fresh because in the one year gap there have been a number of changes;

The TREE OF LIFE is in Winter;

Narrow Male black earth pillar w/ wide male gold fire layesch bowl; no branches no limbs.Jodie appears to be invisible a narrow black pillar smaller than her physical body and larger than the spine extends from Kether to the Golden Bowl at the Hanged man's head; 50 cm above the body and 2 metres below it. The body is in hibernation still while tiny changes are occurring within. The energy descends from Kether in several teeny spiraling audible currents that seem to echo in whispers; zzzah zzzah zzzzah like a pulse rhythmically.

Narrow Female white air pillar w/ wide female silver water/moon layesch cap.
Directly behind being the same size but higher up is the female pillar with an inverted bowl like a skullcap or yamukah. This is 50 cm higher than the male layesch when the magickian is tuned in or open otherwise the silver and gold are conjoined when the magickian is tuned out or shut down and grounded. The energy of the female pillar is ascending and was inaudible to me , at this reading. it seems to be a solid stream not spiraling but straight not diverse but joined as one.

Here is an image of the Giant Layesch surrounding a male and female magician at an earlier stage of development;

Currently; 2 open halves or 2 conjoined mass when closed
Above the head there is a bowl shaped hemisphere layesch which is a conjoined stone as big as two stones in heighth, width and girth. Surrounding this vertically are bands of energy of red, yellow, blue and green.

When the magickian is switched on or tuned in the energy centres move in perpetual motion as a machine of subtle energy. Jodie comments this is the machine being made. The machine is made and being made . As those with the machine in motion approach others they are calibrating each other and raising both concerned. She notes the machine opens vertically as I have seen but says it also opens horizontally.

I see a vision from a emaciated man with a long shaggy gray beard and a toga who says that the layesch form a supernal ouroboros each layesch surrounds a pair of vertical stones just as each stone surrounds a pair of vertical chakras.

Jodie has 5 layesch as does Jayden her son, as does Debbie my daughter and as do I . There are 2 vague ones building up; one on either end but these are nearly invisible like warm gas moving over a cold glass. Two to Three of these are on the body and one may be half above the ground and half below . Two are below the feet.

Jodies teaches that the magickian has new pillars an internal ring to the older external ring where those were light and gas; fire and air, these are solid earth and water within the earth . The pillars are eight they are octagonal columns only .5 metres from the body and Hermetically coloured.

Jodie says that a magickian may operate the machine in solo like the Hermaphrodite of Alchemy operating 4 of the pillars in a tetrapolar set or open/switch on two of their strongest affinity hermetic energies with a peer and make a set of 4 between them . Ideally in a circle each would be able ot run all 8 pillars in this 'wheel of life'. These pillars are only 1 metre tall , now. The outer pillars are diffuse and much wider and taller being 3 metres tall and 50 cm in width whereas this smaller internal ring is only about 10 cm wide. The first pillar ring opened like petals and closed up like a bud or bulb. This is a nested inner layer.

The Moonstone is banded with a rose colour at the outer band this is about1.5 m in width when tuned in/switched on.

There are 3 wheels of life in the head extending from the chakra outward beyond the physical head; crown , nose , jaw. The two primary spinal chakras are between each band and the core is in the centre of one band;

one moon as a polar cap
ring of four moons
violet chakra with 8 moons on a wheel of life- red outer band at crown
indigo chakra
blue-indigo core chakra with 8 moons on a wheel of life- blue outer band at brow
blue chakra
aqua chakra with 8 moons on a wheel of life -yellow outer band at throat
green chakra
green yellow chakra with 8 moons on a wheel of life -green outer band at collarbone

An image of an unknown artist culled from the net;
Image of earlier stage of Bands;

Similarly each primary chakra is banded now but the secondary and core chakras are not all banded yet. These bands began developing at the perineum. The strongest most developed and easiest to see is at the red chakra. The outer band is the reciprocal of the chakra, the inner band is the same colour;

orange chakra ) ) ) )
orange band green band red band blue band

red chakra ) ) ) )
red band blue band yellow band green band

The third eye looks like golden butter it is the shape of a oval with delicate sort of pointed polar caps it is not flat but rather like a tongue in texture and shape . There are vertical x and y axis rings of satelliting centres and a horizontal ring of satellites like this image drawn around the globe;

The eye energy centres are spheroid like the physical eyes and are equal in development with three bands of satelliting rings , also.

The Tonsils look identical to the third eye but a pink tongue instead of a golden one in an aqua centre instead of an indigo one. On either side of the the throat evocation centre is a spheroid one half the size without bands , yet.

Here is an image of the development of internal nadis on the hands and feet

Peering up the palm towards the shoulder. the tiny coloured channels are clairvoyantly visible . This was a suprise ! the channels are no longer linear!

On the right male hand the 8 colours on top are Fire; blazing upward out of the palm like fire from a dragon's mouth curing upward and outward. From invisible thumb red, orange, yellow-green, blue, silver, gold, white, black.

The 8 colours below are Earth; motionless hanging like a dead or inorganic heavy curtain of 8 pencils. Below are the same colours in the opposite order; black , white, gold, silver, blue, yellow-green, orange , red. There could be more than 16 streams and probably there are but I could only see 16 on anyone of the magickian's hands presents, at this reading.

On the female hand the upper stream is air and looks gaseous like a jewel toned nebula and below it is water which is audible like a pulse zzzz-ah zzzz-ah . The thumb is black and then the spectrum is the same as on the right hand just reversed above and below so on the top air channels; from invisible thumb black , white, gold, silver , blue , green-yellow, orange, to red on invisible pinky.

After these are mature,these drip down like a heavy curtain nearly to the knees when the palm is at chest height.

5 fingers or 5 toes each has an invisible thumb/big toe and an invisible pinky for a set of 7 fingers or toes on each hand or foot.

Oh the hands have changed so much. There is a spheroid spinning ball of jewel toned colour on the tip of each of the phalanges as big as the top of the thumb.
There are bands on each of the joints between the parts of the phalanges and a fourth at the top.

The bones of the hand and feet are icy White walker blue.
"Winter is Coming"~ Game of Thrones

Between the fingers and toes are 6 branches on each hand or foot these are lacking leaves these are wide as the fingers and newly developed seemingly flat and uniform like cut from strips of cardboard. like a V on the middle finger at either side two more on the right or left and another dangling down like a lily over the wrist. These are clear to white and incomplete.

This was painful! This is why I bothered to do a reading after such a long time because every magickian I know locally commented on the pain in the spine and I thought I would look during the super moon this May. The spine is golden!
There are electric blue discs and one either side of the vertebrae in the "wings" two energy cords thread through the discs from below the feet through the spine to above the head both cords are yellow now the one on the right descends and the one on the left ascends. The one on the left seems to me to be moon white yellow and the one on the right is sun brighter orange yellow.

"Read My Mind
It's funny how you just break down
Waiting on some sign
I pull up to the front of your driveway
With magic soaking my spine"~ Killers

Aunt Clair
1st June 2013, 11:26 AM
Part II Super Moon May 2013 Billy aged 16

As above and infernal Layesch below the head of the Hanged Man on the Infernal Tree of Life silver to silver and gold to gold; as above.

There are external nadis ascending and descending ,as above ,from the palms but also from the knees, heels, ball of feet and descending from the instep.

Treasure of watery tan tien of MoonStone is reciprocal Golden Tongue of Flame Shen
Treasure of the aqua air Throat tan tien is a rose coloured earth
Treasure of the earth ear centres is a chartreuse green air on either side.

He morphed as the Purple Light Watcher but dressed as a Ninja, lol with a purple gray scarf masking the entire face except one purple eye. He showed a ruler and said that measures up. He showed a hammer and said "you hit that on the nail" Then in relation to an issue , he taught with a cartoon giant syringe "you need som protection" and gave me a booster shot in the upper left shoulder. Than he placed his palms together and a fire flowed from either one moon on left, sun on right
bits of charred specks flew like cinders on the wind above a crackling fire. He molded this energy like a bit of clay and formed a donut shape which sprouted a few coloured ascending nadis. Then he opened a cartoon head like a peanut butter jar lid and placed this in and it sank to the heart and then to the perineum. He taught that this subtle energy construct could be used to heal and attune , the concurrent incarnations for example, in alchemical contagion.

Aunt Clair
3rd April 2014, 11:54 AM
Authoring a new Goetia

Goetia born on Gehenna in Shamballah
an island Hels on the River Styx aka River of Death
which runs through the Death Chamber
of Great Pyramid in Luxor in Shamballah
Styx conjoined to River of Life aka Rainbow Snake
and where they flow together is the River of Enlightenment
as on the spine in Kundalini Lunar and Solar

Ascended spirits from human to angel to archangel to elemental i.e. Faeries, to Goetic to Avatar

Descended from Avatar to Goetia to elementals i.e. Totemic Beast
to Archdemons to Demon to Human

Billy says he is "a broken toy"

His life contract must be reestablished , he thinks he is not on plan a or plan b but another plan has begun. He is disoriented.

like a car goes to a shop but it couldn't be fixed there
so the owner is trying to run it anyway while it is missing original components

dealing with emotions not supposed to have
need to integrate this
need a lot of sleep

lose capability of understanding
can't understand that which has never been felt
as it reestablishes its boundaries

throws away reality to understand the celestial madmen
misdirection of emotive flow

124 approximal forms in total to be born in his opinion
created in new century the new sins and the new virtues
a new deity will be born and a new paradigm,
the new virtues and sins are the mark of this

the new Goetia are not one of 72 names of God but a new paradigm
that is more neutral more reflective of politically correct agenda
Universal compassion,Divine Wisdoms, bi gendered, hetero and homo and bi sexual, no longer the royal male dominated goetic forms of the past. As the consciousness of humanity changes so does the God form and the angel and the demon form.

Reading Billy;

(dedicated to light of Christ )from shoulder to hips
a 3D chameo of Mary Mother of Christ holding infant Jesus

from nose to thigh is angel around the Christ and mother image
like so many nested Matruska dolls
with Billy's face the eternal Peter Pan the jolly big brother
the fiercely strict baba yaga like wych demon but male not female
within this the giant wolf

around both wych and wolf is a purple black turnip like a boil which burst or a volcano
can consume energy ,fountain energy, surround

a cloak which is the night sky but starless around that; the unknown mind

blood shot eye is a spiral a void that absorbs
blood red ribbon
a bright glowing hat that is head less
the mad hatter
one eye finished

the petulant child
woken too early
unfinished with the dreaming which authors self who created this entity
today on April Fool's Day /1 April; the Day of the madman

a guardian of children
of the lost child and a strong bulwark ; protecting family
the big brother

behind this the ninth wolf
the 13th star
oracus is demon name of wolf with blood red eyes and giant form with many tails

angel's name Kha'ziral

demon punishes the infidel family member
the unloyal one who destroys relatives and love ; without just cause

awards fidelity and truth
keep to his trinity
the bulwark, the jaws and the evil eye of the demon
the family , the lost , the wayfarer

judging evil based upon action of what they believe
will be happy if true to self

guardian of child and the lost
guide the psychotic back to their own mind again

punishes those who judge without consideration with prejudice and forethought

causing pain to others through their misjudgement and injustice

mischievious Peter Pan
wears boils and pimpled face of the one he appears to who is a bully to others thinking self so beautiful or handsome who is too vain and tortures and abuses the seemingly 'less blest'
will hit them with an ugly stick or illusion of one when they see self in camera or mirror image

a chaos demon shaped like turnip
wych demon who is a hitchhiker made a teacher pact with that one

in his opinion ; Astaroth's trinity is the sun, moon ,void

Aunt Clair
3rd April 2014, 11:59 AM
The magickian begins to form the Goetic stage
as an appraisor of peers at this stage, not a maker , yet

perhaps will end life here and begin to be a Goetic seed in another life
but the potential is in all

then we will wear the costumes
of those already in the robe/closets of the existing Goetic forms
learning through these ourselves
as we appear to the live magickians in dreamstate
or meditative trance
and teach through these not creating a new one, yet

then we may manifest a new goetic form when ripened

we choose the curriculum of the new apprentice Goetic form
from our life's work
and that which afflicts us most

we can not hate that in another that we do not despise in ourselves
I have never been addicted but have watched partners of my daughters and my adopted son and his partners ruin lives with methamphetamines. I despise meth addiction.

"If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn't part of ourselves doesn't disturb us."
Hermann Hesse from Siddhartha

there are amongst the magickians at this stage the ; stones, chameleons, seeds

the new generation are seeds

some are stones unable to wear but one identity solid in foundation but can not complete others , so they practice pathworking by wearing the existing Goetic form most familiar to them most aligned to them.

the chameleon understands by being within it
seeking universal commonality
this one can easily move but may limit self to a range of same gendered or similar culture /paradigm avatars

I felt uncomfortable thrust into Thoth or Christ feel wrong in male forms
I prefer Konnan/ Quan Yen , Freya, Mary, Nammu et al

My Goetic Form is born
Today in hot tub meditating 3 April 2014
Preliminary Exercise to open spine and ears better
saw the head as new bicardinal crux and cardinal cross wheels then saw these throughout the spine

cross + at third eye, nose, mouth, throat, heart, navel , womb, perineum
crux X crown, at eyes ,nostrils , jaws, tonsils, shoulders, breasts, gonads, knees

a cap that is unwound to open the spine above the supernal heavenstone
and below the infernal helstone, too
twisting widdershins to open deosil to close if facing eyes forward

stretching the spine; hyper extending the neck
and pulling the feet up to the hips
balanced to draw energy from the crown to the knee caps
and open the ears and throat better

open the third eye draw in energy from there and out both ears forming loop throw back into third eye , repeat until energy runs clean , fast and clear

open the heart draw in energy from there and pull up to throat out both ears , repeat until energy runs clean fast and clear
Recall of attack in dreamstate 2 April.
I was with a grandson, Riley, whom is estranged from us. He lives with the daughter's ex partner's parents.

I bought a transformer robot for his birthday in March. He morphs into a giant transformer not the yellow Bumblebee I bought but his own akashic silver knight with a right blue sword /pliers arm .

I chuckle and transform too to play with him trying to become the gray bad guy transformer and begin as a cloud like chaotic form when i get stabbed in back, suddenly.

I look behind self and think I see his mother, my daughter, who felt her son is threatened by this 'demon' appearing not knowing that we are only having a game in the astral. I see his brother, my grandson Jacob. I am carried back home in projection as a limp astral form seemingly near death ; so ill in the physical too . I don't know who carries me.

I awoke in another bed with Christ beside me cautioning me to rest and he heals me . Then, I plummet back to my body and wake again to vomit. I feel weak , pain in chest , black energy in my gut where the wound festered .

I drive to pick up another grandson who is not ready for school yet. So, I plan to return a little later. But I become seriously ill when stepping out of the car, spinning head, nausea, chest pain and projectile vomiting. I spent the day in bed, instead. Warned to eject this black goo from gut by vomiting and cleansing, again. Had lessons reminding me to shield self when playing in astral because others can attack misinterpreting "fun" as endangerment.

saw imagery from higher self
first a tulip becoming an onion
like the turnip blanketing chaos of Billy ,above

the bulb of the angel/ demon
the seed of the Goetia in all of us
emancipated when the season has come and it ripens
now is my time

Hegethuriel my angelic form appears

My new goetic styled demon is Irathmus (pronounced 'ee wrath mus'
firey wrath of God

all Goetic forms ascend from demon to angel as they appear in subsequent lessons that are learnt until the archangel or avatar appears.

five horned skeleton riding a syringe like a broom of a witch
two on head with pointed ears as it fleshes out
two on shoulders like epaulets
one on chin like a bearded crone

the skeleton becomes anorexic fleshed and straggly long gray haired
demonic punishment syringe up arse through spine painful inflicting
downward spiral

the horns on head leave last, first the shoulders , then the beard

the chin beard becomes pointed and fleshed out
as are the upturned ears like a cartoon red fox or dog perhaps
fur less but a tail definitely a fox tail red golden tipped with firey tails
Giving strength inspiration and cunning to evolve and overcome or chasing the drug addict through nightmare-scapes to death

the pointed ears leave and human flesh appears
a skinny pock marked methamphetamine old homeless woman
giving nightmares about poverty and isolation

a young anorexic pock marked bad skinned, bad teeth,zombie coloured meth freak
warning about becoming addicted

a faerie face with gossamer wings
holding grapes and cannabis bush
advocating more natural less addicting substances

a plump hippie mama wearing a mumu with long red golden hair

a crone wearing a judge robes angelic wings and carrying a constantly thumping gavel and Bible who warns about criminal activity and jail consequences

Fun Loving Smiling Angel with Bells on ankles and wrists and hems
an angel wearing hindu red mark on forehead wearing a red sari with bells on many hemmed silk garment

demon punishes; with syringe up arse to crown or down crown to arse, painful consequences, downward spiral, criminal consequences, physical decay and rot, descension to death

judge closes off the condemned into themselves
into a helscape for a time of nightmare realms
and causing own death if drugs are not put aside
faerie who inspires to celebrate naturally when appropriate

angel awards; inspires to break addiction ascending on spiral with new hope aspirations love forgiveness

punishes syringe using druggies who harm own families and friends

HEGIEL /Hegethuriel
awards those who give up drugs and inspires them to do so

Aunt Clair
14th July 2014, 04:03 PM
Super Moon of July 2014
Asmodeus + appeared near the conclusion of a series of lessons which began as an amalgamation of three Goetic forms ;
Marbas, Asmodeus and Allocer. He appeared this time in a form of a golden lion headed rabbi wearing the jeweled ephod depicting the Tree of Life. He appeared also as a Throne Angel; a cherubim with rainbow of Isis coloured wings and the body of the Hermetic Sphinx crowned like Lassamu but with a lion chest and forelegs and a serpent tail.

He was angelic and gentle and taught that there are 5 principles of the aspirant;
1. To Love all
2. To Forgive all
3. To Heal all
4. To Teach and Share Wisdoms with all
5. To Attune and Raise the consciousness of self and others through alchemical contagion

He placed his hand upon the Hand of Mysteries floating in a vision above the circle and each hand became segmented as a vertical line of 4 golden brown aged papyrus prayer scrolls held closed by blue indigo ribbons ;

Then, his fingers were four without a thumb and seemed human like fur covered but thin human phalanges;
each segment a particular Hermetic coloured energy. All were as prayer scrolls golden brown papyrus pulled apart or wrapped together by indigo ribbons.As he touched my hands his hands became golden light and my fingers became as a set of 4 prayer scrolls on each one;

right hand; pinky top orange , then other male red then reciprocal green then reciprocal blue at opposite end.
ring finger; top indigo , green then red and bottom or opposite orange
middle finger; top salmon red, then orange then indigo bottom chartreuse green
index finger; top chartreuse green, then blue then orange then salmon red

And we have a thumb which is silver on the tip then emerald , ruby and gold.

There are two bands upon the right arm at the elbow and half way down between the elbow and wrist these are wrapped around the forearm of the amalgamated Goetic Angelic form. We are bound to this angelic watching consciousness. We are expected to heal and love what is put upon our plate.

Aunt Clair
16th July 2014, 05:14 AM
W 16 July 2014
A U shaped structure of 5 forming Goetic gigantic stems appearing attached to each other
like phalanges or feathers on a fan being ;
5 Demonic/Totemic
5 Goddess/God Avatar

These can flip at the base/ground bringing any image to the foreground or the entire dark or light fan of stems forward.There is a mirror image below the ground.

On Jodi this appears like this;

I left hand image of Goddess forms each gigantic larger than human

1.Index finger position; Gaia sitting as a mountain plump smiling with the head two heads higher than the physical form; holding sun and day on right ,holding moon and night over a river on the left.Long blonde hair to feet becomes a river of cornfields down the dress that is the body of the mountain.

2. Minoan Bee Goddess;exotic blonde striped brunette hair to toes, thin woman cocoa skinned young sitting in empress Tarot asana holding a mace in right hand which is a bee hive swarming with honeybees

3. Athena/Artemis standing as a spidery webbed skeleton form then as a crone hair pulled back starkly with a stony expression; the observer who judges. "Sagacity and wisdom", I hear.

4. Hecate kneeling over the hearth stirring the pot back to me turns slowly and smiles a middle aged woman with a fresh face wearing humble peasant clothing her hair in a scarf hidde and a broad contented smile.

5. still forming on 'thumb' stem/feather

II Right hand fan of gigantic stems.
The 5 behind began below but became above and can be behind or in front;
1.'thumb' a dark purple silver black dragon with black long bat wings wildly whipping next about

2.pinky ; wolf bear large mouth beady eyed totem menacing scary

3.ring; a skeleton wearing baggy harlequin black and white chess board silks like a clown , a justice Tarot image; the judge

4.middle finger; black on black a sheet or film of black begins to turn and magickian's face appears holding up the mirror

5. forming still ...

Aunt Clair
31st May 2017, 10:04 PM
mentions that the crescent moon is bright
"like laughing God popped a smile "
his shin is bleeding trailed down left leg
an accidental puncture
unnoted before reading

Beyond the Goetia
The Hollow
thin 2D form
like Japanese Spirits in anime
like a kite
like a manta ray
massive larger at top three metres
shorter at ground .5 metre
reciprocal below

Steady Blue White cloudy
undulating shiny like oil upon water
like a mirror
silvery black

/ ♥ ♥ \
/ ♥ ♥ ♥ \
\ ♥ ♥\/♥ ♥/\
/\ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥/
\ ♥ ♥ ♥/

in head and heart and in palm
a vacant cobalt hollow

into which what is cast
is what ♥manifests in appearance

incomplete initiation
feet and later joints also imbibed
may cast off a limb morphed as a dragon
to ♥ally self
set at peace

on his right hand
initiates ceremony
by a length of golden ♥cord one metre long
loosely laid upon palm

on left hand older self with a bushy beard
also wavy hair not straight like present self
more reddy blonde
dark red ♥golden robe
long sleeve shirt button down slacks
about 40 years old

places burden of responsibility in hand
the tome of the law
a tall red folio gold embossed
a connection to core circular column of
slowly revolving books
central to each astral library
and above them ♥all
of code of practice
connecting all astral libraries

destroy under sanction
heal mercifully
protect with indemnity

at inception on left
Thin blonde brown hair average height
Robert Kennerly Bruce's father
Walter Bruce

and on Billy's left hand William Francis Curran
all in black and sad but smiling
he ties on armoured belt to Billy
a heavy ornate swath of armour plate
on leather ♥and cloth
from beneath breast to hips
wide and very heavy
tied at back
silver lozenges
in 4 columns 3 rows

in contrast to traditional 3 columns ♥4 rows vertically set jewels
were ♥set horizontally not vertically like the apron of the Priest
not shoulder to hips either

will become coloured jewels
like the ephod
of Kaballah
once earnt

Christ concludes by presentation
of ♥an arm dragon manifested
from his arm into Billy's palm
ascends his right arm
thin tapered pointed tail
three pairs thin tapered pointed wings;
red blue yellow
emerald green body

men's business
first a gathering of those at this level
a short recognition
then a friendly gathering of spirit
in celebration
mates and rellies arriving
see maternal grandfather
a great great grandfather
and maternal stepfather
a male cousin
and two mystic peers, in spirit
Andrew Oats and Tom Curran
et al appear

Aunt Clair
31st May 2017, 11:14 PM
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