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26th April 2006, 01:08 AM
Hi, i recently started using NEW with success. (i caught a cold, applied NEW before i fell asleep and woke up feeling great).

However, I happen to have bad eye sight(i wear glasses). Can NEW be applied to improve eye vision?

28th April 2006, 02:35 AM
I highly doubt it. But supposing you have physically normal eyes. You can regain your vision by relearning the natural vision eyesight habits you had as a child.
naturalvisioncenter.com is the place to go.
I have both of Quackenbush's books. As I am currently regaining my vision.
Besides, strain is the cause of incorrect vision. And we've all read how strain, tension, that is affects AP and psychic abilities.
So for those of us with incorrect vision, regaining our vision is connected deeply with learning to AP.

28th April 2006, 11:38 PM
Can NEW be applied to improve eye vision?

Actually I believe that it can be. I remember RB mentioning (either in his book or in a post or article somewhere) about healing a boy who was practically blind -- really, really poor vision. The boy fully believed that RB was an angel and would heal him. He refused to wear his glasses and after I don't remember how long, but not all that long, the mother came in with the boy, completely dumbfounded because they were just at the eye doctor and was told his vision was now 20-20.

That is the only case I remember him mentioning. But it is interesting because there is also a gentleman named Meir (?) something. I'm drawing a blank on the full name. But he lives in CA (US). Anyways his eyes were damaged at birth. As a baby, he basically had surgery done that removed most of his lenses for some medical reason. Thus he was legally blind. Then when he was an adult, he got a copy of Wilhelm Reich's one book, I forget the name right now. But it was (and still is) highly controversial. He equated vision problems with learned habits and psychological blocks. He advocated doing a number of exercises to improve vision. One of the exercises involved what is called palming. Basically you rub your hands together for a few moments and then cup them over your eyes. He followed what Reich mentioned and eventually began seeing patterns and then colors. He continued to practice the techniques and his vision is now 20-40 and he has his driver's license. He has an audio book on his story and also the techniques he perfected that worked for him.

What I found interesting in both Reich's book and this man's experience, is that they both used palming. Which is essentially stimulating the palm chakras and holding them over the eyes -- healing. Also western doctor's, when dealing with burns on patient's fingers or hands, will sometimes surgically open the palm of a hand and sew (with stitches/sutuers -- not sure of the spelling there) the finger into the palm. The only reason I have heard of for doing this is that the fingers heal faster/better when attached to the palm than when they are left open and on their own. Someone told me that they also read of someone having their hand, which had been burned or injured somehow, surgically placed on the center of their chest for healing -- heart chakra!

Anyways, all of this to state that I personally think it is very conceivable to improve poor eyesight. It may not be only with energy work, but I am sure it can be done. This is coming from someone who's worn glasses for 15 years. My eyes were 300-275. They are currently 175-150. Most of that improvement occured within 1 year of starting some simple yoga, energy work and meditation. And believe it or not, none of that was focused AT ALL on my eyes. They improved a bit the second year, but have been holding steady at that level for about 2 years now. However, I am fully confident that I will get them back to 20-20 sometime this lifetime.

So, if you truly believe it is possible and work at it, I think it can be done.

29th April 2006, 01:03 AM
So, if you truly believe it is possible and work at it, I think it can be done.

Sounds about right. With something like eyesight, it will be obvious to notice improvements when and if they happen. However, be prepared to stick through the starting buffer period where no apparent improvement will be seen. If you can make it past the doubt and persist with patience, I also believe you'll manifest your wish to improve your sight.

29th April 2006, 05:28 AM
What I was referring to was myopia or the other classic eye strain disorders. The boy in question had a dis-ease that was resulting in his loss of sight. A disease of the eye, or a physical defect is very different from myopia, which originated in the brain and manifested in the physical. Think about it, myopia, refusing to look at, and disconnecting from the world(everything is blurry out there). Versus an eye disease which could be corrected with an influx of healing energy. Also your improvement of your eyesight after starting yoga was probably due to relaxation and whatnot. Palming is extremely beneficial for the eyes apart from the energetic aspects is relaxes the eyes and gives them a chance to rest. For myopia and other eye disorders are simply tension.
Palming dissipates tension. Many people after a vacation literally see that their vision has improved. Of course it returns to its original state when they return to their stressful lifestyle.

Even the most allopathic anti-energy-medicine Doctor will tell you that, broken bones heal. Its a fact of life. Give your arm time and it will do its job and come back into harmony with nature. But, the eyes, impossible. Our society is brain-washed into believing that once nearsightedness or farsightedness, or so-called "old age vision" sets in. It is impossible to reverse. You will wear glasses for the rest of your life(and most do).

All those with imperfect vision I challenge to take back the number one sense God has given you! And together we can take off our glasses and return to being in harmony with nature. We were not made to have crude man-made machines of seeing with pieces of tranluscent material called glass in front of our eyes. We were meant to see naturally. Myopia, astigmatism, and the others are merely a warning sign from our body that we are not in harmony with nature. And we are to realize this and return to balance. Return to following natures rules, Gods rules. Workinprogress, it is possible to return to 20/20 is 2-3 years(possibly much shorter, but hey, we got time)Instead of a lifetime. I am currently improving my eyesight. And I can say this method(or habits, cause I'm just trying to get back to normal)works.

If you wish to try(but as Yoda said there is no try, to try is to fail)As I said before I recommend naturalvisioncenter.com
~Sylent Wolf

29th April 2006, 10:08 PM
Also your improvement of your eyesight after starting yoga was probably due to relaxation and whatnot. Palming is extremely beneficial for the eyes apart from the energetic aspects is relaxes the eyes and gives them a chance to rest. For myopia and other eye disorders are simply tension.
Palming dissipates tension. Many people after a vacation literally see that their vision has improved. Of course it returns to its original state when they return to their stressful lifestyle.

I agree -- which is also what Reich stated and the other gentleman. Myopio and other similar disfuntions are a learned ability -- or perhaps disability is a more appropriate term.

You may chalk it all up to relaxation, and I do believe that was beneficial. But I think there were psychological as well as energetic healing going on in conjunction with the yoga. I was not claiming that energy cures all. I think energy can help only so much as the person believes it can and is willing to deal with whatever it takes to make the cure happen. An imbalance occurs physically only after an energetic/elemental imbalance has created a severe enough disruption for a long enough period of time. Energy will help, but myopia is not the cause of the problem. It is a symptom. Unless you cure the cause, the symptom will not go away. This is why I stated I believe it is possible, but depending on the severity of the symptom AND the cause, it may take someone awhile to work through and create a sustainable cure.

(but as Yoda said there is no try, to try is to fail)

Actually, I believe Yoda's exact words were "Try not! Do or do not." I only know because it happens to be one of my favorite quotes. It is very similar in premise to Morpheus' saying to Neo "Don't think you're faster, know you are." :wink:

30th April 2006, 12:23 AM
I was simply relaying Yoda's thought, not quoting him. Thanks for the correction though. :D
And yes it will take quite a while to regain your eyesight if you follow the path in a diffused way. Like hoping yoga, meditation will clear the psychological blocks, rewire your mental processes to follow normal eyesight habits.
Kind of like trying to get back to your car in the woods and refusing to reach into your backpocket and get the map. By the way, the map to regaining sight is called "The Bates Method"
And a contributing factor of myopia is "visual diffusion" Not visually centralizing, very powerful metaphor for life. Not moving the head. Stiff neck. People in third world countries move their heads. But, we are cultured. And so on, study the Bates method to find out the rest. But my point is that by working on these physical problems we are dealing with concrete reality. Which by working on the physical it will filter down to the subconscious levels. Though of course we need to work on the physical and the metaphysical to ellicite the fastest response from our being. Being all metaphysical and nebulous is just as bad as being all physical materialistic. Once again its all about balance. :D
~Sylent Wolf

2nd May 2006, 01:49 AM
Ok thanks for the replies!

Now... Could anybody give me any tips how I get the healing started in my eyes? I don't recall reading in NEW about energy work on the eyes.

2nd May 2006, 04:33 AM
I would like to know too, I'm nearsighted and my eyes are getting worse progressively as the years pass. I'm needing new prescriptions for glasses each year and I've had enough. Thanks

2nd May 2006, 04:51 PM
The developer of the healing system called "Quantum Touch", Richard Gordon improved his own eyesight by cupping his eyes and running energy daily. Very similar to Robert's NEW. Richard ran energy, sweeping from feet, up through all chakras to crown, back down to heart, down the arms and out to the hands. Very simple, but takes quite a while to notice improvement. http://www.quantumtouch.com. Also see Robert's tutorials.

This is the basic way that Quantum Touch does all energy healings...out through the hands. Visualization and breathing are also used. Breathe in as you sweep up to crown chakra, breath out as you flow energy from crown out to hands. Visualize anything...color orange for healing, green from heart for love, angels, waterfalls, really anything that means healing to you personally. I use white light and all the colors (rainbow) and see them running like a river. Really use your imagination...anything that feels wonderful. Intent is everything. Possibly imagine yourself seeing perfectly. Use deep, even breaths, but not to the point that you pass out.
Hope this helps!

3rd May 2006, 01:07 AM
Hi collins1393!

For your information, I remember someone asking the same question of Robert in a workshop - and he suggested a simple exercise to perform NEW on the eyes: you simply imagine little blue balls of energy (or whatever colour, but blue is usual) about the size of golf balls or even tennis balls bouncing in and out of your head through the eyeballs/eyesockets. This will stimulate the energy structures underlying the eye itself. I have tried this with my own very myopic eyes, and you will be amazed at how much tension you habitually hold in your eyes. This becomes more and more apparent as you get more in touch with them. We almost numb the area we are so habitually unaware of sensation in there...

Something else you can try if you have developed very good focus with your NEW (ie the ability to pinpoint and work on very small areas of the body/energy field): home in very exactly on the position of your eyeballs within your head, and work on brushing and stimulating (energy-wise) the eye muscles that surround and move the eye. Do this intensively until you can really get a feel for them and the state they are in. Do this enough and something is bound to shift pretty fast!


3rd May 2006, 04:25 PM
Whoa, Cris! I tried that and I started having OBE exit sensations out my eyes. :shock: Very strange feeling. Got a little headache too, probably from tension you mentioned in the eyes. Didn't do it long enough to see any vision improvement, yet.

10th May 2006, 03:28 AM
I just had a very strange, but promising session. Seeing how this thread mentioned that eyesight can be improved naturally, I began to search online for different little exercises you could do to reduce eyestrain and relax the muscles around the eye. I came across some on this (http://www.doctoryourself.com/eye_exercises.html) web site. The one I particularly liked was the temple massage. I found that targeting different parts of my temple seems to release tension in different place -- some spots release tension around my eye, other spots release tension in my jaw joint.

Anyway, last night, I decided to try to see if the exercise would actually improve my vision. (BTW, I'm nearsighted -- anything farther than 2 feet from me starts to blur.) I started by standing in my bathroom, approximately 3 - 4 feet from my mirror. I could see my face, but couldn't really see my eyebrows or the shape of my eyes clearly. I did the temple massage for a few minutes and also massaged under my eye sockets. Then I sat down and palmed by eyes for about 10 minutes. During the palming, I decided to try the suggestion of sending balls of blue energy through my eyes. First, I just had the energy going through my eyes all the way out the back of my head, then coming back forward and passing through my hands, then repeating. Then, I tried to make my eyes "breathe", taking in clean blue and orange air, and expelling black air. Then I took blue energy and made it go in a circular motion, going into my head through one eye, passing behind my third eye and through my brain, then coming out through the other eye. I also reversed it so the energy would come in through the other eye (instead of going out). I did all of this while palming. I also noticed that as I began to do this, the palms of my hands became energized.

I "blacked out" and started having a strange vision. When I came back to reality, I decided to go to the mirror and see if there was any difference. To my suprise, everything had much more contrast and was much sharper! I could actually see the shape of my eye and my eyebrows more clearly (not perfectly clear, but there was a definite improvement). Inspired by the great results, I decided to do some aura work, and ended up seeing a color I had never seen before -- something between salmon and tangerine. Normally, my aura is a yellowish-greenish color, so to see this color kind of surprised me. After a few minutes, however, my aura reverted back to it's normal color. I noticed that my eyesight had gone back to its normal state again because I couldn't see my face as clearly. So then I tried some more experimenting, focusing on different objects in the bathroom, trying to see if I could read the labels. There were moments while looking at the objects that my vision would be relatively clear, then right before my eyes, it would start blurring.

I think that the combination of palming and doing the energy work really seemed to help my eyes. Over the past week, I had been trying the temple massage and eye socket massage without seeing much improvement in my vision (although it did make me feel more relaxed). One night, I took a nap with a blindfold on and noticed that when I woke up, my eyes seemed much more relaxed, so I think there is something to the palming. Anyway, all of this is making me want to look into Bates' work, because now it seems very promising.

10th May 2006, 12:22 PM
Hi CunoDante! Excellent work... thanks for posting that experience. It should inspire more of us with frustrating eyesight situations to do more work on it. The number of times I have decided to start Bates type eyesight programs with or without energy work, and then simply stopped... Partly due to a lack of clear (ha ha - joke!) results and hence lost motivation, and partly because keeping the momentum going is so hard. It's a bit like any exercise regime - you only get the results because of the work you put in - it's sticking to the work that is difficult! I think it's often a case of being able to keep going long enough from sheer self discipline, until you reach that point where the results you're getting inspire you to keep on with things. My results from eye work were never obvious enough to inspire my continuing the work.

Posts like this will inspire us to do the required work, as results are obviously very quickly possible in conjunction with energy work and (especially) a non rigid belief system about how much ones eyes can improve. Keep the experiences coming!


14th May 2006, 05:56 AM
Congrats CunoDante! Whenever you get a "clear" flash you need to keep blinking. Not blinking creates strain. You need to Buy "Relearning to see" by Thomas Quackenbush. You can buy it at amazon. If your are serious in your the persuit of clear sight give "Relearning to see" a chance. Quackenbush is the best modern teacher of The Bates method today. By following what he says about the natural laws of natural clear eyesight my eyes do not feel strained by the end of the day. My eyes always felt really strained at the end of the day. Also recently my eyes have gotten worse. Then I started following what he said and my eyes are not straining anymore. Goodluck in your pursuit of clear sight.

~Sylent Wolf