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13th December 2011, 06:38 PM
Hi everyone,

Iíve been a Robert Bruce fan for a few years and a lurker on this site for some time, this is my first post. Iíd like to give you a bit of background and then appeal to some of the experienced projectors for advice.

I came across Astral Dynamics a few years ago and read it cover to cover fascinated. I have a science background and always skeptical of anything that is unproven but approached the subject with an open mind. I tried the techniques and found that I could do the energy work no problem and enter a light trance. Determined to improve my skills, I re-read Roberts book and painstakingly took notes on the practical sections. I practiced daily: concentration, full body relaxation, energy work, chakra stimulation, trance, energy body loosening then exit technique. After a period with no noticeable results, I took time of attempting OBEís.

I later heard about Robert Bruceís Mastering Astral Projection in 90 days. I ordered this from Amazon right away and began the program fresh from the beginning. My concentration and energy work improved as I practiced the exercises and affirmations and I came to about day 60. By this time I was feeling heavy energy movement sensations and experimenting with the energy body loosening techniques. The BWG was helpful and I was occasionally able to enter deep trance and feel intense energy movement sensations.

I felt I was making good progress but at around day 60 or so, a small tragedy took place, my apartment building burned to the ground! I am very grateful that everybody escaped without serious harm, but many lost everything they owned. I didnít care too much about my clothes and other material things, but and I lost my books, notes and much of my progress on OBEís.

This was about nine months ago, and here I am again starting from the beginning. Iíve improved my concentration, reworked my entire energy body, practiced trance and chakra stim. Iím having a harder time feeling the energy body loosening techniques and forget some of the exit techniques. I might need a refresher on the basics.

So thatís my background on the subject. Iím also a semi-successful lucid dreamer although I never achieved nightly lucidity and lately have been in a major rut in this area.

Anybody care to offer advice on where to pick up, what direction to go in, where I should focus my time and energy? Does being a skeptic and not a blind believer hurt my chances?

I would appreciate any advice on daily routines, exercises etc. I donít want to buy the 90 day program again or re-read AD for the third time. Iíve been reading the forums daily but havenít found the answers Iíve been seeking.

Sorry about the long spiel, it feels great to get it out!

Thank you!


13th December 2011, 08:27 PM
Hi and welcome to the forums, Dreamer.
I do not think being a 'skeptic' is a problem, because you are approaching this in an openminded manner, as an 'adventure' or an 'experiment', and this goes a long way towards achieving results.
We have a pretty comprehensive approach in the forums towards the MAP program- the schedule and recommended exercises are spelled out in some of the stickied threads, and we have a 'techniques' section on the OBE R & D forums, which describe various energy body loosening and/or exit techniques to try, so you should be able to pick up where you left off, and if not, pick up closely to where you were before (to a section where you can approach the schedule you were up to before) and go from there, and many of us can assist you with directions or links to whatever you have questions about.

Don't hesitate to ask more specific questions in the MAP (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/forumdisplay.php?8-M.A.P.-Mastering-Astral-Projection) section, I'm sure anyone who has it can help you.

14th December 2011, 07:08 PM
Not being a believer will hurt your chances--but, being a believer or not doesn't matter---because its real. However, not being a believer may stop you from practicing. Practice is necessary in every subject--not just AP. Keep learning.

You haven't lost anything, when you start practicing again, you'll notice progress. If anything else, concentrate on your breathing, don't try too hard to project though, it will come on its own. Practice and believing go together. Don't practice at bed-time; try, maybe, in the afternoon.


14th December 2011, 08:04 PM
Hallo Dreamer and welcome.
Too bad about your apartment burning down.
About 'picking up' your practices again. Just about anywhere that you feel comfortable. You need not start all over again. I suggest that you post this question in the "Ask Robert Bruce" forum here where he can personally address the question. His answer might be very illuminating and helpful.


16th December 2011, 04:03 AM
Thanks everyone, I appreciate your time and wisdom.

18th December 2011, 10:06 AM
Welcome dreamer. Being sceptical, in the true sense of the word, may even be an advantage because you shouldn't find fear becoming a big factor as, if anything scary happens, you'll be inclined to find a logical rather than a supernatural explanation.