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14th December 2011, 12:44 AM

i've been lurking this forum for a while, so i regged today because i've been thinking for days about one particular issue that needs to be solved.

so i got to the point where i was so fed up with bad life that i started seriously changing things about myself. so after my last relationship with a girl ended, in january this year, i got commited to myself. started meditating and researching on development of consciousness. with some use of LoA and mantras, i actually managed to manifest a great job in another town which helped me to move somewhere where i will be alone, not engaged with the same old rut style social-dynamics as before, and slow but steady, get out of financial debt
but in setting myself in a new environment, getting my way around, meeting other people (i work in a music school with kids and adults and i'm a professional musician) i somehow got completely off track regarding spiritual practice.

also, i definitely
regarding spiritual systems of development. youtube videos, hunreds of gurus, meditation on this, on that, chakras, "grounding yourself", "being in the heart".. i think you know what i mean by that.
so i dabbled with this and that not knowing which path should i take, nor what is the logical learning curve

i plan to start a strict self-discipline after new year (after i finish partying with my friends)and i need to set a daily routine which would include energy work, meditation, weightlifting and make some progress in trying to have an OBE. i want to stick to a method which would yield results. as i am a music teacher i know the meaning of practice, bad practice and good practice. but i don't have a real person who would guide me, so i got lost in the internets.

my big question and issue is: HOW TO ESTABLISH A DAILY ROUTINE and which elements should it have
- waking up, writing down my dreams (optional sun-gazing if there is one to be seen)
- how long doing what (energy work-meditating)
- gym work
- (4 times a week i have free afternoons for doing anything)
- gym work
- before sleep how long doing what ???
- falling a sleep - doing what ???
hopefully 8 hours of sleep

i don't have a girlfriend nor do i want one, so i can spend all my free time in this kind of development :)

i bought ENERGY WORK and ASTRAL DYNAMICS and PPSD (just in case lol) i am still reading and getting familiar with the material
i don't except for anyone to fix up my schedule but, maybe someone could give me some guidance on how to make best use of my time invested in this self-work
i wish to have regular lucid dreams (i had just a few) and OBE's (i never had a conscious one)

and for welcoming myself on the forum this is a beautiful song of a composer named Ben Houge. song name is Libera Me
with the text taken from Requiem. maybe you'll like it :)


14th December 2011, 01:25 AM
Welcome bahamuthat,

Brave one, you are. You just came to a place where diversity of opinion is bound to be very broad and hence, possibly even more confusing. But I think it's safe to say that whatever you do, stop bouncing from guru to shaman on Youtube. This is NOT a good plan. While I can't tell you what I think is best for you, here's what works for me (and I definitely understand the lack of directed focus thing):

1. Base camp: Daily Vipassana meditation (enlightenment is the peak, *my* ultimate goal...set one for yourself). This means that no matter what mood I'm in, whatever trend is popping, whatever whim comes along, I am anchored and married to this practice no matter what. It comes first. It is simple, ancient, and powerful.

2. From base camp I branch into other directions and interests:

~Mastering Astral Projection (MAP). This is an excellent 90 day book and might just be the place for you to start since it deals with many of the core, foundational areas: meditation, focus, concentration, trance states, conscious exploration, taming fears, etc.

~ Tibetan Dream Yogas (Lucid Dreaming)

~ Yoga

That's it.

If you want I can send a list of what I read on these topics, just make sure you don't go out and get fifty books on various topics and wind up only reading one. There is no one way here, you'll find this as you go. Experiment, adjust, experiment, adjust.


14th December 2011, 03:43 PM
Hi bahamuthat.
I think that the fact that you are looking around for guidance (even if you do get 'lost in the sea of information' is great- it means that you are starting to find a center and work from there.
I find that the most important thing (for me, of course, experience may vary, as it were) is for me to try to figure out where I stand in the universe and go from there- I find that reading spiritual topics (of great variety, from the religious to the mystical) is helpful in establishing a conscious connection to Source (substitute whatever term you wish) and this can be achieved in many ways, but I find meditation to be the most helpful, and what I learn from meditation I apply to 'real world' situations.

To answer your specific concerns I'll comment on your list:
HOW TO ESTABLISH A DAILY ROUTINE and which elements should it have
- waking up, writing down my dreams (optional sun-gazing if there is one to be seen) I don't do sungazing, but I do write my dreams down, and later on, try to analyze them with whatever tools are available.
- how long doing what (energy work-meditating)I do meditation and energy work every day, for about half an hour. If I try to project I go for the hour, but I don't do that more than once a week. This is if I have time, I don't always.
- gym work- Twice a week I go to the gym and do Kundalini yoga at least once a week. It builds self-discipline, which I crave.
- GO TO WORK- Very important. I'm lucky to work from home (most of the time) so it gives me time to screw around forums. They're my addiction.

- before sleep how long doing what ??? I don't do anything except relax before bed. I meditate in the early afternoon or mornings. If I want to 'know' something I ask my higher self before going to bed and go to sleep.
- falling a sleep - doing what ???- Sometimes progressive muscle relaxation, but I usually just try void meditation and it puts me out.
hopefully 8 hours of sleep- Yep. If not more.

In other words, as balanced a life as possible. Sometimes 100% is not 100% all the time, sometimes it's all RL-physical, and sometimes it's all introspective or reading mystical things, but it evens out.

14th December 2011, 07:57 PM
Hallo bahamuthat and welcome.
My advice might be different than some others. Basically I would suggest to keep surfing the internet and look for something that really appeals to you. What is it that you want most. Meditation? Going out of body? Remote viewing? Practicing Magick? Tarot cards? Astrology? Any of these and more?
As you can see their are MANY different possibilities so it can get confusing. But a lot of the fun is trying new things to see what works and what appeals to you. (Personally I have tried all of the above except astrology but currently am only really interested in meditation and OBEs.) So make your new schedual flexible and keep looking to head out in new directions on the spiritual path.


15th December 2011, 02:55 AM
thank you for your kind answers. all three actually help me a lot.

couple of weeks ago i have made an amazing discovery - how to be lucid in dreams. the answer is: be conscious all the time during the day and it will happen in dream - without using any techniques.

:) i know i know.. everybody knows that. but at one moment it all came together in my mind. with flashes and great joy! this question was bugging me for a long time and it revealed itself to me when i was considering dzogchen. as this is the discipline of "being aware" i thought it could easily be the ticket way into lucidity while dreaming.

one of fascinating dreams was breathing in the water, and when i remembered to become aware of myself i figured that i'm dreaming, so i opened my eyes and i was in bed, then closed them again and continued dreaming and then the vibration started with powerfull noise and pain in my head. i remembered that it could be a sign of exiting the body so i was curious what will happen, considering that I AM DREAMING.

sure enough, something special began to unfold in front of my closed eyes (note that i never had visions or real visual impressions while meditating)
A GEOMETRY STARTED TO FORM. now this was fascinating to watch, because, as the vibration and noise and pain were gaining speed and strenght, so was the geometry changing with different shapes forming, like levels of something. and then i expected one particular form with triangles, colored orange and black. i don't know why, i just "knew" it will come and it is significant. like it's a key of going out.. i don't know.
but then i lost my "mana" :) and frequency of vibration and sound started to diminish and all of the geometry reversed to it's original order. then i woke up peacefully.

i just wanted to share that, because i have seen the geometry! and i am pretty sure that i couldn't make it up because it was so complex. and i never spent any time gazing at mandalas and yantras. maybe i should..

i'm lookin forward to this new book "Evolution" of mr. Bruce. i don't know why, but everything i've heard from him, appeals to me. and many times it seems like he's talking directly to me, in his texts and videos. that's the main reason i've joined this forum because i think it's obviously a place for people who have more or less same wishes/problems as i do.

EDIT: although i think i found a key of lucidity, i have only been lucid 4 times in the last 12 days. it's a work in progress :)

15th December 2011, 02:48 PM
You may like the dreaming subforums- I see the geometric forms usually when waking up from sleep, in the hypnopompic state. If you really enjoy them (I do), and if you have time, when you wake up in the morning, close your eyes again and just stare at the pinkness in front of your eyes, and they will come. Other than geometrics (I call them mandalas, just for a label) I also see starfields, or rotating objects, sometimes with other things on them.