View Full Version : A weird thing happened to me while I was sleeping

23rd December 2011, 03:41 AM
This actually happened to me a few days ago, and in my self-absorption (or focus on my computer problems) I forgot to talk about it. It's not metaphysical, but it's kind of weird for me.
As many of my friends know, I sometimes get migraines, the kind with visuals (scotoma).
The way they start is with a little triangle that shimmers in colors, like a tiny iridescent neon sign, that strobes/shimmers in various colors. It is very beautiful, and it would be wonderful to see if it didn't mean my head is about to explode. (Or at least that's how it feels). Then the triangles reproduce and form a zigzag line that forms a 'C' around my line of sight. As this happens, I get blindness on the bottom of my line of sight (so if I look down I can't see my feet) but I can see forward only. Then the "C" grows and gets out of my sight (into my peripheral vision) and I can see again. Then the headache hits.
So normally, if I start to see "lights" I first verify I wasn't looking at something bright or a source of light, and then make sure it is the beginning of a scotoma. Then I quickly take something for the headache. If I get it on time it feels like a normal headache. But if get the headache before taking the medicine, forget about it- it's then necessary to take more than a person should and go lay down in the dark, because the pain is quite horrible.

So about two nights ago I wake up at four o'clock in the morning, hot and thirsty. So I get up, drink some water, use the loo, and proceed to go back to bed. As I'm walking back I notice there is a certain shimmer off to the side. I assume it's leftover hypnagogics- since I was so sleepy. As i lay down and close my eyes again I realize that I'm looking at a full blown scotoma, which was invisible to me in the dark because it had already gone out to my peripheral vision, until I paid attention. Since I was falling asleep, I decided to chance it, and fell asleep hard. Woke again at around sevenish, with a slight pain in my eyeballs- slight. I slept some more and had a normal day- or somewhat normal, my eyeballs hurt a little for the next couple of days (they still hurt a little).
So basically, the weird thing is that I started developing a migraine while sleeping, and slept right through it. Weird, huh?

24th December 2011, 10:08 AM
Sleep is very healing.

I've had a migraine disappear while having a deep tissue massage. Relaxing the neck muscles can do a lot to alleviate the headache.

I had a headache that wouldn't quit last week. Lots of sleep, two massages and some yoga and I'm over it but I was beginning to wonder if it was a migraine without aura.