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27th December 2011, 05:10 PM
I've been a 2nd level attuned Karuna and Usui Reiki practitioner for well over a year now. I will be taking my Reiki Master Attunement in about a week. I don't have my own practice or business, I just help those around me who ask.

So far my wife and both of my kids have come to know and trust in the healing energies that I call Reiki. They ask me to run energy whenever they get sick. The wife asks me to relieve/reduce things like the 'monthly visit', headaches, etc.

Between my extended family and my wife's extended family (which is quite large), so far only my mother and my sister-in-law's dog have asked me to run energy to them (more on this later). Most of my family knows that I work with healing energies and about half of my wife's family knows. My wife's family is very religious (Christian) and the one's that my wife has talked to about Reiki look at her like she is weird (or maybe that she has a weird husband) :wink:.

Of all the people (family and friends) we know, only my mother and one of my co-workers has ever had any kind of energy work done. Pretty much everyone else didn't even know people could do things like Reiki (or they think it's all hogwash).

So this is where the title of this thread comes in. I am the pioneer of my family and friends and it is an interesting position to be in.

Here are some of the situations that have come up, how I have approached them (or been approached), and what happened.

My mother (who lives about 8 hours away) was apparently starting up their burn barrel to get rid of some trash. There was some kind of foam in the barrel that caused a bad reaction in her throat and she had to go to the hospital for this. She ended up getting some kind of chemical burn in her throat. I learned of this about 4 days after it happened (I called her just to talk) and she told me she had a meeting later that evening and she was really nervous because she had to speak in front of a lot of people and her throat was still pretty bad.

I asked her if she would like me to send energy to her. She didn't realize I could do that at a distance and was very excited for me to do so. She told me the time of the meeting and when she would be speaking. I sent the energy to arrive just after the start of the meeting. My mother and I talked the next day and she told me a couple of minutes before she was going to speak she started to feel movement around her face and neck and she sneezed. After the sneeze she said it was like everything that was bothering her throat just melted away and she was able to give her speech. She healed pretty quickly after that evening.

My brother-in-law and long time friend was diagnosed with cancer. I offered to give him Reiki sessions after his chemo sessions to help alleviate the side effects. He thanked me for the offer and said he would think about it. He never approached me about it again but he had pretty mild side effects compared to most people (from what I understand). I was totally ok with that and was very glad he had mild side effects. I am also happy to say he came out of the treatments with no signs of cancer.

One of my sister-in-laws has a hyper but cute little mini-terrier dog named Kobi. At one of our family get-togethers Kobi was having kidney problems and had blood in his urine. They took Kobi to the vet earlier that morning and that dog was still super-hyper! Now Kobi only ever went to two people for more than it takes him to 'speed-smell' and run off to the next adventure. My sister-in-law (for obvious reasons) and my father-in-law since he was the one who always babysat him (not to mention he sneaks him people food all the time :wink:).

On this particular day I was sitting at one end of the couch talking with a few people. A few times I had the thought of running energy to Kobi, but dismissed it since he never sits still for anyone, except my sister-in-law. Part way through this conversation I was having, Kobi ran up on my lap, 'nosed' my hands and laid down on my lap. Everyone in the room was shocked. Some people were wide eyed, some people gasped and I think one aunt of mine said "Holy crap, Kobi just laid down on Chad's lap!"

I mentally prepared myself to become the channel for the energy and started running energy to Kobi. I ran energy to Kobi for about 7-8 minutes and Kobi didn't move the whole time. I then started to feel the energy moving less and less and knew that Kobi had received enough energy. Animals are much more sensitive to the energy than most people are and as if on queue, Kobi slowly got up looked at me for a brief moment and darted off like he typically does.

I will say that Kobi will now lay down next to me at times when he actually gets tired. On Christmas day I was sitting in a recliner watching various family members talk when Kobi ran up onto the headrest part of the recliner and slid down it (yes on purpose) and landed on my head and laid there for about 10 minutes.

Since this post is getting long-winded, I'll just add that I've sent Reiki long distance to a co-worker, twice. Both times she thanked me for it and she told me she knew I had sent the energy because she was in far less pain than she typically was. I had to stop sending her energy though because she was going to so many different practitioners that she was getting an 'energy high' and becoming unbalanced.

One of my friends wives said she would love to have me run Reiki on their family when they get sick. My friend of course thinks I'm weird and probably talked to her after we left since they have never asked.

So it's a mixed bag when you're the pioneer. Some of your family and friends who have known you for most or all of your life think you have all of a sudden lost it. Some of them find out to their joy that there are other ways to heal other than just going to the doctors (and believe me when I say I have saved the wife and myself a lot of money from giving our kids Reiki).

To end this, I wanted to add one more scenario that happened at Christmas. And this is one thing that shows me that others will sooner or later realize that it is possible for us to heal ourselves and one another.

I was sitting at the giant dinner table that gets put out when the extended family comes over. I was next to my better half and just relaxing and watching many others talk around the table. My wife was talking with one of her sisters and made the comment that she had a bad headache from the Mohito (a mixed drink) she just finished. So I silently prepared to run energy to my wife while she kept talking. I put one hand on the back of her neck and with my other hand I sent the energy from a few feet away and had it 'wash' over her.

After about 3 minutes my wife interrupts her sister mid sentence and says, "Wow, my headache is almost gone already." My wife didn't realize I was running the energy until I responded to her statement with, " I know." (and a smile as she looked at me). Then she connected it with my hand on her neck and had one of those 'AHA!' moments. She then looks at her sister and says, "See, I told you it works." My sister-in-law gave a startled look and didn't quite know how to respond, but ended up saying "Well that's pretty interesting."

I just sit back and enjoy things as they happen. I help when I can to those like the wife and my mother who have given me permission to send the energy whenever I feel it's needed and also to those who ask. I figure why try to force anything, eventually people will open up to what is and we'll all be better off because of it. :)

27th December 2011, 09:46 PM
Wow, that is a great story. Do you do long distance healing?

28th December 2011, 12:20 PM
Wow, that is a great story. Do you do long distance healing?

Yes I do. I have only done this with a few people so far, but both people have responded well to the distance healing.

I can actually do more advanced things like psychic surgery, but since I have very little practice in that area I don't offer something like that to anyone (yet) outside myself or a close family member.

I'm quite excited for the Master attunement as everything I hear about it makes it out to be much more powerful than the 2nd level attunement. I already get good results in several areas with the 2nd level attunement, so it should be quite nice to step up the level of energy I can work with. :-)

28th December 2011, 01:58 PM
Also, I would say that I keep things very basic on a healing level. The energy does the real work, not me. The energy has an intelligence that I'm sure far outpaces me. :wink:

What I mean by basic is that I channel the energy and know to 'get out of its way'.

As I stated in the OP, I don't do this for a living. I run energy on average about 5 or 6 times a week and most of those are not full healing sessions. If I run energy on myself everyday (which I did for several months) along with whatever else is needed for others, I become a lot more in tune with the energy than I normally am and can do far more because of it.

There is a serious need for healing modalities like this and I'm sure at some point in my life I will spend a lot more time advancing myself in Reiki and what I can do with it, but for now I consider myself a novice. :-)

28th December 2011, 03:04 PM
And while I'm thinking of it.. I've done some fairly serious practice in the past with seeing Auras. I can see them although not complete auras and it takes me a little bit to see them. So my ability here is limited but I plan on getting better at this.

The one thing I wanted to say here about this is I used to have a red dominant aura (as far as my ability could see), which I believe related to my being a very physical person in the past. One day some time after I was traveling a more spiritual path and had become attuned to the Reiki energy, the idea came to me to see if my aura had changed. The few times I've checked it since shows me a bright green dominant aura (which usually relates to a healer, so that made me quite happy).

Just thought that would be neat to throw in there. ;)