View Full Version : A friend resurfaced, I think PPSD is in order

28th April 2006, 06:47 AM
Just some musing.

An old high school friend of mine recently resurfaced; she has just gotten out of rehab. She said that the point that spurred her into rehab was a "shattering experience" where she became near on possessed. She described hearing thoughts, and being able to identify that those thoughts as not her own... while simultaneously questioning her own sanity about hearing those thoughts

Now the thing is... the ability to question your own sanity is a sign that your sanity is intact. You cannot, in essence, be insane and know that you are insane. (In a manner of speaking).

But it is that kind of conundrum that can drive a person to suicide, and it is exactly the kind of things that negative entities want.

Everything she was saying was so consistent with the PPSD / neg paradigm, that I was very excited to be able to tell her my thoughts about her experience and pass on a recommendation for that book. Possession always sounds like something mythical, out of the movies, until it happens to someone you know. Reminds me of how I heard of this girl who graduated from my college who ended up being fairly overshadowed by a ghost / entity who had attached to her because she supposedly resembled his rape victim from when he was alive. This is the kind of stuff that's only whispered about in corners.

My friend did really well in rehab, but still has panic attacks and I'm thinking that PPSD and core image work will be a great help to her. It's such a gap between hearing about something, and have it actually touch your life. PPSD is a book that I hope to always be able to GIVE somebody rather than have to use overly much m'self, beyond the basics. LOL!

29th April 2006, 03:48 PM
Not much to say really.... except to sympathize. Hope your friend gets better.... it's no fun to be around someone and realize that something bad is going on.
You know, we hear stories on these boards of possession, and over the internet they are easy to dismiss. Yet, all it takes is being in the presence of one person... or entity to change our worldview.
Cheers to you for being able to recommend Robert's book. At least your friend was open to it.