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29th April 2006, 01:54 PM
What did everyone think of the movie?

gavi dvan
30th April 2006, 01:08 PM
What! Have you had it released already! I didn't even know it was finished... I'm hanging out for this something shocking. I have high expectations for this one...how was it??

Bloody Australia...everyone wants to film down here, then we get everything last...!

30th April 2006, 08:42 PM
yeah. it was released this weekend at select theatres.

I thought the book was better. It's been a long time since I read it though. Like most books the author was just able to capture more.

There were some parts that were added into the movie that weren't in the book. The original concept was kept but the add-ons just seemed to add confusion to the story. They didn't make sense.

It was cool to see the story on the big screen! The scenery was amazing!

23rd August 2006, 03:37 PM
Bumping this up to see if anyone else has any comments ?

I am in the process of reading the book and have had a hard time putting it down.

Anyone else read it and if so, what did you think?

23rd August 2006, 04:30 PM
It's been several years since I read it - I remember really enjoying it. I need to dig it back out and read it again. I haven't heard anything about the movie...

23rd August 2006, 06:49 PM
I didn't reply before because I haven't seen the movie, but I did read the book. It was ok but what I liked about it is the circumstances in which I read it. (*Oh oh, here come one of her whacky stories*)
One day I got up and was doing the usual stuff, when all of a sudden I had the thought that I was 'supposed' to do something. I walked around the house for a while, but nothing was 'it." It was like I was supposed to get a message of some sort. About half an hour before it was time to get my son at school, I got the urge to go to the library, which is on the way. I decided that I was supposed to get my message there. So with a tingle of anticipation, I walked in. I bypassed the children's section, which is the one I usually frequented, and looked at the floor as I walked in. I walked around the aisles, and when it felt right, I looked up- at the Celestine Prophecy. The title tickled me a bit (prophecy? hmm.). So when I took it home and started reading I nearly fell out of my chair- because I felt led to get it, and here it was telling me that my 'strange' observations about the 'seeing of patterns' which I seem to do a lot was validated. And it was telling me I was on the right track.
And so the plot thickens...

23rd August 2006, 07:24 PM
Great share CF! I had a similar experience yesterday, which is why I was prompted to ask here.

My stepfather passed away 23 years ago and he's buried in a nearby cemetary. He visits me in my dreams and sometimes I hear him or see him out of the corner of my eye. Or he is just in my thoughts more often than usual. I mean 23 years have passed so when I think of him constantly like that, I get the urge to go to visit the cemetary. Lately it's been an everyday thought, that he's urging me to go to the cemetary.

About a week or so ago there was an article on the front page of the newspaper about this particular cemetary and when I saw the photo of it, my heart stopped in anticipation. Mind you this cemetary is extremely small, in a very small town so when I saw the article I felt an even stronger urge to go, but kept putting it off for some reason. Mainly it's really hot out here right now (over 105 a LOT).

My son and I pass by this cemetary every day on his way to school and he is fascinated with it for some reason. He's been bugging me to go there for months. Now that school started on Monday he hit me up for it again yesterday when I picked him up.

So, I thought, okay lets go in. We walked around he was looking at all the grave markers and headstones. We were there about 15 minutes and had pretty much covered the whole place when a caretaker came over to me to see if he could help me find someone. **side note here** I've been to this cemetary many, many times over 23 years and have never ever seen a caretaker there, ever.

So this caretaker comes over, asks me if I needed help, who I was there to see and I told him. Lo and behold he knows my stepdad (okay, okay, it's a small cemetary) but goes on to say that my stepdads daughter used to come by and leave her husbands lunch on his marker. Evidently my stepsisters husband had worked there recently. I thought that was a little bit interesting, and then out of the blue, the caretaker starts talking to me about his thoughts on life and death. Or rather life after life and how sad that people that are still living grieve so much for their losses and yet, they are really only on another plane of existance. Which falls directly in line with my own personal beliefs.

He said this all so fast that I actually was kind of shocked, I think he was too because he sort of stopped himself and then excused himself rather quickly.

Then I got to thinking about the book, and the coincidences or rather non coincidences at hand here. The little pieces of the puzzle fall into place at the right time for me to meet the caretaker, after all this time. So, I think I will either learn something from him, (most likely) or I am here to help him learn something. But, one thing is for sure, I'll see him again coincidence or not!

I have always thought of this type of stuff as more of a synchronicity type thing. Anyone else have a cool story of synchronicity that comes to mind? I love reading about them, and if you haven't read the book, it should be on your to do list!

23rd August 2006, 08:08 PM
Reading your post reminded me of a book I read. Author Allison Dubois, first book, 'Don't Kiss Them Goodbye'. And her second book is 'We are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us'.

If you've seen NBC's show Medium - this is the real person this show was based on. (I found it interesting to note the differences from her book to the show)

In her second book she goes into details on how you can see how the Dead try to communicate with us.

Very good stuff. :)

23rd August 2006, 09:10 PM
When I was younger I thought the dead were real people! lol Now at least I think I know the difference. Sometimes I see them in full color, other times they are sort of washed out and transluscent with still a bit of color, other times they are all one shade. There are times where they don't speak to me and other times where I hear them loud and clear.

I had an experience in Las Vegas of all places where a man jumped toward me over some video poker machines and then straighten up and poof, dissappeared. I flinched back so far I almost fell off my chair, and I said out loud 'holy sh**'. And, no I wasn't drinking! The friend I was with was sitting next to me and he actually jumped on her machine. She never even noticed, until of course I cursed!

About a year later she showed me a picture of her Father who'd passed away 6 months before our trip and I said *holy sh**!! That's the guy that jumped at me in Vegas!

24th August 2006, 12:01 PM
Wow, that's wild! I've only had a few 'glimpses' of what might have been ghosts - I mainly just can feel them around me, not see them. That had to have been something that was hard to deal with growing up - seeing people that no one else could see.

24th August 2006, 03:20 PM
Not really, when my husband finally realized I was telling him the truth about being able to see ghosts (discarnates) he asked me how come I didn't freak out or scream or something? I told him basically, I grew up with this sight, it isn't like someone flipped on a light switch and all of a sudden I could see them. I'm used to it I suppose, and I actually enjoy it.

Here's an example:

Last October my Husband and I had to buy a new car for him to commute to work in. We pretty much pointed out a car that fit our needs and told the salesman we were paying cash, so the salesman didn't have to 'put on a show' for us and he was quite relaxed and talkative. As he was taking our information down, names, addresses and work phone numbers and such he made an off handed comment about the 'same numbers' coming up over and over in the last few days. Enough to make him wonder why he kept seeing the same numbers.

I asked him who the numbers made him think of and he said his grandparents had the same numbers all the time, addresses and phone numbers always seemed to have the same bunch of numbers and ""coincidentally"" those same numbers were in my work address and phone numbers, he thought it odd. I then told him someone was trying to get his attention for some reason that he should really pay attention to the 'urges or impulses' he gets when things keep popping up like that.

The next thing I know I see a man in a chair behind him. He's wearing old jeans, a plaid shirt and an old worn and tattered baseball cap, it was tan in color. This guy is about 70ish, and he's fidgiting, crossing and uncrossing his legs, switching positions and pretty much getting impatient. He keeps saying (I keep hearing) ""Tell him about the grapes""

I am assessing the situation... I am here to buy a car, I don't know this guy and he might think I'm crazy, but I'm going to beat around the bush a bit and so I say. ""You know, everytime you mention the ""coincidences"" with the numbers and your grandparents, the word ""Grapes"" comes to mind. "" (Then I look over to the chair and I think, "there, I've said it") =}

He stopped talking, looks directly at me and stares... (he's thinking I guess?) then he says, OH my gosh!!!! My grandparents had tons of grapevines in their backyard. They would sit on their back porch for hours every day and watch the hummingbirds. They just loved their grapes and watching the birds.

So, to make a very long story short, we finally get the keys to the car and off we go. The Salesman called our house the next day and left a message, I didn't get a chance to call him back. I figured he was just following up to see how we liked the car. The following day, he called again and left a message for me to call him back. I thought this was odd because he knew the car was for my husband, not me. He called again later that same evening, asked for me and then told me this:

He was quite stunned by what I'd said at the dealership, his grandfather (who'd I'd described to him after I mentioned the grapes) had passed several years ago, but his grandmother was still alive and lives in Ohio. (I'm in Calif) and even though Ohio is 3 hours ahead of us what I'd mentioned to him about someone trying to get his attention for some reason really stuck with him, so even though it was late there (11pm) he went with his gut feeling and called his Grandmother.

She was so relieved to have heard from him because she'd been having heart trouble and angina attacks, and been in and out of the hospital. She was worried about her health and she'd been trying to get in touch with him but the number she had kept telling her it was no longer in service. (We had an area code change) She had been so upset lately and really missed him and had been thinking about him nonstop. She was SO thankful he called and he was so relieved that he called her.

So... he called me just to say thanks! (Not to mention that he was amazed that I saw his grandfather) we talked about that for a bit and believe it or not, he still keeps in contact with my husband and me.

Cool huh? =}

24th August 2006, 04:38 PM
That is one of the best experiences I think I've heard! :D

24th August 2006, 04:53 PM
Thanks Painterhypnogirl, I have a lot of stories about this sort of thing, I just don't like to overshare too much! Some of them are funny and some aren't but I figure that comes with the territory. :lol:

Thankfully my husband just sits back and watches with an open mind. He USED to be a die hard skeptic, but now he shrugs his shoulders.

Alex, no need for honor... I am but a humble servant. :wink: I really do enjoy it. Requests? I've done requests before. If you are serious you may pm me and we can go from there. I don't want to flood the boards with private issues such as these, but I am always willing to see if i can see!

24th August 2006, 05:03 PM
I think it would be great if you started a thread and told some of your stories. People love this kind of thing! Stop being so humble and share! :D

24th August 2006, 05:13 PM
Just remember, you asked for 'em! I'll post one over in the psychic experience area in a bit.

24th August 2006, 06:48 PM
okay I posted one over there, called "by request"