View Full Version : Ontological Cosmology and a Philosophers Universe

7th January 2012, 01:34 PM
The source soul is what i call quantum foam and employ quantum power.(there is more beyond the foam...the continuum...its machine like and makes it all with astral mirrors like a hologram) From that the most evolved of those quantum spirits (higgs, muon, protons, nutrons, neutrinos,[very high power] etc) and begin to manifest nuclear, time, gravity, etc forces. and The give birth to atomic children(these guys are born in the hearts of stars LITERALLY [god forge hehe, these star forges created the 115 or so souls that we have access to. The rest can only survive within black holes and during supernova/ pulsar level events. These atomic souls correspond to the atomic nuclei in the periodic table. Then soul atoms combine their quantum ion powers (electrons) to create molecules, like h20, CH4, Nh3, ect. These basic combos combine into 1*10^google complex molecules that make ammino acids, dna, ect. These combine to create single celled organisms. These organisms have evolved to cooperate and create symbiotic relationships, and thus forming organ systems. These epochs each have various levels of mobility and organizational lifespan the earliest moving the fastest and living the longest, also having the strongest bonds.(think nuclear bonds vs ionic bonds vs biological processes vs ecosystems) However atomically they live MUCH longer, however the newer ones have the most complexity and thus have their own greatness. Eventually these multi-celled organisms rose out of the sea and began to become even more complicated and power hungry(oxygen eating) via increased oxygen input. Then they started creating tools and making noises. After some accidental beer they began to farm. Their numbers exploded at that point. It is here that we became concerned the experiment may lose equilibrium. The next stage is the uberman. It is constructed of computers, the internet, humans, and mind machine interfaces. Imagine babies embedded with bluetooth radios hard wired into their minds on a molecular level. Then connect that to google cloud services. Then connect that to eachother, and wala, contact. Its probably not gonna happen 2012. I think we are running behind schedule and need to step it up. We need to establish global education facilities that teach how to build stuff (hackerspaces). Reignite innovation and spark a new wave of technology to get us into the stars. Earth is like a seed. It is ok to use up most of it resources as long as we can sprout past the soil. Until we colonize space we are beneath the soil. If we use all the resources before we achive sprout status we DIE. It is simply survival of the fittest. Become sustainable or die. However the concept sustainability is broken due to greenpeace hippies et al. GMO's, Nuclear Power, Nano Tech, AI, ect are our salvation as well as the greatest fears of our collective social mind. We are still an infant. Our uberman cannot think, act, or speak. It must grow...or DIE I chose grow...