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Coen Naninck
9th January 2012, 11:41 PM
Hello everyone,

My name is Coen Naninck and I would like to use this post to share my experiences with you about Robert Bruce's 'Astral Projection Mastery' (APM) video program. This could be considered a written 'testimonial'. I was asked to do a 1-minute video testimonial, but I'm not a fan of putting my face on camera like that. I guess it's the shy person in me. Besides, if you want to get comprehensive, text rules.

Before I get to my testimonial below, first a little fine print. I've made it purposely smaller and in grey. Skip at your own leisure.

I am in no way affiliated with Robert Bruce, his business partner Timothy A. Donaghue, or any of their brands )other than being friends on Facebook).
I do not receive monetary gain from writing this testimonial.
I hereby and henceforth give Robert Bruce, Timothy A. Donaghue, and Paracosms full permission to use the contents of this single post for marketing purposes.
I have used screen captures of the video program without permission to use them here. I hope that - as this is Robert Bruce's own website - this is not an issue.
Disclaimer: By reading and / or applying the contents of this post you agree that I will accept no responsibility towards damages in any way, shape, or form, directly or indirectly, which may be inflicted upon you as a result of reading and /or applying the content of this post in your life.
As this is a testimonial from my own perspective, please respect my views as I do others. Maybe this is redundant, but forums have a tendency of discussions quickly 'getting nasty' and it is only my intent to tell people about my experience with this video program.
With that out of the way, here is my experience with the Astral Projection Mastery program (from here on in I will refer to it as APM).

Astral Projection Mastery (APM)

Where to begin... Well let me start with an oxymoron; this video program is both cheap and steep (priced). I'll get into the steepness later. Buying access to this video program, I got over 12 hours of step-by-step video guidance on how to successfully astral project, and a whole lot more (see below for a list of things which are covered in APM). Aside from all the goodness this program offers, that is a LOT of video time, for any course for that matter. In other words (and sorry to sound like a marketeer), it is great value for money.

As a book author, I have always felt Robert to be a kind individual, carefully explaining concepts, yet not keeping people in the dark (pun intended) on important issues. This I think is reflected in the APM video program. While some of the early astralbob.com videos had this kind of 'commercial' feel about them ("Click the big yellow button!"), none of this is part of APM. Robert practically takes you by the hand and invites you for the ride. And he takes his time, kindness and integrity in doing so.

Step-by-step the key concepts are explained of not only how to astral project, but also what it IS, how it relates to our physical universe, what it is not, and how you can interact with it. Each video is approximately half an hour in length, with some that are longer (close to an hour), and some which are slightly shorter.

Key concepts are further explained using OSD (On Screen Display) effects, such as illustrations (and by the way they are gorgeous!),


but also Robert interacting with the video itself, such as his hand moving towards an imaginary wall and disappearing.


The course has a certain watching order to it, but the videos themselves are designed in such a way that you can view them in any order you like. What I mean specifically with this is that there are different sections, and within those sections are different videos. For example, there is a section called 'Preparation', and another one called 'Exit'. Subsequently 'Exploration' deals with another set of videos, each relating to its corresponding section.

To really appreciate this video program, I feel it must be watched from begin to end, perhaps several times. I've watched it 1.5 times (i.e. half of the videos twice, the other half once).

Now let me cover another important aspect of this video program; while this is a program about Astral Projection, it offers so much more. For example, Robert talks a lot about his experience with what he calls "the Higher Self", "Inner daemon" and "the great I am without you", among other names. Now I was already somewhat familiar with this whole concept of the Higher Self, but it wasn't until I started watching APM that it really hit home. And its effect has been nothing short of life-changing; I've completely given up on biting my nails, and this comes from someone that's been biting his nails for 30 years. I started at age 9 and now, turning 40 this year, I finally quit. I got in touch with my Higher Self, and I was able to break a habit that I often thought I would never be able to break. If you have a (bad) habit, working with your Higher Self will probably get you off of it.

Other things you will start to notice when watching this video program, is that certain spiritual concepts will start to fall in place where previously they were just pieces of a giant puzzle. And you'll make connections, and explore new spiritual avenues. For example, once you start experimenting with affirmations (I quit biting my nails without them by the way, but I might just as well have used them for added effect), you start to see things materializing in your life. Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, it WILL happen. I personally think this is because you want it to happen. I mean, if you go apply for a job and you already think you will not get the position, then you broadcast that and your interviewer will pick up on that, whether they are actively aware of it or not. But if you go with an attitude that you are perfectly suited for this job and there's no better choice than you, then you will send that message (quite literally) to the interviewer and chances increase you will get the job. I have seen this happen in my life on numerous occasions, and, while I can not attribute all of them to watching APM, I will say that they have increased fourfold. Even if you already know about all of this, Robert takes it apart, then puts it back together convincingly and adds his own advice and experience in the mix.

Now if you're like me and you don't want to read endless pages of text (OK this testimonial is getting quite there as well) as the current APM Home page has (more on that at the end of this testimonial), here is a list other things besides Astral Projection itself that are covered in this program:

What pitfalls to easily avoid when attempting any spiritual practice covered in APM.
How the astral realm is structured and what is known about it.
The basics of exploring the astral realm.
The importance of understanding that there are multiple copies of your conciousness operating at the same time, what Robert calls "the mind split effect".
What waking paralysis is, how it happens, how to work with it and instantly turn it off if (un)desired, and its effect on Astral Projection.
Working with the body's energies and how they operate using the energy centers (chakras) for Astral Projection and healing (the latter somewhat covered).
Raising and storing energy.
Various tests that your Higher Self gives you and how to work with them to progress in the astral realm.
The various types of lucid states besides Astral Projection, such as W.I.L.D., lucid dreaming, etc.
Techniques for attempting each of these lucid states of awareness.
Dream recall and improving on it.
How to obtain and sustain altered states of awareness for short or longer periods of time, including deep physical relaxation.
Various techniques for exiting out of body, including but not limited to Robert's Rope Technique.
Other ways to exit the body, such as the much heralded Merkaba Lightship that for many years was only passed on from generation to generation by a select few.
And a plethora of other related topics.

Now some people have asked the question what this video program offers that hasn't already been covered in Robert's various books on the subject. I have only partly read Astral Dynamics (2011 edition) and part of the 90 day book, so you'd probably have to ask someone that has actually read all of his books and seen APM as well. -- One person I know who has done this, is Ali Wylie, but she is also a reseller of the program so (in all honesty) that may not be a very fair choice (with much respect to Ali, whom I consider a friend). -- Just keep in mind that there is much more to this program than meets the eye, literally. There are so many little gems in there that each on their own are priceless. I can't even begin to count the number of times I had one of those "A ha!" moments, where either something suddenly made sense that I have been struggling with my entire life, or that I realised a completely new insight about something. And Robert is just the kind of person with his charismatic personality to convey this. I know this sounds more like a marketing line with a lot of poo-ah, but this is how I experienced it, and still do.

APM also comes with a lot of extras. When the program went live, it was just the videos. Albeit a whopping 13+ hours of it. But in the months that followed, written material has been added such as preparation sheets, meditation audio, and even added support viewing the videos on a smartphone. New video material has also been added. Off the top of my head I know a video about the Akashic Records has been added. And there is a request form if people want to have videos added covering specific issues they deal with. It is really an evolving course, which are also Robert's own words. But it really is. And you are given lifetime access to it.

As a sidenote, some videos have also been removed; 'Extending The Length Of Your Meditation', 'Techniques For Recalling Your Astral Memories' and 'Raising And Storing Energy For Longer OBEs' initially were part of the program, but currently are missing. Maybe they have been swapped for another program, this I do not know.

There is not a whole lot of negative things that can be said about this video program, but there are some, and there are also some things I would like to see improved upon, if not in APM, then in the next video program. And - as this is a testimonial - I think it's only fair to mention these as well. I have divided these into the video program itself, and its marketing below that.

Critiques of APM

Cost: First and foremost (and I know this is a touchy issue), APMs price is steep. That is NOT to say APM is expensive. I feel I need to point out that something costing a lot of money and it being expensive are not one and the same thing. At its current price, APM costs $ 485.00 (US Dollar). Now keep in mind that you do get over 12 hours of video for that (initially 13+, but as I mention elsewhere videos have been removed and others added and I haven't recalculated the total amount of hours). Having said that, I know for most people this is a big dent in their wallet. If you make it half that price and sell 2 times as much, it's not going to make a big difference in your earnings, but you will probably sell 3 or even more times as much that way, AND it will be easier for people to gain access to this program.
Atmosphere: While I know there's a reason behind using a changing background color, I find it utterly distracting. Use white, green, blue, or what other color you prefer for a particular video; but for crying out loud, don't turn it into a nightclub scene!
Audio (1): In some videos there is noticeable background noise. Not a hiss, but other noises. Like in one video I could hear a dog bark, in another voices of a room nearby, though I will admit the volume was at its highest.
Audio (2): Which brings me to the volume itself; it is too low. This really needs to be cranked up a couple of notches! On my weaker netbook I can't listen to Robert if someone else is in the room talking on the phone for example, unless I wear noise-cancelling headphones. It is THAT low.
Video (1): The video dimensions also leave large black spaces around the main video. Viewing the videos embedded in the page, you will only see the horizontal black spaces above and below the main video, but when switching to fullscreen they also appear vertically (left and right).
Video (2): The introduction to each video is too long and it shouldn't be included in every single video (well, it's almost in every one of them). Maybe this was done because people may not watch the program in the given order, but then why not make one introduction video showing only the credits and copyright information? After seeing a slideshow of the cast's name (Robert Bruce), his business partner (Timothy A. Donaghue), and his company (Paracosms), which goes on forever in itself, I don't need to see it in every other video. The key here is to make your video program as accessible to people as possible. In other words, if your viewers are going to skip the first 50 or so seconds (and trust me they will after seeing it once, let alone several times), then that begs the question to (not) use it at all, now doesn't it?

Critiques of APM marketing

As much as I love this video program, I think its marketing leaves a lot to be desired. Or should I say, a lot 'less'? Have a look at the current APM Home page on astralbob.com: http://astralbob.com/astralprojectionmastery.html The first thing that may jump at you, is the fact that the scrollbar of your web browser is extremely small; this usually means the page contains a lot of content. And, in this case, it is a lot, and I reiterate, a LOT of text. Maybe it is me, but I can not imagine that anyone would read all of that. And perhaps it is not intended as such, but if you ask me all that text only scares people off. I've been interested in APM for a long time, so I couldn't care less about its marketing (other than reviewing it here for other people), but I can imagine that anyone not arriving on that page by word-of-mouth (like me), may think "Do I need to read all of this in order to 'get' why I need to buy access to this program?". The current twist is old and people simply don't have nor take the time to read long stories, they just don't. In short (excuse the pun), more 'modern' marketing principles could be used here; in other words K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid.
Another thing I want to mention is the buildup to the release. This as well, leaves a lot LESS to be desired. Especially after being bombarded (voluntarily I must add since I did subscribe to the newsletter myself) with emails about the pending release of this video program, and subsequently it being delayed twice, for a number of weeks (I think it was around 10 days). My advice, if you want to promote an upcoming release, then follow these rules:

Never, not ever, give a release date before your product is done. Even if you are absolutely certain you can release on that date, don't fall for this trap. I speak from experience. And when someone (like me) asks "When will Kundalini Rising be done Robert?", just say "When it's done.". ;)
And WHEN it's done, make very certain it is D-O-N-E. Maybe I'm too much of a details person, but if you as a customer are waiting for this program for months at end, it's delayed twice, and then notice that the "e" from the word "Projection" is missing in the intro for every single video in the program... Well, I don't know about other people but I'm really scratching my head over that one!


And when it's finally DONE done, release it, or alternatively set a release date.


This Astral Projection video program shouldn't be missing from any person wanting to astral project, or improve on Astral Projection. That's just one line, but I can not put it more elaborately. This video program really is a must-have, despite some of its more technical shortcomings. Make no mistake, this video program is not bad by any means. The audio and video quality is what you'd expect, (though no HD video as yet), but there are some things to be ironed out. Other than that, I can not recommend this video program enough!

Neil Templar
9th January 2012, 11:54 PM
Thanks Coen. I'm sure you've just answered quite a few questions for many a board member wondering about shelling out for this course.

Coen Naninck
10th January 2012, 05:02 PM
Then I hope that means they 'shell out' :) Neil, because the program is really very good.

10th January 2012, 10:18 PM
I didnt quite read the entire post so I may have missed it but in the end did you AP?

Coen Naninck
10th January 2012, 11:11 PM

I pondered whether or not to include this, but then realized that this is a review/testimonial of the course itself. Hence I did not include that bit.

To answer your question, I actually already projected, in February of 2010. It happened by accident, long before APM was released, or even recorded for that matter. I did intend to have an NDE (Near Death Experience) by the way. I owned two CDs from a set of five of which I had parts I and II. Part V was called Beyond and Back or something, by Dane Spotts. I had been doing body relaxation for about an hour-and-a-half and I was just about to call it quits, when I dozed off into a 30 second dream or something. When I woke up from that (and I did really wake up) I started feeling what I now know to be as the vibrations. After a couple of seconds I started to float towards the ceiling, enjoying it at first, but soon I realized it wasn't stopping and I freaked out. As soon as I did, I dropped to the bed with a big thump, and although it didn't really hurt, I did feel that experience of being dropped on my back. I had full vision with closed eye lids. It was amazing.

I have not gotten to that point since, in about a a dozen or so attempts (real attempts). Though I was able to float again, just not as high.

This may be more than you wanted to know.

At any rate, I believe that with practice anything can be achieved.