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23rd January 2012, 07:24 AM
With this post here I'm starting my dream journal online. Comments kindly appreciated!

1. The Monkey King ( 2012-01-23 )

I saw some kind of small creature, which I recognized as a monkey king. He was yellow with a mayan mask that changed shape as he talked, smiled and so on. He rode on a gigantic monkey, I guess it was his personal carrier. It kind of gave him a heightened status.
Next I witnessed a black slender monkey wrestling a tiger. As I can up on them they both looked at me and the black monkey began to growl. I knew I had to defeat him, and so I began to wrestle him. It was all very non-violent and eventually I outmanouvered him to submission. Then I felt I had gained his respect, and the tigers to. I offered the monkey to the tiger as a token of my own respect to him, but he did'nt want him. I then knew I had to take the monkey to the monkey king to show that I'd won.
Next I witnessed lanes or roads in the forrest on which there were workers chopping wood or something. A very muscular man came between them and started to roundhouse kick them, they couldnt resist as he was to good. He was a thaiboxing master and I either had to warn the monkey king about him ruinng the gentle flow in the forrest or the monkey king already knew.

30th January 2012, 09:23 AM
2. The Yellow Car ( No date )

I was apparently patching up a car for a friend. I can't remember perfectly what had happened to him but either way I was helping him. There were several cars in the dream and one of them was a winnebago of some sort. The car i was fixing was yellow and I was working on the inside of it. Fixing it so that he could have it and be well. We were outside his fathers house and when he showed it to his father he was'nt impressed. I think it was because he had messed up several times and was unhappy that he would live in a car or something. I thought that it was better than to live on the streets anyway as I was wiring on something, perhaps a microwave oven.

I read that cars can represent the physical body or life itself. In this case I think that the dream represents me working on figuring out my inner self. And that the yellow car is representing me and my spiritual development and the way I'm progressing and so on.

10th February 2012, 08:34 AM
3. The Golden/Yellow Shield ( 2012-02-10 )
From what I can remember I was covered in this golden layer. Like a layer of gold leafs or bits taht covered my body like a shield. The more I think about it the more the gold have the colour yellow, but I dreamth it was gold anyway. There was a hole in the layer of gold that I saw my eyes in. I know it was me, but still I was the spectator. It felt as if I took cover in there but I dont know from what because there was no feeling of threat in the dream. I didnt feel much in the dream, it was only very symbolic. I then saw cockroaches crawl over the golden sheet, lots of them. They had the usuall brown color. I did not feel any threat from them either and i did not react positive or negative to anything. I was just quietly under the "shield" of gold, watching myself as the cockroaches crawled on it.

From what I'v read about gold I cant help but feel that I am shielded by something. I just hope its a good thing that I am shielded.

10th February 2012, 03:12 PM
When I read the first part of your dream, I had the impression of a hermetic transformation.

10th February 2012, 07:06 PM
When I read the first part of your dream, I had the impression of a hermetic transformation.
Could you please explain what that is CFT?

10th February 2012, 07:20 PM
Hermetics is spiritual alchemy, which deals with the transformation of the energy body to transmute the self (or evolve, if you like it better). We have a few threads on Hermetics in the Mysticism forum.
Colors have meanings, and the idea of you(r body) covered in layers of gold and brown for some reason evoked ideas of amoris (which is yellow-gold) and the bugs made me think of something dead-, which in alchemy would be nigredo, the idea that something has to die to be transformed.
Just stuff that came to me as I read your post.

12th February 2012, 12:24 AM
Hello, SiriusTraveler.

You dreamt of a yellow vehicle and then a golden-yellow sheath over your body. Both are common terms for an energy body - Kurt uses the term "vehicle of consciousness" regularly when interpreting car dreams, and Annie Besant (IIRC) calls the energy body sheaths, emphasizing that they are layers encapsulating our truest nature ("lowest" body outside-most, "highest" body inside-most).

The "yellow car dream" could indicate doing maintenance, and maybe also having some high expectations in one aspect of yourself of what you should be able to accomplish or do. This might surpass your current OOB/energy body abilities and the part "working on it" seems to be aware of it. This might be a higher/lower aspect being present in the same experience.

The "yellow sheath dream" could be a message that you are well-protected. You are fully enclosed in a powerful, golden sheath. Bugs can't bother you. These bugs could represent negs or "astral wildlife" of the lowest sort, hence the brown color. Brown and muddy colors can mean negativity, as can the notion of vermin and "low life forms."

In the rainbow color spectrum used to classify chakras as well yellow is the second-lowest color. Depending on how you count this might mean the astral body or the etheric body. I would tend to think the astral, as it is "twice removed" from the physical body.


13th February 2012, 07:16 AM
4. A Vivid Festival ( 2012-02-12 )

This must be the most vivid/clear dream I'v had in many years. It began with me beeing in the camping area on a festival. The camping area was very strange. There were plateaus made of different 'stuff' that people were camping on. The 'stuff' could be anything. I remember waving at a girl there which seemed to be very fond of me, and she was sitting up on a plateau with another person. The landscape of the camping was very colorfull and I remember thinking that it was a very cool place, but very hard to describe.
I walked a bit as I was heading somewhere away from the camping and saw a girl waving and blowing a kiss to me. I was happy she did, as I understood she still could have feelings for me. This was a girl I know in real life although in real life there is nothing between us. I walked a bit more thinking about her, sitting there up on the plateau when I suddently got the urge to try and jump as high as I could to see if I could touch the ceiling of some strange wall.
Lo and behold, the wall was yellow (which is a reacurring color in my dreams as of late) and when I jumped I jumped with such force that I actually touched the celing. It made me suprised in the dream (not lucid) but I was glad I could do it.

The dream continued and I met one of my ex-girlfriends and her friend. There is lots of bad memories connected to the both of them. My ex smiled and I got the strong feeling that we would meet/be together again. In real life I dont think we will be but in the dream it really felt like that. I spend some time with them before I walked away, heading somewhere else. Her friend came up from behind me and said a strange thing; "After all this time, with all the friends I have... you still feel like a mother to me". I could'nt really comprehend it but understood she needed comfort so I hugged her.

The dream, shifted to another area of the festival where I met a friend who was really drunk, but happy. He said something I can't remeber. Something about me always beeing something... something. And he challenged me to a race on foot, as if I should disprove his statement. I accepted and he raced away. I followed and immediatelly came up to a hole in the ground where construction workers tried to patch it up. I had to take another way and headed into a ride like on Disneyland or something. This was a ride where one should walk his way through it and I saw a brick wall shifting shapes, and the ground was moving and shapeshifting. It amazed me... alot. I was totally blown away by the technology of the ride and when I came out I was still stunned by it, pausing the dream for a few seconds.

I was heading back to the camping area where the girl that liked me was, I was thinking I could go see her. At least I think thats why I was heading back. I remember that it was hard to find her and I dont think I did but instead I burst into tears. The whole adventure made me cry in the dream because it was all so fantastic, or something like that.

When I woke up I was really amazed by the clarity of the dream. And happy offcrource. The thing that striked me the most was the yellow wall. So much yellow nowadays.

14th February 2012, 07:02 AM
5. Killing People ( 2012-02-14 )

In this dream I kept shooting people all the time. I had a buddy with me that followed me like in a videogame but died to a handgrenade tossed by me... that bounced back and hit him in the back. I did'nt seem to care about it and just got the feeling of 'oh darn, oh well.. '. He was black but I have no clue if that means anything. The other people i shot was bad people like in a videogame, but there were also good people which I accidentally shot. I had to try and focus on shooting the bad people. I found a minigun which was a better gun than the one I was having and then the dream ended.

I have no clue what killing people means but the dream did'nt feel negative except for the fact that I was killing the good people.

Edit: Found this about killing in dreams.
"To dream about killing is not necessarily negative. It often means the dreamer is letting go of old habits and attitudes in order to go on to a new stage of life".

20th February 2012, 06:35 AM
6. Space Marine ( 2012-02-18 )

One of my hobies is panting Games Workshops miniatures. They have a race known as the Space Marines. The ultimate warriors of mankind, serving the God-Emperor. Anyway, in my dream I dreamt that I had painted a Space Marine in yellow colors, with an orange cape. he had gold decorations on his armor and bright yellow highlights. I really wanted to show it to my friends as I tought that they would be blown away by the looks of it. But I kept wondering if the colors really worked together. They seemed so odd together and I suddently became uncertain of the looks of it. The dream ended.

Again, the color yellow. And gold. There is alot of those colors in my dreams lately. I keep thinking it has to do with my spiritual development.

20th February 2012, 06:56 AM
7. Running In The Rain ( 2012-02-19 )

I was dreaming of walking away from a store when I suddently became aware of that I had forgotten something in the store. I sort of ran back in super speed. I took giant leaps with great power that pushed me forwards very fast. It began to rain and I noticed and tought it was strange somehow. Remember thinking that I did'nt get wet (wish I'd become lucid then). Back in the store, which appeared to be a Games Workshop store I guess i picked up what I had forgoten and asked the storeowner about a giant red Darth Vader hat made of some red sheet, hanging over a phoneboot outside.
I said something like: Would'nt it be good to get that hat off?, or: Would'nt it be good to have a coffeemachine where the phoneboot is?
He replied that offcource it would. And i replied: Good, because every Space Marine needs a cup of coffee. And the I woke up... pretty amused by this weird dream.

27th February 2012, 08:44 AM
8. Guinea pigs extermination ( 2012-02-25 )

This dream was about people wanting to get rid of Guinea pigs for some reason. They were a pest they had to get rid of and tried to conjure up different solutions for that. I was an obserever and felt as if I did'nt influense the dream at all. In the end of the dream there was this man who was talking really odd, I remember judging him in the dream thinking he was gay but changed my mind as I felt rude or something. Instead I tought that he was just feminine and had a very feminine voice. Still I did'nt like him as he had set traps to eliminate the Guinea pigs. The dream ended.

I think there is an increase of dreams in which I am the observer. Don't know what that means.

27th February 2012, 09:05 AM
9. Save the turtles and the fish ( 2012-02-27 )

I remember beeing part of some expedition or some fishig crew. Whatever it was I remember alot of water and ice and that the goal was to study or harvest an areas wildlife. The area was surrounded by blocks of iron walls which would be drained of water. It was like pockets of iron walls in the water which had been put there by us or by someone. I was beeing an observer in many parts of the dream, but I keep thinking that it was in parts where I was worried or where I did'nt like something that was happening.
Anyway, the areas/pockets where drained of water and I saw a cage in one of the pockets in which there was a turtle mother and her babies. I kept studying it on parts where I was the observer and I was increasingly worried about that it would get dehydrated etc. In the parts of the dream where I was active and influensing the dream directly I kept hurrying the team/people about filling the area with water again as they needed to get saved and to live. I remember the cage had blankets on it and that the turtle mother was looking at me and that she was afraid. The babies were pale in their skin, almost white as their shell had'nt hardened yet. I felt deep sympathy for them and in the end I think the area was filled with water.
I kept thinking it was very odd that they were in a cage and who had put them there.

Second dream with animals in two days where I feel deep sympathy for the animals and try to help/save them.

28th February 2012, 01:07 PM
10. The Attack ( 2012-02-28 )

I was standing outside a church with my grandparents. I recognize the church from the town where I was born. The atmosphere was very light and there was this fog everywhere I could see. Like that white fog in the horizon in videogames. There where other people there and it felt as if we were all waiting for something to happen, perhaps to get into the church.
Suddently I saw some meteorites in the sky, several of them. It was a meteorshower, or so I tought. I yelled to my grandparents to look up to the sky at the meteorfall but they were slow to react and before they had a chance to see it something weird happened. The meteorites all shattered and out came black clumps of something. It took me a few seconds to realize but suddently I knew they were bombs of some sort, falling to the ground in our area.
I reacted very fast, shouted to my grandparents to follow me as I ran. The bombs started to explode everywhere and chaos broke out. There was poison air comming out of the explosions and I told everyone not to breath it in. But it was difficult and people started to fall. I looked back from where I was, I had been running into some opening in a house or something, and saw my grandparents getting hit by a bomb. There was smoke and I could'nt see them anymore. I waited and held my breath and then I knew they were gone. I couldnt do anything else, but I kept feeling guilty having run so fast when they could'nt. The place i headed into seemed familiar, I think I knew the place as I told some oter people to follow me. I felt the precense of soldiers or some kind of enemy following us now but I never saw anything in my the dream.
I started to try and find a way to open a staircase which was very strange. It was folded together so that it blocked the entrance to a safe place. I told some guy, which I cant remember the face of anymore, but i recognize him from movies, that if I could just open this lock here on the staircase we would be safer. And I did it, the stair folded itself in a way so that we could head down some stairs into a safe room. Well there I remember stairing out of a window from the top floor of a house and all we could'nt identify anything moving at all. There was was an eerie silence and the same white fog covering the landscape. We were on the lookout for something, but I dont know what. The dream ended.

A very vivid dream which I got a DeJaV˙ feeling from when woke up. Alot of action going on latelly in my dreams.

28th February 2012, 05:15 PM
Hello, Sirius.

The roles of nightmares, especially such vivid/deja vu ones, can be to release specific energies, habits and fears. Here it is from unknowns from above that might harm you. Note the neutral reaction to the sky phenomenon, followed up by a devastating event.

The sky often represents a higher plane. Energetic events pass through the higher planes before they manifest in physical form. You can see this process partially - first you see meteors (an event dropping through the outer layers of the atmosphere, the higher planes) and then it splits up into smaller and harmful events. Note also that the people all wait for something to happen - an event - in the beginning.

The feeling of "the precense of soldiers or some kind of enemy" could denote you're releasing fears here. It might be a hint to reliving part of the fear you're trying to release.

29th February 2012, 06:44 AM
Great feedback Korpo. Appreciate it!
It was'nt a nightmare actually, I did'nt feel afraid when I woke up. The feelings in the dream was more of remorse or guilt as my grandparents died. And also a feeling of beeing chased by something. Not so much beeing afraid. Nevertheless I get a little bit scared when I wake up and feel as if I'm beeing watched. Trying to get rid of that.

5th March 2012, 07:55 AM
11. The Vampire Men ( 2012-03-05 )

In this dream there was someone who died (I don't know from what) and two men found him. At least thats what I think I remember! The two men argued about what they should do with him. It appeared to me as a spectator that it was kind of secret, that he had died, or at least it was a problem for the two men. The next thing I can remember was that they had a frying pan in which they had parts of the deceased man. They were arguing about what to do, and that perhaps they could eat him. It seemed like the best thing to do for some unexplained reason. In the dream it was concluded that they were vampires but they did'nt want to drink the blood (a feeling I got, or just a knowing that this was the case) and instead they could fry it, thus going around the problem of drinking blood.

This dream is very confusing in the way that it doesnt make any sense at all to me. The only thing I can make of it is that it revolves around some kind of problem that has to be solved in som wierd way.

5th March 2012, 11:27 AM
Did you got any feeling who the dead man was?? Like occupation or some kind of identety?

5th March 2012, 11:50 AM
No idea of who that man was. Forgot to write that there were 3 parts of him in the frying pan. Part of his face, or a very small face, his heart and something else unidentifiable.

5th March 2012, 11:54 AM
That was very good and important part┤s...good you remembered them....I did get the feeling, to eat someone is to want to be this person, to get the power┤s of this person....How is it for your self...are you happy to be you?? or do you want to be someone els??

5th March 2012, 12:05 PM
Im happy beeing me :) (Although I am longing to develop more spritually). And in the dream I was just a spectator and couldnt influense or take part in the dream any way. I have tought about this and feel that this is very different from where I am in it, taking part and interacting with it (not lucid though). I think that when I'm in a spectator role its more as if I could learn something important from what I see, and when im taking part in it the choises I make is more important. But this is a tought and not something I have comfired 100%.
In the dream I was trying to identify the parts in teh frying pan, but failed to identify the last part.

5th March 2012, 12:08 PM
Yes that make sence...if you could identifye the 3 part then you could solve the enigma :-)

8th March 2012, 08:54 AM
12. Frustration ( 2012-03-08 )

I was a passenger in a car driven by a friend at work. All was fine untill he wanted to test the brakes right before a T-crossing. He drove pretty fast and without any control he tried to break, but the car just glided over the stop line and continued forward out in the street. Luckily the cars driving past us missed us, but just by an inch.
I got very upset in the dream and yelled at him. I could'nt understand how he could be so careless and that from here on I should drive. He was really sorry and I continued to be angry and frustrated. I took over the steering wheel and a few minutes later I almost also had an accident but It was not nearly as dramatic and upsetting. But still, I realized that perhaps I should'nt be so upset as everyone can make misstakes. But I still questioned his judgement and then he said something like "But Linus, you must understand I'm just a beginner" or "But Linus, I'm new at this. You can't expect me to be all good at this immediatelly". At least I got the feeling that he wanted to say soemthing like that. And I was calmed and tought about what he meant.

It feels as if this dream was a lesson to me in the way that I should be more patient with people or patient with myself. Not trying to rusch stuff or judge myself or others. But it also feels like I don't do that, that I already know that. Perhaps its about control and letting go of control, not trying to steer everything and sometiems just go wih the flow. Or its about controling emotions and self control.

27th March 2012, 01:20 PM
13. Concert ( 2012-03-26 )

I was at a concert of some sort, or was it a festival? Well I don't really know.
An old friend of mine was in the spotlight in this dream. I thought about how he had changed from one kind of person to another one. I remember beeing in a big crowd watching a stage with people sitting on chairs on it, my friend was one of them. Each person was presenting themselves, who the were and what they did. Can't remember what they said. They kind of got their hands up like you do in school when you know the answer to something and then stood up and spoke to the crowd. There was one of them who was very nervous about speaking in front of all those people and I guess she stuttered and suddently people in the public began to get their hands up wanting to say something. The whole scene became very messy when everyone wanted to say something and all was really out of order/control. Guess I woke up after that.

22nd April 2012, 07:22 PM
14. Dream OBE ( 2012-04-21 )

In this dream I was having some sort of device or just some way of having an OBE, which I told my friends we should try out because it was so amazing. I dont know if it was a device inducing OBE's or some other way we could get into the astral, can't remember. I wanted to show my freinds how cool it was so I induced OBE on myself (and perhaps on my friends to) and offcource they could see it too, which is wierd but its a dream after all. I showed them how to hover in the air and I found myself in strange positions in a hallway I think. Hovering uppside down and watching the ceiling from different angles. I remember I had a hard time orientating myself. I floated closer to a corner on a wall and tought that perhaps there were spiders there so I floated away remebering that in OBE I dont need to fear anything.
The next I know, me and another friend were flying over a landscape in what I think I reffered to as Korea. We were going to go to Rome but apparently we ended up in Korea. We saw a large square in the middle of a forrest with mountain tops in the background. The square was fenced and in it were people standing doing nothing. They seemed bored and perhaps they were prisoners or something. I looked at them but could'nt identify anyone. I also remember talking to my friend alot as I was so excited all the time, I said "look at this", and "look at that" etc. wanting him to watch my moves as I flew. I invited another friend to the area because I was thinking of him and wondered were he was all the time, and also if he liked OBE's and what he was up to when me and the other friend were checking Korea out.
We decided to check out another country which I have forgotten were it was. But before that I came up with an idea that we should try and fly as fast as we could and see who got to our new destination first. We should close our eyes and think of the fastest speed possible, but instant travel was cheating so that would'nt do. We flew and I couldnt really feel the incredible speed and tought that it all went a bit slow, but it was a good feeling. I could really sense my friends beside me. I was thinking alot in this dream, about how we could communicate with tought alone and how odd everything was.

This dream really stands out alot for me, as I think I could have behaved exactly as I did in this dream if I'd have a real OBE. It also boggles my mind as to wheter this actually is a real memory of a real OBE. That was the first tought that hit me when I woke up, like "Hmm... this was odd, was this for real?" although I knew it was a dream. It feels as if my behavior and toughts in this dream is something I would have done or have done if I was having this experience in som other way. It was just me in this dream, beeing me.

23rd April 2012, 05:42 AM
15. Real OBE? ( 2012-04-22 )

Before the interesting part happened I had a dream, a very vivid ang long one. I think I was searhing for my sister in a mall or something. There was another person involved, who was working there, who I know in real life. She told me that I could find my sister on the "meditation platform" so I went there. Odd thing to have in a mall. I stepped up on the platform to medidtate (I think I watched my sister first how she did it) and began to meditate. It was some kind of pattern in which I was to alternate some frequency between the left and right brain. Hard to explain.
I then saw a big screen in the ceiling which had a black hole in it. It was purple colors all around and then there was this ring with black in the middle. As I stared at it I felt as if I was meant to meditate in my regular way, and so I did. And suddently the whole thing shifted into something else.

Here is where it gets wierd. I think I either had a false awakening or actually woke up in the separation stage in the physical. There was loud noises all around me, a kind of strong buzzing and electrical sound, or like the static on TV. I cannot tell if this still was a dream because my vision was kind of blurred and my mind was still waking up so I was groggy. Anyway, as my mind got clearer I realized that I should just go with this, and as I did the surge became stronger and I tried to just get myself up and run away from the room as I'v trained to/read about. My arms loosened and I could se them in a grey fog and an electrical deep blue. I reached for the door but the pull was so strong in the rest if the body that no mather how much I pulled I could'nt get away. I tried to calm myself and think my way out of it, but then I woke up in the physical. I think I had the same view as I had in front of me in the astral.

Was this a dream or a half-OBE. Im not sure, it was very real and also vey dream-like. At least I'm sure its progress.

23rd April 2012, 11:08 AM
It was some kind of pattern in which I was to alternate some frequency between the left and right brain.

Sounds like what Monroe describes as "hemispheric synchronisation" - the basic idea behind binaural entraining.

It seems like the "higher you" made the "lower you" experience an exit. I had this happen at least once myself.

23rd April 2012, 12:01 PM
Perhaps, but the question is wheter this was a wake experience outside the dreamworld. It partially feels like it, and I guess its because I was somewhat groggy. It was really intense though, but awesome. The only thing I would want the next time is to have more clarity in the experience. But I suppose that happens easier when I get further away from my body.

10th May 2012, 06:42 AM
16. Mother In Trouble ( 2012-05-07 )

Me, my sister and our mother were cleaning out our old apartment where we lived when we grew up. It was pretty empty in there so a part of me was thinking that we moved out or something. As I walked around out on the balcony I got a feeling that my mom was gone. Like she was missing from the room she had been in before. I had seen a carpet that was folded like someone had tripped over it. I looked down from the balcony and saw my mother laying head down on the cement below the house, she had fallen 3 floors and smashed the ground. I got extremelly shaken and began to cry and understood that I needed to get to her as fast as I could, and I also knew that my sister had gotten this feeling as I did, about our mom was dead or something. I knew she was rushing down the stairs and suddently I found myself down there, without knowing how I got there (alot of instant travel in my dreams). We were both crying like crazy and I said that she needed to call the ambulance immediately. Then our mom woke up, looked at us like nothing had happened and said something like "Now, I'm alright.. and I have already called the ambulance. There is no need to worry. But in the future you need to put two heavy objects on the carpet so it doesnt fold, making me trip on it. Okey?"

The dream was over and I woke up pretty shaken by it, but not affraid at all. Just taken by the feelings still ingering in my mind.

10th May 2012, 06:52 AM
17. Music Challenge ( 2012-05-09 )

I was in a band, rehearsing for some concert. I think the band was Opeth actually. There was a desission to be made wheter or not I was going to play in the concert with them. I dont know if I was new in the band or something. I remember we played alot and that I kind of wondered what I was doing when I played the guitarr as I have no idea in real life how to (and kind of wished I would have become lucid then). In the end the one compeeting with me looked at me and to my astonishment he said that it all went well, I should play instead of him. Job well done Linus or something like that. Then he said "Linus live", and I felt it was a very surprising statement. He said it like he really tought it was a good thing.
I kept thinking about that phrase after I woke up, but perhaps Im analyzing to hard.

10th May 2012, 09:48 AM
I remember sitting at the piano in dreams, doing neat stuff, which I can't in physical reality either. :)

Playing in a band, however, can be a rich symbol.

A band both thrives on individual excellence and cooperation. So, any nonphysical task involving individual effort and combined effort may be represented as playing in a band. If you fit in, then there's "harmony" - playing with the band, contributing to a common outcome. This is kind of about how a greater unit of consciousness can cooperate without any member losing any of their individuality. It is about doing the best to contribute of one's own accord ;) (pardon the pun), voluntary cooperation.

The guitar is one of the instruments that can be both in the background (rhythm section) or foreground (lead). This can be about learning to fill various roles within a group working on something together.

Rehearsal has a hint of training and simulation in it, anyway. It is "preparing for the real thing." It also has a bit of minor initiatory challenge in it, as you were graded on how well you did, and it does seem like you passed.

10th May 2012, 10:48 AM
Very interesting Korpo, I like your insight. I have a hard time interpreting dreams and on what level or depth I should interpret them on. I still feel like they are "just" dreams but Im also learning that it might be abit more than that. Most of my days I usually think about how I can develop so that I can go out of my body and begin my exploration in other dimensions, so my interpretation is colored by that thinking.

10th May 2012, 01:32 PM
Well, follow that feeling. That should develop your sense of what is what. :)

22nd May 2012, 12:33 PM
18. Zapping Crystals ( 2012-05-22 )

Last night I had a dream where I was walking in a strange landscape looking for some strange money. It was 'troll-money' of some sort. A different kind of money that was just strange. I manage to find some but they were stuck to the ground like they were carved into the stone it lay on. They were stuck to the ground beneath troll statues made of stone to. I confirmed the money was made of sulfur and then the dream moved on.
In the same landscape I found this huge crystal I was carrying around. It had electrical charges pouring out all over it. I said to some friend who were with me that this is a very powerfull crystal/stone, wanting him to look at it. The landscape I was in was all made up of grassland and huge stones and crystal blocks scattered all over. I pointed my own crystal towards another huge crystal block and as the electrical surge became stronger it totally shattered, almost pulverized, the huge crystal. I tought wow, this got some serious power in it. I wanted to show more to my friend and thats about as much as I can remember before I woke up.
The crystal I found was dark, I think it was in some blueish color. The other crystal block in the landscape was bright turquoise colored or almost mint colored. I examined the objects carefully in this dream. I wish I'd become lucid.

15th June 2012, 10:46 AM
19. Zombie Island ( 2012-06-12 )

I dreamt about beeing on an Island which I know in real life, although the environment was nothing like it. It was dark, raining and very moody. I was there with my girlfriend and for some reason all our neighbours were zombies. I remember some of them wanted to come and live with us wich was kind of weird. I also think I remember not knowing what to do with this issue in the dream.
In another part of the dream I remember people taking their lifes by jumping from our balcony. This was very uppsetting to me in the dream, and when a friend of mine jumped and killed himself very coldly, I said something like ".. No, don't do it!". And as I saw him fall and land with a horrible bone-breaking noise I woke up. I was aware that this was a nightmare, but I was not so afraid as I knew how to handle the fear and calmed myself almost instantly.

19th June 2012, 07:34 AM
20. Lost Memories ( 2012-06-18 )

In this dream I saw a symbol, and after that a feeling/thought came to me. The symbol was a photograph of myself when I was at a very young age, perhaps 3 - 4 years old. The feeling I got was that I had forgotten something about that time, when I was at that age, or that I needed to remember something about that time.


- Photograph: memory, in the past, snapshot of a certain time.

- Young me: symbolizing myself at a time I cannot remember much about except that I lived much more in the now.


I feel that in this dream, again, my higher self communicates with me on a symbolic and very plain level so that perhaps I can learn to communicate better with it. The message I get in this dream is that there is something about myself at the age of 3 - 5 I need to remember. Perhaps it is to just be myself, wholly, truly and fully.

I have been thinking about that time lately, as I have memories of what I think was astral projections back then. I remember trying to take of the street, jumping into the air trying to gain ground - practicing to fly outside the house where I lived then. And also memories about flying above areas nearby the house, and of images of extremely vivid detail. Liek zooming in on leaves etc.
Those are the reasons I have been thinking about that time, to see if there was anything about my state of beeing back then that made it possible to astral project.
Cant help to think that this dream has something to do about those thoughts.

22nd June 2012, 11:03 AM
Zombies can represent the discarnate (dead, but as we know not quite) or unaware people (dead to the world).

About seeing yourself as child:

It could be that many people shut down their psychic abilities at a young age - basically around the time when they realise adults don't see what they see (or even being reprimanded for making things up or having invisible friends) or to find more acceptance with others or because nonphysical phenomena seem scary (as a spontaneous OBE as a child might be at times, depending on circumstance).

If one intentionally toned these abilities down at that age the original decision might be all but forgotten.

Alternatively a younger self can represent any growth process not finished in the past. The age of the self can denote the rough timeframe when the decision was made, and the challenge is to grow that self-aspect until it reintegrates with the self of the current age. It is a self-retrieval (if you picture self-aspects outward) or a growth challenge.

27th June 2012, 06:45 AM
21. Colors ( 2012-06-26 )

I dreamt about different colors that could be changed with sound in some way.


- Color: chackras, the aura, emotions, elements.

- Sound: waveform, frequencies, motion.


My interpretation of this is that either I have the ability to control certain elements with some kind of frequency or motion, or I should do so (my higher self wants me to). When I think of sound I think of the Monroe CD's and the frequencies used to slip into alternate states of consciousness. This dream also makes me think of chackra stimulation which I have not done for a while (to stimulate teh chakras with motion (energy work)).
I figure that I will continue with the Monroe tapes and take up chakra stimulation again.

22. Purple Crystal ( 2012-06-26 )

I dreamt about a purple crystal which could end my life if I decided to use it. A very short dream.


- Purple: crown chacra, mysticism, arcane.

- Crystal: foundation, building blocks, natural elements.

- To end my life: new beginnings, new things comming, end of something.


The easiest explanation about this dream is, for me, that by stimulating/thinking about/activating/progressing or using the crown chackra I can bring new things into my life in the areas of spiritual progress.

Another interpretation of this can be that by practicing more/building up more knowledge/raising frequencies I can bring new things into my life in the areas of spiritual progress. In other words, things do not come for free and instead I need to practice more to gain what I want.

27th June 2012, 09:14 AM
PS. Thanks Korpo for your posts, its really helpfull and I appreciate it alot!

2nd July 2012, 06:36 AM
23. The Threat ( 2012-07-01 )

I dreamt about my dad beeing harrassed by another man. It was at his work, where I too have worked before. The man harrassed him and I saw my dad as a bit helpless, so I stepped in. My instincts took over completely and I threatened the man to his life if he ever was to lay a hand on my dad again. Afterwards I found myself in regret for having behaved so badly, so I found him and appologized for behaving the way I did and explained to him that I understood why he did it.


- My father: father figure, kind, anxious, stressed out, distance.

- Work: duty, familiar setting, industry, machinery.

- Threaten: to protect, to make sure of something, to intervene.

- Appologize: to feel sorry about something, to understand something, to get someones approval of forgivness, to explain an understanding.


I get the feeling that there is something I'm trying to protect. Something that isn't needed. Perhaps it is my ego that is holding on to something that my soul thinks I should get rid of. A belief or some routines. It feels as if my ego have a hard time letting go of someting. After this comes the suggestion that I should try to understand that I need to let go of something.

I find this dream really hard to interpret.

24. Bendnine ( 2012-07-02 )

In this dream I was walking with an Indian somewhere. I don't know where at all. He asked me about who I was, or what I was and I said that I was part of a group or a certain race of beeings/humans called "Bendnine" or something like that. I told him that I was on a journey and I was soon going to graduate from the step I was in. The graduation meant that I was going to become some kind of leader for these people of mine, and that my duties was going to change. I got some kind of instant information in this dream, like a package of information which contained feelings, understanding and information in one. Like Monroe's ROTE I believe. The package read something like this:
My duties in this new role of the "Bendnine" is to rally them when needed, to protect them in times of need, to act as a beacon where they could feel safe, to make sure they got what they needed.


- Indian: wize, spirit, old, knowledge, nature, base chakra, in tune with nature, harmony.

- Group: collective, belonging.

- "Bendnine": either a name of this group or something completely different, a name (Ben D Nine), like a combined meaning of two words.
For instance: "Bend" - to bend something, to mutate, to alter. "Nine" - the number nine.

- Graduate: move forward, to complete something, to gain knowledge.

- Duties: responsibility.


I think that the group could represent my soul/higher self.
Bendnine have something to do with quantity or the number 9 and that I need/can alter it to something else. What this number represent I dont know. I played around with the number nine and tought about bending it and alterating it and came up with 69 which is the zodiak sign for cancer, which that is my birthsign, and also two nines in pointing in oposite directions.
This could then mean that in some way I'm about to complete something which has to do with my birthsign. To graduate from some traits that I have perhaps. Its a wild guess.
Either way, this dream makes me believe that I am moving forward in the areas I want to, for instance in my spiritual practices. Things are changing so to speak.

Edit: Found THIS LINK (http://www.wisdomsdoor.com/hb/hhb-22.shtml) to the ninth chakra. Found it interesting enough to edit this post. It could be that in my dream "Bendnine" referred to the ninth chakra.

3rd July 2012, 12:32 PM
25. A Familiar Face ( 2012-07-03 )

I only remember a small part of this dream but as Kurt Leland writes, its the parts that we remember that are the most important.

Wat I can remember is me beeing on my way somewhere when I suddently stop as I see a familiar person. I said (..or thought. Cant remember which) "Hey I know you/that person!" The person looked at me with a clever smile as though she recognized me or already knew me. She wore a purple/violet dress and was somewhat overweight. Her eyes had a very knowing mystical kind of look and yet felt very calm. She had purple/violet eyeliner matching her dress.
I hurried away after I had finished my sentance/thought.


- Purple/Violet:crown chacra, mysticism, arcane.

- Overweight: unbalanced, unhealthy, to much of something, out of sync.

- Eyes: windows of the soul, knowing, seeing.

- Interpretation of 'Eyes' from the net:"To dream that you are looking into someone else’s eyes is your tendency of looking at other peoples mistakes or that you have a deep relationship with someone."


First of all I feel that that there is a recurring theme in my dreams as of late, and that is the color purple/violet (I call violet purple and don't distinguish between the two). My gut feelig is that this has to do with my crown chakra, though I cant be certain. But I have to go with something, so I chose the crown chakra. In this case I am not sure if the crown chakra fits in in my interpretation.

My interpretation of this dream is that this person represent some aspect of me which I already know, but perhaps have forgotten about. The other side knows this, hence the knowing look. The relationship is out of sync/unbalanced. The relationship lies in the arcane or mystical areas and my guess is that if Im going to be able to percieve this side of myself I have to balance my spiritual practice in some way. Perhaps by focusing on the properties of the crown chakra and develop from there.
In some way I feel it has to do with my crown chakra.

3rd July 2012, 01:29 PM
In Michael Newton's regression sessions higher-evolved spirits are perceived at the blue and purple end of the spectrum (similar as higher chakras are, though in his spectrum the lowest color is white, not red).

Overweight can also denote shielding, I'd say.

3rd July 2012, 10:19 PM

This appears to be your Anima, your repressed feminine half. Those who achieve hemispheric synchronization between their brain's two halves achieve union with their Anima/Animus, and it feels great. Those who maintain hemispheric union between their brains's halves maintain union with their Anima/Animus. This is the reason for the color coding as indigo is located at the brow chakra and violet nearby, 'in the head [space],' as you have already observed. Methods for achieving this that have worked for me are these in chronological order: Dzogchen meditation, Hemi-Sync, Wave I, Focus 10 track, then finally verbal affirmation: "I bind depth to my brainwaves," then, "I bind synchronization to the hemispheres of my brain to each other," (while assisting this affirmation with Yin-Yang-shaped awareness actions between the two hemispheres [across the corpus callosum]) and "I bind all permanence/eternality/stability/etc. to that synchronicity." If you will practice consistently you will achieve results. Finally you will be able to maintain this continually and effortlessly as experienced Buddhist monks have been scientifically shown to do. (which seemed godlike to me at one time, years ago when I first read about it.)

The overweight aspect seems to indicate emotional baggage 'junk in the trunk' so to speak, as the right brain, the feminine eros-zone is the seat of irrational e-motions, as opposed to the left-brain analytical computer, as you no doubt well know already. This can be addressed spontaneously with some serious fasting (emotional seatbelts buckled), psychotherapy, counseling, or a real good heart-to-heart (and face-to-face) with a real friend who is willing to share your (her) pain and cry with you. Without analysis (or fasting), anything that anyone has ever "held against" someone, they're still 'holding'.

4th July 2012, 05:27 AM
Thasnk you both for your amazing tips here. Its very much appreciated!

Regarding the hemispheric synchronization I very often listen to Hemisync material from the Monroe Institute, and I might have achieved what you say. But I'm not sure. It feels great, but not godlike :) and so I'm a bit unsure if I have felt what you have.

4th July 2012, 09:42 AM
26. Bear & Cats ( 2012-07-04 )

In this dream I saw a brown bear chasing two of my cats. I was desperatelly trying to call for my two cats telling them to get away from the bear to avoid beeing eaten. In one scene I saw one of the cats getting bitten and shaken by the bear, but the imagery shifted back to the cat waking on the ground beeing unaware of the danger again. I only felt symbolic fear, not real fear.


- Brown: dirt, ground, earth, not a color I'm fond of, a mix of colors.

- Bear: danger, primal, fear, physical strength, predator, hunter.

- Cats:feminine aspect (of self?), independance, mystical, mysterious.

- My cats: love, helplessness, responsibility, affection, to care for something deeply, control behavior.


I could interpret this dream as simply a way to show me that I have a fear of letting go of my control behavior of my cats. That I need to learn to let go and accept that they are mortal creatures that will eventually die. And thus my fear of them comming to harm must come to an end.

But I have a feeling this dream is more than that. I need to break it down a bit:

- Brown bear: something basic or fundamental (perhaps a routine or a thinking pattern I have) with a threatening feeling. Threatening to aspects in my life which I care for or want to evolve in.

- Brown bear chasing: this threatening basic is affecting other parts of me. I dont like that.

- My cats: symbols of something I am very found of and love very much, but also of a control behavior I have which is about keeping things I love safe and out of harms way.

- Brown bear chasing my cats: something basic or fundamental resulting in the fear of not beeing able to keeo things I love out of harms way/the fear of loosing control of things that is rooted deeply in me.

Since I first saw my cat getting caught and bitten and shaken and after that the scene changed back to them beeing relatively safe again, I believe that this was a way to show me that it was unnecessary to have the fear in the first place.
And thus I believe that this dream shows me that by shedding the fear of loosing control and beeing afraid of not beeing able to protect things I love, preventing them from comming to harm etc. I can evolve.

I have had several dreams where I am afraid that my cats are going to come to harm. Most of them the past two years or so. I guess my higher selfs really wants me to understand something here.

4th July 2012, 03:24 PM
Three animals, two of alike behavior and relatively benign, one over-bear-ing and out-of-control. This situation I usually associate with the relationship between the mental elemental on one side and the astral and etheric elementals on the other side. The mental elemental, being culturally favored, has the tendency to grow overly large and out-of-control, over-bear-ing in regards to the others.

The idea that the mental side could cause harm to our emotional and etheric aspects seems at first odd. But the mental body is the domain of beliefs and likes and dislikes, and these can severely impair the other elementals' ability to meet their own needs, causing them harm.

It is comparatively common for spiritual aspirants to find their lower two elementals to be portrayed as twins, sisters or brothers, children or animals of similar looks. This denotes alignment to a degree "that one looks like the other," something even clairvoyantly observed by some theosophists. This alignment denotes a person that is - measured against the larger population - is able to control their emotions to a degree that could be considered well-balanced and without too much repression.

Achieving this stage of alignment is no small feat. A certain amount of balance in the lower aspects is necessary to fully tackle the training of the mental elemental. It makes for a good foundation for further work. The mental aspect feeds back into both the etheric and emotional aspect, and may contribute for example to chronic tension (a literal representation for "lack of flexibility"). This means that until the mental aspect is fully tamed the lower aspects will also go out of alignment here and then, even if they are more stable than the mental one. But instead of having to align all three all of the time instead most of the work can be focussed on the mental one then and its relationship with the others.

7th July 2012, 04:38 AM
This dream was from the point of view of your oversoul. your ego is one cat, your Anima is another cat, your oversoul's (domesticated) [unnatural as opposed to "of nature"] 'pets'. The bear is a 'force "of nature"', trying to make the two into one, bring about union. The brown color of the bear hints at the meaning of the word, "Alchemy" which means "The Earth." The 'earth' is where the transformation must take place, which is the dreamer himself, as "Adam" also means "Earth" as well as "Man." The dreamer's oversoul is understandably wary about this as the dreamer has not yet 'died out to self,' or exchanged his current oversoul for the available upgrade.

12th July 2012, 07:42 AM
27. Sentence ( 2012-07-12 )

I heard/saw a sentence reading/saying "Doom in 9 days".


- Doom: judgment, destiny, predestined event.

- Nine: the number nine, the ninth chakra.


Something is happening in 9 days. It actually is the day when I celebrate my 30th birthday. Not the day when my birthday is though, just the day when my family gather and celebrate. It could simply point to that event, which is already planned, or it could point to something is going to happen that day.
At first the word "Doom" seems gloomy and bad, but after doing som research I find that it is more of a neutral word. I guess I'll have to wait and se.

12th July 2012, 08:05 AM
Maybe some old habits come to open air for you so you can doom them away...let go.

13th July 2012, 04:55 AM
"Doom" means death or end as "9" is the end of the ten digit decimal cycle, "10" simply being "1" again with a placeholder, "0" beside it. It means that an end/beginning is at hand. 30 is usually the age people consider to be the beginning of midlife, the end of youth. However, one could view this as the end of potentiality and the blossoming of their prime. The tone probably simply is a highlighter of sorts to draw the dreamer's attention to the issue, in other words, "look here, there's something important here." Jesus was 30 years old when he began his public ministry.

13th July 2012, 05:25 AM
Thank you both, very interesting points here!

16th August 2012, 07:10 AM
28. Spying in a elevator ( 2012-08-16 )

My girlfriend walked out of our apartment and said whe was just going out for a bit or something like that. I had a bad feeling about it and headed out to se what she was up to. She was talking to a neighbour witch I suspected was interested in her, and perhaps she was feeling something to. I came up to the while they were talking and she said, oh hello.. a bit caught of guard, which further fueled my suspicions. I said soemthing about the dishwasher beeing ready, a really lame excuse. And she said ok. I then headed in and felt that it was a very awkward moment. I stood in the elevator and it stopped so that I could hear what they were saying to eachother. He made a proposal to her, saying that he wanted to invite her for some coffee or something like that, and that she should think about it. She didnt say no, and then I woke up.


- Apartment: inner space, protected environment, safe place, my inner room

- My girlfriend: close friend, love, partner, resolute, impulsive

- Elevator: ups and downs, movement in my inner space, emotional movement


This dream is about paranoia over that my girlfriend is interested in someone else than me. The fact that this happens in our apartment symbolizes that its me feeling things in my inner space. I have the problem, no one else. the fact that she is outside the house talking to the other guy strengthens the argument that it is me that is feeling this and noone else. Its my worries.
Then we have the elevator, which I think is the most interesting part of the dream. To me the elevator symbolizes emotions or thoughts if you will. It goes up and down, as I kind of change directions in the dream. When I stop the elevator to try and hear what they say to eachother, to me that means that if I calm down and listen to my inner self, then I will hear what is said and what is going on around me. Then perhaps I wont be so uncertain of certain things. at leats the stopping of the elevator felt important in the dream, even if it fueled my suspicions, because it says that if you try and stop for a while and listen, you will hear.

17th August 2012, 08:55 AM
29. Hot Air Balloon ( 2012-08-17 )

Me and my girldfriend was riding in a hot air balloon. As we flew past a tall building we saw a man that was going to commit suicide so our driver said he had to leave to save that man. He went and we were left to ourselves. I guess we managed to land it somehow because later we told my dad what happened and that everything was alright.


- Hot Air Balloon: vehicle/vehicle of the soul to be transported in, above the ground as in above control/out of control, uncontrolled environment,

- Driver: the one who has control over a situation/vehicle, takes you to your destination

- My girlfriend: close friend, love, partner, resolute, impulsive

- Suicide: to take a cowards way out, cowardice, to end something, to escape from something

- Father: father figure, kind, anxious, stressed out, distance.


I have to break this down.

-Me and my girldfriend are riding in a hot air balloon:
Feels like me and my girldfriend are traveling together in a way thats is a bit uncontrolled/out of control.

-The driver leaves to rescue a suicidal man:
To me the driver represents something in my/our path in life that is in control. The one, or the aspect of myself that is in control of traveling in a way that takes me/us to our destination, or that knows the way to steer the vehicle. He leaves to save someone from making the misstake to escape from something he apparently shouldnt escape from, or to save something that I'm erroneously trying to get rid of. If its someone, I think its an aspect of myself, and if its something, its something Im trying to get rid of in myself/my life.

-Us safelly landing and telling my father that were ok:
We are left to our own, to travel the path we are on together safely and to figure out how to get by together. It feels like this either shows the future of how we are able to figure out how to travel together, or it shows that I have the power to do it.
When we meet my father, we tell him the story and that we are safe and managed to figure it out. I have to think of this as if I'm saying to myself, the nervous, anxious and stressed aspect of myself, that its ok. We managed to do this, you dont have to worry.

-To conclude:
To me all characters in this dream except my girlfriend represents aspects of myself. When the driver of the hot air balloon leaves to rescue the suicidal man it tells me that I feel like Im uncertain of the path me and my girlfriend is traveling on, also the fact that it is a hot air balloon tells me that its a bit uncontrolled. Apparently I dont like beeing out fo control and I can admit that to some extent. It also tells me that when I loose control of the path Im on together with my girldfriend things will or can work out as we safely tell my anxious me that everything worked out.
Then we have the suicidal man which is escaping from something he shouldnt. Then what am I escaping from? Its a tough one, but the only answer I have is physical reality as I'm constantly thinking about astral travel and things that doesnt have to do with physical reality. I'll have to settle with that one to get further in my interpretation.
As I have had a lot of thoughts and worries about that my OBE interests might take up to much time so that I dont have time for me and my girlfriend I can somehow see that the dream tells me that I dont have to worry about loosing control over our relationship because it will work out in the end. So the suicidal man represents myself escaping from physical reality, which I shouldnt escape from but rather embrace and fully live.
The meaning of this is then that I can let go of my fear of loosing control of my relationship because even though I persue my own interests my relationship will work out, but I shouldnt forget to live to the fullest in physical reality either.
I can keep my interest and let go of my fears.

7th September 2012, 12:27 PM
30. OBE Memory Download ( 2012-09-07 )

In this dream (or was it a dream?) I woke up in a bed (or my bed, can't remember..) and heard a loud buzzing in my ears. As I focused on the buzzing it immediately became much louder and I instantly recognized it as I was about to have an OBE. I just went with it, not really focusing on anything but rather was just aware of the thing happening and then I was out of my body. I then went in again and the loud buzzing was still there. I began to feel my third eye pulsating and vibrating and I thoigh that perhaps i was going to leave my body through that chakra, and I think I did. I went in and out a few times and then the dream shifted to me telling my friends that I made it. I was happy and they were pretty impressed.
Now I think this was a dream, but still the sensations I felt in this dream was very vivid. Like I almost could feel them when I woke up. It could have been an OBE that I just remember as a dream for some reason.


I have to consider the possibility that this was a realOBE that I just cant remember because I was in a too deep state of dreaming afterwards or something. the sensations of teh vibrations and the loud buzzing seemed very real when I woke up. Still, I dreamt about telling my friends about my success so there is also the possibility that it was all a dream. Either that or the OBE was real and then i dreamt of telling my freinds.
If it was a dream I feel that my higher self is telling me that I have the capability to have OBE's and the second part of the dream is me searching for confirmation from my guides or from my other aspects, or perhaps me wanting to show my guides or other aspects that I could do it.
If it was a real OBE then I think I downloaded the memory but confused it with a dream since I never fully woke up after the OBE and instead slipped into the dreamworld.

11th September 2012, 06:32 AM
31. Towerdiving ( 2012-09-11 )

I was climbing a huge tower with my girlfriend. We were kind of swinging or zooming our way upwards. We had to pass some small passages to get to the top. Our intention was to jump from the top. We also had parasuits so it was not a suicidal thing, just thrilling. My girldfriend knew the way so I followed her untill we reached the top. It was only a small platform but very high up. There was a forrest below and I didnt take long before I jumped. In the air I looked back at my girldfriend but I couldnt focus on her and then I fell down and shouted very excitedly. Just before I hit the ground I had to make a stop. Didnt feel like the stop was made by the parasuit, but by will. Then the dream stopped.


- Tower: high building, tall, strong structure, reaching upwards, reaching to the sky, reaching heights, high goals

- My girlfriend:close friend, love, partner, resolute, impulsive

- Falling: descend, no control, gaining distance from something


I dont like this dream as much as I did when I woke up. Then I just felt the thrill of the jump. It felt good. Anyway, for me this dream tells me things in a pretty straight forward manner. Me and my girlfriend climb this tower with some safety device on ourselfs, so that we wont get hurt when we fall. This tells me that together we climb a tower symbolizing our relationship, or our common path in life but we both have this failsafe mechanism in our luggage, like we dont fully trust eachother. Then she shows me the way to the top, meaning that she takes me up to our common full potential regarding the path we are on. Now Im not the only one that was going to jump, we were both there to do it, but I do it rather fast. So I take a leap from the tall building we have climbed together as if Im escaping our common path, hense leaving her or something like that. I look back at her, having a hard time focusing on her as if shes gone from my view, like when you are over someone and you dont really see that person in your life anymore. And then I thrillingly speed towards the ground, towards the base below our common path so to speak. Meaning that I like the joy of falling from that structure, like as If Im feeling free or thrilled by getting away from it. And It went fast. The stopping at the ground I think was meant to show me that I should slow down so that I dont crash mentally because of the new thrill.

I really cant see myself leaving her at all, but I interpret this dream as if I do. I dont believe I have precognitive dreams but if I do I really dont like this one. Perhaps such events would be meaningfull in a future where certain things have added up to one another and thus I have gained new understandings of things, but I really dont want it to be like that.

12th September 2012, 10:44 AM
It may also be that the tower represents the highest you can go as regarding states of consciousness. Your girlfriend would then represent a close spiritual friend, guide or helper sustaining your consciousness to do so. The safety devices would represent the feeling of assurance that you are safe and supported in this undertaking. Then, from the highest point you could reach, you drop back to waking consciousness. Your guide stayed in nonphysical reality, so you didn't "see" her going down all the way to the bottom with you. The forest below might represent growth on the physical plane.

12th September 2012, 11:25 AM
Hmm, very interesting Korpo. Starting to wonder why I interpreted my dream the way I did. Sometimes I feel that I am interpreting my dreams with to much spiritual connection and not so much with physical reality that I feel I dont "dare" to interpret it with the spiritual connection. Perhaps I was to influensed bu the meaning of "Tower" from the web, and to little by my own interpretation.

27th September 2012, 07:41 AM
32. Shopping ( 2012-09-27 )

I was with my girlfriend (who appears in my dreams ever so often) driving a minivan to a shoppingmall where they had this special deal for just 10 minutes. In 10 minutes you could just take all the stuff you wanted from this store but the problem was that you had almost zero chance getting there because there were so many people that was interested. So we drove ahead of schedual, and they somehow had forgotten to close the entrance to the place. So we were 10 minutes early. And we just went in and began to loot and noone corrected us about beeing early. I remember taking some gardening tools and alot of grilled chicken which was for my girlfriends grandmother (I asked her what she took those for as we dont eat meat).


- Girlfriend:close friend, love, partner, resolute, impulsive- Store: place to shop, place to get what you need, storingplace

- Minivan: semi large car, vehicle of consciossnes, have place for some people in it, good storage space

- Grilled chicken: dead shicken, cooked meat, something I dont eat, a symbol for something that I have chosen not to eat

- Gardening tool: tool for mending the garden, something you can tidy up in your back yard with

- Girlfriends grandmother: old fashioned, sticks to old values and never lets go, unhealthy, unsound mentallity


First of all I feel that my friends and my girlfriend and family very often portraits aspectects of me/guides/close friends/souls in my dreams.
It seems me and some very close part of me went to get some things that could be good to have on my journey and stored it in a vehicle of consciousness, the minivan. This van already had stuff in it and that means that there already was things that I carried with me on my journey. Cant remember what they were though.
The fact that there was just 10 minutes to get this stuff is hard for me to interpret. It feels like some kind of rule that we just ignored because it really didnt matter anyway. Perhaps some kind of mental block that we overcame or perhaps the time we had untill the dream stopped. I dont know.
So we got this stuff from the store, that I apparently could use in my journey. The gardening tool was a rake that you could sweep leaves with in your garden. Now that autumn has come they symbolism gets stronger as I immediatelly think of old fallen leaves that needs to be swept away. That then means that with this tool I can get rid of old stuff that has fallen from the tree, like bad/old habbits, bad dreams, things that stops me from reaching my goal. It also means cleaning up in the garden, like tidying up a peacefull area in my inner space. Sweeping away the old stuff so that it looks inviting and gets clean.
The chicken we took symbolize something that I have chosen not to have in my life but other aspect took anyway because her grandmother needed them. It looks like my other aspect wanted to feed this old habbit of mine with something that I dont want. I think this has to do with old values that needs to let go for me to evolve.
I loaded the chickens into the van anyway in a kind of not-thinking-about-it-anymore attitude.
There is some kind of duality going on here. On one hand I get something to clean up an important area with and on the other hand I get something to feed som other bad aspect of me with.
To conclude I also think Im beeing shown by my higher self that I choose to get better in some areas but I continue to stay the same in some. One things feels good though, and that is that I questioned my other self why she would want to take the chickens. To me that feels like progress anyway.

1st October 2012, 07:58 AM
33. The Darknes ( 2012-09-30 )

In this dream I was in some kind of industrial environment with my close friend Anders. I was following him through some huge hangar with huge doors on both sides. It was very dark and I walked after Anders who seemed to have an easy time finding his way here. I got the feeling that I should go with him or something and that this was some sort of test. Then I found out that I was going to write down a fear that I would come across in a test that was to follow. The whole dream was like some sort of practice. I was going to walk into the huge hangar again and find the fear that I was going to write down. I went in and saw the huge doors close, making it darker and darker in the room. I got a very distinct feeling that I wanted to hurry on out of there before it got completely dark. I found a small door on one side of the hangar, and got out into the light. I remember that I breathed a big sigh of relief and woke up. The fear I found was the fear of the unknown. I later wrote down fear of the dark to.


- Industry: lower plane, not-so-happy environment, working class environment, mechanical, metal, pollution, basic- Anders: close friend

- Door: portal, gateway, opening, entry/exit


This guide took the form of Anders as I know him and feel comfortable with him. Further more it shows me an important thing, and that is that my mentallity in thinking that only intelligent/smart people evolve spiritually is wrong. In real life anders is not known for his wits and have had problems with communicating earlier in his life. Tehrefor I have not regarded him as a typically smart person (offcource not in a degredating way). By watching Anders easily doing what I have problems with in this industrial setting where fear of the unknown and the dark takes the hold of me, I can see that other things matters when it comes to be able to astral travel and so on. Not just intelligence.
The whole dream was about me finding a fear that stops me from evolving/progressing fruther in astral projection. The fear I found was fear of the unknown, and its correct. I have that fear. A simple thing like taking a swim in a lake where I can't see the bottom is not so pleasant for me. I know this and it bothers me, I want to try to let go of it and I need to face it. The problem is how?

4th October 2012, 07:18 AM
34. Smiling Angel ( 2012-10-03 )

I was in some sort of huge indoor environment of which I dont remember much. I think it was a chapel or something. I was with someone but I cant rememebr who it was either. In the dream an angel smiled to me, although I think the angel was a statue or something. It doesnt matter what it was because I felt that the important thing was that the angel was smiling to me. In the dream I got confused and had a hard time understanding why an angel would smile at me because i "knew" I was not allowed to be smiled upon yet. I was not devloped to the stage of where an angel would smile at me or something like that.


- Chapel: holy place, place of spirituality, place of peace, place of light

- Angel: beeing, higher beeing, guide, part of higher self, spiritually developed beeing

- Smile: to show compassion, to show love, to be happy, to radiate kindness


I think this dream tells me that I am lacking faith. That I dont think/feel/believe in guides or OBE's etc enough. Come to think of it, when I do my affirmations I question wheter I have genuine belief in what I'm trying to affirm. That questioning can be taken as a lack of faith by my higher self. Perhaps there is a lack of will to, seeing that I have a hard time keeping my routines with MAP etc. I know this already, as I have made interpretations several times about my lack of routine and so on. The "knowing" that an angel couldn't smile at me in the dream was thus false, as it smiled. And I couldn't comprehend it.
I see this as I have the guidance, always, although I perhaps lack the understanding/faith in believing that I do. Also I feel that I'm not developed enough to be able to do certain things. This is also false because the matter lies in wanting it enough and practicing enough.
I have gotten many signs and much help already, its time to get my routine going and do it.

6th October 2012, 05:55 AM
Are you familiar with the concept of "moment of grace?" This happens when we receive from the higher power what we could not have achieved of our own (yet?) - in a moment of grace. Moments of grace can be important eye openers regarding the spiritual journey and a hint of things to come years ahead.

An angel's smile would be a perfect symbol for the concept of divine grace.

Also, I'd say don't confuse psychic training with the spiritual path.

Frankly, I think routine and willpower are overrated. If you can't keep a certain practice up there's always a chance it doesn't serve you (anymore), and all the willpower you bring to it will only prolong a state where you lack true inner motivation to do it but do it anyway. Willpower comes from the thinking mind, but the inner force that guides, motivates, enjoys and carries us naturally forward comes from the soul. Sometimes willpower is necessary to overcome initial resistance. But if it always feels like you have to push yourself doing it, chances are it's time for changing some things around.

In this sense, always pushing yourself to do something because "you should do it" is essentially elevating the mental body (personality) over the causal body (soul). The mental body thinks in "shoulds" as it only has ideas about the truth to go by. By constantly dealing in shoulds and what "stands to reason" it blocks out true soul impulses of what would actually help, which are much more felt than anything. In this sense, following an idea about the truth can take you away from feeling the actual truth, the energy that could guide you if you let it. This is the danger inherent if the mental body personality guides the spiritual journey.

Listen to your lack of motivation at times as well to what gives you bliss. Bliss, boredom, depression, happiness, love - all of these are among the messages from the soul.

6th October 2012, 06:00 AM
You can have all willpower and routine but if you lack trust and reliance and relaxation and dare to take what will come without expecting something you self have a picture of, because all can start from one unexpected corner and develop from there and this will be the opening to the routine what MAP or Mr Bruce are teaching.

11th October 2012, 05:38 AM
That was very helpfull, both of you.Thank you so much for your insights!

Korpo: Im not pushing myself in they way you describe. Sometimes when i feel I do, I don't do the exercises or I just meditate. But I get what your saying.

11th October 2012, 05:54 AM
35. Seeing in the dark ( 2012-10-11 )

I was going down in a elevator to a basement. Dont know what I was doing there. As I exited the basement the door shut and the elevator went up again. As I looked behind me the door had vanished so I couldn't get up again, and it was pitch black. I couldn't see anything. I wasn't afraid, and didn't panic. I just thought that I needed to find my way out. So I began working my way out and realized that I could see my arms in front of me. They were ghostlike, very dim and white. I then realized that I could sense the walls around me and they became visual. The outlines of the walls were like thousands of small white dots, almost like pixels forming the walls. I then woke up and felt that this was a very vivid dream.


- Elevator: ups and downs, movement in my inner space, emotional movement

- Basement: lower astral environment, symbolizing a low place in my inner space, a dark place, a place where fears dwell

- Door: portal, gateway, opening, entry/exit


When I go down in the elevator I think that I go down into a place where there is dense emotions, like my fears for example. This place could be a place where I needed to conquer a fear, which I think is correct in this case. So beeing in this inner space of mine where fear of the unknown (which I have been trying to overcome for some time) exists, the door shuts and there is no way out. And I aint afraid. Thats progress to me. I wasnt afraid when I woke up either.
This whole dream I think was either a message from my higher self that I needn't be afraid of the unknown or a memory from an exercise in a non dream environment where I tested my fear of the unknown.

11th October 2012, 06:01 AM

13th October 2012, 07:32 PM
Sounds like exploring an as-of-yet unknown energy body. Pitch-blackness is a sign for inactive inner senses, pixelated vision a sign of it coming online. Touch as a sense usually precedes vision, until the third eye learns to coordinate the sense impressions into a full image.

15th October 2012, 05:30 AM
Never thought of it like that before. Very interesting, hmm.. it certainly could be that way!

22nd October 2012, 09:20 AM
36. Alien sightings ( 2012-10-22 )

A lot was going on in this dream.
I remember I was on my way from somewhere and was standing with my bicycle near a bicycle stand and the rain was pouring down. I had an umbrella with me. It was an automatic umbrella that folded and unfolded with the press of a button. An old man came up to me and took the umbrella and said very calmly but firmly that it was not mine. He took it and gave to his wife (I think it was his wife). I remember his face very clearly. I protested by yelling that it WAS mine but I stopped yelling and was just angry at him for taking it. My friend Dan was with me and the scene shifted towards the black sky where I saw a UFO. I was so hyped up I just yelled "OH MY GOD". A flying saucer really was in the sky, and I saw it. I yelled to Dan that he should look at it. He couldn't see it because of a building that was in the way. He ran a bit so he could se it and got equally hyped about it. We watched it and the military fired missiles at it. Some explosions went off and there were alot of debris in the sky. I kept thinking that the UFO was intact anyway and why there were debris all over the sky floating with it.


- Bicycle: transportation device, vehicle of the soul, manual transportation device, slow transportation

- Umbrella: protection from rain

- Rain: cleansing, nourishing for the earth, wet, fertillity

- UFO: unknown object, aliens, mystical object, non earthly, visitors

- Black: no color, no sight, dark, not possible to see- Sky: heavens, spiritual place, higher realm, higher knowing
- Dan: close friend, negative, missfortunate, possible part of me/guide

- Missiles: destructive, causes death and mass destruction, bad, negative, dangerous, explosive


I feel that this is a tough one to interpret. To begin wth I was going to travel with my small transportation device from somewhere. It feels like I was using an ineffective way to transport myself forward. I had no car as I have had in other dreams. It also feels like bicycles are safer to travel with than cars. Perhaps this suggests that I'm progressing slow but safe spiritually. I would like a car though.
Then the old man comes and take the umbrella from me. Its not mine he says. I guess it wasn't although I thought so. It suggests that I don't need any protection from the rain. Hence I dont need protection from something that is apparently good in nature. Am I trying to shield myself from cleansing/fertile things? Things that perhaps can bring nourishment to my life? If so, my higher self tells me that I dont need this protection that I think I do.
When I look up to the sky I see a UFO and it symbolises something unknown or alien. Something that I dont know what it is. Yet I see it and I'm amazed. Dan, the negative and missfortunate part of me can't see it at first, but once he can he to is amazed. It seems then that both me and this other part of me can see the mystical object. It feels as if something unknown is comming into my life. From what I can tell, it is something yet alien to me. It also feels as if when the umbrella was taken from me, the nourishing rain made it so that I saw this new thing in the sky.
The sky was black, signifying that I have no vision of this higher place I seek in spirituality. That then points to that I suddently see something in this area in which I currently have no sight of. I can see something but I dont know what it is. Yet the fact that I see this UFO is possitive in nature since it signals the comming of something in an area I'm trying to explore.
The missiles that the military fire in this case symbolizes my own defences trying to shoot down this unknown object. They hit and explode but they fail to shoot it down. Im thinking here of my ego's defences trying to bring this mystical new object down because it doesn't like that I lowered my defences in the first place. It also seems that this unknown is undestroyable.
Some other things worth mentioning is the building that stops Dan from seeing this UFO. It symbolizes firm structures or beliefs that are in the way of seeing it. If he sheds/runs to the side and looks past them, he can see it. I can't help to think that I need to shed some beliefs on my spiritual road.
The last thing is the debris in the sky and that to me is stuff that came with the UFO. So it feels that they symbolizes fragments of knowledge/information that becomes visible to me in the same way as the UFO.

To sumarize this, it feels as if I need to get rid of the shield I have put up, "protecting" me from nourishment and progress in these higher realms aka. spirituallity. This shield I suspect is my egos unwillingness to addapt to, lets say, practicing MAP for instance. Or meditate on a regular basis. It also points to my laziness when it comes to routines.
If I do get rid of these bad habbits and laziness then I will discover new things in the area where I currently have no vision. Even if these new things is not understandable to me, its new things and progress indeed. The fact that my negative and unfortunate side also saw this unknown object is a good sign to me, meaning that that part of me will also be able to progress in a good way.

25th October 2012, 07:08 AM
37. Screams ( 2012-10-25 )

This dream was much longer than I can remember now (should have written it down immediately), but it all ended with me watching some person screaming a really terrifying scream. Like something out of a horrormovie. The face morphed and the eyes became black and the scream intesifyed. I wasn't afraid though, not untill a second scream that I heard to the right of me woke me up. When I woke up I was slightly afraid since it was a mild nightmare.


This feels like I was supposed to be exposed to fear. I was not afraid at first but got confronted on a deeper level as if I deffinately needed to feel that fear. The fear suddently came to me with the second scream as if my higher self wanted me to feel it so that perhaps I could deal with it. Well, now I have faced it and the next time, hopefully, I won't be so afraid. It kind of startled me too, making it hard to endure. When I woke up I thought about it and tried to control it, but sometimes its hard to do. I felt better in minutes though. I think that this is how I best deal with my fears that keeps me from projecting successfully. Thank you, my higher self, for doing this! :)

25th October 2012, 08:15 AM
WoW...you got the same lecture as me from the higher self....I was in illution that I have to get out all my fear┤s, but that is not possible because it is a survival skill too...so some fear is good to keep, or I do not think we can stop all fear in us.....What I had to learn was just that ....it is not possible to be total fearless, but to get to know all lears of fear, what is not healthy to have and what grade differences there are between good fear and bad fear.

25th October 2012, 08:21 AM
Cool :) Well, my interpretation is like I wrote anyway but sometimes the higher self can get real tricky. This felt rather easy to interpret though. I'v had several dreams where particularly screams was the main thing. My higher self knows that this is a fear I have that I need to get in contact with as certain horrifying screams can startle me and get me scared. I really dont know why that is, but I guess it is something deep down inside of me.

30th October 2012, 07:50 AM
38. Quarrel ( 2012-10-30 )

I found myself arguing over dinner with some people, amongst one of them was an old friend of mine. We argued about how I made the dinner. They questioned my cooking and I said that I only did what the teacher told me (apparently there was a teacher) so they should just shut up. I was very angry. I walked away and my old friend followed and we had a small fight, a kind of harmless one where I tripped him in some way. He started to complain about some pain he got from the fight. And I noticed that I also had this pain/desease around my nose. I told my friend not to worry as I had something much worse. I started trying to blow the desease out with my nose. I also coughed alot. Out came various brown/green substances that I didnt find very disgusting in the dream but I do now in waking reality. It just kept on comming and the dream ended when it settled somewhat.


- Dinner: a gathering of people socializing, time for contemplation, relaxing and winding down, last meal of the day

- Teacher: tutor, a person with knowledge of what to do in a certain proffession, guide

- Nose: sense of smell, sensitivity, air passage

It feels as if Im arguing with guides or with other aspects of me over something that I'v done. And I can't accept them beeing angry at me as I just did what the teacher told me to do. I think that both the people and the teacher are guides helping me with some realization. And this realization I think is that I should be aware of my temper and not loose my cool in a pressed situation. In this case I walk away and my olrd friend (guide) follows and nags me anyway. I guess they insisted that I stayed and dealt with the problem or something. When I trip my friend I kind of hurt him and he complains about some pain, but I say that I also have something bad around my nose. Then I proceed to get rid of this thing/desease/negative thing. What that was I dont know but I know that when the dream ended I had gotten rid of most of it. I guess when I think of what it was a thought of a negative attitude or that I am beeing too sensitive regarding certain things comes to mind.I find this dream very hard to interpret but to conclude I think my guides were trying to help me realize something about myself and to get rid of it. I think that they were successfull in the dream. If this sensitivity is gone in waking reality I don't know but at least now I'm more aware of it.

2nd November 2012, 09:20 AM
Hello, Sirius.

I think your interpretation is very good. Anger and frustration can arise when you miss steps in a process or try to skip steps. A process can also seen as a "recipe." I think you released some resistance (clogged up nose) based on problematic emotions. These can often appear as dark goo or any other icky substance in dream.

5th November 2012, 11:48 AM
Thank you Korpo. I always like your responses to my journal, it even helps to motivate me. Thank you!

6th November 2012, 12:53 PM
39. Motorcycle in Africa ( 2012-11-05 )

I remember that I was driving a motorcycle in Africa amongst many other people. Needles to say they were black and I was almost the only white person there. It was some kind of race where people drove like crazy. An old friend of mine was driving with me and wanted me to drive faster. He had an angry look, like he was annoyed that I wasn't speeding up. Alot of people drove past me and I kept my pace as I thought it was to dangerous to drive faster.


- Africa: poor, nature, starvation, old continent, primal, low lifespan, agriculture

- Motorcycle: vehicle of the soul, fast, not safe as a car


I'm currently reading Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity Of The Soul, and I think this dream has to do with something I read in the book a couple of days ago. In the book it says that some individuals progress differently from others when they are in the physical plane. They write about that some chose to live life fast, on the edge and have short but eventfull lives so to speak, while others chose to be more balanced personalities and live life at a slower pace with experiences drawn out over time. I think that I am one of the last mentioned ones, at least since 5 - 6 years back.
The place was Africa and I can immagine that many people live a life that is "fast paced" there, living short and uncertain lives. Driving motorcycles so to speak. While I see myself in a car in most dreams, this was the first motorcycle dream I'v had I think.
This other part of me, my old friend in the dream, was annoyed at me for not speeding up. I take it that a part of me want things to happen at a faster rate while another part of me is comfortable right where I am.
I guess this was a lesson that thought me that I feel it is so uncertain and "dangerous" to live in a certain way that its uncomfortable yet there is a part of me that wants more action in some areas. Spiritual development is one for instance, with things like OBE's etc.
On the other hand it could be a message from my higher self that I should speed up a bit in certain areas because stuff aint gonna happen if I just take it easy all the time.
This goes back to other dreams where I interpret the dream as I'm beeing to lazy or lack routines etc. It feels connected to that at least. As if i want things to happen but I lack the will to make it happen.

7th November 2012, 05:18 PM
Race - competition, everybody wants to be first. Can be used to symbolise the dualism of cooperation vs. competition.

Your old friend was probably your own conditioning - the beliefs and filters accumulated since birth. Seeing him outside of yourself would denote not identifying as much with these anymore. You also consciously chose to "drop out of the race" by going slower.

Africa is a bit tricky, but being visually different from everybody else could denote "feeling as an outsider amongst the people around you." The black/white skin difference would then just denote a pair of opposites or extremes. Since everyone else seems to be competitive and looking different from you, this could mean that you have "little identification with those people displaying these attitudes." Since these attitudes of competition and gaining advantage over others are often embraced by many many people, it would be easy to feel as outsider.

26th November 2012, 12:01 PM
39. Dirty Room ( 2012-11-25 )

I was in a doorm-room. There were other people. My mother, some relative and friends. I lived with an old friend of mine in this room. I found out I was about to start school again at that place. I was happy but I wondered about my income and how it would be getting back to work after that. There was an uncertainty in the air. The room was really really dirty, there were dust and dirt all over the place. Me and my friend hadn't cleaned for a long time and I was sort of discusted when I looked at the carpet. It was almost totally covered in black dust rats. I asked my mother if she could go and get her vacuum cleaner but she was in a hurry so she couldn't.


- Room: inner space, a place in myself, a place within my consciousness

- School: a place to study/learn, development through learning, a place where information exists

- Dust: gathering of dirt particles, stuff that shouldn't be there, unhealthy, stuff that gathers if one does not clean

- Vacuum cleaner: instrument with which to get rid of dust, cleaning instrument, a handy tool


This dreams feels as if its showing me that there needs cleaning to be done in a inner space of mine. This inner space has to do with the interaction between people. Perhaps it has to do with the ability to work together in certain ways with other individuals. The dust symbolizes a disturbance in effort, the effort to keep a clean house so to speak. the dust is there and in the dream I cannot take care of it alone so I ask my mother to help me which she can't. It signals I have to manage on my own sometimes and not lean on others to solve my problems regarding the issue at hand. So in other words this dream tells me that I have to I am about to begin a learning cycle again in this inner space of mine, this place of interaction between individuals, but there is dust in the way that I have to get rid of. This dust represents, to me, a responsibility to take care of the environment around myself. To manage a routine and to be able to cooperate with others to get things done.

26th November 2012, 02:16 PM
A dust cover can also depict a room that has fallen into disuse - a typical trick in movies to show that some room has not been entered for a long time, including some spider webs usually.

27th November 2012, 07:36 AM
Yes that would seem logical, the room really felt dull, and had this dampened feeling to it.

17th December 2012, 09:31 AM
40. Thread Under The Chin ( 2012-12-17 )

I dreamt of pulling a straw of beard from my chin, and to my surprise it was a piece of long grey thread which was stuck under my skin at different locations under my chin. I showed it to my girlfriend and we both thought it was somewhat macabre or discusting pulling a thread out of the skin. In this dream I watched myself pulling the thread out so it was a third person perspecitve.


- Beard: outgrowth of hair, a masculine attribute/feature, always comes back

- Grey: dull color, a lifeless color, between black and white (balance between), boring

- Thread: symbolizes a line/path/start - end, can tie things together, fate

- Chin: a masculine form, an area of the face not commonly noticed


The feeling I get when trying to interpret this dream is that I either have found, or must find, a balance in my masculinity. To balance the male qualities in myself is apparently important. I find that I have alot of feminine features in my personality, like all the artistic interests and how I am emotionally.
Do I have a problem beeing more of a man that I naturally am? This is perhaps the thing I need to think about, and the answer to that, I believe, is that sometimes I think I need to express qualities that is not truly me. And those qualities could be masculine.
I get a feeling that I need to stay true to myself and find the balance in my personality regarding my masculine qualities.

41. Down The Water Slide ( 2012-12-17 )

I was at a amusement park with lots of bathing areas and water in it. I feel that the theme of the park was water. There was a big slide which I felt was one of the highest ever (not in the world but probably one of the highest/longest I'v seen), and I wanted to ride it. I felt kind of adventurous in this dream and most of the dream was experienced from a first person perspective. The slide was light blue.
I watched some kid going down the slide and he stuck to the slide with his pants so that he went very slow downwards and I worried that I wouldn't get enough speed. I also worried that if I got enough speed, I would fall off the slide. I continued to climb the stairs to the top floor where the slide started, it was on floor 10 and went all the way down to floor 1. When I reached the top I jumped into the slide and rode it all the way down and landed in the water. I said something to my friend who was at the bottom but I can't remember what exactly, but the feeling in the conversation was that of worry combined with relief. I guess it was a feeling of beeing safe having gotten all the way down and that it wasn't as dangerous as I first thought.


- Amusement park: playing ground, area of amusement, place to have fun, place to not be all serious in

- Water: emotions, life, flow, waves (patterns/frequencies)

- Slide: a downward motion, a linear path/direction with twists and turns, a way of traveling forward/downwards

- Light blue: a clear sky, throat chakra, clear water, turquoise (stone), calmness, happiness, warmth, spiritual


The theme here is emotions, since the place I'm at is a place of emotions of different forms/patterns. The slide seems to symbolize a path in life that I can choose to take if I want, but in the dream I wanted it. Its a kind of joyride, a fun ride with many twists and turns which indeed life is. This slide is situated in this place of emotions which tells me that the slide has to do with the theme itself, it is to take a ride in emotions. In the dream I worry that I won't get enough speed or that I could fall of and that is pretty self explanatory to me. It's the fear of loosing myself emotionally, as in getting depressed, not having the energy to stay with something or that things will be to hard emotionally for me to bare.
The slide started at the highest emotional peak and stopped at the lowest emotional place and thats because the slide represents the entire spectrum of emotions. As I wrote before, its a fun ride and it should be. It is emotional experience being gained by riding it. The slide has the color of light blue which tells me that it has a spiritual meanig to it, but also that it is a slide I shouldn't be worried about riding. It has the color of a clear sky, or of clear water in the mediterranean which is very soothing and calming.
This dream tells me that I shouldn't be afraid of emotions in the sense that they can do me harm or be bad for me, I should enjoy the ride and the experience it gives me. I should ride the waves of emotions in life and take in all the experience it gives me. Don't hate the emotions, instead welcome them and learn from them. Don't be to hard on yourself when getting angry or sad.
Its nice to see that I confront fears in my dreamstate.

16th April 2013, 10:07 AM
42. My old black shirt ( 2013-04-16 )

Jonna pointed out that I had a hole in my black shirt I'v had since I went to 9th grade. I said yeah but its so comfortable to wear anyway!


Shirt, Black, Hole, Jonna


Highly symbolical.
This shirt I wear, that I'v worn a long time, has a hole in it. This hole I think represents an opening that I'm not fully aware of, since I got surprised in the dream about it. I knew it was there I just didn't think of it. It feels as if someone close to me questions me wearing the shirt, and that I should perhaps take it of or change it. The shirt to me represents something we wear/carry with us, like a layer on top of our actuall selves. It can grow old and as such it needs to be/can be changed sometimes, if we want to. The shirt can represent ideologies or beliefsystems or habbits etc. So in conclusion this dream was about me wearing something that either has grown old or has something on it that I'm not fully aware of all the time, and that I perhaps should change it. The hole feels more and more as a peekhole into my real self. Like an opening in my cover, as if my higher self wants me to realise that there is an opening in my cover through which I can go and
find out more about my true self. The black color of the cover says to me that its a colorless cover, it has no color. Perhaps it lost its color in time? Or perhaps it just represents my old shirt, and the fact that its black in waking physical reality.

17th April 2013, 12:19 PM
43. Visiting Johannes ( 2013-04-17 )

I was visiting Johannes in Tokyo/Japan. When I met him I came into a room where I did some wierd circusjump as some sort of greeting ritual. He told me to quiet down since there were others who were asleep in the room. I saw them and they were Japanese people sleeping. We stepped out on the street for unknown reasons and then I can't remember anymore.


Japan, Johannes, Room, Sleep


This is very hard for me to interpret. I have a feeling that I am visiting some distant place within myself, and there is someone familiar there to greet me/who knows the way/routines of this place. My higher self picked Johannes to represent this person which is fitting cause he lives in Japan. In this place I doesn't seem to notice the sleeping people at first, but when I'm shown by Johannes I do and quiet down. This could be symbolic for not disturbing other peoples spiritual process. As when they sleep they are out of body, doing whatever they do. If I would wake them up I would disturb it. It could mean to respect other peoples path in life, to learn to accept the path others take/have decided for themselves. The fact that this room is a space deep inside, represented by a far away location, means to me that this is perhaps something that lays deep inside of my knowing. Hence I know this, but do not think of it very often or it doesn't come naturally for me to respect this or something like that.
Its hard to interpret as i find it difficult to relate tomy interpretation.

24th June 2013, 07:25 AM
44. Hiding from monsters ( 2013-06-24 )

I was with alot of people in some kind of alternate reality/future and suddently a device was emitting a sound that I knew was attacting monsters to it. I rushed of to hide and it was panic everywhere. Then I found a guy that waved me to him and said to hurry up and follow. It was a secret entrance and he had keys to the doors. I was lucky to have seen him. He looked at me and entrusted me with some keys so that I could assist in opening the doors. I assured him that I wouldn't rush of or betray him or something. We went up and down stairs and through doors for a long time. There was an encounter with a small monster which I kicked at and beat with my shoe untill it gave up and ran away. We continued untill we came through a door to a big open space but there was a T-rex there so we had to keep quiet and lay low. The dream ended after we had tried to avoid the T-rex for a while.

Door, Key, Monster, Stair

First of all I think that the person I met is like a guide or something that shows the way/shows how its to be done. He shows me that by making me assure him that I won't betray him I have commited to something important. As if its a negative thing if I break the commitment/promise. Also it symbolizes that I hold the key to the future. The stairs mean that I/we go up and down into or out of various levels of planes or levels so to speak. By that I mean that everything is not of the same vibration in life. A stair symbolizes that to me, that what we experience varies in vibration. And the doors are passages or perhaps opportunities or important crossroads in my life that I hold the key to. It shows me that I hold the key to passing through the doors. The monsters is things that I need to deal with. Fears in life or obstacles that I must pass or something like that. In this case I fend it off but the threat still lingers. So this tells me that if we truly face the monsters or fears we have then it will disappear in the end. If we just fend it off then it just leaves for the moment. In this case the giant T-rex was waiting in the final open space. The T-rex represented a huge fear of some sort and it hindered us from reaching the open space we wanted to get out into. We just kept ourselves hidden and tried to avoid the danger, which is natural I suppose from a fear that great. But perhaps the threat isn't as great as we think at first, it have just grown from every time we have avoided it. The big open space we saw at the end was the freedom we had tried to escape to all the time. So we tried to escape from the monsters and find our freedom but by just fleeing from the monsters we ended up not beeing free cause the biggest monster was still there in the end. So try to face my fears and by that I will gain bigger freedom. It makes sence and I guess its true that we all avoid stuff that we fear every now and then instead of dealing with it.

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1st July 2013, 08:19 AM
45. A big ship on a calm ocean ( 2013-07-01 )

I was in a ship, a huge one, on vacation I think. I don't know where it was but it was tropical with good weather. It seemed everyone was on their way to somewhere and was all looking for smaller boats to board. It felt like the smaller boats were private or semi-private. I know my friend Daniel was on one which I tried to catch. I jumped from the ship into the water and tried to catch up but it drove away and I had to climb back up on the big ship. We were going home again, away from the tropical place. And the boat was very empty, although some new people were onboard. I headed back to my cabin/room in which there was pizza cartons and others stuff all over the place. I saw some people outside eating pizza and asked them if they had put their stuff in my room. They said yes, and I said that they should take it out because I had that room. It was room number 44. They aggreed. But I was not really content and had to ask someone why there had been a mix up so I headed to the captain quarters but I had no access. I searched through the ship and found a shower in which I thought I should shower in later. I asked someone in a shop where I could find someone who I could ask about this and she said that there were maids down the hallway. So I continued my search and the dream ended short after that.

Room, Ship, Water, Captain

​A big ship traveling in water represents safelly crossing a great emotional sea. The sea in this dream was very calm which tells me that there was no emotional turmoil. So I am gliding safelly through emotional calm. The fact that the ship is big and almost empty says to me that I won't run into many people. It could mean I have grown some too, beeing able to control emotions to a degree, but somehow it feels void of connections. I don't know many people in this ship. This is when all others have left. So at first all the people left on smaller boats. This means that they looked for adventures in more crowded, more unstable situations. To travel a sea in a smaller and more crowded boat is to put oneself in a situation with more connections and more speed. I couldn't catch the last boat so I had to go back to the big one. This tells me that I can't go on the smaller boat. But for what reason? Perhaps I'm comfortable where I am? Different vessels of conciousness have different properties. And next in the dream I am going home, away from the warm coasy tropical place. It seems like all the poeple on the boat split up to different directions from the tropical place. I just happened to take the big ride home. Home in this case felt like home as in back to the ordinary. My room in this ship is a location in my inner self. And the ship one could say is my total inner self. This room is a place where I reside during my travel and when there was stuff and litter there that wasn't mine I got a bit irritated. I don't think anyone likes when their private space is invaded by unknown people. Teh last bit about not having access to the captains quarters tells me that I can't communicate clearly with my higher self. I need to be able to enter there or somehow have access to it. I need to work on that. The captain symbolizes the person who runs the ship and to me that's my higher self. And the rest of the dream I run around alot searching for someone to ask about the mix up and why it happened. I guess this reflects teh notion of me wanting to straighten things out in my inner self. Trying to come to grips with things and making sure no one is littering in my private space again. It shows me I don't know the way of my own inner self. I need to know that, I need to learn about myself more.

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21st October 2013, 12:53 PM
Discontinued thread, since I always write on my webpage now.

21st October 2013, 01:55 PM
Discontinued thread, since I always write on my webpage now. See my reply on the other thread.