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1st February 2012, 06:55 PM
I was driving home today while it was raining, and something hit me. as my wipers blades moved back and forth I felt the movment of their wiping.

one of the ways to connect and intune yourself with something is to feel it's movement. then it dawned on me.

anyone interested in TK development, give this a sincere try. find something that move on it's own to a degree yet move slow enough to focus on and feel the movment of the motion.

you can practice on your fan, turn it on slow and feel the movement of the blades.

Sit down at your local haunt, like starbucks or whatever and focus on and feel the movment of the people walking by, I do this when I'm watching the advanced tai chi class practice.

don't -try- to do anything, or make anything happen. simply focus on and feel the movement of something moveing on it's own. after a good amount of time doing this, THEN return to your tk pratice but still start small.

post yourr time spent practing, how long you've been practicng it and any results you've seen in your tk practice

2nd February 2012, 08:31 PM
here is the theory behind the practice.

if you had trouble sleeping, and you got a glass of water and focused on it, you mind would begin to slow down and relax because your consiousness is sycronizing with the motion of the water, which is not moving.

Yogists practice a similar basic technique to learn to slow, speed and even stop their own heart beat. they first learn to feel the heart AS IT MOVES ON ITS OWN. in time, after learning to 'link' with the heart and it's movment, they begin to control it's movement.

so theoretically, something moving on it's own in some way. when learning to focus on it's movement and developing a type of connection with it, you can later learn to connect with it and move it.

remember those who practice pease post results, times of practice and other details

3rd February 2012, 01:43 AM
Hey IronGega,

Interesting post, but I have no idea what TK is. Mind posting back something, or a link or two? I'd like to read more.


3rd February 2012, 03:30 AM
Telekinesis. Also, PK (psychokinesis)