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Harry Shirton
8th February 2012, 04:36 PM
okay...53 yrs old...married...3 kidz from previous marriage (all growed up, going to College/Uni)...currently unemployed in Pensacola, Florida (Canadian born and raised, waiting for US gov't to process my existence so I can get job).
About 10 years ago, came across ROPE...tried...everything went as expected...relax, breathing, chakras, trance, went as far in trance to induce "buzzing/vibration"...grabbed ROPE and pulled...almost but no cigar.
Life happened...a decade went by, and I came across my old ROPE notes. Googled, found this website, found NEW doc...about halfway through, and so far, experiences/feelings/sensations are as Robert describes. Astral hands are no problems...can easily do Split Awareness with little effort...will continue with NEW until done, then incorporate daily instructions. Last 2 days, have gotten back into ROPE trials...again, close, but no astral cigar!
For now, that's it! (hey...I'm new!;))

8th February 2012, 04:55 PM
Hi (new!;))Harry......Welcome to the AD forums :wave:

Hope you find yourself at home here xx

Look forward to seeing you around...

~ N.Freedom :mrgreen:xX

Harry Shirton
8th February 2012, 07:12 PM
Hello New Freedom...thanks for the salutations/greetings. Looking forward to interacting with this site...nice to know I'm not alone in my Journey!
As a senior member, I'm assuming you are successful with OBE? I am so close, but can't quite get that lifting out of physical body...I go through the steps, each one being successful, I think, up to the point where I'm actually feeling a humming/vibrating through my body after I have tranced for a bit. At this point, I use my Astral Hands and reach up for the ROPE...the awareness is there...I can "feel" Hands grabbing rope and pulling...I can feel a tugging sensation...I tug harder, and feel an "almost there" OBE, but can't trigger it. A couple of attempts, I had to conciously relax my body...the effort of tugging on the ROPE was manifesting itself in my body...I was aware of a slight tensing of muscles...focussed on relaxing...quick trance...back to square one and grabbed ROPE...again, almost there, but a full-blown OBE!
Looking for words of wisdom and experience,
Hopeful Harry

8th February 2012, 08:08 PM
Hi Harry,

i have had some success with deliberate manifested OoBE's, though alot of my most memorable experiences were spontaneous ones. I donot have alot of experience of the separation process though, as often i would have a short lapse into 'unconsciousness' before finding myself 'out'.

These days my experiences are more of the lucid dream type of 'outings'

Though i am doing better at meditation and 'quiet inner reflection' times, i am also finding it easier to stay 'present with' and experience the hypnogogic stage of sleep too, if i choose to...... so i think it's all moving along in the right direction... seems to be.. :-)

8th February 2012, 09:40 PM
Hi Harry. (Love your nic).
Something that we recommend (which is based on MAP, the book Robert co-wrote with Brian Mercer) is to add energy body loosening when you're done with the trance practice and before going for the exit attempt. This gets you closer to the right state before starting the exit technique.
I also recommend that if you believe the rope tech didn't work for you, to not give up, but go back to trance work and more energy body loosening techs and go back to exit.
One more note: If you are 100% sure an exit attempt didn't work and is not going to work for the evening, don't roll over and go to sleep- get up and walk around.
But anyway, you'll find this type of advice in the MAP and OBE forums, welcome again.

Harry Shirton
8th February 2012, 10:24 PM
Thanks for the reply...just finished another attempt...pulled and pulled until I felt a loud steady thrumming in my ears...then my furry child started whining and barking in hallway and really threw me off...not going to give up though! You mentioned energy body loosening? Just today I finished going through Robert's treatise on NEW. I've printed off his recommended daily practice regimen, which I will do, but I couldn't find any reference to "energy body loosening". Will check out FAQs and such while I'm here, but I'd gladly take any more insightful comments you can give me...very frustrating...so close, but half a step away! BTW...I haven't tried initiating OBE while drifting off to sleep...every attempt so far has been in the afternoon while the Mrs is away at work, and there just me and my (sometimes annoying) 16-lb security system at home...was thinking of trying controlled OBE during day AND also at night while going to sleep...recommended?
Still trying,

8th February 2012, 11:45 PM
Energy body loosening is not featured in NEW, as it's a projection technique. It's featured in MAP, and we have a stickied thread dedicated to it in the OBE R & D subforums, here: http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/showthread.php?7287-Energy-Body-Loosening-Methods

Harry Shirton
9th February 2012, 04:03 AM
Thanks for the link...after my last reply, I did a quick Google and got your "stickie" on energy body loosening techniques! If I'm reading the techniques right, after I get to a proper trance state, I want to basically "thrash around" a bit with whatever method works for me to loosen up the astral anchors to my physical body?
What about that thrumming sensation in my head around my ears? It was so so instense and heavy that I have to say I felt it, rather than hearing it...first time I had that sensation during my attempts.

9th February 2012, 03:18 PM
Let's take it to your other thread in the OBE section, since I already answered some of that there.

9th February 2012, 11:52 PM
Greeting and welcome Harry
It appears that you Are making progress so that first OBE is likely 'just around the corner'. Desire and intention are as important as method and technique so stay with it and hopefully an OBE will occur very soon.

Good luck