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13th February 2012, 10:21 AM
Hello people,

A dear friend of mine introduced me to Astral Dynamics about six years ago when I was somewhat spiritually lost. It was a great help, and I used Robert's techniques to some advantage. I've had some experiences that may have been OBE's, although they may have been dreams. I don't practice projection on a daily basis - it just isn't my main concern right now although I still try and project sometimes when I am in the body asleep mind awake state.

I wanted to ask you all about something. I see colors flowing, usually when I am going to sleep. It's been happening ever since I was a child. I think it is because at that time I am in a state akin to meditation, and indeed I see them at times during the day as well if I get into that state. It happens at times when I feel relaxed and spiritually "aware". It's usually blue or purple seeming to float in shapes and globs, flowing like some universal vein imposed over normal vision. I say vein because it kind of pulses in a regular way. If I close my eyes then that is all I see, against blackness. Do any of you experience this or something similar? For some reason I didn't really talk about it for a long time and assumed it was normal but now when I mention it nobody knows what I am talking about. Just curious. By the way I don't see auras. At least not usually or to speak of. Thanks,

- CP

13th February 2012, 10:44 AM
Hi CP.

I do see colore´s too, all the time I close my eye´s... Red, Indigo, Blue, yellow, purple, Violet, pink, bright light, silver light, white light, orange, green (more seldon) gold light or it can be like spot´s in all colore´s.


13th February 2012, 03:05 PM
Hi Chuck.
This is fairly normal, and biological in origin- it has many names, but basically it is the retinas (rods and cones) discharging all that energy they've accumulated from the day. You will see the colors flowing according to your biological processes, and if you enter the hypnagogic states then other processes get into it (dmt production in the visual cortex) and the shapes can respond to your will and get more complex- and more entertaining.

14th February 2012, 08:01 PM
Welcome Chuck
The images that you see before sleep are actually the beginnings of full blown sleep dreams. One method of becoming lucid in a dream is to watch those images for as long as possible. As CFtraveler wrote, the images will

"respond to your will and get more complex- and more entertaining."

And the next step is that the images will eventually form into complex landscapes of places and people that can also be controlled, meaning that you will then be in control of a full lucid dream.
This is not easy to do as the usual tendency is to fall asleep before the dream is fully formed. But with practice it Can be done.