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3rd May 2006, 02:50 PM
What different approaches should be taken with, negative environments (rooms/houses with suspected entitys in them) attachments: (when a neg has attached itself to the energy body) and possessions.

I assume, for example, burning sage would not help with an attachment problem.

Im just looking to clarify the different countermeasures that should be taken for different types of neg problems.

Thanks in advance

3rd May 2006, 04:09 PM

For attachments and possession, running water is the best counter
measure. Running water under the bed helps fight nocturnal attacks and
drains the he.. right out of them! It takes alot of water flow to do this
effectively, from what i am experinceing.


3rd May 2006, 05:57 PM
thanks for the reply dan, i am having some really bad neg problems at the mo, what specifically would i have to do to utilise the running water to the best of my advantage? hosepipes? river crossing?

i cant really have it running under my bed at night though (i tend to just leave a light on at night)


3rd May 2006, 06:22 PM

If the neg is attached then the river and hoses is'nt going to work. You need long time exposer to do any good.Do the mega salt bath
and see how tough it is or stubborn, so to speak. I'm sure the light probably is helping you mildly. Back to the water under the bed i use two
rubbermaid tubs (10 gallon each) that cover the entire length of body, i
faced them so they make a clockwise whirlpool. Two pumps per tub, low
powered pumps two gallons a minute. But i've found out recently there
more effective shooting straight up. Like a fountain. So the more the movement the better.
I still use other countermeasures Robert talks about in his
book. But i'm going to go all out on this water method and kill the basterd
i'm tired of fighting mine, our more less i can smell it's defeat!
Most of all trust your instinct!


30th May 2006, 03:27 AM
I have luck with childrens music, nursery rhymes ect, a recycling hose under the mattress, heavy energy work, (while in a trance imagine a light not only around you but passing through you, allow the light of goodness full access to your body and soul burning away impurities it finds). and lots and lots of core image removal. Deep introspection and prayer.
If its tearing you up emotionally try finding a shallow creek and sit in it waist high or so and again imagine the water not only passing around you but through you like the light. Remember the rocks, trees, sun, and wild life are all on the side of purity and goodness open yourself to them allow their energies to pass into you. Anything that strenthens you weakens negs. Just my two cents.

12th August 2006, 03:30 AM
try putting some bowls of water under your bed. it is not as effective as running water but it still does generate some positive energy which Negs dont like.
garlic is also a very good countermeasure. just put some cloves of garlic around your room. the more powerful the smell, the more powerful the effect. try rubbing it on your feet.
making sure that the room youre sleeping in is clean is also a countermeasure.
put a radio in the room oyu sleep in and make it play classical music all day. remember not to use music that YOU like, only classical music. by doing this, you are generating positive energy and letting it soak into the atmosphere.

i also highly recommend read this book, "Practical Psychic Self-Defense."

12th August 2006, 05:05 PM
A few things, some of which you have mentioned already:

PSD: Title page: http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials/?BoardID=10

Also: Hematite for astral abductions-
And forgive me if it was already mentioned: Holy water in your clothes, body at sleeptime, and on your feet at sleeptime.