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David Ward
27th June 2005, 11:53 AM
Having read Robert Bruce’s excellent book on Astral Dynamics I have for the last 2 weeks been carrying out some of the beginner NEW exercises and have tried to project 3-4 times I believe I have succeeded twice.

About 2 weeks ago I made an attempt one afternoon and found myself suspended immobile on the ceiling right in front of the lampshade on ceiling. I had very little sense of direction and did not move at all. The experience was short and faded out. My awareness had switched back to my body where I lay paralysed I twitched my big toe and felt a jolt. I think in that first experience I ran out of energy and the experience faded.

This experience gave me a lot more courage and I made a couple of night attempts in the intervening period which failed I think due to indiscipline/inexperience more than anything else. Last night I made another attempt...

During the night I dreamt that I was in a lift stranded at the top of a building with no way back down except to jump off I got fed-up with the hopelessness of the situation and then realised that it was a dream and that I could force it to end. I let it black out and found myself paralysed in my body. I went straight for a projection and this time I found myself hovering in the middle of the room and very disorientated in the dark, I knew that I wanted to get moving but found it hard to gain a sense of direction. I finally made out which direct the window was and lopsidedly made for it. I found myself out in the streetlamp lit street and headed down my road. At this point I realised that my peripheral vision was impaired and that I was now wearing a hood which I flapped at a little. I did not get very far before the experience faded as before and I found myself back in my body I had no re-entry experience this time - but feel sure this was an OBE albeit weak. The thing that really puzzles me is that I was all of a sudden wearing a hood?

27th June 2005, 12:14 PM
Dear David,

Really sorry about this but I did not quite understand. Were you suddenly wearing a hood physically? Was it that you were where a sweat shirt with a hood and it was now pulled up over your head? Or did you feel a hood but later it was not there. False awakening type thing? I want to verify the level of materialization involved in your experience.

Very Best Wishes,

David Ward
27th June 2005, 01:35 PM
I only had the perception that I was peering out from within a hood. I think the hood wavered as I tried to motion the hood back. I do not recall seeing my hands in this motioning.

Apart from the hood the only perception I had of myself was that I was a moving point of awareness. Hope this helps.