View Full Version : Weird sensation experiences..

27th June 2005, 10:48 PM
Hi all, this has always happened to me as long as i can remember even before i knew about energy and chakras and AP and this whole site and everything spirtitual et cetera (you get the picture.)
anytime, if i was in a relaxed state, (watching a quiet movie, etc)
i could put something NEAR (not touching) my forehead (now known to me as the brow chakra) and i would feel a VERY serious tingly feeling. like my forehead fell asleep but 20 times more powerful and only on the spot (or area) the object i put near my forehead was. By object i mean anything. My finger (didnt always work as good for some reason though), a pencil, or anything metal, anything works. I am unsure why this occurs, maybe the chakra itself was drawing energy from the objects i put near it? oh and, everytime i physicly touched the object to my forehead the sensation went away but there was still an after-taste sort of effect like it was wearing off or something. Anyone also experience this or understand it?

30th June 2005, 05:43 PM
Though it could be something else, it seems to me that you have a heightened awareness of your etheric body. Dependant on your energetic development, your energy body can extend to varying degrees past your physical body. When I'm in a relaxed state, I can give myself goose bumps by brushing my hand an inch or so past my forearm or leg. It is sort of the same feeling I get when physically brush my palm gently across my leg, moving hairs and creating this static'y-tingling sensation.