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6th May 2006, 05:48 PM
Here is the question Eagle Owl asked Robert on the "Ask Robert" Forum thread:

Dear Bruce,

This is a particular question that I needed to ask you, something which I understand that you have covered very briefly in your text in 'Practical Psychic Self Defence'.

I am very sensitive to other people - something to do with my energy field which is particular to me. I have always dreamn't very deep and lucid dreams; I know that there is a part of me which is knows and uses Magical techniques. Well my question is that I have dreamn't of spiders (large tarantulas in fact) in a place very different from the norm, a place where dead people are recycled. I have thought and researched this and as with other dreams have come to a conclusion that it is 'Shamanic' in content. What if people who see 'Astral spiders' are having a shamanic experience rather than being attacked by negs?

I know that fear is part and parcel of life and sometimes particular people have to own parts of themselves that have split of because of denial? I was warned about going in deep relative to this subject because everything is white love and light but then you suddenly bump into a brick wall which has many terms such as 'The Guardian at the Threshold', 'The Shadow' to name a few. At this point you have three choices:

1 - To turn back and deny what is seen,
2 - To freeze and not move due to whatever reason
3 - To move on through and deal with the abyss.

I know that negs exist and I definitely don't advocate that they should be 'integrated' within. But they do have a purpose...

I know that this is more than one question but I have so many more...

I look forward to your reply.