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25th May 2012, 04:53 AM
First off what does this mean?
A ghost is just a person without a physical vehicle to operate with in my opinion.

I had a medium once tell me. (especially when I did EVP work) I talked to spirits quite often through devices like recorders etc. The medium to me to help them, (they needed my help and that's why I have so much activity around me.) Why can't they get to the light on their own? What is the light exactly? I got a reply from a ghost once in my room that clearly said "help"

I felt so bad, because how do I help? (Sending them to the light?) I am curious on what this does for their benefit. Can't they do it on their own?

Because if I can talk to the deceased, they are basically next to me only in non physical form. That's the way I see it anyway.

I want to help them... especially when I get better at OBE's. How do I go about this?

Why would they want "the light"

25th May 2012, 06:42 AM
Why would they want "the light"
Why wouldn't they? I hardly think hanging around disembodied, unseen, unheard (by most people) in the material plane is how most people would want or intend to spend eternity, but they don't know how to move on. There are entities who deliberately avoid moving on (have encountered one myself; mean bastard who was convinced he was going to go to hell if he left the material plane), but most of them are clueless, just as most living people are clueless about... well, most things.

25th May 2012, 06:44 AM
I have tought about this and perhaps sending someone into the light is a metaphor for guiding a person to reunite with its higher self, and be with all the others of him/her - self. It could be that when sending someone into thelight you are guiding them to se where they need to go, to create a path to where they belong. Either a recreation area, where they get used to beeing dead and then move on, or directly to their higher self.

25th May 2012, 09:17 AM
I'm not sure "sending a being to the light" has much effect.

Think of all those spiritually sensitive people who are meditating now, trying to send the souls of dead Haitians into the light, with no understanding of what that means. Their hearts are in the right place, but there’s no call. If there had been a call, they would be given more sophisticated tools to work with than the notion of sending souls to the light.(from: http://www.kurtleland.com/astral-projection-log/2010/189-haiti-after-the-earthquake-buddhic-body)

This is not meant to dismiss the willingness of people to help and be of service, even though it may sound harsh. But if one wants to be truly of service one needs to educate oneself and train the necessary skills. In my opinion, Bruce Moen's books can show the way in this regard. Retrievals are both a more skillful way and a good training program for the consciousness explorer.

25th May 2012, 10:28 AM
The human mind interprets the transition to afterlife areas of consciousness as travelling through a tunnel towards a light. This is commonly reported in near-death experiences.

Of course, there are those who find themselves stuck, for any number of reasons. Bruce Moen is an expert in the art of retrieving stuck souls-- I suggest you look into his books. Instead of sending beings to the light, which is a cryptic phrase that not everyone will understand, request for a Helper to come, and direct the stuck soul's attention to the Helper. The Helper will take it from there.

25th May 2012, 10:52 AM
In my opinion, Bruce Moen's books can show the way in this regard. Retrievals are both a more skillful way and a good training program for the consciousness explorer.
I come to think of the Lifeline program at the Monroe Institue. This program focuses on guiding dead people. Wonder if they have the right approach there?

25th May 2012, 12:20 PM
Hello, SiriusTraveler.

Bruce Moen is a graduate of that program. He also describes how he experienced his stays at the TMI. As far as I can tell he either uses phasing to have experiences or something very similar.

25th May 2012, 06:57 PM
I think the whole thing depends on the skill of the practitioner. If you for example, are an accomplished projector who encounters a 'confused' departed person that is stuck in focus 23 (that is, in their own 'personal' afterlife creation), then approaching them, getting them out of their own 'head' and guiding them to focus 27 (a collective afterdeath zone that has helpers) is something you can do- but if you are essentially a regular person who finds themselves in a situation where they're in contact with a ghost who has lost the capacity to be able to tell (or doesn't want to move on, for whatever reason) but have no skills regarding projection or means to communicate with them, then going into a meditation in which you visualize a column of light is a great way to get them to shift focus and possibly move on.
As was previously mentioned, the 'light at the end of the tunnel' has been reported to be part of the afterdeath experience, and if you are hassled by a human entity that has 'tuned into' you for whatever reason, then manifesting a pillar of light away from you while 'they' are there is a way to attract them to the light, and hope that someone else takes it from there- it could help refocus them so they can 'see' what is there through your visualization.

So I don't think one method is 'better' than the other, because not everyone is equipped to deal with a haunting the same way. Not everyone can project to do retrievals, but things like hauntings happen to pretty much anyone.


26th May 2012, 12:02 PM
As far as I can tell he either uses phasing to have experiences or something very similar.
His fifth book (Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook or something like that) describes his methodology-- its a combination of active imagination and focused intent. Plus a few little tricks like focusing on what Moen calls the heart center, which is almost certainly the heart chakra.