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21st July 2012, 08:49 PM
Does anybody use subliminals and find them useful? If so is there a reccomendation in terms of who sells the most effective ones ?

2nd August 2012, 12:57 PM
there was an absolutely amazing documentary about advertising and how subliminals are added to it ; it started off with showing how some kids in Japan saw a regular episode of Pokemon and started convulsing and seizing then it showed what exactly was the relationship b/w subliminals and their effecitivity in everyday use i.e ; the subconcious might not react to one particular thing in on particular way ; it doesn't like to be tricked when it's sleeping and infact sometimes it retaliates , in the documentary they called the semi-perceptible ideas as "foreign-thought-antigens" to which your mind reacts with "alien-idea-antibodies".
Another really interesting part of the documentary featured cases of Hypnosis that had gone bad (whereas you always hear of success stories) but what about the flip side? is poking into someones mind entirely perfectly safe?.Some of the reactions was to hypnotherapy were so intense that i've decided not dabble in it qualified expert with great testimonials or otherwise.

I'll try sussing out the link but cant seem to remember the name of the doc or where it aired.

Dion Fortune writes a great deal about subliminals in terms of the "weed" a seed that sows itself unsuspecting and the foliage then runs rampant taking solid root.
Then when i later on read on core-image excising a lot of pennies fell KA-Ching right onto the ground :)