View Full Version : 13 moon calendar anyone?

18th May 2006, 12:14 AM

Anyone else follow this calendar system? Anyone read anything on this subject?

I don't fully understand the whole theory behind it (and theres A LOT of theory behind it) but I intend to read more once I get the chance!

The calendar featured here is sort of a hybrid moon calendar. It was put together by a man named Pacal Votan. He has written many books and articles regarding the problems with our current calendar and how the way it is set up actually affects our subconsious! He beleives that humanity must return to a natural way of time keeping based on nature and not dead Roman rulers!

I think it is a great tool although I have to admit I am not into all the deocding each day to find your higher purpose... Like I said you can get VERY invovled with this thing... but the idea behind it is great. A lot of communes and other New Earth communities use this calendar, especially on the west coast.

Anyone use it?