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14th September 2012, 08:39 AM
Hi all,
I start this thread and need all new angles of thought as many as possible, asking help from everyone here.

I have lived under high stress level since birth, I noticed how my mind have constructed security strategies and survival strategies and I have bean like an combat soldier to survive. I have since birth had very strong feeling to keep in mind and to remember for future to understand things and situations what happened to me since birth, so it was easy for me to do "memory" work and go back to this happenings and with my mothers help to know that it is real memories I have found. (It was very hard for my mother to be re-minded but I did make her so comfortable as possible that I am not accusing her or saying she has done anything wrong, but to help me understand, and I am so greatful to her to participate and co-operated with me in this)

Off course my behaving have bean strange many times and my family have thought me be mentally ill, and I can understand that, but my healthy cord and wise higher self have re-minded me not to believe what others might think, but to know and go on with my inner work to free me totally.

My total freedom come to find Robert Bruce and energy work and this comunity, everyone who know me could see my change and relief and I could gladly tell that now I am confirmed and now I know that my feeling and knowing is true, it is possible to be out of body and this I have bean all my life.
My stress level and body pain seased for a moment dramatically and I was periods total painless, I was amazed off course, at last, I will be cured in time...so wonderful. Thank you all.


As the saying all wonderful are short....:-)

I have found this iron wall, energy blocks cocooned and inner allerted....danger...danger..
When trying to do for longer period or time then 5 minuts something it can be as simple as socializing in a group and have to be present in mind and to consentrate listening and partisipating...I will get so drained worst than a alzhaimers and start to tremble and get so weak so I have to lye down....

I am very high sensitive person, but can make me total is cold when I have to, but during normal circumstanses I am very shy, easerly intimitated, and scared and chocked.

As we are so intergrated system, I need new angles to go forward to get to the fundation in me, I ask hubeled for all help. PleaseĻ, do not hesitate to give your thoughts openly to me, please.


14th September 2012, 01:59 PM
Hi Ia.
Are you religious?

14th September 2012, 02:35 PM
If you mean by religious as being Christianan or Muslim or Buddist ....I am not...I have come through religion and went through the roof of it...into the infinity where everything is.
I know what Christ or Buddha energy is and this is all for all religions the same. I do not confess to any religion because as my methaphor I use is...It do not matter from witch side of the moutain you climb you will reach the top anyhow.

14th September 2012, 03:59 PM
I only ask because I can think of many "new thought" books that may be helpful to help empower you (or make you get in touch with your inner power), if you're open to a religious approach. Some people are turned off by religion (or religious viewpoints), but at the same time, some people get their sense guilt from religion, and approaches such as this may be helpful.
So I'm asking before offering. :-)

14th September 2012, 05:51 PM
Please what ever you can think of is very welcome and appreaciated, CFT.