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27th September 2012, 02:30 AM
ok so a friend i swap techniques with had been pestering me to try something out , of which i was pretty wary (i barely get my own energetics done as it is these days) but i had mentioned in passing by that i'm in somewhat of a financial straits , not even petty cash (destitution is no joke :nono:)

so before this started out i was essentially penurious , clean like a whistle , singing the broke blues.

Here's what you do :

You imagine a very large peach in the middle of a lotus and keep it in singular pointed focus for as long as your'e sure the meditation has reached it's successful fruitive peak.

Now mind you when i was told of this the person who gave it to me understands im totally not into "vision boards" "mantras" "affirmation" category of manifestation so i did it in a very perfunctory "lets be done with this" kind of a mentality (also to inform the person later of utter failure/lack of result but thats another story)

Well when both tallied our results they seemed to be pretty astounding! :D

in my case just like the title says i ended up with windfall , a boon for sure.

Here are my own postulates : -
Basically an exercise of the "Cornucopia" (the very quintessential symbol of plenitude and abundance )
The classical Jungian Collective Mind has archetypes that operate on a symbolic level
Taping into symbols tantamounts to activating their inherent mandala values
Without attaching expectation of outcome , once the symbols are activated (imbibed into the subconcious) the process of it's own accord ensues.

first time i did a manifestation exercise without any (i do mean any) expectation of reward - that could possibly have been my missing ingredient so far!

27th September 2012, 06:29 AM
Wow, being in close to the same state you were in, I'm going to try this - thank you!

BTW I also found the "har -har" mantra very helpful, for eg. the problem with my car's clutch was very minor & inexpensive, & I found some money I had forgotten about - enough to pay up the Vet's bill! I don't want "riches"; just enough to take care of those who depend on me, without having to stress about it!


Neil Templar
27th September 2012, 11:16 AM
okay this is very interesting to me too, being in a similar financial situation...

I have had some success in the past with affirmations, combined with action -
I was affirming "unexpected money comes my way", every morning while showering. Then, on my way to work, i'd stop at the cash machine, fully aware of the fact that i had no cash in my account. I'd put my card in, again affirming "unexpected money comes my way". I'd visualise a large amount appearing on the screen before me, but of course, it never did.
Then, i'd get on with my day, thinking no more about it.

Soon, strange "coincidental" opportunities began to occur... the theatre's turntables suddenly malfunctioned (they were less than six months old), and my boss asked if they could hire mine from me, until they got their fixed. This resulted in at least 3 months of unexpected money coming my way, and keeping me rather flush, to say the least...

Then other opportunities would arise. All kind of similar in one respect - they were all very specific to me, ie, they were perfectly tailored to my skills or what i could provide. Like i was the ideal person to gain from these golden opportunities that suddenly popped up around me.

Now that i'm thinking of it, i don't know why i ever stopped using this method...;)
But i'll certainly give the peach-lotus technique a try too...cheers!:thumbsup:

27th September 2012, 11:27 AM
success after a long time and that too with something so simple and so peacefully basic , who'd have thunk!

but i my instance i didn't even have to work or make strenous effort and simply ended up in bounty ! - excuse i'm still pretty happy-giddy as you can see :D

loving the peachy lotus :heart:

Neil Templar
27th September 2012, 11:52 AM
and minutes after writing the above post, i just found a tenner in my pocket i never knew was there!!:lol:

27th September 2012, 12:19 PM
and minutes after writing the above post, i just found a tenner in my pocket i never knew was there!!:lol:

alright!!! wtg neil!!! :party:

28th September 2012, 03:01 PM
I'll have to give peach-lotus a try. My family is still in a pretty bad financial spot (see my thread below this one) but I've managed to manifest a full-time job. :) It's still minimum wage, but it's better than what I've got now. I start training next week... I'm nervous, but hopeful.

28th September 2012, 10:26 PM
in hindsight i did the peachy lotus with a lot of pent-up anger as in "you want a peach-lotus visual mr.universe?" ..fine! then deal with this! (my peach was literally a mammoth and my lotus had biceps the likes of which are attained only by steroid abuse)
Also in the back of my mind i had the nagging doubt that this was going to go "bust" as in i was going to tell my friend what a waste of time and mind power this was , as were all visual based techniques in my opinion.
All that i think successfully negated my expectation of result and outcome , consequently making the exercise a success :D