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8th October 2012, 01:31 AM

8th October 2012, 06:04 AM
This article does remind me of when I noticed the electromagnetism inner and outer bodies...and I now wonder if it is like this why you sometime have problems to project is that the outer and inner magnetism is not in right amount ...the outer atmosphere must be in that manner to be able to pull the body out and if this outer and inner is not in phase it does not happen ....the projection....this I have bean wondering if it can be this simple??...Then next question will be...how to make the electromagnetism to fit ?? I have noticed that there must be somekind of "right" charges and I have not yet understood what that is...because some days I canīt rise energies at all, it is like somekind of unchargeding or blocking the immesense power in me...and a thought has arised....that there is energies what is making my energies zero, can this be true??

8th October 2012, 06:27 AM
The vacuum, the source of organization, feeds all matter.

This information are giving me the information when I did be in a "vacuum" in 1980-81...and this tells me also that the source connetion did happen, and I also now understand that I did be able to see and feel the subconsiusness in both me and others...

I am not able to read the whole article but I am able to thank you again CFT for the link, here is several keys,