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10th October 2012, 05:55 AM
In this journal I will document my adventures in consciousness. Everything from exit symptoms to astral adventures but not dreams as I record them in the "Sirius Dreams" journal.

1. Vibrations ( 2012-10-06 )

I woke up early in the morning and heard a familiar sound. the sound/static/noise of exiting my body. I'v heard it before and recognized it instantly. I was somewhat tainted by a horrormovie I watched the night before and so I had to calm myself to not get afraid of the unknown that was to come. The noise got louder, much louder and the vibrations and electric feeling came to. All the time I had the problem of thinking to much and my thoughts were: "I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid..". And then when I was calm I tried to clear my mind, which worked somewhat. I began to see through my eyelids, but I was not sure if It was my physical eyelids opening or not. I'm almost sure I was seeing through them because of the grey fog that cleared away and the much brighter environment (my bedroom is really dark at night). After seeing through my eyelids I woke up, opening my physical eyes and was happy about the whole experience.

The next time I must try to not get worked up over some bad horrormovie and also to try and affirm something like "more focus" or "focus now" or "I'm out of body" to try and get out for real. My expriences have all ended before actually out of body, or when I have found myself in another environment.
Another thing to note is that each time I have woken up during an exit I have been laying on my side.

19th October 2012, 10:18 AM
2. Vibrations (2012-10-19)

Memory from tonight where I woke up during vibrations. I tried to deepen it. The vibrations were more "fine" than the last time, like they were of a higher frequency. The vibrations faded away and as I was comming out of them rather than into I fell asleep instead.

The vibrations sounded and felt different from the last time. They were not so static as they'v been before. They didn't feel like they were as rough so to speak. They also sounded different, like a faster vibrational sound that before. To bad I quit trying to focus as I came out of them a there is still a chanse to leave the body by then. I guess I was way to tired. Next time I will try to remember to stay focused.

7th November 2012, 11:50 AM
3. Meditation and my guide (2012-11-06)

Meditated with a new guided meditation mp3 that I got from a Swedish medium called ZoŽ, thought I'd try it out. The meditation is specifically aimed for contacting your guide. It takes you through some simple relaxation exercises and invites your guide to you in a calm relaxing way. What I percieved was a bluish shimmering entity with a female apearance that I think I have come across before in a dream. I also felt his/her the name is Dalu or Daluu.

Its very hard for me to know when I make things up in my mind and when things come to me from an outside source (I could also say inside source *smiles*), but what many says is to trust your feelings so I have to go with that.
In the meditation I was guided up a mountain inside a temple where I sat down on a bench in a garden and met my guide. She was bluish and shimmering mildly and had a female apearance. I kept seeing her face occasionally as the environment faded and only her face was left in my vision. At one time her face morphed into something that looked very Indian (as in the country India), with tattoos and marking over her face and very intense eyes. It almost startled me but I kept my cool.
It felt as if I should have had a conversation with her but I wasn't prepared to ask simple direct questions so instead I asked her assistance in my OBE endeavours and I kept repeating that thought. What I felt the answer was, was that it wasn't as simple as that. To just ask and get it done, and offcource I already know that so I felt kind of stupid.
I also felt that his/her sex was undecided, and I guess there is no male or female sex for real and that its just a physical trait.

I asked my guide for a name I could use and at first I felt that it really had no meaning if there was a name or not, but I still got the name "Dalu" or "Daluu". Curious as I am I googled Daluu and couldn't find any comprehensive stuff about that name. When googling Dalu I found alot of Chinese references to it and coupled with that I'v had China apear in dreams on several occasions. Very interesting for me to say the least.

Another thing I found was the meaning of the word dalu in the Telugu language of India. Here it is. (http://telugu.indiandictionaries.com/meaning.php?id=8232&lang=Telugu)
The translation says: Brilliancy, lustre of complexion, prettyness, a shield.

I feel the english translation fits beutifully as a name for a guide. All the words fits for what a guide could be like when viewed from my perspective. Especially "lustre of complexion" gets to me as she looked like she was shining. Coincidence or fact? ;)

Whichever of the two things could be true, or both together in some way I cant comprehend right now. What I feel is that somehow he/she is at least connected to India.

Now, my main problem with all this is that I have a pretty wild imagination and as said before I do not know when I make things up and when things just come to me. The next time I try this I will have to try and trust my feelings more and also come up with some good questions.

14th November 2012, 09:02 AM
4. Memory of an OBE (2012-11-14)

This really feels as a memory from an adventure in consciousness as in a downloaded memory. My physical waking self interprets the experience more as a dream but this "dream" differs from my usuall dreams in that it was very streamlined, it had context, it followed a direction and it really felt as an adventure and not some symbolic dreamscape with random events followed by another random event. It was extremely vivid and I remember almost everything in the entire "dream" to a degree I almost never do. Also the whole experience I experienced from a first person perspective as it was I myself who was experiencing it.

The first thing I can remember is me waking up to very physical sensations of intense vibrations. If this was when I was physically conscious I can't say for sure but I think so. I kept thinking that I shouldn't be afraid and to just go with the experience. The vibrations faded and I thought "damn, they faded..", but then the rush came again and more intense. The vibrations were extremely physical and teh speed in which it felt I traveled in was very fast too. I tried to stay calm again but I also tried to force the vibrations to increase with my will and when it seemed almost as if I physically tensed up I though I blew it again. I had this thought of a place that I really didn't want to wake up in, as if I was a fraid of it. And this was in an old house I lived in, where I have bad feelings/memories from. I sometimes dream about this house and often I try to overcome fears in that particular place. I guess I calmed down and those thoughts faded away.

The next thing I know I am walking up from my bed with the intention to get something to drink. I am not where I live but in a unfamiliar surrounding with a familiar feel to it. It felt as my fathers house when I lived at home. It did not look like it though. When I came out to the hallway some force suddently pulled me back from where I came from and I immediately knew that I'd had a false awakening.
I thought that this force was some helping/guiding force that wanted me to realize I wasn't in my phyiscal body and I was never afraid of the "force". Now, I never saw my physical body because I never went back to it, it never crossed my mind. Instead I was just totally happy that I was out of my body.
I wanted to get out of the house so I went to the door. As I opened it I thought it was foggy, but the fog cleared away and very vibrant colors appeared on everything. I looked at a butterfly that was huge, I saw a tree, grass and further away I saw buildings. Everything had this slightly animated, pixelated videogame feel to it and the colors were very vivid and bright. I remember that I noticed this and remembered that I had come across this before in an OBE.
Then I saw a girl playing around some flowers. She looked very animated to, as she was a character in a videogame, but yet alive. I took all this as it should be this way, as it was natural. I approcahed her a bit fast so she backed away and I excused myself and said that I shouldn't have approched her so fast. She had very big eyes and looked at me somewhat curiously. I asked her what her name was and I could hardly understand what she said/transmitted to me, but I think I understood that she didn't have any name or that she felt that I didn't need to know at this point as it was unimportant.
The pixelation and the bright colors faded away after this into more lifelike and "normal" colors so to speak.

What happened next was that I saw a smaller girl walking around on a path and I don't know if I got the hunch to follow her from the first girl I met or if I just knew it. Either way I knew by now that I had to talk to that girl because she knew where my sister was, and I needed to talk to her about something important. And also this feeling that I needed to talk to my sister came either from the blue or from one of these persons. I can't remember that.

The next part is a bit fuzzy.
I followed the little girl and she had something in her hand or pocket that looked wierd. I think she dropped it or gave it to me and it was some kind of device you could breathe in. I thought it was a pipe.
I followed this girl to a place where she lived. it looked like a school or a home with a different kind of environment.
I was told by the girl that the device I was holding was a device in which to breathe helium through. I was confused and didn't understand what I needed that for so I think I gave it back to her.

As the girl left I went ahead and looked for where my sister was. I knew she was in the place I was but I didn't know the way. Then I saw that the girl had put tiny posters with the text "This way" on it that I followed. I had to climb on furnature and cross the rooms in wierd ways for some reason. I don't know why I did that but I feel that this was a playfull environment, kind of like a kindergarten, and as I was in this environment I too were playfull.
I came across an older person (female) that looked Chinese or Japanese who had a name that I cant remember anymore. She was the one taking care of the small girl and perhaps of my sister to. I said hello and excused myself for climbing on her furnature and said that I could talk to her later because I didn't have much time. I was very aware of that I shouldn't remember this when I woke up if I took to much time. She said it was okey and then I saw a room beside the one I was in where my sister was. I didn't see her but I knew it.

I approached the room and I saw my sister who looked very young, perhaps 6 years old or something. This didn't feel strange to me either and I don't know why. She is 26 in real life. She laid in a small bed, reading something I think and turned her head and was very glad to see me.
She told me that she wanted to see me because she wanted to talk to me about that me and her should show each other that we love each other. She said that we both know that we love each other and its time to show it in a better way. I aggreed and understood what she said.
I laid close to her, in a very comforting way, as if she needed comforting. She seemed happy that I listened and it felt very natural to be close to her. This is not what it feels like in real life as there has always been love between us but also some distance that, when I think of it, feels strange that it exists.

When we were done talking I told her that I better leave so that I remembered this when I woke up. I guess she understod but I can't emember that part. It felt okey at least.
When I left I saw the Chinese/Japanese person beeing with the little girl in the other room. The little girl wanted me to play with her and brought out some pencils and a big bucked of water. I excused myself and said to both the girl and the adult person that I needed to go so that I coul'd remember all this. The adult said it was okey and I think that the girl also understood.
They put teh penicils and the water bucket on a table and I got the feeling that they wanted me to come back at another time to spend some time with them.

Then I woke up in my bed. The shift in consciousness was really smooth.

My first thought is about the pixelation/videogame feeling in this experience. I have been told that this can be related to that we are not "tuned in" properly to the environment, plane or whatever we choose to call it we are experiencing. Also as this pixelation dissapears it seems the memory of the rest of the experience gets somewhat weaker. Its as if, if this theory is correct, once you are properly tuned in to the environment you loose foothold in whatever place/thing that keeps your memorystream intact. Its hard to formulate myself on this one, but I think I got it somewhat right.
My second thought is about the vibrations and the very physical sensations that I felt during the exit. It felt as if my consciousness was located on a very thin line between waking and dreaming consciousness. In a wierd way this makes it so that I never doubt what is happening to me. The vibrations and all other sensations just happens and feels very natural and I just think everything is okey and are familiar with it. It has been like this almost every time with every experience and memory, with some exceptions. I usually "wake up" in the middle of some vibrations or other experience and just go with it, thinking stuff like "Oh, now I can see through my eyes.. thats good" or "Oh, vibrations... I need to go with this". There is almost never any real confusion. But this is ususally in this in-between state I am reffering to. There have been one time where I woke up from a dream into an OBE and at that time I was just wondering about everything I experienced all the time. Also this time I didn't really know what to do and I just observed. And that leads me to believe that my consciousness that is closer to my physical person or ego was more present at that time. This time, however, I was further from that level of consciousness.
Thats what I can make of this experience and thats why it all felt very natural although more dreamlike.

14th November 2012, 04:44 PM
Pixelated sight could be related to incomplete development of the required inner senses to form a "detailed picture."

15th November 2012, 06:27 AM
Thx Korpo, thats what I think too. Or at least thats what i mean when I say "not tuned in" I guess.

25th November 2012, 07:47 AM
5. Vibrations (2012-11-25)

Woke up early morning in the vibrational state. I think I woke up when already beeing able to get away from my body. I saw my hand loosen but then I got sucked in to my body again. I snapped in and out of consciousness and regained it in a bit of a lighter vibrational state. I remember it deepen a bit, saw through my eyelids though not very clear. I can remember something that looked like a TV but it was very hazy and not a clear vision at all. After that I think I snapped out of consciousness again and woke up after a long dream later in the morning.

The TV did not belong to where I was. Perhaps I saw it wrong but it deffinatelly felt out of place. I know the RTZ can be a bit different than during normal waking consciousness.

28th November 2012, 08:34 AM
6. Vibrations (2012-11-28 )

I remember beeing in that vague conscious state like the last time I woke up in the vibrational state. I heard the same sound, the increasing frequency and loudness. I immediately recognize it now. This time I was not confused at all, I just knew what happened instantly. I remember some part of my body moved so I thought that it was my physical body, and the vibrations decreased. So I tried to lay still and see if the vibrations increased. They did again, but then I snapped out of consciousness and woke up in my physical body. I went to thebathroom, in what I think was physical reality.

When my body moved I don't know for sure if that was my physical or non-physical body that moved. Perhaps I could have floated out or gotten upp in my non-physical body at that time instead of lying still. I thought that I had no paralysis at all and that still confuses me as some persons don't have that at all. Perhaps I was in fact awake in my non-physical body. The part where I got up and went to thebathroom is still fuzzy.
The next time, I will either try and keep conscious as the vibrations deepen or I will try to get up when I feel some part of my body moves.

28th November 2012, 12:45 PM
Do it immediately if you have the mind to- In my experience (after years of projecting the usual way) I only have vibes on reentry, and if you're waking up with them waiting just gets you anchored in your body.

28th November 2012, 01:05 PM
Yeah, I have thought about that too as I have gotten anchored every time. My mindset has been that I ruin it if I get up, but perhaps thats bad thinking. I will try what you say the next time. Thank you CFT, great advice as always!

10th December 2012, 10:30 AM
7. Visual Patterns (2012-12-10 )

I was semi-conscious tonight as I woke up and saw some vivid patterns on the beack of my eyelids/in the dark. I also heard/felt some static noises/vibrations. I saw some patterns that vibrated/pulsated in a certain way. They were white on a black screen. I thought to myself what it was and if I somehow could affect them, but it didn't seem so and both the vibrations/sound and the visuals ended and I fell asleep.

I think this was effects that emerged when I was comming into my body, having been out unconscioussly. What these patterns represent I don't know but I suspect they were visuals of some vibration I was in. Perhaps that, else I don't know.

16th December 2012, 11:20 AM
7. Dream + Vibrations (2012-12-16 )

I had a dream where I met a person who had knowledge about mysterious stuff (aka. witch or something like that). In this dream I sat with my hand against hers. She pressed her fingers against mine as to induce or do something. I didn't know why I was there, at least thats what I remember. She tried to press my thumb and said something like: "The trick is to not be afraid" or "The trick is to relaxe/let go". I can't quite remember if thats what she said. So I remember thinking: "Alright, I'm going to do this" or "I'm have decided to go through with it". Either way, I made up my mind about something. So I pressed back at her thumb and the whole hand began to shake, and before I knew it I woke up in the vibrational state with very loud noise in my ears but no vision. I tried to deepen it and the sound increased but after a while it settled again. I then again tried to increase thenoice and it did somewhat, but settled again. As I finally came out of the vibrations my legs swayed like waves, like when in deep trance. I then moved my physical legs and went to the bathroom.

Interesting night, since this is the second time I wake up in the vibrational state from a dream. I regret not taking CFT's advice though, about trying to get up instantly from my body. I guess I either was a few seconds late, or I was in my body from the start, because I remember thinking about moving away from my body and I didn't get any movement response. The swaying of my legs after teh vibrational state was probably a trance effect. The next time I will try and rise from my body instantly, and if that fails I will try to induce the vibrational state again. I feel that there is to much thought going on when waking up in the vibrations.

19th December 2012, 08:01 PM
I had a similar experience where I initiated something similar myself. I was talking to others and said "In my school of energy work, we do it like this." and snipped my fingers. I was back in my body, half-awake, and the vibrations started like never before - really roaring like the rush of water coming my way.

21st December 2012, 09:59 PM
Interesting :) This time I had no dream symptoms at all, it just shifted.

21st December 2012, 10:15 PM
8. Dream + Vibrations (2012-12-19 )

I dreamt about beeing near my sisters new flat in my birthtown. This flat is fictional as she hasn't gotten a new one in physical life. I was up on level 4 or something as her apartment was nog on ground level.
I looked behind myself and saw two cats that were black and white standing there. I don't remember anything about them in particular. I then turned around again and looked at the sky. It was a clear blue sky.
I remember thinking something, perhaps that I recognized the situation, and then I woke up in the vibrational state.
The vibrations were not so rough, more like an electrical feeling all over my body with a loud static noise in my ears. I recognize this now. I immidiately know I'm in this state.
I tried to stay with the vibrations but they faded. I then tried to deepen it again, getting it stronger. The noise increased but then I lost the focus and it faded once more. After that I fell alseep.

I wonder about if I'm in the vibrational state or if its a deep trance. Its the same feelings and sound every time. Its like electricity all over and through my body with a loud noise in my ears, like the static on TV. I don't know if I should try and walk up immidiatelly or if I should try and deepen it by laying still and focus. I'v tried the focus several times, but never succeeded. The next time I will shoot straight up and see what happens. If I'm still in my physical body I will try and aim for the vibrational state by inducing trance after 5 minutes of beeing awake.

By the way, these situations are increasing it seems.

10th January 2013, 07:04 AM
9. Vibrations + Dream + Memories (2013-01-10 )

I was semi consciouss when I woke up in the middle of the night in the vibrational state. It feels as a dream although many elements feel very real and not dream like at all. From the vibrational state I remember thinking that perhaps I can get somewhere this time and not just fall asleep again. I then felt the vibrations increase and got finer but much more intense, the sound of it also increased and I felt what seemed to be an incredible speed forward. It then cooled and I thought it was lost but then I felt my astral hands reaching out and touching eachother and I sat up and imidiately tried to get away from the bed.
The next part felt a bit confusing because there were many elements that didn't fit with the physical, hence why I think it was either a lucid dream or a dream. I had to move away from my physical body as I couldn't se at all. It appeared that I had a beuty mask on my head and it cleared away from my vision as I got a little angry and firmly shouted "VISION NOW". When it cleared I was eager to get further away from my physical body as I knew that had to be done to gain clarity. I looked for a window and thought that it finally would be amazing to try and walk through it, and before that I touched a bookshelf (which we don't have) and thought that it was amazing how real it all felt. I got to the veranda door and touched the glas. It was firm and solid as real glas, but I thought that I just gotta know I'm able to step through it. And so I did and felt the structure and texture of the glas. I was so happy to finally do this.
I jumped on to a lawn with frost on it. I felt the crisp feel of frosty gras undermy bare feet. I think I was naked to but that didn't seem to bother me. I knew I had to return soon as I would have no memory of the experience afterwards otherwize so I just wanted to try to fly first. Just a tiny bit.
At first I didn't move but after putting real thought into it I took of. First slowly and then with insanelly fast speed, lightspeed and faster. I went very very far into space in almost no time at all. There was dustclouds and other blueish cloud like substanses where I was. I was very happy to have been able to do this. The space I was watching seemed to be morphing in different shapes and thats where I think I ended it, waking up in my physical a bit confused.

Many elements in this experience makes it hard to know if it was a dream or a lucid dream or something else. For one we don't have a bookshelf, we don't have a lawn outside, and the apartment and the surrounding environment outside looked nothing of what it does in real life. Totally different layout. It could be a memory from an astral travel, but I'm more in tune with the idea of that it was a lucid dream memory. The vibrations felt very real though. Its as if certain parts of this memory feels more real than others. Perhaps thats a side effect of me not having experienced this kind of adventure before. Also the dream is very streamlined and goes from point to point when in my normal dreams its very random and events can unfold in and between eachother. This really felt like I was conscious at some point and experienced something from A - Z so to speak.
The coolest thing about this experience is that the shift from the experience to opening my eyes were so smooth its unbelieveable. I mean it was smooth as in a unoticeable shift.

13th May 2013, 06:05 AM
10. Lucid Dream (2013-05-13 )

During the day I had meditated with a not so good result. I had a hard time focus and silencing my mind this time. I felt that I drifted of to sleep to easy. Also before going to bed I red some of William Buhlmans target technique in his book "Journeys Out Of the Body". I did this technique before going to bed, not expecting anything out of the ordinary. It had been a long time since I had any special experiences happening..

I had been dreaming for some time (I think), when everything suddently became clearer. It was a follow up dream, where I found myself in a familiar kitchen. I believe it resembled my mothers old flat where I lived when I was little. I think I was semi-conscious at the time, believing that I had just got up from bed and was going to eat breakfast. When I sat there I was aware that someone familiar was lying in the sofa in the livingroom. I thought that it was a family friend named Agneta (which appeared in a dream I had before this event). I also noticed that I had a white tennis-shirt on me and brown/beige pants. Everything seemed normal except for the fact that I don't own a white tennis-shirt and brown pants, but that didn't strike me as odd at the time.
I had a knife in my hand with which I took some butter and spread it on my bread before me. Then I had this notion that something was off, something wasn't as it usually is. What was off here?
I looked at the knife, and bread, and I sat still.. thinking. I thought that everything is super real, this can't be a dream or an OBE. But what if?
Then I tried to levitate myself from the chair.. and it worked! I was instantly filled with happiness and joy, and this sensation was so strong that at the same moment I woke up with static/buzzing sounds all around me. I had just reentered my body.

It can be so decieving, the dreams.
All in all I think this was a lucid dream or something like it. Yet it felt so extremelly real when I sat there. My mind was telling me that this can't be a dream, and yet it was. A very fun thing to happen after all this time of nothing.

21st October 2013, 01:02 PM
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21st October 2013, 01:54 PM
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22nd October 2013, 05:37 AM
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Ah, ok. I had hovered over the purple in general and got nothing. You should make the whole phrase the link to make it more obvious.

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