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18th October 2012, 04:24 PM
Partnered Exploration; PE-AdjustEnergy7

This is a call for PE, main purpose is to perform a group energy activity.

For some of my ideas related to PE activities in general,
see this -> link (http://afterlife-knowledge.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?num=1344896428/1#1) (where the PE template also is commented).

Name of this PE is PE-AdjustEnergy7 and its session dates (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601) & times (24 hour clock) are:

- PE-AdjustEnergy7.sess01, 2012-12-16 18.00 UTC+0 (Sunday)
- PE-AdjustEnergy7.sess02, 2013-01-13 18.00 UTC+0 (Sunday)

NOTE: Sessions in Dec 2012 and in Jan 2013.

Example 1, for Sweden, Germany, Italy and most of EU this becomes:
- PE-AdjustEnergy7.sess01, 2012-12-16 19.00 UTC+1 (Sunday)
- PE-AdjustEnergy7.sess02, 2013-01-13 19.00 UTC+1 (Sunday)

Example 2, for U.S. Eastern Time this becomes:
- PE-AdjustEnergy7.sess01, 2012-12-16 13.00 UTC-5 (Sunday)
- PE-AdjustEnergy7.sess02, 2013-01-13 13.00 UTC-5 (Sunday)

(If I make an error somewhere in the examples, please correct me.)
DST is _not_ in effect in America or EU as I know of during this PE.

Activity: A guide of mine told me to schedule a so called "ADJUST ENERGY" PE,
at the end of PE-Alien6.sess02.

I think most of us otherwise get our energies adjusted perfectly on our
own by various guides, but by some reason we may benefit from a PE.

I have no idea why this energy adjustment has to be done as a group. Maybe
it has something to do with synchronizing our energies as they may be
linked to each other since the Healing of the albino alien Tabitha.

I also don't really know why those energies have to be adjusted. Perhaps
we have picked up stuff from Tabitha which has to be handled? Possible
there is nonphysical development which needs attention, too.

PE Action:

Relax, possible gather PUL. If needed, go nonphysically to a favorite place
of yours and request a guide leading you to the Garden & Park. Otherwise go
directly to the Garden & Park as mentioned in PE-Alien6. I'll include the
old map of the area for completeness:


If no images can be seen by your minds eye, imagine peeling an orange.
If you see anything, imagine greeting the others at the Park & Garden.
My guess by now is that the Garden & Park is somewhere in Focus 27.

Then wait and let the guides "adjust energy" on you. If you feel moved
to another place, just follow, observe and see what happens. You may be
taken for a ride alone or together with others. Perhaps you'll get a task
to perform, but most likely is that you just relax and rest somewhere.

Keeping an open mind also helps.

Explicit participants:

Anyone can participate, just state that you will join the PE in this thread.
You don't need to have been on any previous PE. Possible PE participants
(their originating forums are after their forum nicks) from the previous
PE, for healing Tabitha, are:

PauliEffect (Afterlife Knowledge (http://afterlife-knowledge.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi))
CFTraveler (Astral Dynamics (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/forum.php))
IA56 (Astral Dynamics (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/forum.php))
dreaming90 (Astral Dynamics (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/forum.php))
hydro1 (and gf) (Astral Void (http://www.astralvoid.com/))
Jettins (Astral Void (http://www.astralvoid.com/))
zoser (Unexplained Mysteries (http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/index.php?act=idx))
Vicky (Linn's (http://www.spiritlinnsforum.com/forum/index.php))
Targobaath (TOE (http://www.my-big-toe.com/forums/index.php))

If you can't do the PE any of the two days, just set intent to participate
and do the PE 24 hours before or 24 hours after one of the times of day
stated at the beginning of this post.

18th October 2012, 06:16 PM
Sounds good to me.

18th October 2012, 08:20 PM
Count me in my friend.

15th December 2012, 06:36 PM
Reminder: Tomorrow this PE has it's first session.

Also, I plan to make a second PE to ask questions in January.
If any of you have questions you think would fit in a PE setting,
please post them somewhere, in this thread for example.

15th December 2012, 08:19 PM
I´m will partisipate tomorrow, thank you!

16th December 2012, 11:03 PM
PE-AdjustEnergy7.sess01, Sunday 2012-12-16

Not much happened for me really.

I started half an hour in advance, because I wanted to take a nap, but
I only got into shallow sleep for a short moment.

I saw an athletic young woman standing with her back to me. She wore
running shoes, but I don't think she was a runner. She had the body
type of the stronger heptathlon athletes. She never turned around
and had some clothes appropriate for jogging.

As I saw her flat running shoes, I think that it could be as message
from my guides, that I should get some more healthy exercise.

I could feel some vibrations from my stomach, but that doesn't have to
mean anything as I often get the feeling of vibrations without anything
happening. For me, vibrations are usually not connected with OBEs.

I sent some healing and positive energy to a young adult who I know is
very angry for the moment, I hoped for improvements of the situation.

Then I had a very brief sleep.

I woke up and imagined myself at the Park near the bigger PE circle.

The Park area looked more photo realistic than usual, but also different.
The area looked more like a Park made from an abandoned grass field, once
used to cultivate fruit trees. Now most of the fruit trees were gone.
I saw one old apple tree close by.

The Park didn't have the same appearance that it used to have. I tried
to call for a guide to take me to the PE setting.

I saw no one.

To get things started, I imagined Targobaath, CFTraveler and IA56,
being there. I greeted everyone.

Targobaath appeared like a goth person, CFTraveler had the feeling of
being a mother to childs (she gave me a hug), and IA56 seemed tall,
slim and probably younger than in real life, somewhere around 30.

I had decided to not try to do anything special and just let the guides
do their job, whatever that could be.

I looked around and saw one or two cots/camp beds. Maybe we were supposed
to lay down on cots? I imagined myself folding coats and hand them over to
each PE participant. We were on some kind of outdoor lawn. Maybe there
was a small sea or pond nearby?


Then I had some strange non-visual impressions. Some of people, some
from nature, some of buildings. I forgot things.

I could feel some vibrations in the lower parts of my legs. I was a little
unsure what was happening as I got few clear impressions and could pick
up images of my PE participants. The vibrations moved slowly up, but
that still hasn't to mean anything as I often get the feeling of
vibrations moving around and seldom anything is the result.

But I got the feeling that something was wrong with the PE, either the place
we did the PE was wrong or some PE circumstance was wrong.

I got the impression that we should move our PE.

I saw a map of some part of Germany. I saw a regular sized town marked on
the map and a small town (to the left of the regular town) on the map.
There was also a river running past/through both towns. The river
dwindled itself in left-right directions.

I got the impression that we should move our PE from the region around
the regular town to some place at the smaller town.

I rejected the idea of a move of our PE. It didn't seem sane.

I got more fuzzy impressions.


At one moment I managed to view us all lie down on the cots. There was
darkness around us. I could feel the presence of a young person who
didn't want us to do the PE. Our presence was unwanted. Stop it or
move to another "room" was the message I got.

More fuzzy images, a room perhaps?


I saw Darth Vader (the Star Wars character) walk with two higher officers
of his army, one male and one female military.

They all three walked towards an indoor construction with a pillar in the
middle. The construction looked like a big hotel reception with persons
working at the rounded and elongated desk. Was this a space station?
The ceiling was high up and the rounded wall a behind the desk had
a bluish color to it. There were tall pillars to the far sides.

When Darth Vader and his two officers approached the reception looking
construction, a huge number of soldiers from the Vader's army appeared
and raised their weapons towards him and the two officers. The soldiers
appeared both from behind walls and from regions above, like from indoor

I got the feeling of betrayal. Darth Vader may be an unpleasant figure,
but at that moment my sympathy was with Vader. The number of his own
soldiers who had turned against him seemed overwhelming.

I wondered what Vader would do.

I then got more fuzzy impressions. I fell asleep again and when I woke
up I had a lot of vibrations in my stomach.


At one late time I got a clear mind and saw the 3-D blackness. The state
of mind didn't last for more than half a minute.

I wonder if this was a not a result that I should have gotten? Maybe I was
too tired for the PE to be of much use. I also wonder why I had the feeling
that something was wrong? Perhaps the time for this kind of PE was a little
to early compared to the short time since healing Tabitha.

Anyway, we'll have a second session i January. The strange thing was also
that I didn't feel that I had any personal need for getting any nonphysical
energies adjusted. I may have had the need directly after PE-Alien6, but
now that need seems gone.

I wonder if we should have "moved" our PE. Maybe that was a fault from my
side to not "move" after I had seen the map of the German land area?

I said bye-bye to everyone and finished the PE.

I hope you got more from this PE than I did.

16th December 2012, 11:28 PM
I started at 18.40...The first thing I saw was a hand holding a disk with holes for the fingers, first I thought it was placed on my neck but I think it was placed through my ´throat chakra and I felt a falling sensation...Then I saw a tunnel and like a rat looking at me...I travelled in the tunnel but backwards...then I felt a pull on my left side in my arm, stomach and leg, like I was pulled to the left and then it benden very strongly at the left side and was placed at my back...then I felt in my crown chakra was pored in like energy and it did tingle down to my navel I felt it both inside and outwards...felt rather heavy pressure on my 3:d eye and my whole back bone hurt..I did meet someone but I can not say who or how it felt...yet..maybe after my sleep in a dream will revel more, I hope....I was done precisly at 19.40.....Now I am very spirited and light

Thank you all!!

11th January 2013, 12:28 PM
There are now 2 days left to the second session of PE-AdjustEnergy7
(also notice that there is a parallel PE, the call for PE-Queries9).

I've been thinking if there is a way to achieve a little more out
of this PE. If you participants want to, you may add at least one
question of your own, be it big or small.

I'll probably ask if there is anything important I should do in the
nearest 6 months, or something which I should pay attention too?

So far no new PE participants on the various forums have joined,
so we are probably the same small bunch of people as before.

For any new PE participants, your welcome, just state in this
thread that you'll want to join PE-AdjustEnergy7.

11th January 2013, 01:22 PM
Hi Pauli, I´d like to ask a question....Is there time limits Before a manifestation can occure??....You can remould the question as you feel right or want...but what I mean by that question is....that I have felt many time that I am ready for some change or something to happen in my Life, but it has bean like a time thing.....not Before sertain amount of time has passed even if I understand and feel to manifest ....it will not happen Before the right time is achieved....or has it to do with the other bodies?? and theire development has to be fullfilled Before things Changes in the now??

11th January 2013, 02:09 PM
@ Pauli:
Thanks for reminding me about this one. I think I need my energies adjusted, been having lots of nightmares lately (not on my diary, some are too personal, others not). I'll be 'there'.

For whatever it's worth, I think it's a combination of all of those perspectives- change may happen and you may not notice, your subtle bodies have to be 'ready', and things may take time in the sense that something significant in the physical may have to happen to make you realize the changes. Not sure if I'm clear, or even accurate, for that matter.

11th January 2013, 03:23 PM
Hi Pauli, I´d like to ask a question....Is there time limits Before a manifestation can occure??....You can remould the question as you feel right or want...but what I mean by that question is....that I have felt many time that I am ready for some change or something to happen in my Life, but it has bean like a time thing...

I have no idea, but that could be a question of your own, if you try to ask that question
during our PE on Sunday, I'll help in trying to sense it and send helping energy.

11th January 2013, 03:51 PM
I have no idea, but that could be a question of your own, if you try to ask that question
during our PE on Sunday, I'll help in trying to sense it and send helping energy.
Okay, thank´s....I try to ask this on Sunday, and you sending helping energy.

13th January 2013, 01:38 PM
For whatever it's worth, I think it's a combination of all of those perspectives- change may happen and you may not notice, your subtle bodies have to be 'ready', and things may take time in the sense that something significant in the physical may have to happen to make you realize the changes. Not sure if I'm clear, or even accurate, for that matter. Thank´s CFT...I have bean feeling something you say, I will try to ask to be sure how the reality is ....See you soon :-)

13th January 2013, 08:19 PM
I started at 18.50 and Purple energy vawes coming towards me but a black spot did block my view, so I fokused forward and got a feeling of travelling, I felt that I shall try to land, but it did not go well, I did not have any controll so I stop. Now I fokused and I see an energy form it look like it has an energy brusch and brusched from down and upwards, and all expands, it feels like my energy body. Now I feel an strong energy coming with high speed towards me, I feel not afraid and I feel steady and strong...it feels like my fokused energy forward was collected and now bending from the left to right and affixed on my back on heart hight...and it starts to flow from the heart Point from my back and goes both from right and left side and up and down to my heart Point from the front ...it goes on like this a while...Then like a lens apperes, and I am outside like a whitness but also like a fokus Point in the view from the lens...it starts to go from right to left and I am like a dot on the right corner and I am to slow the lens goes to fast and I loose the fokus totally.-..Now I fokus again and I see like energy formations collecting like small fragments of energy Points, and when it does like suck up the dot it flames up Bright and with big flame...and it feels like all is collected to one piece....like it had bean splitted Before but is whole now...I was done at 19.50...I feel fresh and light. Little bit pain on the heart spot on my back...I tried to ask if Pauli was there, no answere...I asked if CFT was there ...no answere....so I tried to ask my question but ...no answere...so I did try to fokus and go along with no expectations and that happened what is writtened abowe...Thank you all.

13th January 2013, 09:05 PM
PE-AdjustEnergy7.sess02, Sunday 2013-01-13

This session was fun, something happened. :)

Meeting a guide

I started one minute before time and went to my place in F 27.
I walked the beach and thought of a passed away person who
sometimes has appeared as my guide.

She walked at my side.

I was happy to see her. She seemed a little taller than in real
life. I asked her something about the PE. She then held her hands
at my shoulders and face to face she then put up her knee (!) and
pushed it into (?) my stomach. It was my interpretation that some
energy work was started on me. I had energy sensations for
several minutes.

Then it suddenly stopped. I felt nothing special, more than being
calm. I've had some worries lately, related to real life events,
but at that moment they seemed gone.

I didn't do anything for maybe two minutes and wondered to myself
if I should try go to the Garden & Park, to see the other PE

I flew around a little over the area of "my place", but then left.

Smaller house in Garden

I was in the region I think of as Vicky's Garden. The house looked
different this time, it was smaller. The outer, southmost wall, looked
also different, as it had black horizontal wooden planks beneath a
large wide window. There was no longer any door in the house wall.

I sensed it to be a sign that I should not dwell there for too long.

I took a glance in the direction of the F 26 area inside the hedge,
and spotted one Skriet Alien (a human who thinks she/he is an alien).
I could feel that this Skriet Alien was not ready for retrieval,
so I headed for the opening in the corner of the hedge.

I didn't get directly out into the Park. I first moved into a very
bright light, moved through the light in a way, which made me feel
that I shifted to another nonphysical region.

PE come together

I emerged out of the light and almost was sliding down a slope
at my entrance to the Park.

This is the first time I have felt this transition. I now realize
that what I think of as Vicky's Garden and the Park, probably are
two completely different nonphysical regions. And I had to "move"
to get from one place to the other.

I looked back at what should be Vicky's Garden, but on its place I
instead saw a huge, white Mansion with small neat towers and red

I also examined the terrain, the surroundings of the Mansion and noticed
that the hedge looked much tidier than before. The Mansion's hedge was
higher and cut into a shape resembling a brick wall appropriate for an
English castle.

In front of the Mansion's hedge there were several trees, cut and trimmed
in similar ways. The trees had been cut into perfect slim, cone shapes.

It looked a little bizarre.

I scanned the Park for my fellow PE friends. I only saw one or two
cartoonish looking grey aliens. One grey had a shovel and was digging
in the dirt. These aliens surely are interested in nonphysical F 27 soil.


As I couldn't see any humans, I looked for my guide and suddenly sensed
her close by. I said I wanted to go fetch IA56, if she wasn't in the
Park already, as I wanted to hear IA56's question.

I somehow transitioned to another place, where IA56 was. A guide, or
something, maybe even an Aspect of me, approached IA56. IA56 seemed
to hug the guide. I could see IA56's face and arms. I guessed that
she probably used the guide as a transporting aid to get to the

The guide IA56 hugged looked kind of very fat or at least very large in
size. IA56 moved to the Park and I followed. She continued to hug her
guide, who now looked a little "unshapely" or oversized in body form.

I then saw CFTraveler and to my right I saw Targobaath.

I greeted them in order; IA56, CFTraveler and Targobaath. I then noticed
that Targobaath looked disoriented, like he wasn't aware or fully able
to see things. His viewpoint wandered in the air, almost like he was
following the trace of a fly. He certainly didn't look at me.

I began sending helping energy to IA56, as I wanted to help her with
getting answers to her question. I think none of us did anything
particular for some moments. Somewhere around here I got the word
"cookie", in my head. I had no idea what that meant.

Then it puzzled me that IA56 still was hugging her guide, who now looked
like a very large round pillow.

I looked up in the direction of the Mansion. As it had seemed smaller
in size this time, I assumed that we weren't going there in the first

Then Vicky was in front of me. She was up close and gave me her peculiar
smile. I said hi to her. Then I asked Vicky who IA56 was hugging, as I
couldn't make it out.

Vicky (jokingly): "Dragon!"

Then Vicky moved past me and in a more serious voice commented who
IA56 was hugging.

Vicky: "Cake."


I looked at IA56 and saw that she still hugged that large thingy, which had
the height or herself, but was very wide and seemed round in shape.

IA56 looked playful. We were all standing rather close by. IA56 let go
of the thing she had hugged. The round thing tipped forward. It softly
fell to the ground. It was a large birthday cake. It had three large,
lit candle lights, appropriate for its size.

The birthday cake was about one meter high and two meters in diameter.
A huge Cake. The cake had white icing on the flat top surface and on
the surface a triangle was drawn in raised white icing. The round cake
formed a perfect circle surrounding the triangle.

Imagine a symmetrical triangle, perfectly surrounded by a circle,
touching all three corners of the triangle. That's what the cake's
surface looked like.

In each corner of the triangle, a lit birthday candle light was burning.
How IA56 had managed to hide that for me, was a riddle. The lights
where almost one meter tall each. IA56 also looked quite tall.

I asked IA56 if I was allowed to taste the cake, she answered yes. I
took a small piece, the size of my palm and put it into my mouth. The
cake tasted like a very sweet sugar cake.

I then asked IA56 if the others were allowed to taste it, and she again
answered yes. I think she thought it was great fun. I saw CFTraveler
take a piece and then noticed Targobaath not figuring out what was
going on. I lead him like a blind to the cake, cut out a piece and
gave it to him. Targobaath ate that piece like I've seen blind
people eating bread on movies, cake crumbs all over.


Now some energy work was probably done on some of us, or at least on
me as I could sense vibrations and similar sensations.

I sent some positive helping energies to the PE group and to IA56.

Some time passed and I again tried to direct myself to sense IA56, asking
her question. Eventually she did ask. Her question was something like;
why don't thing we want, manifest at once?

I picked up two words and some knowings from a guide.

Guide said: "Inertia... Synchronization..."

By Inertia I got the feeling of something heavy. like a locomotive needed
time to get moving. By Synchronization I could feel that other people
as well, needed adjustments. Also our beliefs are energy which don't
leave quickly all at once. And there were more reasons, but I also
was a little unsure about what I picked up, because my feeling of
the question and what actually was asked, may have been slightly
different. A subtle, but perhaps important difference, so I'll
read IA56's report in the forum later. :)

After a while I could get no more sensations from the guides on the


I now directed my energy sending to CFTraveler in case she had a question
of her, to ask. After some time I faintly sensed something related to the
words "host", "hosting" or "hostess", but I never got the full question
or any answer. I didn't get much of any knowings either.

I decided to ask my own questions:

Me: "What is important for me to do the next 6 months?"

A guide answered: "Study (reality)."

I got the feeling that I should study in a research oriented manner.
Study, find things out. I tried some follow-up questions, but didn't
exactly get answers I expected. Perhaps the study was to read books
as well.

I the asked: "What should I pay attention to?"

Guide answered: " (person's name) "

That was a person I knew had difficulties, so I should help that person,
was my impression, alright.


There then passed some more smaller events, some which I can't remember
or think are important. I walked around the area, saw Vicky and asked
her if she wanted some of IA56's cake. Vicky answered she had gotten
cake. I saw Bruce Moen at some distance, I never asked him about the
cake, maybe I could feel that he was happy with us just being there.

I also found a small woman some distance away. It was LaughingRain. So
she was there after all! I asked her if she wanted some cake. She
answered that she just wanted to observe.

Then, at the end I heard a guide.

Guide said: "A port is opening."

I got quite some physical sensations and had to move around while still
laying down. I also got a message.

Guide again: "Tell Aardema he is doing a good job."


Soon after I decided to finish our PE. I said bye-bye to everyone and
left. About an hour real time, had passed.

Later in the physical I sent Aardema a PM. You are doing a good job. :)

Thanks, everyone. :)

13th January 2013, 09:34 PM
This part I forgot in my original post. At the PE end I wondered about
my "study" task.

I asked: "Why study?"

Guide(s) answered: "We want to know more about the world."

Me again: "But why do you want me to study?"

Guide(s) answered: "We will all benefit from it."

14th January 2013, 02:01 PM
I tried but got nothing. I did have some interesting dreams this morning, but no PE imagery or info.

14th January 2013, 02:14 PM
Thanks for your participation, CFTraveler. Getting "nothing" could also be
a sign that on the energy-adjustment-side-by-group-PE, you're perfect. :)

14th January 2013, 02:21 PM
I doubt that. But check out my dream diary entry, there is something about being in a gurney. Maybe I did participate but it wasn't good.