View Full Version : A hit-and-miss affair

26th October 2012, 03:04 PM
For some reason in my office we started to crumple our paper waste and throw it at the waste bin in high arcs. This been going on for a while, and I've never been a good thrower, and so I "treasure" my few scores.

Today, however, I visualised my shots going in and suddenly I got perfect scores! Hmmm... :whatthe:

26th October 2012, 05:48 PM
Great, Korpo, maybe the local basketball team might have heard this and now you might soon receive a call for a contract for the next season. :-)

Well done.

Yesterday, I might also have done a manifestation which many "manifestators" talk about often: parking space.

I was driving into the over-crowded parking lots of the university. Well, it was at noon and so everything was crammed and occupied with parking cars. Not a single free slot. (Also, more young people than ever have started their studies in Germany, this might be a reason, too).

So I was driving through many of these vast parking lots. There weren't even some 'unoffical' parking places left over on the nearby lawns. It seemed hopeless.

I go there for the library since I can be learning there more effectively than in my crammed and narrow temp 'home' (a room at my parent's house actually).

Then, after 10 minutes of driving through all the vast parking lots I said (approximately) the following aloud:

"Larger Consciousness System, I have to be here for my studies. In need to get into the library in order to be learning effectively, that's why I drive here in the first place. I need a parking place now and have no motivation and time to go on driving! I WILL HAVE ONE NOW!!!"

I then drove around a bend (and I had been driving through this lane before in vain) and one single empty parking place was there only 3-5 seconds after I had spoken this. On my way to the library I still took a good look around, but did not discover yet any other free one, which proved to me that I had been really really 'lucky' (?) then.