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29th May 2006, 03:08 PM
In PHG's OBE Journal, Aunt Clair wrote:

The etheric body projection tends to vibe out or peel off from the front of the
male and the rear of the female so I think your observations are correct.

Lying on the stomach and lying sideways does tend to be best for female OBE /etheric projectors and lying on the back and lying sideways tends to be best for male OBE/etheric projectors . Sitting up is good for recall but the female does not obe as well from that position . Females leaning forward may be able to project an etheric body more easily . The female etheric body tends to peel off or vibe out from the rear of the male tan tien from the hips . The male etheric body tends to peel off or vibe out from the front of the male tan tien from the hips .

The mental body projection is much easier to do , it exits from the crown for male or females . In fact with all sorts of projections that I have witnessed only the etheric body is gender specific .

29th May 2006, 03:14 PM
This sheds a light on why my projections are so different now from when I was younger. I have always projected lying on my back, and sometimes on the side, where I 'roll off'. In the last 2 years, however, I've had to do it in a recliner, because of back problems-and I've noticed my projections are less of a 'realistic' RTZ nature, and more of a 'going through a gateway and end up somewhere else, sometimes the places are clearly fantastic, sometimes they appear as if in a different place in the earth. Is it possible, that as a woman, projecting reclined is limiting the options my energy body has?

Aunt Clair
30th May 2006, 04:39 AM
Is it possible, that as a woman, projecting reclined is limiting the options my energy body has?

Hi CFT , I think so, yes . I feel that we can of course project through walls and ceilings but the hardest bit is to peel off of the body in an etheric projection to walk with recall . That is that we can project through our own body from back to front to lift off but that sets up a wall in the spine and the alchemical structures of the energy body and makes it much more difficult to vibe out at all and harder still to recall it. We want to vibe out smoothly so we can walk in the etheric projection with recall in the RTZ and astral .

We can of course choose to project in a mental body to see higher realms but as we continue to ascend to the higher vibration it becomes more difficult to vibe out anymore . I found that this is still possible if I deliberately add EARTH this makes me heavy and allows me to walk and peel out instead of flying and slipping out the female tan tien .
I feel that the accomplished projector should be able to control the exit with recall and know the advantages of various forms of projection . They each have inherent weaknesses and strengths . I wish to continue to vibe out in OBE because it allows me to walk into rooms instead of floating and because it helps me to appear to the awares .

Because vibing through the spine and the tan tiens to come out the other side of the energy body is actually more difficult than to fly through a ceiling which has no alchemical structures of its own . I feel that most of us find the projection of consciousness much easier for many reasons . But I feel that females should be taught in different methods from the onset .

As Franz Bardon writes , the back and left of the body are female from sole to crown and the front and the right of the body are male from sole to crown .But that is generally speaking . The energy body is actually the most gender specific at the base and becomes more balanced in alchemical marriage as it ascends the spinal column . The supra tan tien which is purple and cosmic in nature is red male and blue female in harmony undivided .

The red male earth tan tien in the centre of the body at the hips is female on the back and left and male on the front and right . For this reason it is also easier for the female to lie upon the right side to expose her left for easier projection .