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3rd November 2012, 08:18 PM
to give you a nice long life the spirit needs to stop you becoming
god, its a kindness
if you decide to stop thinking life will do all it can to make you
think about something
when you stop thinking your potential is huge in the next second you
could do this or do that you are only a thought away from being god
as the only real difference between you and god is the thoughts you
when you think a thing you go from godlike potential and bottle neck
it into something irrelevant
the universe must resonate to exist it must go from positive to
negative and back forever
lightwaves soundwaves emotions gender consciousness
all these waveforms have positive peeks and negative dips
so when you stop thinking the whole universe wants you to conform so
you and it can resonate and exist in the first place
before you type a thing you know what you are going to write
its the same with thoughts before you think a thing you know what
your going to say, people often feel it in there heart and then say
it aloud in there head as some form of control
but as all the information is in the heart to start with its really
not nessesery to say it in your mind, its relatively easy to just
use emotional inteligence and feel the data rather than think the
when you become aware of the super fast thoughts in the heart your
mind will be almost silent, freeing up your potential
when you go into a situation or an idea with the most potential the
odds for a better outcome increase
also with things like negs who relie on you to think and feel the
way they want you to for energy extraction it becomes really
difficault for them to farm you, because your heart can run rings
around them
the greatest enemy for a quiet mind is your own vibrant spirit
if you learn to manage your spirit and guide it with commands and
honesty your situations should improve
and without your brain holding back your mind you should become more
inteligent and more honest
just food for thought lol, just dont think about it

4th November 2012, 10:55 PM
I think my guides are hiding things for me deliberately. :)

Sometimes it's almost like one big IQ test.