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29th May 2006, 11:38 PM
The following is a conversation with Matthew about an experience I had recently.

Interesting sensations.... I've had all of them at some point myself, so I feel qualified to offer my opinion.

The last few days, I had a few symptoms I recognize as kundalini related to a degree. Hard to explain, and I'm not sure at all, it's a working theory at this point - maybe not kundalini per se, but some kind of stronger energy than normal.

We all tend to talk about moving "energy" around as if it is one thing. However, there is a whole energy spectrum ranging from "dense" to "ethereal." Very strong energies are not necessarily kundalini, and I think this is the case here. In fact, I see a definite "elemental" quality to the energy you experienced. Notice all the references to fire.....

Anyway, shortly after I laid down to go to bed, my temp was slightly elevated, I felt achy and fluish (nausea) - I'm not sick, btw.

I've had this happen to me from energy work. I believe it is a sign that an energy blockage is about to be dissolved. Notice the heat your body experienced: a physical manifestation of the fiery energy.

My left leg was very restless, it would just kind of move on it's own in little spasms. I wondered about negs, but then it came to me that it could be energy body related.

At this point, the blockage was partly dissolved as a high-grade energy started moving through your energy body. It couldn't quite handle the influx, causing physical twitches.

Shortly after the RLS type feeling, both legs felt on FIRE, down to my toes.

At this point, the blockage has dissolved and the energy body is accepting the energy influx. The energy is expanding out through the energy body and searing all of your energetic pathways.

I haven't done any NEW on them in days, again, taking my time.

It takes a few days or weeks for our work with NEW to cause any permanent changes to our energy bodies. It's the old adage of sowing the seed and then leaving it alone until it sprouts.

I then felt a slamming sensation in my lower legs. Similar to when I have had spontaneous OBE's where my whole body felt slammed, this time it was just my lower legs.

You experienced just what you think (always trust your feelings). The influx of new high-octane energy made your legs spontaneously project. Removing blockages will do that (it's just like a small version of a kundalini awakening... that's the mother of all blockages and produces the most powerful of exit sensations).

I find it curious that my left leg was the one that was restless as I have been having issues with this leg. When I first started NEW, I had some pain along the back of it from the hip to the knee, like a blockage I think??

Blockages in the energy body eventually become manifested in the physical body. I believe that painful sensations are blockages closer to manifestation.... if it was just energetically blocked, it would feel like a "dead" area.

Overall, I would say that you experienced the removal of a block in your lower lumbar region. I believe that the energy body in these situations flushes itself out with a high-octane fiery-elemental energy.

This could be the precursor for more spinal openings, but predicting when they will happen is as hard as predicting an earthquake. It could be days or years.

I believe this is a good sign... Let me know if any of the symptoms persist. [/quote:1s2l82zp]

I thought this might be helpful to post. :)

I need to add that I had some healing work done to me a day or maybe two before this happened - so it's very hard to tell if this experience resulted from the NEW I have been doing or the healing work done. :)