View Full Version : Useful information for using the CD

Blue Mage
4th June 2006, 06:47 PM
I thought I'd share my experience using it so I might help someone else with the same problems:

Originally I had a version of bwgen installed on my computer that was now expired. I tried installing the CD version of the program over it but it did not change anything; I did not have the sound files from the CD. I tried importing them but you can't import with the unregistered version.

Solution: I uninstalled the program from the control panel in windows xp, and then reinstalled from the CD. The program was reinstalled and it *automatically* had the MAP settings in it.

So, my point is, when bwgen is installed, the MAP sound files should be there automatically, you should not try to import them. I have not noticed this being emphasized anywhere else...

With the affirmations... Here are some directions for converting the sound files to an mp3 that repeats the affirmations to listen to at ones leisure, without having hundreds of tiny tracks on one CD or something:
Download a program called Audacity. It is open source so it is free. In that program, open the sound file, (mp3 or wav, doesn't matter really). Once opened, the waveform of the sound clip is shown. Simply highlight the waveform using the mouse and then press Control-C to copy it. Then keep going to the end of the file and press Control-V to paste another copy at the end. Once the sound is as long as desired, export the file to mp3 format using the option in the menu bar.