View Full Version : Story of one of my own instant maninfistations ( accidental )

15th December 2012, 05:29 PM
Now that I know more about what manifesting is I can look back at some vivid memory's I have and can actually see some great examples of even instant
manifestation. Not that I know a lot now about it I'm just saying when I was 10 I didn't even know the term.

This one example is from when I was about 12 and I am wondering if everyone else would consider it manifestation too. And if it is it raises a few other questions about manifestation just because of the nAture of what happened how scarey it was and how almost completely unreal and magic like it was.

So when I was ten I was playing outside at my dads house just running around beig a kid I was alone. I was scared of bees when I was a kid and I saw a few I think thy we're chasing me I got really scared and ran away inside. By the time I was inside I was screaming for my dad because once I got inside I got bit! Or stung rather.

Bees scared me but being stung was like the ultimate horror story anyway I got stung and hit the bee off me and walked out of the entrance room into the kitchen. All I remember thinking was how scary being stung was and how scared I was of it happening again. Then sure enough I feel a sharp pain on
My belly! Lift up my shirt and splat another bee!!! At this point I was feeling even scardier!!! I ran into a living room and took of my shirt seriously thinking very basically fearful thoughts all of my conscious was just culminated into one thought fear of being bitten again. I feel like In my whole life at that one point I was the most focused on one thing I ever was. And it was completely uncontrollable at that time in my life. I was just scared and couldn't help it in retro spect it was just a new but it was more then that then.

So I was in the living room shirtless and pantless for whatever reason ( my crazed thinking ) and I feel something crawling on my elbow... I look sure enough sting!!! This third sting is what changed my thinking I was still fearful but now my overpowering thought was impossible!! It was painful and I was shocked but from that point on for a very long time after I thought that did not just happen there's no way I got stung twice inside my own house!! But sure enough it did happen my dad was there and saw the bees and witnessed the whole thing.

My questions are

1) if that was the loa at work my fear attractin the bees where dud they come from? Did I manifest them out of thin air? I saw them outside chasing me but thought I was safe inside.

2) if the second two bees didn't come from thin air were they in the house already or did they follow me from outside.

3) if they were on me from outside does the loa predict the future or something because I wasn't so scared when I was outside as I was when I was inside being stung.

Its hard to explain what I'm thinking but it's like wen I was inside I was freaking out did the loa put those bees on me before I was already freaking out or did they come after
lease ask If you need clearification