View Full Version : Movie: "Peaceful Warrior"

12th June 2006, 05:20 PM
I just saw the movie "Peaceful Warrior". Thought it was really good, even though it didn't get very good ratings. Some of them made fun of the metaphysical aspects of the movie, but of course, I liked that part. I didn't read the book (been meaning to for years), so I can't compare it. Dan Millman was the author of the book, and was the main character in the movie (it's about a portion of his life).

12th June 2006, 07:34 PM
Funny, I just read the book a few days ago. A cracking good read Gromit (wallace and gromit, funny stuff :) ) I found it a really insightful book that has helped me a little bit. Although to be fair I did know a lot about the stuff Dan talk about. Defintely a book (and movie I suppose) for the beginner in metaphysics and to an extent the intermediate, but also a nice refresher for the expert :)

16th September 2006, 02:11 PM
I read that years ago, really good book. Didn't know they made a movie of it though.

18th September 2006, 06:26 PM
This was one of the books, right next to Tao Te Ching, that really triggered my curiousity about just what I could achieve in life if I chose to achieve. I didnt know they made a movie either. Im gonna look it up. Might be good for me kids!

18th September 2006, 08:51 PM
It is a fairly good look at the reaction of people first learning that there is more to life than the physical and emotional. Those just coming to 'metaphysics' are comforted by the fact that they are not the only ones freaking-out.

25th December 2014, 10:05 AM
I found the book very powerful. When I read it I had already read a lot of mindfulness/meditation books, but that one grabbed me more than any other. It made me feel that becoming mindful/aware was a gruelling challenge, but something people need to do at some point. And the idea that we are here with a purpose to serve, not in a saintly mother theresa way but being there for the people around you, not just for yourself but part of the human community. The general information in the book was pretty much stuff in any mindfulness book but the way it was written was so much more motivating than stuff like E.Tolle, in my opinion. (who is also a fan.)