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7th January 2013, 11:54 AM
Partnered Exploration (PE); PE-Queries9

This is a call for PE, main purpose is to ask questions to guides or helpers
by the use of PE group energy. (This call for PE goes to several forums.)

There is a How-To-Guide for PEs at this link -> here (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/showthread.php?15573-PE-A-how-to-guide).

For some of my ideas related to PE activities in general,
see this -> link (http://afterlife-knowledge.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?num=1344896428/1#1) (where the PE template also is commented).

Name of this PE is PE-Queries9 and its session dates (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601) & times (24 hour clock) are:

- PE-Queries9.sess01, 2013-01-19 18.00 UTC+0 (Saturday)
- PE-Queries9.sess02, 2013-01-20 18.00 UTC+0 (Sunday)

Example 1, for Sweden, Germany, Italy and most of EU this becomes:
- PE-Queries9.sess01, 2013-01-19 19.00 UTC+1 (Saturday)
- PE-Queries9.sess02, 2013-01-20 19.00 UTC+1 (Sunday)

Example 2, for U.S. Eastern Time this becomes:
- PE-Queries9.sess01, 2013-01-19 13.00 UTC-5 (Saturday)
- PE-Queries9.sess02, 2013-01-20 13.00 UTC-5 (Sunday)

(If I make an error somewhere in the examples, please correct me.)
DST is _not_ in effect in America or EU as I know of during this PE.
The PE probably last about one hour.

Activity: We are going to ask Main Questions to guides & helpers.

The Main Questions may result in follow-up questions or a need for
clarifications. This can take a good deal of time, and that's why
I've limited this PE to only a few Main Questions.

The Main Questions in this PE, are related to Campbell's and Monroe's
Consciousness models, to the idea of parallel lives and other physical

For example, the I-There may only be virtual in a Campbell perspective, while
to Monroe, the I-There seemed to be a real concept of its own.

You don't have to state that you'll participate if you don't want to, but it
will be helpful to others if they know, who are their fellow PE participants.

I'll create a list of PE participants (LIPA) as people state that they want to
join this PE, and post the LIPA in this thread, so please put a post in this
thread if you decide to join. No skills whatsoever are required, and you don't
need to participate in the PE if you suddenly have to change your mind.

(Note, this PE should not be mixed up with earlier scheduled PE-AdjustEnergy7 (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/showthread.php?14722-PE-to-Adjust-Energy-PE-AdjustEnergy7),
having its second session at 2013-01-13.)

PE Action:

There is a How-To-Guide for PEs at this link -> here (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/showthread.php?15573-PE-A-how-to-guide).

Relax, possible gather PUL. If needed, go nonphysically to a favorite place
of yours and request a guide leading you to the Garden & Park. Otherwise go
directly to the Garden & Park as mentioned in PE-Alien6. I'll include the
new map of the area for completeness:


If no images can be seen by your minds eye, imagine peeling an orange. Regardless
If you see anything, imagine greeting the others at the Park & Garden. My guess
by now is that the Garden & Park is somewhere in Focus 27.

For this PE I'll keep a little more open procedure, but I still suggest
that you look for a guide and ask that guide your questions.

Once you sense some other people, gather in a circle and send supportive
energy to the PE group, some people may need healing. After a few minutes
you may choose either to try to listen to other PE participants as they
ask questions or you may begin asking the Main Questions yourself.

If you don't like the concept of guides, you could ask your questions to
anyone else or just out into the air. Only sensing may also work.

Then observe and try to pick up any answers or any follow-up questions.
You could also decide to just do whatever else comes to your mind.

When you've received answers, you may choose to ask follow-up questions,
of you own choice. Take as long time as you want to.

If you feel moved to another place, just follow, observe and see what happens.
You may be taken for a ride alone or together with others. Perhaps you'll get
a task to perform, but most likely you'll just observe something somewhere.

You may repeat a question as many times you want to, or skip it completely.
You may also write these questions down on a paper and shift in and out of
the PE to read your paper. Keep your physical movements to a minimum so you
stay close to the altered state of consciousness suitable for the PE.

Keep an open mind at all times.

MAIN QUESTION 1 TO GUIDE: - Is Monroe's I-There concept valid? Is the
I-There correctly described by Monroe? If not, how is the I-There concept
flawed, wrong or different?

MAIN QUESTION 2 TO GUIDE: - Regarding physical realities not being our
own physical universe, does there exist other physical realities?

MAIN QUESTION 3 TO GUIDE: - Can you show me my other concurrent lives
from my I-There or otherwise connected to me? If there are more than 4 lives,
can you show me those concurrent lives most useful for me in this physical life?
Can you show me my I-There's simplest or lowest life form & the most developed
presently active in any physical reality? Are any of these concurrent or parallel
lives existing in a different physical reality?

MAIN QUESTION 4 TO GUIDE: - Is it possible for physical beings, like humans
to be born without having _any_ nonphysical Consciousness? Does there exist a
choice to avoid having a physical being contain Consciousness, so that no
Consciousness experiences those problems, which are part of that being's
physical life?

(Here you may have to reformulate your questions if you get strange responses
related to the concept of Consciousness. See Pierre Marcel's answer in PE-Queries8 (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/showthread.php?14874-PE-to-ask-questions-PE-Queries8&p=117028#post117028).)

MAIN QUESTION 5 TO GUIDE: - If possible, can you show me some of the
simplest forms of my previous lives when I've been a rock, frozen ice or some
even simpler or less aware kind of Consciousness, which is now part of me?
Have my I-There had intelligent (?) physically flying creatures?

MAIN QUESTION 6 TO GUIDE: - Can you show me where those other concurrent
lives will go into the afterlife, be it their version of F 27 or similar?

If you can't pick up the answer or if the answer is unclear, you can proceed
with some follow-up questions to the guide:

- Can you answer this question?
- Are you interested in the answer?
- If you can't answer the question, can you take us to someone who can?
- I'll rephrase my question; (your choice here)
- (any other questions you may have)

Explicit PE participants:

Anyone can participate, just state that you will join the PE in this thread.
You don't need to have been on any previous PE. I've named the list of
participants for the LIPA. As an aid for everyone to find each other,
I'll also state the originating forum behind that participants forum
nick. So far the LIPA goes like this:

List of Participants (LIPA) of PE-Queries9:

PauliEffect (Afterlife Knowledge (http://afterlife-knowledge.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi))

You're welcome! :)

7th January 2013, 02:07 PM
This is a fascinating theme and I'm going to make a concerted effort in doing this one verbatim, or as close as I can get. Wish me luck.

15th January 2013, 12:46 PM
List of Participants (LIPA) of PE-Queries9:

PauliEffect (Afterlife Knowledge (http://afterlife-knowledge.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi))
CFTraveler (Astral Dynamics (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/forum.php))
Griffin(Tim) (Afterlife Knowledge (http://afterlife-knowledge.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi))

We can probably need some more PE participants to get the
group energies moving, so anyone, please join. :)

15th January 2013, 02:17 PM
I want to partisipate if you will have me?

15th January 2013, 04:23 PM
yes, I want everyone. :)


15th January 2013, 05:07 PM
Good and thank´s :-)

18th January 2013, 08:00 PM
List of Participants (LIPA) of PE-Queries9:

PauliEffect (Afterlife Knowledge (http://afterlife-knowledge.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi))
CFTraveler (Astral Dynamics (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/forum.php))
Griffin(Tim) (Afterlife Knowledge (http://afterlife-knowledge.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi))
IA56 (Astral Dynamics (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/forum.php))

This is the last LIPA I'll post for this PE. If anyone wants to join after that,
they are welcome, I'll just not post any more LIPA on all the forums.

Remember that there are more questions in this PE to remember, so
writing some of them down on a paper and "float up" during your
PE session to take a look at your note, may be a good idea.

20th January 2013, 07:12 PM
PE-Queries9.sess01 on 2013-01-19 (Saturday)

This time I'll keep my report shorter and go to the important parts
as quickly as possible.

Just one point. I mention in the text below that I "talk" to some
persons. I have no idea if that are real persons, just something
created as an aid for me or even made up by myself. You judge.

The Start

I began from my place in F 27. I walked the beach and then entered
the lawn close to the sand. I entered an egg shaped caravan and met
a guide I've known as person in real life. There was a lot more
huggings than usual from that guide. I was shown someone else who is
in this life. I'm unsure about the message.

There was such a delay with arriving at the PE, that I got a little
unsure about what was going on.

I did as I've done most of the times. I went to Vicky's Garden, saw
someone who perhaps need retrieval. I gave that person a brief
comment in the hope that would start the retrieval process and
then exited the Garden into the Brightly Lit Area. I then seemed
stuck for ages in that bright light.

Meeting an old man

Eventually I got to the Park and PE area. I greeted IA56, CFTraveler
and Griffin.

I first sent helping energies to everyone to help them perceive the
answers to any questions. I then look around the Park for any helping
guides. I saw no one else.

At a distance greater than usual, I saw the Mansion with its red
roofed tops and white towers. At this distance the Mansion looked
like a castle surrounded by a high hedge.

Quite unsure what to do, I tried to communicate with my fellow PE
friends. I'm not sure if my comments could be heard. I even shook
IA56 to help her remember this initial event.

At some moment I was back in the caravan (at my place) and was approached
by someone who looked a little strange, wearing welding glasses.
Rather soon I returned to the Park. I was puzzled.

After some time I started wondering over the Mansion. It was farther away
than usual, which could indicate that we should not go there, but at the
same time there was nothing else present in the Park. I saw a lot of
regular grass lawn, some trees nearby and at a distance some forest.

We lined up, I had IA56 at my left, Griffin at my right and CFTraveler
further to my right. I suggested we should go to the Mansion.

Griffin seemed to dislike that idea.

We stopped.

And old man appeared in front of us. The old man was almost bald, but
had some grey hair. He sat hovering in the air with his legs crossed.
Griffin also began hovering. The remaining three of us sat down on the
grass. The old man and Griffin seemed to have the same simple clothes.

There then was some energy sending back and forth. It didn't seem that
we were in a situation to begin asking questions to the old man. Our
activity had some other kind of goal. After some time, I felt someone
tapping me on my shoulder from behind. It was my guide from the caravan.

She said: "Split. Come with me and leave some part of you here."

I stood up and strangely enough some part of me remained sitting together
with the others in the PE energy activity. I had split into two persons.

Mixed impressions

I was back at the caravan. I think I for a short moment could sense
Robert Monroe, but before I got a chance to ask him any questions,
he was gone.

During the PE session I at several times could smell cigarette smoke
in my physical bedroom, but every time I tried to get an exact fix on
the smoke, it eluded me. I still can sense the smoke. Perhaps someone
is smoking in the house and the smoke entered through my windows?

I clicked out a lot at this time. I remember someone baking cakes.
I remember a place where someone was filling dirt into a hole in
the ground. I got various less meaningful impressions.

Maybe I was helping someone, I don't know, but I certainly wasn't doing
PE stuff or being of much help to my fellow PE participants.

I remembered later that I saw Monroe two days before (2012-01-17) and he
gave me the name of the Mansion: "The House of Knowledge"

I have no idea why I couldn't remember that name during the PE.

Thomas Divon

I think I got back to the Park at some late stage. I can't remember
what I did there exactly.

Then sudden...

Someone, a young tall man, around 25-30 years, removed his palm from
my face. It seemed that he had covered my eyes with his hand and now
removed his palm from hiding my eyes.

I got the name "Thomas", and later, with some trouble, I got his second
name to be something like "Divon". Thomas Divon.

Thomas had a short beard, he wore a grey woollen hood, almost like a
hip-hoper hat, but perhaps more like a cross-country skier hood in
a snowy landscape.

He had a very grave facial expression, like we or he was into some serious
business. Thomas was clearly not the type of guy you crack a joke with.

He looked sort of athletic, both slim and strong at the same time.
He also was quite tall, probably over 1.90 meter, he had wide shoulders.

He wore a short jacket, almost too short, which made me put him in the
last 15 years of time in fashion regards. He had tight jeans (?) and
very spiky/pointy toe tips on his boots, which to me is a kind of older
fashion, perhaps from the 1980ies (?). Sometimes while walking, he put
his hands into the pockets of his too-small jacket.

Thomas Divon didn't show much facial expressions and he gave me the
feeling that he wasn't the intellectual guy either. I would think of
him as a worker, craftsman or something related to practical skills
like driving a car.

He then just walked along the concrete pavement in a town. What town?
I have no idea. We weren't in the Park anymore. I could sense CFTraveler
and IA56 follow me, but I was unsure where Griffin was.

The scene repeated itself more than 20 times. Thomas removed his hand,
looked briefly at me, than walked away. Again and again.

I just guessed it was something being prepared.

Thomas then dropped to the ground at a broad street. I saw some kind
of building on the other side, but couldn't work out the details.

This repeated itself several times. He dropped to the ground almost
like a broke doll.

Suddenly we were inside a kind of huge building, perhaps a huge office
building, several storeys high. But it could as well have been a large
cantina. I saw almost no furniture and the walls and pillars were brown
or dark. Maybe it was part of a large hotel?

I was shifted around inside this building or some similar building. Large
or vast floor rooms, pillars holding the floor above, up. Few or no
furniture. Some rooms were lit up.

I saw a counter and a woman, perhaps a waitress working. I talked to her
but got no reaction.

I saw the severe, almost sinister face of Thomas Divon again. I tried to
talk to him but got no answer. He now reminded me of a slightly younger
version of the SG-1 character Ronon Dex, but Thomas had much less hair.

I also got the impression that not only was Thomas the non-talking guy,
he didn't have the information I wanted, so I was very puzzled why we
had to follow him around.

I was then shifted into a smaller room, perhaps 10x10 meters.

The Lecture

In front of me I could sense Monroe. This time he was more stable in his

Monroe smiled and said: "Now you're here.

Monroe walked around in the room, almost like he had done in his Wednesday
lecture in the youtube clips. He said something I couldn't hear then
looked away and said something.

Monroe mumbled: "You already know..."

I began asking my questions on the I-There concept. I got it that I
already knew how it worked. I persisted. I wanted to know if it was
exactly as in his book UJ. I didn't get a direct answer.

I then asked him: "How does an I-There start?"

Monroe showed me a large paper. He pointed to the center of the paper.
There was a black dot. Then more dots, and even more, finally several
dots over an area of the paper. Monroe drew a circle around the dots,
then smiled.

I asked him if there was many..?

Monroe quickly responded: "Oh... They are many, there are a huge
number of I-Theres. They really are many. There are lots of them.
You can't imagine the number..."

The paper Monroe had dotted on, now grew. I saw more circles with lots
of dots. Then I saw an image I didn't understand. I saw circles with
dots, but those circle were arranged in a spiralling row like a coin
stack but just going out into the air. There also seemed to be a thin
line drawn through the middle of all the circles. I didn't get it to
be exactly the same as Moen's Disk representation, so I don't know
what I was meant to see. I guess that at best it could mean that
the center of all I-Theres are connected, or perhaps that also
I-Theres incarnate in a sort of way by picking parts from the
previous I-There which have become "complete"/"graduated", but
now I'm only guessing.

Then Monroe placed one paper with a dotted circle on a table. The circle
changed into a pizza (!). I saw lots of small pieces of food on the
surface of the pizza. Most of all I saw small green olives on the pizza.

From the olives very tiny humans rose up and walked away.

One such human, was a man in his early 40ies, wearing a coat, glasses
and a brief case. He looked to be holding a boring academic job.

His glasses had the appearance of round mirrors, so I couldn't see the
brief case man's eyes. But he looked like a bore. Jesus, what a dull
life he must have.

Other Physical Realities

I decided to ask Monroe about other physical realities, do they exists?

Monroe responded: "Oh, yes they exist. There are thousand of other
physical realities."

Me: "And all these physical realities have 3-dimensional space?"

Monroe: "Yes, they all share the same 3-dimensional space."


The same?

The same 3-dimensional space?!?? But, but...

I repeated my question. How could all physical realities have the same
3-dimensional space?

Monroe answered: "All those physical realities, they don't interact
with each other you see, so they can share the same space. They are
all in the same 3-D space."

I puzzled: "But Dark Matter, is that the effect of another physical

Monroe: "Oh, no, Dark Matter and Dark Energy interact with you.
They are part of your physical reality, your universe."

I puzzled: "Are you sure that physical realities take up the same
3-dimensional space?"

Monroe: "We have reason to believe so."

I was flabbergasted.

If there was no common reference point or interaction between different
physical realities, it would be very difficult to conclude that they
were in fact occupying the same 3-dimensional space. Yet Monroe seemed
sure. My own personal idea of "different dimensions", which were "outside"
time-and-space, didn't really add up any more.

I changed approach.

Me: "But all those other physical realities, I thought they were kind
of in different dimensions, not in the same space as us. Can't those
other physical realities be said to be in other dimensions, not related
to our 3-dimensional space? I thought Einstein said space is a property
of physical matter, matter creates space?"

Monroe answered: "We know for sure that all physical realities occupy
and share the same space, but those different physical realities just
don't interfere and don't effect each other. They are all there in the
same place, but don't disturb each other. One space, all physical

Me again: "Hmm... But doesn't there exist any physical reality outside
of 3-dimensional space?"

Monroe: "No, not what we know of."

Me: "Could you look that up, if there exists any physical reality
outside our 3-dimensional space."

Monroe: "We could do so, but not right now."

The Turtle

I got it that I would have to wait for another session for answers on
physical realities. I turned back to the I-There concept.

I asked: "How does an I-There start?"

Monroe: "With one individual."

Me again: "How did my I-There start, with what individual?"

Monroe said: "You already know that, it started with a turtle, the
entity you call Almost-Turtle. That was the first being who started it
all for your I-There. Almost-Turtle."

I asked: "Is Almost-Turtle from Earth?"

Monroe: "No, from another physical reality."

My other I:s

I now thought it was time for questions on concurrent lives.

I asked: "Can you show me my other concurrent lives?"

Monroe: "The man you saw with the glasses, he is part of you I-There."


That boring guy in coat going to his boring job at a government office?

I wondered: "If I meet him, can I talk to him about our shared I-There?"

Monroe (here my Interpreter could be overdoing its task): "Probably not.
It could even be a good idea to not bring that subject up, about an
I-There, because he will not understand it or accept it."

Me: "He looked really boring. I couldn't think of much interesting
about him. Is he in any way important to my I-There?"

Monroe responded: "He is very important to you I-There. You all, all
incarnations are very important to your I-There."


Should I believe that?

What a bore that brief-case-man seemed to be.

I changed subject: "Can you show me the most developed and least
developed being in my I-There who are living in any physical reality
right now."

Monroe very neutral: "You are the most developed in you I-There."


Me: "That can't be. I'm not doing anything important."

Monroe said: "Let's call one of your discarnate I-There members and
ask him. Let's call one of your guides, Hector from ancient Greece."

I saw Hector stand to my right.

Monroe said: "Hector, show me who is the most developed living being
in your I-There right now."

Hector stepped up to me, tensed his index finger against his thumb, and
with a snap, he hit my forehead with his index. The sound which followed
was a kind of "tching".

Monroe said: "You see, all those humans living on Earth right today are
the result of a long chain of evolution. Most or at least many of them are
the most developed living beings in their I-There right now. There are
billions of people on Earth, you know. The most developed."

I felt Monroe also was kind of amused by my reactions.

I asked: "Show me some other from my I-There."

Monroe said: "Do you remember the women who helped you in the supermarket
yesterday. Think of her and you'll know."

I saw two women, they were working at a day care with children.

I wondered: "I've never seen them before. Are both women from my

Monroe: "They are, but that's not the usual, that two persons from the
same I-There become close friends in that way, but it happens."

Being a Stone?

I asked: "Have I been a stone or ice, something which is now part of
my I-There?"

Monroe didn't seem to answer. I got poor impressions for some moments.

Then Monroe said: "All stone have the same Prim-Stone-Consc as you found
out in a previous session. Stones are different."

I got it that my question wasn't totally relevant. So I asked about me
being a flying being, but didn't get much understandable answer there

I asked: "What about molten lava inside the Earth, and what
Consciousness does the core of the Earth have? Are there different
Consciousnesses inside the Earth?"

Monroe: "Those questions are outside this session. Make a new session
for those questions."

I asked about a being having no consciousness at all, can a human be
such a being. The short answer was something like:

"If no one take the consciousness position in a human, someone or
something will always move in and give that human consciousness. But
if we are to guess, if no consciousness would move into a human, that
human wouldn't do much, but we are not absolutely sure, as someone
will always move into that free space and begin to live in that
physical reality."

I asked about where beings go when the die in other physical realities
and got the impression that they go to their own version of F 27,
which best replicate their equivalent of the Park until they are
ready to move further.

The real McCoy?

I asked Monroe if he was the real Robert Monroe or just an avatar like
the Stephen Fry guide I sometimes have seen.

Monroe responded: "I'm the real Monroe. Go say hello to LaughingRain
from me."

I think Monroe was laughing a little on this last comment.

LaughingRain, I guess you'll read this in due time. Hello, from Monroe.

(continued below...)

20th January 2013, 07:13 PM
(...continued from above.)

Bar Talk

Monroe faded away and I was back in the lobby or perhaps it was at a bar
or the counter to a bar. I was face to face with Thomas Divon. We had
a discussion how his real name was spelled and pronounced and the final
spelling is the one I've used through out this report to avoid confusion
with different namings.

I got the impression that Thomas was some kind of guide who had got the
job to take me to Monroe. I asked him why he became the chosen one?

Thomas answered: "Because no one else wanted the job."

I was a little taken back by that. Thomas explained further that some
of my questions were inappropriate as the questions interfered with
people's business. I sort of entered people's lives by asking specifics
about which persons belonged to my I-There.

I almost got the feeling that it was kind of "forbidden" information
they had given me on live people. I responded that I understood that
it could be some kind of reason not to get that kind of info, but I
also didn't like the idea that some kind of rule would stop me from
getting the info. I would probably ask again in other situations.

Now Thomas laughed and said he had guessed so about me. This was the
first time he wasn't grave looking.

I asked what relation he had to me. Thomas responded that I've retrieved
him. He had a car accident in 1985. I had no memory of that retrieval or
that I did anything important at that time. I also was a little doubtful
because his clothing style look at least 10 years more modern.

I thanked him. Went to the Park, hoped that the others had gotten any
info or anything from the old man. I said bye-bye to everyone and
then left.

The whole session had lasted about one hour and 45 minutes.

20th January 2013, 07:21 PM
PE-Queries9.sess02 on 2013-01-20 (Sunday)


This session I had stomach problems, so I didn't manage much of
anything. I concentrated on helping others asking questions.

I went almost directly to the PE area, where the old man with almost
no hair had appeared. I greeted everyone.

I noticed that Griffin mostly sat and looked at the old man. I don't
know if they communicated in any way. I also saw CFTraveler and IA56
sit down on the lawn.

I relaxed and mostly acted as support for them.

So I went close to CFTravler and wondered what she asked. She looked a
little surprised at me.

I tried to hear questions and answers, but almost nothing came through.
I think CFTraveler asked something related to time, but I'm very unsure.

Some distance away I say a woman, she sat on a hill and mostly
observed us. I tried to scan for Vicky or Moen. I could sense them
faintly, but I don't think they were present in a way I could pick

At one moment I sensed someone come tap IA56 on the back of her shoulder
and she stood up. She split and some part of her, she left in the PE, before leaving
with the guide (?) who arrived to fetch her. I don't know for how long
IA56 remained divided. Maybe the PE had more turned into a lecture than
a question-and-answer session and IA56 was moved on a teaching for her

I tried to ask one of my follow-up questions from the day before,
but got no answer. No Monroe was around.

Eventually I said bye to everyone and quit as my stomach hurt. About
40 minutes had passed.

Thanks, everyone! :)

20th January 2013, 08:40 PM
I think CFTraveler asked something related to time, but I'm very unsure. You are correct about that. I don't remember clearly, but I had problems with the I-There (I wasn't sure if I was formulating the question correctly or if it even was a question.) I had a sort of 'monologue' about the idea of simultaneous incarnations, what part of my being (conscious/subconscious) retained any information, and my lack of desire of existing as a consciousness that doesn't have the ability to keep the info (the subc. does) from incarnation to incarnation. Something about the group soul as having different consciousness but the same subconsciousness (and access to the info). This is a jumbled attempt of trying to explain what was going through my head.
I didn't feel like my questions were being answered, if you could call them questions. This was last night or this morning.

The time thing had to do with subcon. existing both in and out of time, and the consciousness existing only in time, and the idea of getting together in the no-time; which body we attempt this with has to do with how successful we are, and how can knowing this help with the PEs.
Or something like that.
This was separate from the dreams I recorded this morning.

20th January 2013, 08:53 PM
Nice, that was good questions. How different parts of consciousness relate to time.
I also am wondering about time, if it exists or if I should think of it in the terms
Bashar describe, shifting reality frames.

21st January 2013, 10:06 AM
Thank you all....I did not hear any questions or answeres because I am in a prepering stage of learning so I can participate in future PE´s more active....this sessions was again to heal me more to get over my pain and suffering...I am so greatful to everyone here and there :-)

21st January 2013, 12:03 PM
Nice, that was good questions. How different parts of consciousness relate to time.
I also am wondering about time, if it exists or if I should think of it in the terms
Bashar describe, shifting reality frames.
Yes, this is very good question how to relate to time, and or how many possibillities of different take you can have to time??..Because when I get the feel all at same time...past now and future how accurat is it the future part and when does it shift to collective and so on.....