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1st July 2005, 02:17 PM

I'm going to write the first weird experience I had.

I was 14 years old at the time (now I'm 28), and I was in my room. I was really tired and laying on my stomach. Slightly, I started to sleep, not really a deep sleep but half-sleep.

After a moment, I realized it was colder, there was a little wind coming through the window, that was open.

I could see the window from my bed. So I decided to stand up and close the window. I tried to push with my arm, to get up, but I was unable to move. That was as if my body was a rock or something like that, impossible to move.

Then, I realized that I was looking at the window, but my eyes were closed and my face was not turned in the direction of the window. And I wasn't breathing (at least, that was the sensation I had).

It seems I was able to move my "astral torso", but nothing else.
At that time, I thought I wa dying. I panicked, then I finally woke up.

That was the very first event. I've never talked about that to someone for years.

I have sleep paralysis for 14 years now. During these 14 years, I never had any other experience where I moved my astral body. It was just "regular" sleep paralysis, with evil presences in the room etc.

During these 14 years, I thought I was attacked by ghosts, I thought they were trying to come into me. So I closed my mind as hard as possible (that didn't prevent me from seeing... well, dark figures is the best way to describe them. I saw them twice (not during SP, i was really awake).

Since last year, I know what is sleep paralysis. I discovered that on a website. I discovered that the evil presences were just hypnagogic hallucinations etc...

And since I know about SP, I think my mind is more quiet, and I start to have other experiences close to OOBE. I think my fears have gone, and my mind is opening to the idea of... well, going ahead.

I had other experiences since, but I'll tell them later, this post is still long enough lol

Thanks for reading, comments welcome.

Sorry if i don't write english very well, I'm french.

1st July 2005, 05:35 PM
Cool. My first sleep paralysis was last year, when I was twelve, in Japan. I was in an old-fashioned hotel and was sleeping on a rather thin futon. Since lying on your back flat was the only way to be comfortable, and both of these techniques enhance OBE chance, I woke up and couldn't open my eyes. Unlike your case, my astral body wasn't active at all and I was COMPLETELY reaked out, especialy since all I could see was apparently the face of Lucifer or something gazing at me, evil feeling, etc. I tried to scream of course but nothing happened and then I tried to scream one more time and it worked and I woke up shuddering and shaking and my parents didn't even hear the scream.

But now that I know what it is I really, really WANT it to happen again...Peanuts.