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17th June 2006, 05:32 AM
I have been a fan of this ban for many years but until a little while ago Thier music has given me much more insite then I had origanly thought.

I realized that they songs mostly about metaphysical thinking and promote astral projection. Some of the songs I know are ment to depicte trans of thought other then an idea or noun.
That and I also know that thier is a few songs ment for meditations.

Example from some lyrics
This body holding me forces my own mortality
force my will to feel this moment must remember.

Thier is also a song called third eye that I tried medatating to and it deffinently promoted some kind of response. I could only decribe it as a strange energy bouncing sensations. Some people have claimed that tool has opened thier 3rd eye. For me no but it is helping I know that.