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15th March 2013, 08:17 AM
For some months now, this forum has been subject to various forms of abuse (including psychic attacks and apparent psivamp activity), trolling, and other misbehaviour. We are still on fairly high alert, so please be sure to read the forum guidelines (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/faq.php?faq=vb3_board_faq#faq_boardrules) and abide by the basic rules, which can be summed up as: play nicely. :);)

NOTE: You do not need to sign up to read the material in these forums, with the single exception of the Possession and Serious Neg Abuse Forum, which is closed to the public for various issues of privacy (mostly search engine related). You do need to register in order to post and directly participate. If all you want to do is lurk and read, you're welcome to do so and there's no requirement of membership, other than the above-mentioned forum.

That said...


1. Start the registration process.

2. When you get to the "question and answer" section, type or copy and paste the "secret word" below (okay, it's a "secret phrase" at the moment):

Sp@mm3rs G0 @wAy!

3. Finish registration process.

NOTE: If your email address is rejected or not allowed, please feel free to contact me or CFTraveler (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/member.php?878-CFTraveler) with your preferred username and email address and we can set you up an account manually. We have recently experienced some difficulty with the forum's anti-spam features and was rejecting new members with certain email providers for reasons unknown. Steps were taken to correct this problem, and as of this writing, it seems to be fixed but if your email address is rejected, please let us know.

4. Once you've completed the registration process and answered the question and answer challenge, the board will send you an email asking you to confirm your email address. Follow the instructions in that email and confirm your address.

NOTE: It sometimes happens that the email the board sends gets caught in a spam filter. Some ISPs have "invisible" filtering and you never know you're missing mail (this is uncommon, but it certainly happens), but most will send the "spam" to a special folder which you should check to make sure the email isn't in there. The board sends the email almost instantly when you've finished the registration process and it's fully automated, so it should show up pretty quickly (though there may always be delays between this server and yours, because such is the nature of the internet). You can ask the system here to re-send the email to you if you like. You may also contact us to let us know you didn't receive it and we can manually approve your account.

5. Make sure you have reviewed the Rules/Guidelines during the registration process OR review them here: Board FAQ: Rules (http://www.astraldynamics.com.au/faq.php?faq=vb3_board_faq#faq_boardrules). Participate! :)

We do apologise for this somewhat strange process, but we've been at odds trying to control the number of spammers and other fake or non-valid users who sign up here. They're a problem for many reasons, some of them technical, some of them ethical, some of them social, some of them metaphysical/energetic. Users rarely see any spam posts (if you do, please report them) because the board is good at recognising spam and putting the posts into the moderation queue, but the mods spend a great deal of time deleting spam posts and, even more time-consuming, removing spam blog posts, banning spammers, reporting offending IP addresses, and so forth. For our sanity and well-being, we just want to put the brakes on the spam/non-valid users who are able to easily sign up and abuse the forum.

Happily, this system has been working really well for us since we put it into play (with the exception of the week or so when the board was rejecting email addresses for no reason that we could discern), and we've got many new users and a much decreased influx of spammers. Yay. :)

Basically, all we really need to know is that you're a real person who is not a spammer or other inappropriate user (previously banned, trying to set up a second account to play "sock puppet" games with the community, etc.), and we'll get you set up ASAP. We sincerely want new users who are interested in participation, and we welcome new members. :)