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15th March 2013, 09:22 PM
I will start posting my dream journal here if you don't mind. I would like to share these experiences I have been having while dreaming. I seem to get lucid every night and such. One more thing is that I am experimenting with a sigil. I plan on using this sigil to get dreamstate lessons on physically shapeshifting and being initiated into it. I will give results and all the recall I get from the lessons. I have not yet cast the sigil, but I will in a bit and set it at some time like two weeks from now so I can clearly forget about it. In the meantime, I would be typing what I am dreaming about so this post will not appear there.

29th March 2013, 02:30 AM
March 28, 2013

This is just the first part of the dream journal as I was sleeping mid day because I get really tired. Still in my teen years and such. Found out Aunt Clair's son is about my age.

So anyways, this first dream is about my first day back at school which was strange for my in the dream because I am home schooled at the moment. I returned and there were some kids there. We were having a great class. This was actually the last class of the day. The kid wearing some very fancy clothing asked me if I wanted something. I forgot what exactly he wanted and just went on. Later he hit me for no reason. All of a sudden we get into a fight. We were punching and kicking and wrestling and I was astounded as to why the teacher did not tell us to stop. I actually was able to win that fight but I was amazed because I never win fights in my dreams. ever. After that, I walked out of class on some stairs which looked like it was going vertical in 360 degree posture. I ran down the steps to see hundreds of school students. We were all in this place that somewhat looked like a hotel. I was about to walk outside to the beach and see seven green frogs on the ground. I decide to walk out the other way and see this girl who I know and she is calling me to watch these two kids. I watch them for a bit and go back into this hotel. All of a sudden everything goes black and I am still in the hotel and other people are in the back of me. I walk outside to see this huge green disk flying around. It probably was a UFO. I can see why I was dreaming about this because I read something about the FBI uncovering a story about two UFO's they found in mexico. This one UFO was flying around doing tricks. Bending the light in front of me and setting off colorful fireworks. It was stunning and I have never seen so much color as also never heard songs in a dream before.
The last part of the dream was me walking to another place along a stretch of a road. It was beautiful. All of a sudden the clouds cover where we are. I am trying to walk faster but I stop and look back and see a storm full of rain and hail. After about five minutes, I drop to the ground and I wake up on my bed in the evening of the day.

Thank you for reading!

30th March 2013, 02:39 AM
This is a recalled dream from weeks ago before the North and South Korean war thing actually started to happen.

I dreamed once of ships coming from the east from where I live. I was sitting on the beach and these ships started to shoot shells and I started running to my home. all of a sudden a missile silo where I lived opened up. A missile about 0.10 of an acre popped up from the ground slowly. It shot up into the air and took out the ships. Next the sky turns gray and an airplane flies over my home. I look up and it drops a nuclear bomb. I run to my grandmother and family and the bomb falls. All I see is a flash of light and I am dead. I wake up in a place looking somewhat chrome and was standing in water. It was a lake with a chrome waterfall. That is all and I woke up. Strange dreams sometimes but I feel these are visions.

30th March 2013, 10:22 PM
These may be visions, but they can be from many places, not necessarily the ones you're thinking of. Such is the nature of the astral.

17th April 2013, 02:42 AM

Today I woke up a couple of times and experienced five minute dreams with total recall. The last dream of the night though was the strangest and had struck me in fear for awhile. I could not figure out what was happening at all. It was like the government or some entity was chatting with me in my dreams. I was lucid and all of a sudden I was in a bank. My friend on the side was crying about something and all then some noise like a buildup in a song was coming on. I started to get scared while it was building up because it was getting louder and louder. All of a sudden the bass dropped and I started to fall into dreamless sleep and my body was in paralysis. All I know is that I could hear the outside too and decided to try to open my eyes and wiggle my toes and I was up. It used to happen a lot, but now it rarely happens.

6th May 2013, 06:50 PM
5/6/13: Got to start keeping this updated more often. Anyways most of my dreams lately come up with the idea of will power. It seems to me it happens when I think about fate. I have been talking to William Mistele (who by the way is a great guy and an adept of the hermetic science) about fate. He talks to me about the Cosmic letter U. The cosmic letter U used in the mental plane would allow you to go outside of time and space to where the source of causes are. You are then able to change the fate of yourself and others and since you are outside space and time, you do not create a karma for yourself when intervening. So what does this have to do with willpower? Well, I am conscious during my dreams BUT only when I am doing something to do with spiritual work, other than that, it goes back to unconscious sleep. Only when I am doing IIH (which is the only system I really do right now) I see a difference in days then what goes on in my normal life. When doing things like NEW while IIH, I feel throbbing and feel that I am progressing. I see a difference in the day, everything just pops out and you really do want to see the environment you live in because it is much more beautiful than you imagined it being. I see a difference in time. I usually only see 11:11, 1:11 and such when I am practicing something. So what does this have to do with willpower? Back to the dreams. Every couple of nights I get into a fight with some person. When I am unaware, I ALWAYS lose the fight. No matter how much I punch them, no matter how hard I hit them, they are like a brick wall and only laugh at me. I usually get away though. Finally, when I am aware because the energy from NEW and practice of vacancy of mind and step two with all my attributes comes to mind in me. I can feel it like a type of sentience. I have much stronger willpower within dreams. I can fight people and win. This also increases my willpower in the physical world to help me stand up to other people. I know for a fact that if I didn't keep a list with my soul mirror, my black mirror would be overpowering me 10 fold. If I did not add up my good attributes, They would be in the neutral and null. Fear used to strike me easily, but now it doesn't. When I finally get out of my body and when the fear subsides from astral projection, I would have an even stronger will power because I know where I will be after I die. The great beyond as some call it. I call it a new beginning.

15th May 2013, 02:38 AM

I had this dream I think about two days back. I was pondering on this dream because it was like nothing I have experienced before. Anyways, let's start.

I awoke in the dream to see only clouds of rain and storms. There were tornadoes everywhere. I think a reason for tornadoes is because I have always wanted to see one because they are rare in Hawaii. All of a sudden, the rain and storm just stop and everything goes black. I could barely see the ground. When I looked up, I could see this golden outline starting to form. It was expanding and looked like some maze or some sort. It was huge! There was this white door a couple hundred feet in front of me. I slowly walked into it. I could see something on the other side. It was beautiful! I was greeted by some very masculine men. The city was absolutely amazing. The interiors of buildings were nothing I have ever seen before. Never in my life I would ever see something like this. I would look up only to see black. I was in the city as it was upside down! It actually did not look gold when I got up there though. I remember eating in a large palace and playing around. It was like they were my family. I do not know. I felt some close relationship to them. Maybe it was a past life. I have no idea. I want to dig deeper into this memory. I haven't experienced any past lives yet, so possibly this could be some gate opening experience for me.

19th May 2013, 08:10 AM

Just some old dreams I recalled today.

I remember this one dream I had that was forcing people's wills on them and these girls were having people walk into the water to drown themselves. No idea what symbol this was. Anyways, over time I started to train and got powers stronger than them. I remember us fighting. I remember winning and forcing them onto the ground and erasing their memories of being able to do these things.

Another dream is a time where I was in Germany during World War II. It was me and my grandmother at the top of this big building. I was scared because we were so very high. I could see the nazis on the bottom. There was a small television there which was strange as well.

Next dream is where I am at school with lasers. Next thing I know is a song starts playing. My perception becomes super good. Everything started to slow down like an adrenaline rush. It was amazing as well as cool. It was a play around dream.

I had this dream a couple of days ago. I went on tour through all the islands of Hawaii with Seth Rogen. I think a part of that was because I was watching mythbusters and Seth Rogen was on it and another was when I was looking for my cousin who lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and he was touring at her school. Strange.

I start to think that I have those lessons in my dreams that I do not even look at. In my dreams, I probably have lessons all the time, yet I don't look at them as lessons. One of my dreams in particular was definitely a lesson on something. I normally have lots of dreams where I shapeshift, but this one in particular did not let me do it. I remember my relatives shapeshifting into famous people and walking into places with long lines. Some of my cousins wouldn't let me go with them. I thought they were totally mean. I walked into this place where I wanted to learn to shapeshift. There were monks there who could turn into people as well as animals. Mostly animals. They told me I had to take lessons. I barely finished the first. I know that this is really a class where I would truly learn shapeshifting, but I was never able to grasp that ever again besides that dream. They told me I could not shapeshift unless I learn about my animal. What does it mean? I still have no idea to this day.

7th June 2013, 09:02 PM

Today I had a crazy dream like vision of the end or dream of the end from Neil Templar who had them too. It was strange because no dream I had ever had was this vivid. It in fact was a continuing dream from four dreams before, thus I remember them all because they were between two days. They seemed so long, yet they also felt like more into the future type of vision. The dreams started out at night. There was a comet there you could see passing through the sky. I have never seen a comet in real life, but this felt like the real deal. I forgot what the comet was called because someone told me in the dream. It passed and you could see the moon from there. The moon unusually came from the West of the island whereas I live on the east and it usually rises from the north and ends at the south. This was strange. Next the moon started going further away from us. It looked like a spec. I started feeling kind of scared because it was strange.

Dream 2: I was now in a hotel where I actually feel scared when I am in a hotel in dreams because the lights are always dim, yet nothing comes out. We were getting towels to go swimming and it was dark. You could still see the moon out in the distance, but again a spec. I took out my telescope and the moon started getting closer over time. This was all of the 2nd dream.

The 3rd dream: I found myself exploring things from a day. I saw these cars going up the mountains and it was a cloudy day. When the cars were going up the mountain, it looked like they were breaking some law of physics, but it was some kind of future technology holding the cars down and they were able to drive up. There were escalators on the mountain as well so I decided to go up to the top. In the back of the mountains, there was a lake surrounded by tall mountains. The lake was over a thousand feet deep. There were huge waves coming from the lake, but the waves could not touch me. It turned out still a cloudy day, but by night it was clear. This was the end of the 3rd dream.

4th dream: I could finally again see the moon, but this time it was closer than the super moon. It was HUGE. There was also a meteor that fell to the ground and there was a red aura around it that sucked in energy. Next the moon started to crash into us! We drove away as fast as possible and back up the mountains. There were submarines by the lake which we entered and went to the bottom. You could feel the earthquakes from the moon crashing into the ground. You could see a huge wave just destroying the island. We went back after that and saw the moon and somehow was also able to see the other continents bombarded with mega tsunamis and meteors just destroying everything. It was in slow motion when I got out and I could see all the meteors slowly flying into the world. It looked beautiful and not destructive. I thought of it as a start over. The most visually vivid dream I could have ever had was this one. It felt like a vision to me.

16th June 2013, 09:53 PM
Today it was strange. I think I may have been out of body and consciously, just not able to effect anything. It happens alot to me and I actually think it is visions. Most of my dreams are visions. This morning when I awoke, it's was like I had something done to my body and made me feel so extremely relaxed as if I was having a massage done in me. I didn't want to stand up. I was awake at this moment. I have no idea what came over me.

23rd June 2013, 07:02 AM
I think I have found out why I had that vision on 6/17. It probably has something to do with this month's supermoon in which after that, the moon will reach its furthest point away from earth, then the next supermoon will have a HUGE reflection in which it looks extremely close to earth, yet it is and comes crashing down into us. Either that or it will happen in the future because technology looked at least 30 years more advanced.

10th July 2013, 07:12 AM
I guess it has been awhile since I updated this. Here goes.


I awoke today to a beautiful and windy Tuesday. The skies were pretty clear and it was hot. I took a run on the beach where all the waves were calm and it was low tide. There is a little island that you could walk to when the water is low and you could walk on the reef all the way there safely. The shore was covered with small jellyfish that everyone here likes to call blue bubbles because they are blue and are bubbles. After I got home I looked outside and admired the work I did yesterday with my brothers to make our yard clean. It looked nice, but the grass was just not looking good. Other than that, it was okay. We have some mango seeds that we planted and we just planted them less than a week ago and they are already sprouting. The tallest is already 4 inches tall! I watched as the sun set behind my house where you could really see it setting over the mountain. The sky was turning the way a sunset would be, but the clouds were purple and the sky was orange. After the sun went down, the sky turned into a dark bluish version of it. It looked very nice. That was all for today. thanks for the read!

16th March 2014, 06:12 AM
Haven't written an entry in almost an entire year. I've got to keep steady at it! Here I go again!


I had a dream in which I were with my high school film club and we should a feature length film that was going to be produced in movies. I had seen virtually every person I knew within that dream which was strange because there is usually that one person that I never see their face of, yet for the first time in forever, I had seen her face and heard her voice. I had been to mexico and had a fake Hawaii passport which is another thing that is strange because I lived in the U.S and I never heard of an Hawaii Passport. That is all I have for this day.

28th April 2014, 04:07 PM
Last night, I had dreamt that I was in a bus and all of a sudden music started playing. My sister was there and my cousin who I hang out alot with was there. A girl came up to me and tried to make me dance, but I didn't even though she was very nice and even beautiful.

Next cycle is I was in a mall and all thee different commercials for pixie sticks (that one candy with sour sugar) were everywhere in the mall. My sister had been walking around there and everyone was laughing at her for unknown reasons and then I woke up.

30th April 2014, 06:46 PM
Today, I dreamt of popcorn tasting like centipedes and lots of random Pepsi machines all over a forest. My last dream of the night was extraordinary. Low flying jumbo jets and some Hawaiian beat in lightning. The light Inge looked like yellow mushrooms and came out to the beat. Then there wee thousands of fireworks and I was there watching something with that same hawaiian beat. It was like 1 2 1 22 and it was extraordinary. I just had another recall in water where there was shark shaped boats in the water and we got flipped and my baby sister was somehow swimming.

1st May 2014, 05:07 PM
Today, there were some elite organization of hackers who could even turn back on things that were already off. They knew my every move and how to stop me. I was the. In this house giving my sister money for doing my homework. Then I was in a mall that looked familiar and then a casino. I had to go to the bathroom badly (usually the only reason this happens is because I need to use the bathroom) so I went to find it. I didn't have a shirt on for some reason. I finally went to the bathroom. But all of a sudden I decided to walk back and forgot to use the bathroom. All of a sudden back at the casino, a ton of couples were getting married and there was a toy plane that kept on crashing into everyone. Finally, the last dream was at a party and I met some old classmates that I haven't seen since elementary days and then I woke up.

2nd May 2014, 05:42 PM
Tonight was strange. I was at a beach where I was with classmates again. Some were trying to take out my cousin in a fight. He's like 10 and they're 17. When they told me to walk away, I pushed them off a cliff, but it was only sand on the bottom and they were able to jump all the way back up in a single jump. I had to push them back off one more time and they disappeared. I fell off too, but I was also able to jump high and got back up too. I then was standing by the water and classmates came flying out of the sand, it was cool. My final dream was something about Pokemon cards at first, then it turned to aces and a 2 of hearts that represented a nuke and something else. I couldn't use it until I walked into 10 supermarkets.

4th May 2014, 07:25 PM
Last night I dreamt of me at some Mormon gathering on a Sunday. Then all of a sudden I was at a church mayday with some of my younger cousin's friends. One stole my iPad and changed the iOS and now it looked weird. She then tried to hide it from me but it came right out from her back. Then she playfully attacked me and did something weird and then we laughed and I woke up.

6th May 2014, 06:59 PM
Last night, I had a dream that I died twice. I was dead, but as I walk out of the area, I was not dead. My cousin died too. It was a strange and cool dream. That's pretty much all I could recall.

27th June 2014, 06:35 PM
I've had an alien encounter dream. It's happened to me at least 3 times a year and it's always dark when it happened. I wasn't actually sure it was aliens, but it was these small green explosions. They didn't do anything, but they were exploding everywhere, in the air, in the house, and everyone could see it. It would drop this small ball. It looked see through and such. That's All and I woke up. I'm hoping to have a follow up dream tonight.

28th September 2014, 08:34 PM
September 28 2014

Wow what a dream I had last night.
It was basically a single dream.

Anyways, I happened to be in space, though gravity pushed me down a bit while I climbed on to a gigantic ship. It was called the ark and its captains were Mormons. I could overhear people talking about overthrowing the Mormons on the ship. I had to climb an additional 600 feet to get to the top of the ship. Once I got to the top, I had to run into the hull of the ship and get down to the bottom. Once I hit the bottom, there were aliens, lava, and acid blocking my way. I turned around, then ran directly for them. Everything started to slow down and I jumped over them with zero gravity. I then met the captains. That was all for that dream.

Next, I was at my college and there were some new buildings. I saw some men taking things from lockers and disappearing. I ambushed the group and figured out they were in the mafia. They stole everything I owned and then started looking for me to kill me. They sent a friend of mine, yet I haven't known him in my life thus far and at the same time, I knew everything about him like I've known him for years. He says he was sent to kill me, but he ended up running away with me.

We ended up at a hotel and that was about it.