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20th March 2013, 02:51 PM
Another one for the WTF file. It's in spanish, because of where it was found.


No one knows what it is, it's the second one they've found, and it's been x-rayed and a biologist saw that the wings have cells, and are part of the organism. It's preserved in Naphta (they comment on the smell) and say the teeth are sharp, has hair and they couldn't see sex organs. Weird. Not sure if it's been 'debunked'. The investigative journalist says that the first one had an MRI scan in which they could see the skeleton. They're calling it a 'Fairy', but the physiology looks more like a bat, except for the legs and arms (for a bat the wings are the arms, so this would be a bat with extra arms, but they seem to 'belong' to it, not attached or anything.)
I'm sure it can be a hoax (or a new species of bat), but if it is, it's a well done hoax.