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19th June 2006, 05:17 PM
How many people on this forum consider themselves Reiki masters and who has done the initiation ceremony to it. I am intrested in it and I am not sure If I know just enough.

What are your personal experiences with this form of energy manipulation?

19th June 2006, 07:30 PM
Reiki really is one of those things where you get out what you put into it. It looks like a completely passive system that is only good for getting a quick start in developing the energy body, but there are hundreds of variations and in the process of collecting them all you will get new ideas about how to work with energy that can be applied to things like NEW even. Every time you get a reiki system you add to the strength of the ones you already have. Each one is access to unlimited life energy, but it is a matter of finding more ways to express that energy and make it go from potential to active and working.

20th June 2006, 05:47 AM
Thanks Tom, thats good to know :)

21st June 2006, 07:31 PM
I'm a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, attuned over time to the 4 different levels in the Dr. Usui method by a Certified Master/Teacher. I've posted this before, but I do not teach or attune anyone to Reiki because I dropped using the symbols. That would be hypocritical of me. I'm also a Quantum Touch practitioner, and realized that Robert's style of healing is extremely similar. I actually use QT and Robert's style most often because it is so much more active. Reiki is a really passive way of healing, which is good for some practitioners. It all depends on your personality. I find QT and NEW much more effective for me. Although, I was a lot more in tune to getting psychic messages about the person I was working on with Reiki. Probably because my mind was quieter. It's all really a matter of personal preference, and there is no way to decide which is best for you without trying all of them.

22nd June 2006, 03:54 AM
I haven't done the master level, but what I have gone through so far with it has been quite life changing. But that is because it is really what put me on a spiritual path and it's what has helped me the most in the last year.

I think having a good teacher who respects the energy is good too. The initiation if done in a ceremonial way can have a profound impact, more than someone on the internet going "you now have reiki etc etc..."

22nd June 2006, 04:15 AM
I agree with Zak about having Reiki attunements done in person. It's also nice to know what lineage of Reiki is being used. Dr. Usui was the first to make it popular, and is considered the purest lineage for attunements. I'm not so sure about these long distance Reiki attunements. I had to go through 4 different classes with a lot of the teaching of the history of the method, how it works, memorization of the symbols and what they mean, the best hand positions, LOTS of practice, and the ceremonial attunements. We also had to read a Reiki textbook.

Now, I believe that healing can be done in any way that works for each individual. But, if you are going to be a Reiki practitioner and call yourself that, then the honest thing to do would be to do it right. Some of these websites that offer attunements that I've looked at are, excuse me, crap. They aren't Reiki. Maybe some are, but the ones I've seen, well, it reminds me of someone getting a college degree from one of these online schools that you can get in less than a year by paying them fees. That's hardly a college education.

My opinion is that if you want to call yourself a healer, then call yourself something generic like a "hands on healer". If you're going to call yourself a Reiki practitioner, then get your education about it and attunements from someone who knows about the true Reiki lineage. Otherwise, anyone could claim they are a Qi Gong Master from reading an article online, a professional hypnotherapist from listening to an audio tape, or even a NEW Energy Ways teacher. I don't think Robert would appreciate that.

If you are a naturally gifted healer and self-taught, wonderful! Call yourself a natural healer. Just don't call yourself something you haven't spent the time and training to master. That's dishonest and unfair to those who have put in the time and training. And, gives us all a bad name when someone untrained screws up. My 2 cents.

22nd June 2006, 04:03 PM

When I hear about energy vampirism and reiki practitioners that just blows my mind. Reiki CANNOT do harm. If the person has pain after a treatment it's due to an injury (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) they had before hand that has risen to the surface or the reiki practitioner wasn't using reiki and WAS leeching their energy... If the intent is to heal and give the person on the table unconditional love then theres no way for anything to go wrong.

22nd June 2006, 04:09 PM
Well thanks a bunch guys that was really helpful :)

I would like to get into Reiki, but I think I will wait until I am older, my family think I am weird enough as it is :P

I will stick with just basic healing atm. Well I say basic, you know what i mean, just generic healing...

Once again thanks :)

22nd June 2006, 05:12 PM
This is where I'll admit I've gotten fairly sloppy about my reiki practice. It no longer seems as important as it once did to memorize dozens of symbols, and on a good day I couldn't even tell you all the reiki principles like "Just for today do not worry." Even from the beginning, certificates and lineage did not seem worth remembering. The reason? I don't need to know when I'm only using reiki on myself. Both on person and over the internet, it isn't that often that anyone wants reiki even for free. The important thing has remained my direct connection to the energy itself. That is better than ever now. It is not that I'm not grateful to the people who got me to this place; it is just that the energy does not go through them to get to me. My relationship is directly with the energy from its source. When I show someone how to do the same thing, I don't expect them to remember me, either.

8th July 2006, 12:46 AM
I am a Reiki master, and was attuned online.
I have the information on the lineage, but it matters not.
I can appreciate that some prefer to defend their idea of tradition, but have to introduce the point that most new things, face backlash from the older systems.
It's happened time and time again in history.
For this reason, I'm not really feeling that there is a difference whether a person is attuned in person or not.
As an Emapth I see no difference in the strength of energy when I read someone in person or if I read them online, or over the phone.

Energy knows no place or time.

I think the ritualistic ceremonies given often serve the mind so it can choose to believe, more than anything else.
I have healed quite a few people without harming them. I also have studied chakras for years, among other systems.

I've found that in a nutshell it is all about intent.

If it is your intent to heal with Reiki, you can.

I mean seriously.
Who attuned Dr, Usui?
Likely his Higher Self.
Why then should it be frowned upon for anyone else to be attuned by their Higher Self?

It's in my opinion just a clinging to tradition to frown upon other systems, or look at online attunements as lacking in power.

Energy is energy.
I don't need to go to a certain priest to have it unlocked.
The key is in my heart, where the Source placed it.

With that said...
Here are a few places that attune for free (the certificate isn't free but the attunements are, and you aren't obligated to purchase your certificate).
Reiki works instinctually if you have no background, and provides CHI energy to areas that aren't generating enough CHI. The body heals itself, Reiki enegry is more like a fuel, and the healer as it's channel.

http://www.reikisecrets.com (Usui reiki) <--- Only put your email address in the box if you want to be attuned. They attune within 24-48 hours.

http://www.xehupatl.com (Kundalini reiki)

Always know peace

8th July 2006, 06:13 AM
I am not a Reiki master but I have experience with it as my dad is.

For some reason I do not fully understand, the Reiki training gives people the impression that energy is only for healing. This is not true. It is for healing but also much more.

8th July 2006, 08:39 AM
Glad to hear that there are actually Masters of some kind :lol:
And what is Reiki anyway?Be reasonable...

8th July 2006, 05:44 PM
Reiki works instinctually if you have no background, and provides CHI energy to areas that aren't generating enough CHI. The body heals itself, Reiki enegry is more like a fuel, and the healer as it's channel.

At this point n my studies, I've stopped thinking of spiritual energy as being only of one type. That is- before, I would have said that chi/ki/prana/psi/etc was all the same thing. Without going into the "we are all God and thusly all is one" thought (because really, that isn't helpful when trying to understand this layer of cnceptualization), I've actually begun to realize that that model is incorrect. There are MANY different types of spiritual energy (I use the term spiritual energy to indicate things that common science says doesn't exist). To that end, I don't believe Reiki usually works by sending chi to the person, but I could be wrong. At the very least, I know some reiki systems work with other energies.

That was all- I just wanted to nitpick and post my theory. :P

8th July 2006, 08:58 PM
There are different reiki systems, and some of them are better than others at tapping into the energy when it is closer to being undifferentiated and more "all kinds of energy are one". Others get the energy as a more specific form for a specific use. A lot of this is determined more by the ability of the person using the energy to channel increasingly higher quantities and qualities of energy rather than on the actual system. It is possible to use reiki and to rely on the energy itself to choose the type, quality, and quantity of energy which will be used. This is a bit like saying you can rely on water to know how to flow downhill.

One of the first things I noticed about learning reiki was that the more aware I became of how reiki worked, the easier it became to access energy in general such as with the NEW system. The idea of reiki being just for healing, though, has to do with the symbols. The idea is that the energy flows through the symbols even in the first level and that the symbols limit the flow of the reiki to only purposes which are positive and healing. Oddly enough, though, once you are familiar with the feeling and qualities of reiki energy you can bypass the symbols and the restrictions they may or may not put on the use of the energy.

8th July 2006, 10:45 PM
I'm not sure where people are getting their information about Reiki. Everyone has a different story to tell. Reiki can be traced back to one person who was "given" the symbols...Dr. Usui. Mrs. Takata was one of his apprentices who brought it to the masses. It came in one form only. The energy is Universal Life Force which is the same thing as Chi, Ki, Prana. The practitioner is a channel for the energy and does not manipulate, change, or decide what kind of energy is coming through. The practitioner doesn't even decide what needs to be healed. The energy flows where it needs to go for healing. It's a very passive type of healing, not requiring anything from the practitioner except to be present.

That's the original. All of these offshoots are creating a new type of healing modality and using the Reiki name. I think it's unfair to clients to tell them you are a Reiki Master when you aren't using the original techniques and beliefs. They have either asked for or are paying for "Reiki". Not some other version of it. I never, ever tell clients I'm using Reiki. Because I don't use the symbols. I tell them that I am using a combination of different healing modalities to have the most impact. Anything else would be dishonest of me.

I really think that we need to keep clear ideas of what we are doing and being taught. This is exactly why the medical world thinks hands on healing is such a crock. There are way too many people just making stuff up and calling it by a recognized name. No wonder they think we are airy fairy and out of our heads. Nurses in hospitals are beginning to use Reiki more and more. But, if we aren't clear about what we are teaching or using, hospitals are going to start frowning on the use of it. I would like to see it accepted in the medical field, just as acupuncture is beginning to be. To be taken seriously, there needs to be clear cut guidelines of exactly what Reiki is. You wouldn't go to an accupuncturist and stay if he was using used needles and looking at a chart to figure out where to stick them. I don't think this is much different than going to someone who purports to be a Reiki Master and was "attuned" by someone with a darker agenda.

With all the websites popping up and long distance attunements, who knows what they are getting. Some psycho on the other end could be sending you negative energy for all you know. I don't know. I think we are starting to get into dangerous territory here. You don't know who is on cyberspace and what their motives are. We had a perfect example of this with someone we had to ban who was pretending to be a person of light, when they really had a much darker agenda. *shakes head*

9th July 2006, 06:33 PM
The people I've had the most trouble with were the ones who kept saying that their time and effort should be rewarded financially or otherwise.

9th July 2006, 06:37 PM
Tom said:

The people I've had the most trouble with were the ones who kept saying that their time and effort should be rewarded financially or otherwise.

That was a bit harsh, Tom. I have never charged anyone for Reiki or Quantum Touch sessions. And, I'm not sure what you mean by people you have trouble with. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. They all add to the mix of trying to gain knowledge and information to help us all.

9th July 2006, 07:49 PM
With all the websites popping up and long distance attunements, who knows what they are getting. Some psycho on the other end could be sending you negative energy for all you know. I don't know. I think we are starting to get into dangerous territory here. You don't know who is on cyberspace and what their motives are. We had a perfect example of this with someone we had to ban who was pretending to be a person of light, when they really had a much darker agenda. *shakes head*

Harsher than that? What I said was that I've also had reason to be disappointed and that it was more because of motivation than lack of knowledge.

9th July 2006, 08:27 PM
I meant harsh as in directed at me. Maybe I misunderstood. We agree on motivation. I've been taken in by psychics who were only in it for the money. That's a major concern of mine. Some of these websites charge for Reiki attunement. My feeling is that if you are paying for it, then it might be wiser to do it in person and know who you are being attuned by. A precaution that I think many who are new to energy work should be aware of. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of learning something new and being taken advantage of. It's probably happened to most of us.

A teacher I once had said that she had a mission to get everyone to pronounce the word "chakra" correctly. With "ch" instead of "sh". She is extremely knowledgable in researching and reads some Sanscrit. I guess my mission is to get education and clear information out regarding healing modalities that go by a familiar name. Not that I know that many. :D

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have insurance pay for Reiki? So many people in hospital beds are left alone and in pain because of nursing shortages and the demand on their time. There would be an explosion in the help they could receive with Reiki if people could make a living at it. Just as phychotherapists and Marriage and Family counselors are often paid by insurance. So, for the person who wants to dedicate their life to healing and make a living at it, I think the modality of Reiki needs to be kept pure to give it visibility as well as credibility. Eh, just my opinion. 'Course now, we are probably going to get into a big discussion about whether healers should charge or not.... :lol: We been down that road before.

9th July 2006, 09:34 PM
We may have to agree to disagree. I value knowledge in and about reiki for those who want it, but it is too easy to build up a collection of book learning and to miss the full experience. The important thing is to enter into the experience as fully as possible, whether as the person giving reiki or the person receiving it. When this really happens, there is help from Guides to lead the process.

10th July 2006, 02:00 PM
nice topic...

I'm a reiki master and was initiated with distance. The three degrees.(or 4 it depends)
Ethic is the most important thing, no matter if its done with distance or not as energy travels very well through time and space....i visualize things much better when the personn is not here....no ego conflict with what they want to appear to me as i heal. Long distance permits no ego conflicts.
Visions, telepathy, more sensations (to me).

Now, as we offer free initiations, we "force" people to prove their investisment with exercices, playing with their own energies, with their intention and its force.
We follow each pupil easier with internet.

but the lesson is: always break energetical links otherwise negs or entities can travel through those open roads. Clean the personn and yourself before making any healing.
it's not as easy as a lot of praticians would like to say; most of them don't even know those rules, because they think it will never happen to them...or they don't feel it most of time...

Ignorant healing is not a good thing, and this point has nothing to do with distance or money!!

10th July 2006, 05:08 PM
Well, Akashic Librarian, I bet you're even more confused than before. :lol: One of the best books out on Reiki is "Essential Reiki" by Diane Stein. It's often the number one on amazon.com. Maybe reading about it will help you out in deciding what you want to do.

10th July 2006, 05:26 PM
When I was introduced to Reiki, I was introduced to it more conceptually. I was told that an attunement takes place that connects the recipient to a high frequency or source of energy, and that from then-after, the person who is attuned can find that frequency of energy just by intention- working a lot like car radios which allow you to save your favorite 5 channels to a certain button, and then instead of using the tuner- just press that button real quick and you're at the frequency/station you wanted. Then, with your intentional connection, you send that energy to a person through your hands to heal them. I was also told that Reiki is "smart"- going where needed etc etc, but since then I've seen both traditionalists who experience intuition in Reiki (leading me to realize a 2-way connection, not just some sit there and let reiki do whatever event) and energy workers who utilize strong intention to give direction to the Reiki (which isn't to say it isn't still intelligent- it just now has a task assigned to it by intent which it proceeds to accomplish as intelligently as possible for it).

While I was given information about Usui Reiki first, and it became "reiki" in my mind, when I started being given information about other reiki systems, I still thought of them as Reiki. Why? Well- because they work about the same way. It's just that the frequency and source of the frequency is different (not that anyone knows where the source of Reiki comes from, but I'll venture to say that it's a different location for some of these systems). However- I still do the same thing- receive an attunement to a frequency, and then activate it by intention, and then transmit through my hands.

As far as naming goes- well- it can be a bit tricky. Whenever possible, I explain that I am a non-traditionalist. I don't use the symbols either. I have multiple frequencies and I explain the radio-analogy. I try all systems on myself first, and I elicit information from my friends who allow me to try energy on them- "what did that energy feel like?" If someone wants me to only use the traditional method- Usui Reiki- I can do that. Most however have not given me that stipulation. And in terms of making sure everyone understands- non-energy workers sometimes don't care. They don't want me to dissert for half an hour on frequencies of energy. I think I can help them with their stomach pains-ok then- do it. And I do.

So I guess what I come away from here is to make sure I continue telling people that I use non-tradtional energies in my reiki, so that anyone who cares to ensure that I work that way knows where I am coming from.

Distance attunements and safety- a whole other ballgame for now. Still though- a lot of great thoughts coming up here in this discussion.

10th July 2006, 05:28 PM
You're right, Painterhypnogirl ... I forgot that was the original reason for this thread.

To make the decision about learning reiki, I'd suggest receiving reiki from several people. If you like the energy and the effects it has that would be a much better reason to get attuned than anything you read here.