View Full Version : Things I desire

8th April 2013, 08:43 PM
This is intended for people who want to know what true desires are. I do not think desires ever go away.

Some desires have advantages and disadvantages.

One of my main desires is to strive for spiritual advancement and silence. Another is to help at least fifty other people in this life time and introduce them to the path back home hopefully causing a chain reaction helping to bring many back home.

Another desire for myself is to have a home somewhere in the mountains close to a waterfall. At this point it is an advantage for me because living far away from electric wires and all of those pollution and stuff will increase my life and longevity because you also feel better living far away from regular civilization and peace without the sound of cars. The waterfall so I could practice yoga or swim and do magic because the water is fairly cold and fresh and a good source of water.

One more is for non GMO seeds or organic seeds. Grow my own food. Oh and the best one. non fluoride toothpaste.

Many books too on occult sciences and such. That is all I will need for the rest of my life to be on that goal.

But I feel that is the best case scenario ever which others also strive for. I want to do this, but probably in the future.