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20th April 2013, 04:43 AM
There were two men out there this week who went out like terrorists and bombed the Boston Marathoners at the end of the finish line. Nothing you would want to see at a marathon.

The two bombers were Chechen or something like that. Both immigrated from there and were brothers. The older brother had gone to train (as articles say) with Al Qaeda. The younger brother finished school and went to a very prestigious college called MIT in Boston Massachusetts. After the older brother came back from training, he attended a community college. He was probably brainwashed because of the training. I feel empathy for the younger brother who I think actually got all caught up in it. It tells me he is actually innocent and I think with him hiding out was like a dream to him. He was running away and people were looking for him and he was probably very scared. I do not think he wanted to do what he did nor do I think he did much at all. I think the older brother pressured him into doing it. The younger brother seemed like he had a lot in store for him in the future, but the older, deceased brother just crushed it. But I do not know, all I do know is I feel this energy telling me he is 100% innocent.

20th April 2013, 05:55 AM
They were immigrants from Chechnya, which is a region formerly under Soviet rule. There were considerable civil wars there as the people tried to gain their freedom from Russia.

When people, especially children, are exposed to violence in the form of war, it can have a devastating effect on their developing personality. I'm not going to try to excuse anything they did, and I wouldn't, but only very damaged, disenfranchised people do things like this.

I haven't tried "visiting" to see who/what they were about or why. I don't care. It was what it was, and it's absolutely nothing to do with me, and I don't need that kind of energy in my reality. I do feel compassion for the people who were hurt by the bombing events, of course, but, again, it still has nothing to do with me, and I'm thankful for that.

I do not invite misery and suffering into my life any more. My life is much more productive and happy since I made that decision. (In case anyone thinks I'm "victim blaming", I am not. I'm just talking about my own reality. I started minding my own reality, and keeping my nose out of other peoples' reality, and I'm a lot happier for it.)

Just for the information of anyone who wants to know more about Chechnya:


20th April 2013, 02:48 PM
I quite agree, BW. I used to let the live news upset me (especially suffering), but now I only read it very quickly in text form (BBC text on the TV). This gives me an overview. I try to keep my emotions positive, like you. I send out healing thoughts to those who are suffering, but keep it at that.

20th April 2013, 06:18 PM
Last night I had been sleeping and it was if I was him or he is a soul extension of me. The younger brother might be a soul extension of myself, but I am not sure. It was like I was there for some reason.