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19th May 2013, 07:58 AM
Hello everyone! I got a good suggestion from susan, so I will start a day journal and still have a dream diary.

19th May 2013, 09:58 AM
Look forward to reading.

20th May 2013, 04:49 AM

Had a pretty boring day. Some time at church, then sleeping all day because of this sickness going around. I guess when I was trying to fix myself by using affirmations, I had some doubt. I also was working on my invention I plan on making throughout this summer.

20th May 2013, 10:25 PM

Eager to finish my sophomore year at school, I do my homework! I am so very close then I could finally get past those steps on Initiation into Hermetics. It has been a 6 months since I started IIH, but I am on step 5 now. Can't wait to get to step 8 by the end of summer. Today was a beautiful day in Hawaii and it isn't over yet. I will meditate after I finish some homework. Sometimes I get this strategy where I use my intuition before I start a test that I didn't study for and in my mind, it tells me the answers before the test starts and I usually get over 70% which is good enough. Sometimes 100% Training my intuition!

22nd May 2013, 09:08 PM

Is a good and beautiful day. I forgot to share something about yesterday. I was introduced to a cult on a show yesterday. I thought those people worshiping that guy was crazy and it is crazy. There was a man who heard that the only place that was safe for them to live was in the city the cult master lived in. The wife of the man (not the cultmaster) was told by god (or so she thinks) to take her ring off and stop her marriage of five years and become the wife of the cult master. She is truly the most gullible person ever, or the cult master is a black magician. He told his fellowship to pray for the death of the man who lost his wife as well as his kids. He also thought that the man's kids were possessed because they were crying. Anyways, I really felt bad for the man to have lost his wife and for him to be in a custody battle over his own children. I think it would be better for the children to live with their father and not with some crazy guy who started a cult.

23rd May 2013, 10:11 AM

I decided to start my journal at 7 minutes past midnight. I wanted to write it early because I think it will be the highlight of the week for me. Anyways let me get on it. Just now, I have learned that a relative of mine is clairvoyant and has been for over a year. She says she sees them all the time. I think she got an awakening this year. Her mother also died of cancer a couple of months back. It makes me feel good I can open up to another cousin of mine about other things life also has to offer outside of the circle of religion. I feel it was destiny because she told me that she told no one else about it but me. I also figured out another relative had used a Ouija Board by herself and got possessed and had to be exorcised.

24th May 2013, 08:59 PM

Today was again a beautiful day. Strange thing I find out is if you are in a room with two doors like front and back, if you look at the front, it will be very sunny and if you look at the back it is cloudy and looks as if it were going to rain. I've been observing it for awhile and come out to a conclusion which is kind of like me myself. My mind could be clear, yet cloudy at some times. I guess it has something to do with myself. I went to a graduation for my cousin who is going from the 6th grade to intermediate or middle school. It is a halfway mark as we have 12 grades (some schools have more).

25th May 2013, 09:22 PM
5/25/13: What a day! I had to lawn mow my grandmother's yard today and I was thinking to myself why I hadn't put on sunscreen! Well, it ended up better than I thought it would. I thought someone was watching over me while it was raining off and on over and over when I started getting hot. There was barely any wind, but while it was raining, there was rain! I always enjoy the many plumeria trees in my grandmother's yard because she has four different varieties of them. I always wondered how the colors were in them. They would be white then some yellow in the middle or pink or violet. Some are less yellow and more white. She has this mango tree in her backyard. My uncle transplanted it there over a decade ago and for some reason, we were never ever able to harvest a mango from it ever. It is alive because it still grows the leaves and grows. Actually it barely grew over the years it had been there. There were never flowers from it to tell us a mango was coming. The ironic thing is that this tree has her favorite type of mango which are Hayden mangoes. I have faith that a mango will sprout from that tree. Overall it was a great start to my day! I hope I go hiking within the next couple of weeks during my summer break. I wish to put the pictures of my adventures to the summit of Laie and the beautiful waterfalls here.

25th May 2013, 09:33 PM
Love it . I feel I'm there.

3rd June 2013, 06:23 PM

Well, it looks like I haven't updated this journal in awhile while I was on vacation for a couple of days. Got to enjoy my time at the Aulani Resort in Hawaii which is literally 50 miles from where I live which is the other side of the island. It is strange though, a beautiful hotel built on the side of something that looks like a desert. I guess they picked the perfect place because it seldom rains there. We had lots of fun on the beaches, got to make flower leis and got some frozen yogurt. I guess you could say I was back to reality on that trip, yet also much more relaxed as well. I just returned home to the other side of the island, the north shore where it was raining and flooding, yet the mountains looked beautiful while coming home. You could see the waterfalls coming off the mountains right next to you while going back. The greatest view was of temple valley where you could see seven waterfalls coming off the mountain and the temples there. It looks just amazing.

3rd June 2013, 08:01 PM
You don't know how much I am envying you right now. Have spent the day in a care home. Attending to 17 residents in a hot small room. I feel such a failure today because this was such an opportunity to show and give so much love to the residents but instead I am hot ,sweaty, and irritable . Failed today. I will just imagine I am in Hawaii.

7th June 2013, 08:47 PM
I think of selfless service alot. In fact in my church (I am a Mormon btw) we do a service project every first Wednesday of the Month. I also go to people's homes to give them the sacrament because they are unfit to come to the church. It feels different doing that because you can feel them like a stronger type of empathy. It feels so good to do this thing for them.