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4th June 2013, 05:55 PM
the Goddess Kali and other deities of the pantheon are famous in the west.

But there too is a Goddess , One of Abundance , Plenitude and Ample Interminable Bounty.
She is synonymous to Magnanimity and Endless Affluence.

To channel her is to conduit abundance itself.

there's a famous saying it goes like this "Ghar Lamxi ko kion thukraao" which roughly translates as "No body rejects the Goddess Laxmi" ...that is because shes is the embodiment of Material Wealth.

I so love this concept where financial wealth and material gain is not viewed as greed , acquisition or naked ambition for gain , but as love abundance and bounty , to gain Laxmi herself her divinity and her endless largesse is to be bestowed up with open arms.

this is i wanted to mention because a lot of people assume to be spiritual is to spurn the material and all that represents the illusion of reality or maya.

Laxmi is pronounced as "Luck-She-Me"

The Flower of Laxmi is the Lotus blooming (which happens to be my personal symbol of the spiritual!) , this i found out only today infact on wikkipedia! and decided this must be serendipity , so decided to share this here as well :-)


4th June 2013, 06:36 PM
http://www.explorations-in-consciousness.com/forums/index.php?action=dlattach;attach=225;type=avatar Not to forget my avatar at EIC.

4th June 2013, 06:56 PM
aah okay , i only remember the boat one :-)

4th June 2013, 08:05 PM
aah okay , i only remember the boat one :-) That's the one I used at the AP. My son made that one with his old Nintendo whatyoucallit.

5th June 2013, 06:22 AM
he has at least his uncle to play games with.
I'm the youngest , in my video game phase , internet wasn't there yet , I had a thing called a "sega" , i used to play a game called "sonic the hedge hog" - imagine my surprise when the bio-genetics named a gene after it!
this is the gene (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic_hedgehog)that makes the fingers on limbs develop and dictates the organization of the cerebral hemispheres.

5th June 2013, 06:39 AM
Earth worm Jim.:)

12th June 2018, 01:47 PM

I've Choosen Great Goddess Laxmi to open my Crown Chakra , our spiritual flower the lotus has matched.!!

13th June 2018, 11:42 AM
I just read this and she opened my crown to.

17th June 2018, 09:02 PM
I just read this and she opened my crown to.

guess what I think she is opening my crown chakra too .

18th June 2018, 02:26 AM
its pink light like the picture says, makes it quite comfortable really :)

24th November 2018, 08:48 PM
How did you get Lakshmi Ji to open your crown? I thought she’s the one to ‘lift up our hearts’ and bring the heart chakra to bloom. You are so lucky you have that sort of connection with her.

lakshmi is my mums kul Devi and since my dad passed away before I became a mystic, she is the main deity in our house. Her and Durga/parvati.

Lakshmi is much more than just wealth, she is the spark of light which leads to the manifestation of anything. not just abundance and wealth but popularity and most importantly love.

Beleive it or not lakshmi is the Polar opposite of a omnipresent deity holistically opposed to our happiness, when lakshmi appears, this ‘negative lakshmi’ disappears. Getting lakshmi to stay in one place or around one individual is not easy. She’s very easily distracted and very quick to move but when she’s around she has value in our lives. This is because of how we treat her avatar ‘money’ in the world. She demands respect.

25th November 2018, 08:36 AM
Funny you should write that, I was just thinking of Laskmi this morning and she came, indeed it is the heart now. Time eh?