View Full Version : Klaus Joehle meditation/projection method from Living on Love: "The Messenger"

8th June 2013, 03:01 AM
I was wondering if anyone else here has read the book Living on Love: "The Messenger" by Klaus Joehle? The book may seem a bit far out but somehow very believable at the same time.

I'm interested in any insights anyone may have have about the meditation method that he used to project himself into the future and later the past. He did not seem to go into how he achieves the state of meditation but it seems more of a mental projection yet somehow he interacts with both his future and past selves. Seems to be a very deep meditative trance state.

Very interesting book, he doesn't come out and say it but strongly hints that the past is no more finished than the present. That past, present, and future are the same but only different snapshots taken of split moments.

Also mentions alternate timelines, even possibly a time traveling alternate self who actually visits multiple timelines physically which would be even more interesting.