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20th June 2013, 02:09 PM
Within certain religions and traditions, particularly the ATRs (African Traditional Religions) it's customary to make devotional offerings to particular spirits e.g. ancestral, saints, loa, and other kinds. However, the practice of making offerings is not limited to specific traditions. I also know that some sorcerers do this anyway as part of their magickal practices (for example, Jason Miller does and he recommends it).

I make offerings to my ancestors, and I've even made offerings to an absent incarnated person without their knowledge and gained promising results from that.

So it came to me recently as a flash of inspiration to try making a daily devotional offering to my higher self.

The higher self is not a god/deity or another type of separate entity. However, there is no reason that I can see why making offerings in order to connect wouldn't work.

I know there are various methods via affirmations/meditation/etc, but I intend to experiment with making daily offerings (and including prayer/affirmations as part of these offerings) to my higher self as a way of connecting and getting closer. Essentially I'm trying to get in touch with myself but on a higher level. I don't know exactly what will happen but I suspect I will start having vivid dreams where I get useful information and insights about my path in this life, and possibly even receive further insights about the neg-induced problems I still have.

Have you ever tried something like this? If so, how did it pan out?

I'll keep this thread updated with results.

20th June 2013, 08:03 PM
No, but it's interesting. Let us know what happens.

20th June 2013, 11:40 PM
Definitely sounds interesting so I'm I'd like to hear results as well.

Sort of reminds me of that study in Israel some years back where people prayed for one group of hospitalized patients and not another. The patients that were prayed for recovered faster, only, the folks praying didn't know that both groups of sick folks were in that hospital some twenty years before. Present prayer impacted past results.

Okay, so not totally lined up, but your experiment reminded me of that anyhow.

If anyone's interested I can find the study.


21st June 2013, 01:32 AM
The question to me is necessarily ambiguous. Would you make an alter to yourself? To think so separates self from self (in a Tutor sort of logic). You and HS are one, so offerings/prayer/sacrifices serve to put a subjective distance between you and the meta-you, between you and the Gods. This, of course, violates the idea that you and God are the same but in different consciousness. It is the HS that offers insight and understanding; that seeks you. Relax and receive the blessings of your HS - it's free.

So I'm thinking, anyway.

21st June 2013, 01:58 AM
I see your point eye, however, the true state of All, the Oneness you're describing rests, at best, at the level of the intellect, even for those who are serious students of the idea that there is only One in countless forms. Until that reality penetrates to a level beyond the egoic mind, I personally see no division in showing esteem for any part of the whole while separation is perceived and experienced. After all, I think we all choose, on some level, to work out our individuation and on up and up toward losing that individuation by choice somehow.

As I understand what Gemma is talking about, it's just showing love to that which we may not behold with as much clarity as we behold our physical forms. And doesn't it stand to some reason that honoring the higher self could draw the lower closer, and hence, closer to wholeness?

(I may have totally missed your point. If so, ignore)


21st June 2013, 02:17 AM
Oh, I think both our perspectives are a little ambiguous. It's just the nature of the thing. :) I can see the issue both ways without prejudice. Don't you just love the nature of our explorations? For one, for the other - who's to say really?

21st June 2013, 02:32 AM
...who's to say really?

Yep, exactly. Because the minute we "say," we are just opening up another mental form pointing to the "said," and that form isn't what we say at all, or it would be the said thing...and on and on and on.

Fun, right?