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21st June 2013, 06:02 PM
I'm a city boy, I love buildings and concrete, the hustle and bustle. But, every year(sadly not for the past few years) my father and I used to head out to the bush and spend a week or to in the middle of nowhere. It's a wonderful experience. I can't sleep in a tent, feels like being stuck in a bag, so I sleep in a hammock and tarp. On clear nights you pull the tarp back and lay under the stars, when you close your eyes it feels like lying in a vast hall, wonderful. We'd scale the one kopje and look out over everything, the scale of everything tends to fill me with a peace that I rarely find anywhere else. There are moments standing with nothing but the wilderness surrounding you that a feeling of freedom overcomes you. We have hyena and leopard in the area, makes for fun at night, but generally they leave you alone, never ran across any. It's an experience I highly recommend. Still hoping for a wilderness projection:cool:. It's something I will have to do again. Just felt like sharing, no other reason.

21st June 2013, 11:18 PM
I also love the outdoors, at night. Looking at the stars....

22nd June 2013, 02:55 AM
How beautiful. I love camping but have never known anything quite so exotic. My imagination in flight I will hope and try to project that scene, that experience. THAT is worth every effort. Thanks, BD :).
And to think it was with your father and with the intimacy I enjoy with my daughter. How wonderful.